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107871 No. 107871

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>> No. 107873
Should be good. Wish they were given them before they finished writing season 2 though.

Like I wish they'd given them season 2 before they finished writing season 1.

I expect much more fan rage to jump out and strangle us over the years...but at least there's things to look forward to for years now.
>> No. 107875
So it's officially 2013.
>> No. 107876
Bill Rinaldi also confirmed this in his twitter

>> No. 107877
File 134204283737.gif - (340.55KB , 480x360 , sortawantnotwant.gif )
>Studio MIR's faces when they hear the news
>> No. 107878
I'm glad and all, but...
...Does that mean there's gonna be more inter-series writing issues?
>> No. 107879
what do you mean?
>> No. 107880
File 134204338626.gif - (16.26KB , 90x72 , 8d49472941547a888ca76ad5d45ab98e.gif )
>> No. 107881
Best news all week.

Now they have time to dedicate an episode to the finding the mythical space sword
>> No. 107882
I think the animation is definitely going to be weaker, it happened with Avatar's season 2 too. These 12 episodes took two years to animate and 26 is too much for a single studio.
>> No. 107885
can't wait to lick the tears off the haters' faces
>> No. 107886
Well, TLA was designed as a three-series programm. And it worked when they did all three.
This wasn't.
>> No. 107887
I'm all out of semen but my body won't stop cumming!
>> No. 107888
>> No. 107889
fun fact: korra could solve all of earth's problems but people would still find a reason to hate it
>> No. 107890
Hey, if it turns to be shit, we can simply stop watching.
I hear people complain about The Simpsons still going on and I just don't get it, the fact that it sucks now doesn't damage the old good seasons.
>> No. 107891
I'm honestly really OK with slightly lower quality animation if the tradeoff is a better paced story.
>> No. 107892
I’m sure having CGI will clean that up.
>> No. 107894
So the first season finale was meant to be the series finale, and was written as such. But then it wasn't the finale. Even though they really filled it with finality.

So they wrote a second season, thinking THAT would be the last season, and presumably wrote another "well that's all there is to Korra's story" final episode.

And now there's a season three...
>> No. 107895
This...I guess.

And this too, sadly...
>> No. 107896
If anything it would be more expensive or it'd make things worse. The only issue with Korra's animation was how the cgi objects looked out of place since those were developed by a completely different studio in India.
Cgi helps with colors, lighting and effects but it doesn't make the animation smoother or rushed drawings any better.
>> No. 107897
Why does no one think that Sokka would have gone to look for it himself? Or that he would have had no problem finding if Toph helpded out?

>> No. 107899
We don't know if it's one or two additional seasons. We'll probably know soon since the comic con panel is coming this friday.
>> No. 107901
I bet it got washed into the ocean after Aang raised and lowered the sea water to put out all the fires
>> No. 107905
>> No. 107906
Book 1: 12 episodes
Book 2: 14 episodes

>> No. 107907
plus an additional 26 episodes after those ones
>> No. 107908
Makorra wedding series finale?
>> No. 107909
Book 2: Douche
>> No. 107910
No, they'll have a rough patch throughout most of Season 2, culminating in breaking it off for good in the finale, deciding that even though they love each other, they just don't work as a couple.

Korra will flirt with a few other characters over the course of the remainder of the series, but eventually decide she's fine with being alone for now because, she figures, she's awesome, and it's not her problem if no one else is awesome enough to be with her.
>> No. 107911
>No, they'll have a rough patch throughout most of Season 2

only part you're right about. they'll have a rough patch, seemingly break up only for them to realize they actually do belong together.
>> No. 107914
File 134206791877.jpg - (31.10KB , 425x292 , shigeru miyamoto proposes a new game.jpg )
>Mako takes Korra on a date to one of those fancy moving picture shows
>It's a political drama based on Korra's struggle with the Equalists
>An Ember Island Studios Production
>> No. 107915
Okay this is driving me nuts... WHY DID THE OP ARTIST TURN ASAMI INTO A BLONDE?!?!?!?!?!?
>> No. 107917
File 134207150178.jpg - (50.13KB , 616x768 , JinoraSad.jpg )
Please let Jinora get more screen time.
>> No. 107918

I don't think that is supposed to be Asami...

After a little e-sleuthing I found the source: http://fangdangler.tumblr.com/post/22829905994/thank-you-week-day-4-request-4-korra-and (Be warned, the rest of their blog is hella NSFW. This is a Slipshine artist's tumblr.)

That's Korra and Wondergirl playing strip poker. Not Asami.

Mixups like these can be avoided if people could just post the freakin' sauce when they grab art off of tumblr. iNot blaming OP for this incident though since it appears they pulled their pic from /co/.
>> No. 107919
i don't think this is a case of not sourcing so much as it's one person being an idiot

she doesn't even have the same hairdo as asami
>> No. 107920

I was under the impression it was a joke...
>> No. 107921
File 13420769356.gif - (483.83KB , 255x155 , punkconfuzzle.gif )

These days I don't even fucking know anymore.
>> No. 107922
[spoiler]I thought it was a whitewashed Asami too actually... didn't click on it, and the thumbnail made me think they were playing strip poker and Asami was losing bad enough she even lost her pigment
>> No. 107924
Inspector Redwwod needs to learn maths.
>> No. 107929
52 episodes are a lot of screentime.
I wonder if we're going to see the airbabies growing up a bit, their voices certainly will. I somehow doubt that, since Korra's already kind of old for a kids show lead.
>> No. 107930
I just realized I'll be over 30 when this thing is finished and they better make up for all the fuck-ups through the years.

Books Fire & Earth better be good. I don't even trust Book Air to be any better than Book Water.
>> No. 107931

Well, we don't know how they'll divvy up the post-season 2 episodes, or what they'll be about. That said, I think they're going to abandon the "Book/Season = element" thing because Korra should have a working understanding of all four by this point.

At the same time, they should be getting new writers onboard, that's too many episodes for two guys.
>> No. 107932
>At the same time, they should be getting new writers onboard
It's pretty well known there's more writers for season 2, why would they ditch them for the next ones?
>> No. 107933
>It's pretty well known there's more writers for season 2
Does anyone have a source for that? This article says that we (Bryke) finished writing back in June.

>> No. 107934
I'm actually pretty excited to see what the show will offer from the perspective of Korra already being a "fully-realized Avatar." Just because the start and end of ATLA was defined by Aang attaining that level, that doesn't mean the show has to do that for Korra. The biggest and most interesting events in Roku's and Kyoshi's life happened once they were already Avatars capable of bending all elements and using the Avatar State.
>> No. 107935

Closest we have is this: http://bryankonietzko.tumblr.com/post/17645307674/shots-from-the-writers-room-today-mike-tim

Which at least shows they had other people pitch them ideas. I don't know if that means other people get writing credit or not, I just assume so.


I just figure that with another two full seasons (or a long third one) they would probably pick up a larger writing staff.
>> No. 107936
Are we sure it's just these two though?


>the notes
>Considering how they had a decent amount on non-white non-males on the original A:TLA writing staff
Wait what? Who were the non white writers? Who were the regular non-male writers besides Ehasz's wife?
And of course there's still yamino going on about Korra being a woman of color as if it had any relevance.
>> No. 107938
Let's just say that the monstrous ego developed by Bryke (aided and abetted by fans, no less) caused them to take over all of writing (just look at the writing credits for EVERY SINGLE EPISODE), which blinded them to any criticism that could come from group effort, leading to the Season One that we just had. Maybe that's a better explanation than white male privilege?
>> No. 107939
>monstrous ego
Haha. Let me guess, looking at those credits is the extent of the research you've done?
>> No. 107941
Nice baseless assumptions.
>monstrous ego
Yeah, that's why half of Bryan's tumblr is dedicated to crediting and praising every single person working on Korra, including korean animators that most people in animation tend to sweep under the rug.
That's why they got a writing team for season 2 a whole year before Korra even had a release date.
>> No. 107943
Y'know, I've met Michael and he seemed like a genuinely nice guy. And although I didn't get to talk to Bryan, after hearing them talk at the panel I was at I can honestly say these guys don't suffer from "monstrous" egos.
So in all honesty, fuck off.
>> No. 107946
Yeah, they also seem like normal, likeable enough guys on Tumblr. I think this whole "Massive Ego" thing is part of a whole dramatic narrative that certain parts of the fandom have come up with to justify feeling like they've been personally wronged by Korra. I think it's the exact same thing that has lead to the whole "Whitewashing" drama, the Shipping complaints, and just about everything else that's causing drama in the community. My theory is that they find the idea that there's been a Personal Attack on these fans more exciting than the idea that A.) Their tastes have changed since they watched ATLA or B.) They were expecting more out of Korra than they should have been.
>> No. 107948
Given that the plot has no clear direction it's hard to tell whether giving Korra so many episodes is a good idea. On the one hand Bryke can tell a more in depth story but it may just result in more filler episodes and pointless things like probending.

While this could be epic there are some major problem that Bryke will have to overcome.

1) No clear antagonist. Amon and the Equalists have been defeated so they'll have to add a new villain and have them cause a problem Korra needs to fix.

2) As Korra has mastered all 4 elements and the Avatar state this villain will have to either be very powerful or very good at hiding. Seriously a villain that isn't any threat to Korra means there won't be any epic battles.

If Bryke is going to write 3 more seasons they'll have to plan very carefully and explain why Korra can't just crush everyone with her Avatar powers.
>> No. 107949
Most fans were expecting Korra to be as good as Avatar but it couldn't deliver. As Bryke were in charge of this they ultimately are responsible for this.
>> No. 107950
Yeah, and as near as I can tell the people who whine the loudest about that are the same people who were bitching nonstop throughout Season Three of the "superior" show, ATLA.

Honestly, your whining stops being noteworthy when you never do anything else.
>> No. 107951
I think she'll have to master the Avatar State (if I'm not mistaken in the finale she only entered it through contact with her previous life, like Aang sometimes did).

The season 2 villain might come from the spirit world and could live to be in the following books.
>> No. 107954
I'm surprised this hasn't been posted before.
>> No. 107955
I agree with most of this, but the whitewashing with the casting of the movie was a legitimate complaint.
However, the level of hatred for this show is...mind boggling. I just cannot wrap my brain around it. The show was full of interesting characters (protip: interesting doesn't always mean likable) and it takes place in a fictional world that I'd been longing to see again since the previous show ended. The show met and exceeded my expectations. Yet there's this crowd of "fans" who are enraged as though Mike n' Bryan took a steaming dump on their grandmothers. It's just a goddamn TV show, if they don't like it they should stop watching it. That'll give them more time to lie naked in bed wanking over their A:tLA DVD's.
>> No. 107956
Oh, yeah, I wasn't talking about the stuff with the movie. Actual asian and Amerindian human beings were done out of (exceptionally rare) leading roles in a major Hollywood Picture because of the casting in that movie--that's different from "someone's skin shade was too light in this piece of fan art" or "someone is cosplaying as someone who's a different race from them" malarkey.
>> No. 107957
File 134215204529.gif - (669.51KB , 500x300 , oneofakind.gif )

Anons, you're both one of a kind.
>> No. 107973
File 134216725312.jpg - (28.36KB , 600x300 , 1322302577764.jpg )
>52 episodes of Korra
>> No. 107974
Awesome news! Hopefully this will make up for the disappointing 1st season. There's a lot of promise here, so I'm going to remain cautiously optimistic!
>> No. 107975
Eh, I doubt people hate Bryke. It's just kind of an overreaction.
They feel betrayed, confused. They've got grievances and for the first time it doesn't look like Nickelodeon is the one to blame for it.

This'll pass.
But Bryke did open themselves up for that George Lucas comparison, when they decided to pen Season 1 on their own. Not that it's really fair or anything.
>> No. 107976
Tumblr is shit. The format is murder for any kind of reasoned discussions, and lets people link up exclusively with people that share their views, so you get this horrible circlejerk where the worst elements in any fandom can feed off of one another and just grow more and more out of control, with people thinking they must be right because they see so many people that say so, and it's so easy to ignore those that disagree.

It's not quite as bad as facebook (which LITERALLY tries to filter out any opinions that might be contrary to your own, creating a thoughtbubble that lets you think the whole world secretly agrees with you and those asshats on the news are just too stupid to know what "the people" really think) but it's close.

Avatar fandom got much worse because we've got tumblr this time.
>> No. 107978
>I hear people complain about The Simpsons still going on and I just don't get it

Because it's painful to watch something you used to love turned into horribly unfunny zombie crap just to bleed every last dollar they can out of it.
>> No. 107979
They've got "grievances?" Korra was slightly less good than ATLA, and they act like it's an abomination. Fuck all of their "grievances." I would've been sympathetic if they hadn't turned this whole fandom into such a clusterfuck, because there were legitimate failings of Korra--but they have whined so much now about such minor things that I have completely lost all respect for their entire position. They have been relegated to the realm of background noise, and it is my dear hope that the creators of the show feel the same way, because if they listen to those jackasses they're going to make Season Two of Korra worse instead of better.
>> No. 107981
Can't wait for the comic con panel.
>> No. 107982
You see, I don't really feel that it's that much worse than other fandoms I've seen. It's also to do with the fact that you too feel very passionately about Korra, so their vocal complaining might be getting to you more than it would otherwise.
Granted, there's some inane bullshit making the rounds, but I've yet to see something come close to Zutara's in sheer scope of craziness. I'm counting that as a win.
And the rest? That's tumblr being tumblr. Did you think they'd make an exception for Korra?
Anyway, It's a classic case of accentuating the negative. The problem being that Korra is a show that plays in such a high league, that any flaws it does have are all the more pronounced and noticeable and will be bitched about ad nauseam.
>> No. 107987
>If Bryke is going to write 3 more seasons they'll have to plan very carefully and explain why Korra can't just crush everyone with her Avatar powers.

Well, hey, that sounds like a way to ramp things up into a place where Korra would actually feel Legendary.
>> No. 107988
That's why I think they should've just let Korra be stuck with only airbending (except in the avatar state)
>> No. 107993

Nickelodeon is on the hook for that, not Mike and Bryan.
>> No. 107994
definitely, i don't know why people are hating on bryke for it. they were nearly done with the first season before they got the order for the second one, and no they couldn't go back and change the ending. that would have cost time and money that nick wasn't willing to dish out on.
>> No. 108007
>Granted, there's some inane bullshit making the rounds, but I've yet to see something come close to Zutara's in sheer scope of craziness. I'm counting that as a win.

Look around at the 'Bender Oppression/Privlige rants, then get back to me on this.
>> No. 108008
That will just result in the following plots:
>Problem happens
>Korra smash
>Everything fixed

And that's it. No tension, no suspense, no will Korra be able to beat them; Korra just beats them. While you can write good stories where the main character is always more powerful than their opponent it's much harder.

I doubt changing the last 5 minutes would have been expensive. All they had to do was cut Korra getting her bending and replace it with a voice over of Aang and Korra.

Bryke chose to end the series this way, not Nick.
>> No. 108016
Uh why is Nick ti blame when Bryke wrote the series?
>> No. 108025

Now this is just obnoxious. There are plenty of legitimate criticisms against Korra that shouldn't be ignored because some people are whiny. The show had significant pacing problems, underdeveloped characters, it wasted a ton of time that they did not have on probending and unlikeable romance, Korra's character development completely regressed in the finale (plus everything was handed to her when she never earned it), and they had a huge problem with telling instead of showing.

I liked Korra, but it fell far short of ATLA. However, these are all problems that can be fixed, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the show to see if they can move ahead and develop it to its full potential.

Also, Bryke are grown men who went to art school. They can definitely handle criticism in a positive manner, so you don't need to cry for them.
>> No. 108058
Yes, it had plenty of problems, problems that I wish we could talk about legitimately. But that has become impossible because you can't actually talk about the show without people trying to make drama. So yes, I'm afraid I have to ignore all of those people's opinions entirely.

And I'm not worried about Bryke getting hurt feelings, I'm worried about them actually trying to please the Unpleasable Fanbase, and making Korra worse instead of better. They need to keep in mind Neil Gaiman's words on the subject: "If someone tells you something doesn't work, they're almost certainly right. If they tell you how to fix it, they are almost certainly wrong."
>> No. 108069
I don't blame bryke. This is more about the producers and Nick than anyone else. They've failed hard to support their own production, and in the animation biz that's everything.

I'm hoping more Korra seasons will mean better merchandising, y'know, like action figures and stuff. It may be too late for Toph and Katara figures though.
>> No. 108096
Catering to the fanbase was one of my main problems with Korra.

There are so many things in there that just scream:
>We need to put that in, because the fans would love that.
And those turn out to be a hindrance first and foremost.
>> No. 108143
I wouldn't say tumblr alone is the problem, but its unique interface certainly does exacerbate things.

One the one hand it's great for spreading art and humor, so used right it can definitely promote a more creative fanbase.

But unfortunately its not at all conducive to real discussions, and it lets people with similar opinions really easily keep reinforcing their views without having to look at contrary opinions.

It can do good, but it can also let nutters feed off of one another and get exponentially worse.

Not much can be done about it though. Just have to wait from tumblr to fall out of popularity.
>> No. 108144
What specifically? Just curious what you are thinking of.

I can think of a few fan-catering moments, such as all the Gaang statue shots, although those double as letting the audience know where a scene was taking place. Then there is Cabbage Corp, but I don't think it was a waste of screen time. If the "not my Cabbage Corp!" line wasn't in there we'd still see the president/CEO/founder being hauled away crying fowl foul on the police raid. There were all of Korra's visions but they all served to tell the story of Yakone and his sons. The visions only appeared when Amon or Tarrlok was near Korra and she was in danger.

There are a couple lines scattered in the show that were definitely shoutouts for AtLA fans, but I don't see how removing them would have solved the pacing issues Korra had. By my count, we're talking about mere minutes of total screen time across all 12 episodes. Not entire acts wasted to pander to longtime fans.
>> No. 108207
It's more in the stuff that they explore, the ideas they integrated. Seems very much like they were listening to the fandom for a lot of key points. Things I attribute directly to fan input coming from the previous series.
>bloodbending as a plot device
>more steampunk/dieselpunk tech, especially the Big Daddies
>the children of the ATLA cast have key roles
>the late integration of General Iroh jr. was pure pandering

There's probably more

Note, I'm not saying ALL that stuff was used badly. I'm saying that some of it muddled the narrative. And I get the feeling that Korra wasn't so much about telling a story as it was about "Wouldn't it be cool if...".
>> No. 108209
That comes off as pretty nitpicky, especially the bit about the second generation characters. The only children of the ATLA cast with "key roles" were Tenzin--who they literally could not have avoided putting in Korra because either he or one of his kids were the only options for an Airbending teacher--and Lin. Iroh II was little more than an extended cameo, and Bumi II only got maybe a single scene, and his presence seemed less about including him and more about making Tenzin have a funny little sardonic reaction about having to play host to his crazy brother.
>> No. 108214
I can agree with the love triangles part. The first series and the earliest episodes of it tended to have Aang's crush subplot mostly in the background. When it got to season two you started seeing more and more fandom nods, fanservice and shipper bait moments.

I blame shippers for swallowing up every avenue of discussion and giving Bryke the impression that relationshit is the only thing the fans care about seeing.
>> No. 108310
>people bitching about how no villain can possibly be a threat to Korra anymore
>book 2 is "Spirit"
>forgetting that bending can't be done in the spirit realm

C'mon guys. It'll be cool as long as the writers don't handwave away the established spirit-world canon, which they very well might do
>> No. 108311
>people bitching about how no villain can possibly be a threat to Korra anymore

why does everyone seem to think that once an avatar becomes fully realized they're incapable of having enemies
>> No. 108312
Once they master the Avatar State they can't be matched in a fight, your only possibility is taking them by surprise like Azula did.
Now that I think about it, I wonder why Roku's defense mechanism didn't activate and saved him like it did with Aang in the iceberg. Maybe the spirits wanted him dead?
>> No. 108313
the spirits don't control whether or not the avatar state kicks in.
>> No. 108314
Willful ignorance, I think. Heck, we saw in LoK that Aang--who had not only mastered the Avatar State but had decades of experience as the Avatar at that point--had trouble controlling Yakone. He did eventually win, but he had to work for it.

Plus, it sounds like one of the first things we're going to get treated to this season is going to be about why using the Avatar State all the time is a bad idea--we already know that if you get killed while using it the whole Avatar cycle is broken forever, which would be a serious concern--but given the Plot Armor of protagonists in childrens' action shows, it's hard to use that as a limiter the audience will actually feel much suspense for. There will probably be more information forthcoming, and it might even end up being why the Spirits are coming into the physical world. Maybe overusing the Avatar State either attracts them or makes it easier for them to breach the barrier or something.
>> No. 108316
The problem with being in the spirit world is no bending in a show about benders doesn't really work. Also they need to explain why Korra doesn't just leave the spirit world.

Don't forget Avatar state = powers and memories of every Avatar, so even a novice would become very powerful in the Avatar state. Though Aang needed training to control the Avatar state given that Korra was able to heal Lin without going crazy it's safe to say that she has mastered it.
>> No. 108322
I hope they explain why was she able to master it so easily then
unless there was an unspoken time skip between that scene and her fixing Lin during which Tenzin might've been training her really strictly
>> No. 108324
I imagine her actual time spent in the Spirit World will be limited, and she'll have to trick whatever Spirits she has to fight into coming into her world before fighting them, if she ends up having to fight any.

The terrifying part of this is that it could very well mean Koh will exist in the real world at some point.
>> No. 108326
Spirits can already come in the world of the living ad do stuff, Hei bai kidnapped Sokka in season 1.
Koh himself came out from the spirit oasis water and stole Kuruk's wife face.
>> No. 108327
I imagine that "problem" will be solved with cuts to the mindless action in the pro-bending arena.
>> No. 116394
>No, they'll have a rough patch throughout most of Season 2, culminating in breaking it off for good in the finale, deciding that even though they love each other, they just don't work as a couple.

Nice prediction, we have a winner.
>> No. 116608
Woo and off we go to book 3
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