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File 133925621826.png - (293.04KB , 849x466 , ep9.png )
103779 No. 103779
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>> No. 103781
Is Amon a fucking Steampunk Cyborg?

Seriously what the hell?
>> No. 103782
Lin looked pretty boss in that coat gotta say gotta say. Also liked how she cared for her officers.

Still hate seeing the Lieutenant getting tossed around so easily.
>> No. 103784
Oh and Asami it's time for you to dump Mako and hook up with Korra. He deserves neither of you.
>> No. 103785
I nearly lost my shit when I heard Toph finally speak. God I miss her.
>> No. 103786
Asami, you deserve better. Perhaps Lin?

Saw this VA list elsewhere. It's not confirmed yet, so take it with a grain of salt:

Aang -- D.B. Sweeny

Toph -- Kate Higgins

Sokka -- Chris Hardwick

Yakone -- Clancy Brown
>> No. 103787
We still don't know how it's possible to bloodbend during the day.
>> No. 103788
>> No. 103789
The animation was a bit crappy today. I suppose this is the southern raiders syndrome, when the incoming finale gets the priority in the budget department.

He's clearly the solution.

>Still hate seeing the Lieutenant getting tossed around so easily.
I like how he mentioned payback.

Sounded like her old voice actress too.
>> No. 103790

It's like Sokka explained: there are occasionally exceptional, freakish benders. Toph's blindness allowed her to develop metalbending, which was teachable to others. Combustion Man's overdeveloped third eye (according to Bryke) was what allowed to firebend with his mind, but that was an ability rooted in his own body and not teachable.

So what bother have Sokka drop this information about freaks?

Because that's what Amon is. He's a Tarrlok, just with chi-blocking instead of bloodbending.
>> No. 103791
Ocean spirit. The crescent moon symbology gave it away for me two weeks ago. Of course it's not relevant now that Tarrlok is dead, but that was my theory. Some kind of spiritual bounty from La.
>> No. 103792
Wait. "Hard n' Phirm" Chris Hardwick? Cute.
Well, from what little we heard, I think he's a good fit.

Every episode I'm hoping for Bolin to do something awesome. He came thiiiis close.
>> No. 103793
Korra and Mako = Bitches & Whores

Bolin and Asami = Waifus & Maidens
>> No. 103794
If Tarrlok's dead, why would the Equalists bother taking his body?
>> No. 103795
Omg, they're mutants.
>> No. 103796
File 133925704880.jpg - (25.17KB , 328x325 , blargfgrfg.jpg )
>Chris Hardwick
>> No. 103797
De-bent/dead what's the difference?
>> No. 103798
How dare they have that useless Sakura voice our beautiful Toph?
>> No. 103799
>>Omg, they're mutants.

That's actually a good way to put it.

In Amon's case, to put it in Warhammer 40K terms, it's more like he's a blank. He can 1) disable bending, and 2) is resistant to bending.
>> No. 103801
Yakone bloodbending Aang was a pretty fucked up scene for Y7. I seriously thought bones were gonna start snapping for a second.
>> No. 103802

>> No. 103804
I want to know why Aang somehow forgot that Yakone could bloodbend between the courtroom and knocking over his cart.
>> No. 103805
I take it Dude tried to bloodbend him and he pimpslapped the bending right outta his soul?
>> No. 103807
>suit up sequence
Lin really stole the show this episode, but I get a feeling she'll have less of a focus in the following episodes.
>> No. 103808
Umm, what? He's done nothing but try to sort this out, Korra may have been a bitch to him but they are still friends, after seeing her beat up he acted as any person who cared would.

I have no idea, he was just tanking everything.

He's not dead, just de-bent.

Retract Mako off there, he might be fucking up but he's trying not to.
>> No. 103809
Seriously all of our shipping woes would be solved if Mako just fucking DIED.
>> No. 103810
Hmmm Zuko and Katara where the only two Gaang members not at the trial....do you still deny the proof in front of you /a/?
>> No. 103811
Heard some theories floating around that amon is either aang or someone with cybernetic parts. I like those.

but how did amon know where tarrlok's shack would be? Seemed hidden pretty well.
>> No. 103812
Why would Zuko be attending the trial of some gangster and not be in the Fire Nation doing his job?

Also this episode pretty much proved you don't have to be a bender to be on the council. Pro-equalists are starting to run out of support.
>> No. 103813
>He's done nothing but try to sort this out, Korra may have been a bitch to him but they are still friends, after seeing her beat up he acted as any person who cared would.

That not being true was the point of Asami's concern, though. Mako was part of a search party consisting entirely of people who care about Korra. And he behaved more frantically than any of them. So, no, he acted a little differently than "any person who cared" did. You see what I mean?
>> No. 103814
>> No. 103817
Maybe they were simply following him after the attack on the equalists' base.
>> No. 103818
I take it you're all watching this on teevee?
>> No. 103819
Yessir. Have not seen a DL link yet.
>> No. 103820
I feel bad for Asami, but I still ship it. Sorry, hon- the situation's all effed up. Dad AND boyfriend betrayed yah. EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE.
>> No. 103821
He's not trying hard enough. He's solidified himself as an eternal asshole who destroyed Asami Sato's life just by meeting her and getting the Avatar involved. And she tried to be their friend. They have created a powerful enemy this day.
>> No. 103822
>> No. 103823
File 133925990833.jpg - (198.74KB , 440x593 , Meelo1.jpg )
>> No. 103824
[HD] *NEW* Legend of Korra Sea…youtube thumb
So in the finale promo:
people and white lotus guys getting energybended on air temple island
fire nation ships at 0:25?
Korra airbending at 0:27?
what's Amon doing at 0:46?

>> No. 103825
>Asks if Mako likes Korra
>Knows Korra's the fuckin' Avatar, she's just a rich, acrobatic non-bender
>Worries if Mako likes her because she wants to dump Mako for Korra

>> No. 103826
I'm going to be pondering this all day.
>> No. 103827
File 133926220283.jpg - (80.08KB , 780x520 , Best+Characters_6cc1e7_3768736.jpg )
Am I the only one who came buckets when Amon continued to walk through Tarrlock's bloodbending?

Oh, and Bolin, Lin and Tenzin were so boss in that episode too.

Poor Asami.
>> No. 103828
I got some V for Vendetta vibes.
>> No. 103829
>>public execution style be-dendings of blindfolded benders
>>blowing up tons of naval ships, doubtlessly killing many
>>redesigning public monuments to glorify himself

And, of course, the inevitable Equalist fans who defend all this as a regrettable necessity to create an equitable society free from bender privilege.
>> No. 103830
Maaaaaan, can you all stop downloading it so I can download it instead? Kthnx
>> No. 103831
I'm glad you are so understanding of the harsh actions one must take for equality
>> No. 103832
File 13392631688.jpg - (11.33KB , 500x222 , amonaang.jpg )
fuck I am sooo drunk right now hahah
oh my god you guys you know what we should do
guys we should
we should paint my mask on the aang statue's face that would be so hilarious
>> No. 103833
>>I'm glad you are so understanding of the harsh actions one must take for equality

Harsh, comrade? They are only 'harsh' because of their closeness in time. The benders ruled with even greater harshness, but their crimes were spaced out over centuries. Once the body of society has been cleansed of the bender impurities that were the root cause of all previous suffering, we will have peace, equality, and harmony under the just rule of Amon.
>> No. 103834
File 133926373540.jpg - (139.08KB , 647x1000 , dokudoku - Bolin.jpg )
Speaking of which: Bolin has some terrible bladder problems.
>> No. 103835
I don't suppose anyone has a super secret link that no one else is using that actually works? : (
>> No. 103836
Yeah I do see how he acted the same way when it was Bolin.
>> No. 103838
>> No. 103839
Did anyone else notice that, although it likewised lacked the light show from when he used it on Ozai, Aang's spiritbending still had different hand positions than whatever Amon's de-bending it?

Aang may have been trying to show Korra more than one thing.
>> No. 103840
File 133926586431.png - (762.46KB , 1022x568 , YakoneGetsBent.png )
>> No. 103841
Someone who analyzed it on tumblr noted that Aang stands in front of the target and blocks the Light (Forehead) and Love (Heart) chakras.

Amon stands behind the victim and blocks the Light and Sound (Neck) chakras.

If I remember it right, they also noted; Light is the source of chi, Love is blocked by grief and freed by love and Sound is blocked by lies and illusion and freed by the truth.
>> No. 103842
Aang why couldn't you just kill him?
>> No. 103843

Tarrlok -"What ,what are you!!"
Amon - "Beneath this mask there is more than flesh, beneath this mask there is an idea Mr.Tarrlok, and ideas are unbloodbendable."
>> No. 103845
>have no blood to bend
>> No. 103846
File 133926816727.jpg - (27.72KB , 375x420 , Eolch - Tahno.jpg )
Removing one’s bending seems to be worse than death. Just ask Tahno.
>> No. 103847
Uh, no. Try to remember the whole "I don't want to kill because it's so wrong!" conflict in the finale. Debending was Aang's acceptable substitute.
>> No. 103848
>redesigning public monuments to glorify himself
It's really hard to make Amon sound like a gloryhound when he's constantly wearing a mask so that no one can ever recognize him.

Honestly, I think the mask on Aang is more of a statement than anything.

Here is the original Equalist, the man to discover spiritbending and my father.
>> No. 103851
He was also sentenced to life in prison not the death penalty, so it could have been seen as an abuse of his position to just smoke the dude.

There is a dense fog forming over republic city and only (investigation)Team Avatar can unravel the mystery!
>> No. 103852
All of Aang's other children are brown though

Amon's way too pale. I don't think he's Yakone either, since Yakone's probably got the same general skin tone as Tarrlok. It's hard to tell from the flashback since it's so brightly lit it even makes Sokka look really pale.
>> No. 103853
From HIS perspective. Fucking entitled bender asshole.
>> No. 103854
File 133926944795.png - (675.95KB , 1280x604 , tumblr_m5d160xLjD1rwhnico1_1280[1].png )
Was he gonna take a train on his face?
>> No. 103855
What's the penalty for escaping from prison? In some places it's death.
>> No. 103856
I think a non-bender would rather have no bending than be dead, so that post makes no sense in like any context.
>> No. 103857
Aang doesn't actually know what it's like to not have your bending anymore, but he still has his Air Nomad compunction against death, even though for the recipient of his spirit-bending technique it consigns them to a zombie-like half-existence that they'll suffer in for the rest of their lives and probably end up committing suicide if this wasn't a kids' show.
>> No. 103858
>I once bested a man with my trusty boomerang

Oh Sokka, your only dialogue in the entire series and you still manage to work boomerang in there. GG.
>> No. 103860
Considering that more than half the world's population is non-benders and hasn't committed suicide, I'm sure Ozai, Tahno or whoever else can learn to cope.
>> No. 103861
>I once bested a man with my trusty boomerang

Oh Sokka, your only dialogue in the entire series and you still manage to work boomerang in there. GG.
>> No. 103863
Exactly. You have your life as a bender taken away and you’re forced to live as a non-bender. If you were a good bender, people won’t hate you, but if you were like Ozai or Tahno… well, you end up in prison or on the streets.
>> No. 103865
Is the sound all fucked up for anyone else on the episode 9 download?
>> No. 103866
anyone else think there are more to the visions then what Korra thinks and that she just assumed that it was about Tarlokk but whenever she had those visions, Tarlokk was never around?
>> No. 103868

That's exactly why she says" Aang, it wasn't Tarrlok you were warning me about."
>> No. 103869
HD trailer for finale:

Legend of Korra - Season Finale Previewyoutube thumb
>> No. 103870
>That's exactly why she says" Aang, it wasn't Tarrlok you were warning me about."

No, I'm pretty sure she said "Aang, it was Tarrlok you were warning me about."

Regardless, I think there's more to it as well, Korra just hasn't figured it out yet. I think Aang also wanted to show Korra what actual energybending looks like so she can hopefully figure out that what Amon is doing isn't the same thing. With Ozai and Yakone, Aang touches the forehead and chest (which is why he probably didn't take Azula's bending. What with her being his spiritual great grand-daughter and all, that would have been terribly awkward), whereas Amon is touching the forehead and back of the neck.
>> No. 103871
File 133927290792.jpg - (123.74KB , 1000x1234 , Gaia77 - Sokka.jpg )
And why is Sokka on the council in the first place?
>> No. 103872
Why shouldn't he be?
>> No. 103874
Too bad Korra's too massively retarded to perceive that little fact about hand placement.
>> No. 103876
Guess he was a worthless piece of shit after all.
We thought he was going to make something of himself.
For shame, Sokka.
>> No. 103877
That's mostly right except:
*The chakra on the heart is called the Air chakra.
*The sound chakra is on the throat, not the back of the neck, so Amon's other hand probably isn't touching a chakra at all.
*None of the chakras are stated to be the source of chi (in the series I mean)

>but whenever she had those visions, Tarlokk was never around
Tarrlok was around for the third one (it was caused when he bloodbended her unconscious), but you're right about the first two (the first was caused by Amon and the second by the Lieutenant electrocuting her). So Aang may also have been trying to tell her about Tarrlok.

She definitely said "it was Tarrlok".
>> No. 103878
Because xD LOL everyone from the old series need to be seen again and have their gratuitous spotlight moment.

I'm surprised the council wasn't also made up of Ty Lee, Azula in a straitjacket and King Bumi's ghost.
>> No. 103879
Since Tarrlok bloodbended Saikhan too I guess that means he's not a yesman of his but merely easier to control than Lin?
>> No. 103881
No, I'm pretty sure Saikhan was just convinced Tarrlok was the only one who could stop Amon.
>> No. 103882
I mean, did Sokka suddenly become a waterbender?
>> No. 103884
Even if the current council are all benders (we can't be sure, but it's likely how Tarrlok spoke to them about the non-bender curfew), no one ever said you had to be one to get on the council.
>> No. 103885
On a serious note I'm guessing it's because he's Hakoda's son and has some leadership cred.
>> No. 103886
Not to mention "saved the fucking world" cred.
I think it's pretty safe to assume all the original Gaang were set for life after taking down Ozai. Apparently Katara went into the memoir-writing business, so their stories and names were/are fairly popular and hold a lot of power.
>> No. 103887
When was it ever stated that one had to be a bender to be on the council?
>> No. 103888
No, it wasn't. There's also an air acolyte on the council and they're probably not a bender.
>> No. 103890
You don’t?

Huh. Learn something new every day.
>> No. 103891
Speaking of.. What's up with those Air Acolytes?

Like.. how do you even sign up for that? Or why? Clearly they're not real air benders and can never be; it's not something you just learn by becoming some sort of bitter monk. So what are they there for? How could they possibly restore an entire culture of peoples by what little Tenzin may know? Is that just the latest fad sweeping Republic City? "Nah dude, I'ma drop out for a semester and become an air acolyte. I told you I was hardcore."
>> No. 103893
airaboos. basicly
>> No. 103895
... That was it? Did they really just resolve two major subplots (Korra's visions of Aang and Tarlok's rise to power) in one episode before returning everything exactly how t was before? Really?

Color me unimpressed.
>> No. 103896

Did you not see the next episode preview that has bombings, all out war in the streets and Amon bringing benders before him to strip them of their bending like it was some sort of show execution? How is any of that "like it was before?"

A councilman has been proven a criminal and was captured by terrorists, everything he's done and passed in the council is now totally suspect and the other three shitheads now look (and probably feel) like even bigger shitheads for going along with everything the guy had to say.

Shit is about to get real.
>> No. 103897
Well what more did you want? Remember this is a very short series.

My only disappointment is with just how predictable everything was. But even there I have to blame myself for it. When you submerge yourself into the fandom and listen to any and all insane speculation, your chances of being shocked are greatly slimmed down. Wasn't there some tumblrkiddie last week who basically predicted everything that would happen today step by step? So when I see Yakone bloodbending the courtroom and the big reveal that he was Tarrlok's father, I can't help but sit there very unimpressed.

She finally got in contact with her spiritual side/Aang and Tarrlok was taken down. It's not exactly back to zero.
>> No. 103899
I liked that Korra still visibly shat a brick when it seemed Amon was coming after her, like WHOA SHIT WATERBEND GO GO GO

It's better than instantly finding her cool with him like I expected. Plus I guess learning he's immune to the bloodbending that slapped her silly just added to the tally of 'don't fuck with this guy' in her head.
>> No. 103900
Nah, it was definitely a bit too heavily telegraphed. Even I could call it within minutes after watching the episode and without reading anyone else's speculation.
>> No. 103902
I think it wasn't meant to be that unpredictable after episode eight where we were given most pieces of the puzzle, the real revelation was last week, when we learnt the flashback was about Tarrlok instead of Amon

>Wasn't there some tumblrkiddie last week who basically predicted everything that would happen today step by step?
Was that the one were Katara was supposed to bloodbend Yakone while he was aided by some gangsters?
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