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File 133939551280.png - (140.71KB , 315x251 , sweetbabbies.png )
104201 No. 104201
old thread: >>100996

Welp, the first season is near it's closing act. Post all of your smoochy smoochy Korra stuff here.

Pictured is my OTP 9ever :I
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>> No. 110120
Nope, no dice. Having a warm personality is not enough to overcome the incredible fucked-up-edness of falling for the slimy, manipulative, power-grubbing politician who is also a bloodbender.
>> No. 110128
I heard the in the 3rd comics bridging the original series George is still together but Maiko is split up.
Also heard that Mike and Bryan are actually really loving the idea of Zuki.

This is all hearsay though.
>> No. 110129

I really doubt that. Maiko's broken up for now, but they'll probably get back together in a later comic once Zuko figures out his shit again. I've read part 3, and there's absolutely no Zuki subtext (there wasn't even any in part 2, just people blowing shit out of proportion), and Sokka/Suki is going strong in it.

And really, it'd just be plain weird to develop Maiko and Sokka/Suki so much in the original series, but then just throw together Zuko and Suki in a side comic only a portion of ATLA viewers are even going to read.
>> No. 110131
File 134871293488.jpg - (234.80KB , 900x1596 , 1348707894015.jpg )
Avatar shipping, summarized.
>> No. 110132
>Amon/Noatok has his Lieutenant - yet the former is dead anyway.
I wonder if Lieumon was more or less popular before the break up.
>> No. 110140
Suki talking about she thinks Zuko is lonely hints to Zuki about as much as their scene from Part Two, though that's not saying much. Still enough to give fuel for some jokes about Zuki.
>> No. 110158
I'm pretty S.S. Lieumon didn't really set sail until the finale when Lieu's trust was broken. Because suddenly he wasn't just that lackey of Amon's; He was the guy who was supposed to know more about Amonthan any other Equalist.
>> No. 110166
>Tokka being stabbed
>in The Promise

I don't get it? The Promise was great for tokka scenes even if they were all platonic, it's just fun to see those two characters together.
>> No. 110168
File 134883228660.jpg - (39.44KB , 400x300 , zutara.jpg )
>Take two people who absolutely hate each other and have had generally awful experiences with one another and then say they make a great couple because whateverfuckreason
>> No. 110170
Remember when Han tried to decapitate Leia on the spot? How about that thime when Leia thought Han was helpless and almost executed him?
>> No. 110172
>self-insert logic

From which perspective?

I like the pairing but I don't feel any kind of strong connection to either character.
Tarrlok just happens to be the most interesting male character, with an actual arc to me. That's the main thing about pairings: If the situations that arise out of sticking these two peope together are boring, that's a no-go for me.

And fuck, that makes for a really short list on my part...
>> No. 110174
Because Sukka was canon at the end of A:tLA, and the artist needed some way to show that it was without placing it on canon isle. The knife's there, presumably, because Suki only really came back in towards the end and thus dashed their hopes for Tokka at the last moment. It's why the knife is visible in the A:tLA panel, as well.
>> No. 110179
File 134885229750.png - (944.76KB , 1280x1707 , tumblr_m5esv1ZQ4p1qfrrfso1_1280.png )
>> No. 110188
File 134887422692.png - (381.67KB , 904x825 , tumblr_mb1kv3cLwv1r8mhvzo1_1280-1.png )
>> No. 110199
I have to agree that much of the Tarrlok/? (and Amon/?) 'shipping comes off as 'Let's Redeem The Vaguely Sympathetic Villian By Way Of Bodice Ripper Romance With People He Screwed Over.' We have seen this with Zutara already, and do not get me started with Movie!Loki fandom.

In all honestly Mako, Bolin, Random OWL Guard(s), Asami, etc would be far ahead of Tarrlok in terms of probable romantic interests for Korra.

There is an unsubtle distinction between squabbling and actual hostility. The whole trying to kill or torture or imprison thing was not an issue with Han and Leia.
>> No. 110215
>Hmm… well I think people think she and Ty Lee are in a gay relationship. It didn’t really occur to me… I don’t know. But if that’s what you want to think, that’s cool!

Not quite an endorsement, but I'm happy she acknowledges my ship exists.
>> No. 110218

Considering that was the reply to the question 'What do you think is the most misunderstood thing about Azula’s character?' , I think it's a little further away than a possible endorsement.

But hey, as fans we can skew it any way we like. Maybe she just meant they just have sex and not have a relationship? Eh? Eh?

>> No. 110219
File 134920106654.jpg - (117.25KB , 1280x1506 , tumblr_mb71jpZW8Y1r5r4kqo1_1280.jpg )

Bolin hitting on Toph, who needs timelines anyways.
>> No. 110220
Oh my god.

I need more of this RIGHT NOW. Please.
>> No. 110222
File 134922269570.gif - (508.45KB , 200x190 , tumblr_mb8uqwYBRh1rw156vo4_250.gif )
She seems to have accepted it.
>> No. 110223
File 134923398290.jpg - (146.82KB , 786x435 , tumblr_mbaeorwJL31r1nxuqo1_1280.jpg )
Oh lawd look at these photoshop skills.

>> No. 110225
Why does Toph have chest hair?
>> No. 110226
>> No. 110317
File 135061385085.png - (182.76KB , 600x817 , tumblr_m7sp05Hibp1rslpfoo1_1280.png )
>> No. 110336
File 135093984111.png - (1.14MB , 1280x1477 , tumblr_mc8cuodz5f1qfrrfso1_1280.png )
>> No. 110466
File 135181964150.png - (483.24KB , 1015x1146 , tumblr_mcs914j1UY1r8mhvzo1_1280.png )
Halloween, or unusual kinks?
>> No. 110467
Is there any Korrasami art that isn't horribly ooc?
>> No. 110468
>> No. 110469
File 135182629457.png - (1.32MB , 827x1250 , 1351825293858.png )
>> No. 110570
File 135348045312.gif - (332.24KB , 480x280 , tumblr_mdtr96tD4P1r8mhvzo1_500.gif )
>> No. 110885
File 13562099391.jpg - (927.54KB , 1280x1706 , tumblr_me4dt6ezFy1qmnzpro1_1280_png.jpg )
>> No. 110901
File 135700499532.jpg - (182.72KB , 900x780 , tumblr_mfxa84aMPa1r8dmhho1_1280_png.jpg )
>> No. 110950
File 135794267875.gif - (322.02KB , 500x375 , Zutara Animation.gif )
>> No. 110952
So is this the extent of what got done on that fan made Zutara ending?
>> No. 110957
Avatar - You're My Best Friend - Queenyoutube thumb

A video loaded with a lot of friendship moments and some romance-ship moments. More of the former than the latter, audio provided by Queen - You're My Best Friend.
>> No. 111037
File 135931546796.jpg - (76.24KB , 650x803 , kisu.jpg )
>> No. 111042
File 135958876798.jpg - (96.19KB , 1024x1086 , zutara_kiss_by_zutarart-d5t59ni.jpg )
I miss the zutarans. They kept things interesting.
>> No. 111043
File 135959313556.png - (886.29KB , 1017x833 , commission__mai_and_aang_by_alexielart-d4ffbs0-1.png )

Don't forget Zutara's complimentary ship!
>> No. 111141
File 136021720973.png - (486.79KB , 661x901 , tw__eyes_by_tametigrrr-d41kc3u.png )
>> No. 111255
File 136373706640.jpg - (137.73KB , 400x426 , 1363584770066.jpg )

That works too.

>> No. 111517
personaly i could easly see how the show was going to go just from the leading up to the point of where the masked guy and chi blockers coulda killed her but didn't and lost interest so never kept watching but before that korra looked as if could be really bad ass but meh to draging out something like they where trying to do
>> No. 111518
wrong thread but there's a reason why amon didn't just kill korra (besides the show's rating)
>> No. 114625
File 138071671672.jpg - (105.15KB , 960x540 , what_is_love.jpg )
So who here was actually hoping Eska/Bolin/Desna would be a thing? Because it's looking less and less likely that it'll really happen. Bolin just doesn't appreciate a good dom when he gets one.

I'm just hoping they don't pair up Bolin and Asami, because that whole "pair the spares" thing sucks most of the time, plus it would be awkward having Asami date Mako's brother after her failed relationship with him, among other things.
>> No. 114627
File 138072276299.jpg - (549.90KB , 1280x1813 , tumblr_mtb01hOrKD1qcapj4o1_1280.jpg )
Your thoughts, my thoughts.

I'll still enjoy my AU bubble where he's eternally her slave.
>> No. 114628
I think he'll calm down and accept Eska once he finds out how awesome the sex is. So is there smut of these two yet?
>> No. 114636
Ah, but is it enough to convince Bolin to take the 'package' *chortle-chortle-guffaw* deal?

And yes, part of me still wonders how much Eska and Desna have with Hansel & Gretel from Black Lagoon (who are prone to switch clothes/voices/identities for giggles atop the twincest thing, ICYAW)
>> No. 114637
I can see them pulling that gag if someone attempts a kidnapping at some point.
>> No. 114638
>Hansel & Gretel
My mind went to terrible, terrible places.

A pity LoK's still a kids' show, and won't ever get that messed up.
>> No. 114647
Obviously they won't be taking any big risks, since this is Nick, but I was hoping for a scene similar to the one where Toph accidentally kisses Suki. Bolin is about to kiss "Eska", then discovers his mistake. Since this would be involving two guys instead of girls, I'm sure they wouldn't actually get to do it even by accident, but an attempt would be nice.
>> No. 114740
File 138099364061.png - (505.94KB , 585x757 , tumblr_mqn5rapXeR1s4jqopo1_1280.png )
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