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File 133832485189.png - (764.66KB , 600x900 , The_Promise_Part_2_cover.png )
102700 No. 102700
Comes out tomorrow, who gonna get it? Part 1 was pretty decent, with the exception of a few moments of dialogue that made me cringe. I'll have to go out of my way to get a copy this week if I want my own unless I want to wait longer to download it.
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>> No. 102704
I'm pretty shocked this thing hasn't been leaked already
>> No. 102707
I liked part one a lot, although a lot of that is admittedly that it proves me right in an argument I had with a Zuko fangirl like three years ago.

The "sweetie" thing was bad though. Like I get that it wa supposed to be sickeningly, over the top sickly sweet, and other characters were reacting as such. But it seemed really out of place. And, you know, not like something an actual person would say.
>> No. 102709
I dunno, I thought it was perfectly in character for Aang. You know, "flamey-o, hotman!"

It's pretty cute if you imagine Katara picking it up from Aang to humour him and then it just turned into something they say to each other.
>> No. 102710
I hear people calling their significant other "sweetie" all the time. I'm not really sure where you people who keep saying that live that that's not a common term of endearment. "Honey" is about the only one I hear more often.

Granted, an annoying one. But a common one nonetheless.
>> No. 102711

It's not that nobody ever uses it, it was the amount and the context in which they were using it, as well as the total lack of variation. It seemed really weird and alien, less like an overly sappy couple and more like an alien being's idea of what a sappy couple might act like.
>> No. 102713
>Come on sweetie
>Kiss me sweetie
>Bend over sweetie
>I like it rough sweetie
>Don't waterbend that sweetie
>> No. 102714

What was the argument about?
>> No. 102716
A lot of couples stick to a single pet name and overuse it though. Look at the whole Pumpkin/Honey Bunny scene in Pulp Fiction.
>> No. 102717
File 133833587896.jpg - (258.21KB , 1314x648 , avatar_the_promise_part_2_by_xepicness-d4vwh9u.jpg )
I'm interested to see how off or on the spot the fandom's theories were about those leaks. lulz
>> No. 102720
It comes out tomorrow? Amazon.com says this:

> Available for Pre-order. This item will be released on June 12, 2012.
>> No. 102722

>> No. 102735

So I'd written this piece of fanfiction set post-series that was about conflict between fire nation colonists and the native SWT inhabitants of an island to the South. Zuko was backing the colonists partly out of political pressure (to avoid looking weak in front of a royal court that was only too eager for an excuse to unseat him) and partly because he thought they also had a right to the land they were born in. He was thinking with his emotions.

I had someone who I was friends with at the time (but have since come to disdain) beta it and she insisted that Zuko was TOO WISE AND GOOD to do something like that post-series. She simply wouldn't accept that Zuko might derp all over world peace.

Well then years later The Promise comes out and oh look that is pretty much exactly it's plot, except substitute Earth Kingdom for SWT and murderous colonial ninja daughters for court drama. Needless to say I was feeling smug as fuck.
>> No. 102748
>She simply wouldn't accept that Zuko might derp all over world peace.
Man, really? I can get thinking "Zuko's a good person now! He's learned not to be so concerned with honor and learned to think with his heart!" Fair enough. HOWEVER:

Zuko will always, always, ALWAYS be a dork. The day Zuko doesn't derp all over something he sets out to do is the day he's no longer Zuko. The core of his character is that on the outside he's this angsty badass or wise and caring ruler, but on the inside he's still a huge dork who only barely knows what he's doing. But now he tries harder. And I imagine he'll make it through precisely because he's trying and because he's doing things for the right reasons now. But I will never be surprised if he goes down the wrong path because he was too much of a dork to realize that's how things would go if he did.

That's pretty much why I love him as a character.
>> No. 102749
Flameo, hotman. It's strange, but I feel smug just reading that.
>> No. 102752
File 133834975010.png - (326.37KB , 592x225 , Edited.png )
>>The "sweetie" thing was bad though.

It could have been worse.

You can always count on Zuko to do the right thing -- after he's tried everything else.
>> No. 102757
Isn't that a Winston Churchill quote about America?
>> No. 102759
That fat, drunk, double-crossing British bastard.
>> No. 102760

>> No. 102764
That's no way to talk about Zuko.
>> No. 102772
Still no leaks? I have it preordered on Amazon, but they're not letting it ship from online venders until 6/12. I really don't want to go to a comic book shop to get this.
>> No. 102773

Yeah, I know. She super-idealized him, and hated Aang; the constant Aang-bashing was what made me drop her, actually. You remember that crazy Aang-hating post in the Fandumb thread? It was almost that bad.
>> No. 102781
File 133836271757.png - (290.12KB , 600x402 , do want katara 2.png )
You can bet your ass I'm gonna get it. I liked part one. Sweeties do not faze me.
>> No. 102784
Yo dudes, Part 2 is officially out! Any leaks?
>> No. 102795
all the sites i go to buy it still say "pre-order" and some sites like amazon and b arnes and nobles say "june 12"

wtf D:
>> No. 102802
my local bookstore's website says June 1st.
>> No. 102817
im hoping that i can buy it at a-kon if anything. >.<
>> No. 102821

You're going, too? I'm more pissed I'm gonna miss out on Korra 'til I get back. Unless I buy it off iTunes and watch it Sunday.
>> No. 102823
sounds lousy

>> No. 102824


Gonna wait for my copy and make my own judgements thankyouverymuch
>> No. 102825
>zuko's mom
Nobody ever said she was going to be in the comics.
>> No. 102826

The book is out in comic book stores today, my husband will be picking up my copy for me :)
>> No. 102827
Well considering that you seemed to have already bought it, I guess you're doomed to get it no matter what anyone says.

But for us prospective buyers, the lackluster writing seems to continue to part 2.

Which is seriously disappointing because I really do miss the old Gaang.
>> No. 102828

I'm just posting a fucking review link. But if it's more or less accurate, then I will feel frustrated, yeah. The dojo conflict sounds dull and the shipping drama is contrived.
>> No. 102829
Yeah, I'm not very optimistic about this.
>> No. 102830
I'm honestly impressed it didn't leak again. Good on Nick.
>> No. 102835
I wasn't talking about YOU, I was referring to whoever wrote that review. That person is mad, and probably over nothing.
I liked the first book and I'm going to buy the second book. Even if other people think the story is so-so, the art is amazingly spot-on.
>> No. 102836

with exception of some (debateable) coloring and the fact that the dialogue is actually written for its target audience (11 year olds), there's no real reason to complain about this series. I enjoy it. tumblrfags rage over nothing half the time.
>> No. 102837
More like 80% of the time. Tumblr appears to be made up of the following:
80% bitching
15% Doctor Who or Sailor Moon reaction gifs
4% arguing
1% drawings
>> No. 102841
Picked this up from my local comic book store this morning.

The bending school stuff was pretty terrible; I'm glad it's over.

I liked the shipping crap. It was nice to see Katara so jealous.

The best parts were the Ozai scenes, however. Makes me like the character even more. It's great seeing Zuko get ordered around like a kid.
>> No. 102842

Agreed pretty much overall. I really didn't like any of Toph's students, and that whole plotline was pretty dull. I'd rather read a later series dealing with Toph's founding of the metalbending police. I'd imagine it'd be a lot like the Watch books of Discword except with bending instead of wizards. Also I don't like how the Promise makes the FN more Japan when in the show it's more China and SE Asia.

I'm really enjoying the Zuko and FN plot though. I'm still holding out for a civil war story or something. And I feel that the Earth King deciding to be more agressive could have some interesting story potential for the rest of the EK.
>> No. 102848
Having the Earth King overreact like that fit, seeing as he was always a bit of an idiot. But it was still somewhat grating, as I had always liked his character.

I really wonder how they're going to settle all this. Honestly, if Aang can control the Avatar State, like he could at the end of ATLA, then he could single-handedly stop both armies.
>> No. 102851
Do you guys have scans or something?
>> No. 102854
File 133843167319.jpg - (173.18KB , 500x667 , tokka-torpedoes-away.jpg )
>> No. 102856
File 133843304256.png - (149.20KB , 296x298 , Screenshot_1.png )
Is Gesicht.

Gonna have to gas a bitch?
>> No. 102857
File 133843348616.png - (20.57KB , 144x157 , Screenshot_2.png )
But seriously, stop with the creepy pedo stuff.
>> No. 102859
Toph is nine? I though she was same age as Aang. I need to pay closer attention.

But seriously, Tokka should have happened.
>> No. 102861
Since Toph's the one saying it, I assume in this little thought experiment she's talking about one of her students.
>> No. 102862
No it shouldn't have, Toph got over her crush and so should you
>> No. 102863
Uh, no, I don't have the page on me but one of Toph's students is sweet on Sokka
>> No. 102870
File 133843830354.jpg - (81.10KB , 500x667 , 1338422198711.jpg )
Here's the unedited version
>> No. 102871
File 13384385978.jpg - (606.57KB , 1024x791 , 1338438317495.jpg )
>> No. 102873
File 133843909851.jpg - (571.45KB , 1024x791 , 1338438464930.jpg )
Toph can sense metal at a distance now
>> No. 102874
where are ya'll getting these scans?
>> No. 102876
>> No. 102877
>lily livers

Stop saying that.
>> No. 102878
Wasn't she supposed to call them candy asses originally?
>> No. 102883
I'm sorry, but anyone who expected Toph to actually swear is an idiot.
>> No. 102885
I swear to god, gene originally had something else in there.

Maybe it was "pansies"?
>> No. 102886
>> No. 102887
I don't remember anything, but I could see that. It's harmless enough that I can see an author writing it into a children's book without thinking about it, and has just (barely) enough homophobic connotations to make editors say to replace it with something else.
>> No. 102889
File 133845062162.jpg - (115.17KB , 1000x499 , qianzou.jpg )
>Do you deserve a beating?
>> No. 102891
Not really any Toph+Sokka hints besides them helping out their students skip earth bending and go right to metal bending, but the Suki+Zuko presence is strong.
>> No. 102897
Two people have posted that link, but all the images are corrupt for me except the first one...
>> No. 102901
anyone still have the part 1 scans?
>> No. 102902
That is worrying
>> No. 102905
File 133847683195.png - (464.92KB , 347x594 , SokkaCloseEnough.png )
>> No. 102906
Part 1
>> No. 102925
File 133849699859.jpg - (298.10KB , 1000x1469 , 1338491862378.jpg )
>> No. 102926
File 133849701335.jpg - (100.00KB , 1000x1499 , 1338491886738.jpg )
>> No. 102927
File 133849702341.jpg - (281.77KB , 1000x1446 , 1338491916738.jpg )
>> No. 102928
File 133849703787.jpg - (120.81KB , 1000x1507 , 1338491964528.jpg )
>> No. 102929
File 133849711643.jpg - (153.74KB , 1000x1414 , 1338492012230.jpg )
>> No. 102930
File 133849713275.jpg - (286.03KB , 1000x1496 , 1338492068689.jpg )
>> No. 102931
File 133849714552.jpg - (303.33KB , 1000x1411 , 1338492112698.jpg )
>> No. 102932
File 13384971563.jpg - (307.51KB , 1000x1499 , 1338492164413.jpg )
>> No. 102933
File 133849728897.jpg - (316.04KB , 1000x1407 , 1338492197570.jpg )
>> No. 102934
File 133849730251.jpg - (312.55KB , 1000x1503 , 1338492244920.jpg )
>> No. 102935
File 133849731538.jpg - (355.10KB , 1000x1407 , 1338492295172.jpg )
>> No. 102936
File 133849732873.jpg - (319.87KB , 1000x1507 , 1338492379728.jpg )
>> No. 102937
File 133849745185.jpg - (325.78KB , 1000x1402 , 1338492432293.jpg )
>> No. 102938
File 133849745936.jpg - (342.48KB , 1000x1402 , 1338492503317.jpg )
>> No. 102939
File 133849747062.jpg - (326.24KB , 1000x1513 , 1338492577828.jpg )
>> No. 102940
File 133849748042.jpg - (326.60KB , 1000x1334 , 1338492630762.jpg )
>> No. 102942
File 133849762535.jpg - (318.03KB , 1000x1499 , 1338492952809.jpg )
Sorry, this page was mislabeled
>> No. 102943
File 133849765832.jpg - (288.27KB , 1000x1517 , 1338492731537.jpg )
>> No. 102944
File 133849766835.jpg - (351.78KB , 1000x1405 , 1338492835011.jpg )
>> No. 102945
File 133849768162.jpg - (351.41KB , 1000x1507 , 1338492900518.jpg )
>> No. 102946
File 133849778539.jpg - (356.68KB , 1000x1411 , 1338493163927.jpg )
>> No. 102947
File 133849780680.jpg - (344.67KB , 1000x1499 , 1338493247383.jpg )
>> No. 102948
File 133849781682.jpg - (271.14KB , 1000x1405 , 1338493518143.jpg )
>> No. 102949
File 133849783144.jpg - (230.84KB , 1000x1509 , 1338493795182.jpg )
>> No. 102950
File 133849795910.jpg - (342.87KB , 1000x1396 , 1338493861422.jpg )
>> No. 102951
File 133849797580.jpg - (322.07KB , 1000x1513 , 1338494059967.jpg )
>> No. 102952
File 133849799489.jpg - (351.98KB , 1000x1396 , 1338494120749.jpg )
>> No. 102953
File 133849801162.jpg - (345.37KB , 1000x1524 , 1338494202511.jpg )
>> No. 102954
File 133849853014.jpg - (320.65KB , 1000x1396 , 1338496409730.jpg )
>> No. 102955
File 133849854656.jpg - (358.69KB , 1000x1517 , 1338496451119.jpg )
>> No. 102956
File 133849856057.jpg - (341.55KB , 1000x1399 , 1338496538603.jpg )
>> No. 102957
File 133849859168.jpg - (329.79KB , 1000x1517 , 1338496605211.jpg )
>> No. 102958
File 133849870246.jpg - (225.46KB , 1000x1397 , 1338496651679.jpg )
>> No. 102959
File 133849871417.jpg - (238.18KB , 1000x1424 , 1338496722430.jpg )
>> No. 102960
File 133849872710.jpg - (272.83KB , 1000x1481 , 1338496758704.jpg )
>> No. 102961
File 133849900880.jpg - (353.55KB , 1000x1402 , 1338496978002.jpg )
>> No. 102962
File 133849902925.jpg - (348.62KB , 1000x1507 , 1338496876564.jpg )
>> No. 102963
File 133849904460.jpg - (316.51KB , 1000x1396 , 1338497072320.jpg )
>> No. 102964
File 133849905476.jpg - (350.20KB , 1000x1507 , 1338497100690.jpg )
>> No. 102965
File 13384992067.jpg - (321.51KB , 1000x1407 , 1338497159040.jpg )
>> No. 102966
File 133849922374.jpg - (334.84KB , 1000x1499 , 1338497200427.jpg )
>> No. 102967
File 133849923573.jpg - (265.83KB , 1000x1399 , 1338497242331.jpg )
>> No. 102968
File 133849926199.jpg - (327.57KB , 1000x1513 , 1338497281656.jpg )
>> No. 102970
File 133849958545.jpg - (547.10KB , 1000x1405 , 1338497386572.jpg )
>> No. 102971
File 133849959772.jpg - (296.85KB , 1000x1507 , 1338497533661.jpg )
>> No. 102972
File 133849962256.jpg - (281.12KB , 1000x1396 , 1338497619583.jpg )
>> No. 102973
File 133849964590.jpg - (360.22KB , 1000x1503 , 1338497689004.jpg )
>> No. 102974
File 133849979366.jpg - (309.98KB , 1000x1402 , 1338497761213.jpg )
>> No. 102975
File 133849983139.jpg - (318.74KB , 1000x1507 , 1338497813815.jpg )
>> No. 102976
File 133849984237.jpg - (312.82KB , 1000x1405 , 1338497871329.jpg )
>> No. 102977
File 13384998617.jpg - (302.09KB , 1000x1496 , 1338497992121.jpg )
>> No. 102978
>yfw the Aang Fangirl club becomes the basis for Tenzin's air acolytes
>> No. 102979
File 133850001369.jpg - (303.72KB , 1000x1420 , 1338498078760.jpg )
>> No. 102980
File 133850003086.jpg - (347.60KB , 1000x1489 , 1338498128308.jpg )
>> No. 102981
File 133850004782.jpg - (328.26KB , 1000x1427 , 1338498636559.jpg )
>> No. 102982
File 133850008482.jpg - (309.75KB , 1000x1478 , 1338498293498.jpg )
>> No. 102983
File 133850026089.jpg - (293.49KB , 1000x1430 , 1338498374748.jpg )
>> No. 102984
File 133850027667.jpg - (286.55KB , 1000x1478 , 1338498734142.jpg )
>> No. 102985
File 13385002852.jpg - (318.35KB , 1000x1430 , 1338498788822.jpg )
>> No. 102986
File 133850031058.jpg - (303.95KB , 1000x1475 , 1338498854676.jpg )
>> No. 102987
File 133850039336.jpg - (289.90KB , 1000x1424 , 1338498925771.jpg )
>> No. 102988
File 133850040539.jpg - (332.21KB , 1000x1465 , 1338499000713.jpg )
>> No. 102989
File 133850043618.jpg - (315.02KB , 1000x1427 , 1338499047148.jpg )
>> No. 102990
File 133850045326.jpg - (307.56KB , 1000x1485 , 1338499087276.jpg )
>> No. 102991
File 133850058518.jpg - (344.49KB , 1000x1424 , 1338499149197.jpg )
>> No. 102992
File 133850059863.jpg - (302.06KB , 1000x1414 , 1338499526202.jpg )
>> No. 102993
File 133850061798.jpg - (268.00KB , 1000x1499 , 1338499571775.jpg )
>> No. 102994
File 13385006713.jpg - (238.40KB , 1000x1430 , 1338499819679.jpg )
>> No. 102995
File 133850068075.jpg - (277.47KB , 1000x1478 , 1338499877527.jpg )
>> No. 102996
File 133850068813.jpg - (225.58KB , 1000x1417 , 1338499937490.jpg )
>> No. 102997
File 133850069864.jpg - (329.80KB , 1000x1492 , 1338499991578.jpg )
>> No. 102998
File 133850082263.jpg - (284.72KB , 1000x1420 , 1338500048508.jpg )
Avatar the Musical - Savages!youtube thumb
>> No. 102999
File 133850084363.jpg - (254.23KB , 1000x1485 , 1338500227153.jpg )
>> No. 103000
File 133850086068.jpg - (132.10KB , 1000x1493 , 1338500269248.jpg )
>> No. 103001
File 133850089074.jpg - (304.66KB , 1000x1478 , 1338500341212.jpg )
>> No. 103002
Thanks for uploading the scans!
>> No. 103005
>>Dirt People.

See, it's stuff like that that makes people dislike firebenders, stereotypical opposing martial arts teacher guy.

Actually enjoyed that, and am looking forward from how they go from this to the Republic City of LoK.

I think that I read that the next section'll have Azula and Iroh in it, so that'll be something to look forward too.
>> No. 103006
Alpha Ozai was alpha.
>> No. 103007
Actually, it wasn't as bad as all that at all.
>> No. 103009
I loved Toph's discussion with Sokka about metal, pressure and pain. That was brilliant.

This graphic novel/comic series is definitely aimed at a younger audience, hence the cheesy dialogue and silly one dimensional characters.

I don't know what the fuck to think about
1) Sokka not thinking or mentioning Suki at all, and initially flirting with Penga -- I realize that part is kind of his character but ehhh...
2) Mai leaving Zuko was cool, and I would hope that they reconcile because I really like the two together but
3) What the fuck was that dialog between Suki and Zuko all about. The shipper in me is really perturbed. BAD ZUKO. NO KYOSHI WARRIOR ASS FOR YOU.
>> No. 103016
Isn't the guy in charge of the writing a zutarian?
>> No. 103018
>initially flirting with Penga

That's called 'humoring the little kid'.
>> No. 103019
> 1) Sokka not thinking or mentioning Suki at all, and initially flirting with Penga -- I realize that part is kind of his character but ehhh...
I don't think he was flirting with her? She complimented him and he was like "WHY THANK YOU I AM A WARRIOR AFTER ALL," but then he realised she meant it as a come-on. He's not exactly turning her down but she's like, a little kid with a harmless but slightly annoying crush, it would be kinda mean to break her heart. He is getting fed up with it by >>102974 though.

I was kind of disappointed that Mai just left him because it doesn't really feel in character for her (maybe she has a plan in mind and doesn't really want to end her relationship but felt it was necessary to do what she needs to do--just like what Zuko did to her in the series, really) but yeah the Suki/Zuko part was weird. I'm hoping it isn't the shipping everyone's been saying it is, but I've got a feeling we're misinterpreting it. I mean, we've been down this path before with Katara being nice to him and all that was was just a gesture of friendship, not romantic love.
>> No. 103020

I didn't think the Suki thing was romantic at all. It was a "I'm your friend and I'm worried about you" thing.
>> No. 103021
They never seemed that close, she's really not the best person to be doing this
>> No. 103022


She's the one who's there.
>> No. 103023
For those who do not have it yet, here is a download link. Mediafire. http://www.mediafire.com/?sek2cd41eyzc11q
>> No. 103027
Is it the poorly scanned version with 10% of the text left incomprehensible?
>> No. 103029
That just means 90% of the free scans are decipherable, innit?
>> No. 103030
Anon, where's blurry page 69?? I demand to know why Sasuke Nomura claims to have the soul of a poet.

Also, he looks related to that one guy of the pair that tried to hunt down Toph. It'd be funny if that was his son.
>> No. 103039
>> No. 103041
Apparantly in a teahouse that the equalists (disguised as an Aang fanclub) are preventing from appearing in the story.
>> No. 103044
That was considerably better than Part 1.

The Sokka and Toph storyline was pretty dumb, though. The Kori/Sneers thing was pretty shoehorned in, as well. And is it just me or does Gene Yang not like Mai or something because the way Mai just gets booted out of this comic is completely ridiculous.

But still, I really like the developments were getting from the political side of things. Ozai is finally getting an interesting direction and it really makes me wish Season 3 had turned out a little differently. Just imagine having a three minute scene of Zuko and Ozai doing that same exact talk in the Headband or something. Could've tied it into the education theme of the episode and everything, it would've been glorious hearing it from Mark Hamill's own voice.

I also really liked the Aang fanclub. If anyone deserves that sort of attention, it's Aang.
>> No. 103049
File 133853499348.jpg - (345.77KB , 1000x1494 , 070.jpg )
>> No. 103051
File 133853650253.jpg - (68.85KB , 387x813 , SokkaPerfect1.jpg )

Yeah, I'm sure "just humoring the loli" will work on the cops when they come to take you to the Boiling Rock.
>> No. 103058
I felt the problem with the Toph/Sokka story was that it was about 3 idiots who have to quickly learn metalbending to protect their school and suddenly master it after a motivational speech.

I feel this story would have worked better as a story about how to train a metalbender. For example there would be various training exercises for new recruits, while the more talented members would develop their own techniques. There could also be comparisons with earthbending. There wouldn't be a Fire Nation antagonist whose sole purpose is to raise the drama.

Gene Yang likes Sneers and supports Zutara so this is why Sneers appears more and Mai has problems with Zuko at the end of every chapter.

Ozai is good in the comics and it's a pity he didn't have a larger role in season 3.
>> No. 103060
Yeah the kids would've found that shit fascinating...
>> No. 103061
I think the issue was that I was supposed to be finding Toph's students funny or amusing or something, but really they were just stupid fucking caricatures and really annoying.
>> No. 103063
File 133857352761.jpg - (285.04KB , 720x720 , 1280584729298.jpg )
I thought they were funny and amusing. You've just got a stick up your ass.
>> No. 103067
>sokka you're hot, also shoes
>> No. 103068
Is the first kid supposed to appeal to Invader Zim fans?

>> No. 103070
They reminded me of the bonkuraazu from Azumanga Daioh. They were completely insane oddballs and I have a soft spot for that kind of thing; they were a bunch of screwballs like the Dirty Dozen who you don't expect to be capable of much but when the pressure is on they shine.
>> No. 103075

Oh admit it, anon, you laughed at "a tall, dark, mysterious hunk".

But no seriously, the joke wore thin pretty quickly because it was literally just the same joke set on repeat. Just mildly irritating, not a series killer or anything, but there it is.
>> No. 103093

I think the main problem with the humor in this book is that it's actually fairly close to the show's humor, but hasn't taken into account that it isn't in animation. The kids' gimmicks got dull after awhile, but most of the jokes overall could have been saved with good delivery from the voice actors or funny expressions.
>> No. 103094
You don't read things with voices?
>> No. 103096

Oh I do, but I dunno, there's just something different. Maybe it's because I read stuff too quickly to get a natural sounding dialogue in my head.
>> No. 103188
is this the whole thing
>> No. 103724
File 133919291277.jpg - (56.17KB , 510x702 , f_26.jpg )
From Gurihiru's blog, a fan art of Azula

>> No. 103725
File 133919319719.png - (239.84KB , 600x468 , 1326583932763.png )
wait you said fanart
>> No. 104037
>3 comics to point out that if Aang played by his own rules, he and Katara wouldn't be able to be together
>3 comics for an anti-climactic ending
>3 of them
>> No. 105159
The metalbending training dind't make any sense. The students should learn seismic sense first (Aang did it), the they should try to "see" impurities in metal.
>> No. 105283
>> No. 108401
This is proof people
A:TLA fan panel at SDCC 2012youtube thumb
>> No. 109778
New spoiler-tastic review for The Promise: Part 3.


New info includes:

* Aang pulls a Kyoshi Island, splitting off Yu Dao from the mainland and forcing both the EK and FN to recognize it as its own thing. Apparently Tenzin's monologue about how Avatar Aang and Firelord Zuko transformed the Fire Nation colonies into the United Republic of Nations wasn't quite accurate. It's more that Aang transforms the colonies into the URN and everyone else consents to the whole thing as a fait accompli.

* Aang and Katara fight off the Earth Army and the Freedom Fighters, while Toph, Sokka, and Suki hold off an army of tanks. Toph's students come to their teacher's aid.

* Aang's break with Roku seems to not be over killing Zuko, but rather over allowing the existence of the United Republic of Nations.

* Zuko almost dies and/or turns evil during the battle for Yu Dao, but is pulled back from the brink by a friend. Since most of the Gaang is busy elsewhere, and Mai isn't supposed to show up at all, I'm guessing that leaves either Aang, Katara, or possibly Kori.
>> No. 109779
>aang pulls a kyoshi
>at fucking 14 years old

>> No. 109783
>>Zuko almost dies and/or turns evil during the battle for Yu Dao, but is pulled back from the brink by a friend. Since most of the Gaang is busy elsewhere, and Mai isn't supposed to show up at all, I'm guessing that leaves either Aang, Katara, or possibly Kori.

>>Mai isn't supposed to show up at all


>> No. 109784
I'm almost completely okay with this.
>> No. 109785
I don't mind. It makes up for his whining in the finale of ATLA.
>> No. 109788
He didn't whine.
>> No. 109790
Wait, still no tumblr drama? Where are the people whose childhood got abused by Yang?
>> No. 109791
I'm expecting a rant on Aang basically upstaging Kyoshi at some point.
>> No. 109792

Silly Anon, we need the comic's panels to make a detailed drama post.
>> No. 109793
File 134567524247.png - (548.84KB , 551x522 , ThePromise_Summarized.png )
>>Silly Anon, we need the comic's panels to make a detailed drama post.

And in that regard, The Promise is a gift that keeps on giving.

I was kinda surprise, though, to actually stumble across a Tumblr post in defense of Aang. What the heck, Tumblr? If you start doing this more where am I gonna go for emotionally overcharged readings of a text: http://with-eyes-wide-shut.tumblr.com/post/29871825955/colonialism-fine-n-dandy
>> No. 109794

You forget suki who is watching over zuko. The friend will be suki.
>> No. 109795
I still haven't seen prominent Aang hate on tumblr. Deviantart and livejournal, that's a different story.
>> No. 109796
Isn't it adorable how Livejournal thinks it's still relevant?
>> No. 109797
busy being a third wheel to the tokka fan service.
>> No. 109798
When was there any Tokka fanservice? I just read Part 2 and I didn't see any.
>> No. 109799
That they spent time together was enough for many desperate shippers.
>> No. 109801
Wait, people still don't understand sukkoph is the real deal?
>> No. 109802
Its really wierd how they are being forced into interaction, they weren't very close during the series even when they were both in the Gaang.

Tokka shippers sure are desperate.
Though I guess since this comic is written by someone who loves Zutara it could go anywhere
>> No. 109804
File 134573123983.png - (221.88KB , 720x480 , ep54-1171[1].png )
They shared some nice lines. I don't mind the comic expanding on that, but Katara is probably the one who's going to play the peace maker here.
>> No. 109807
File 134582100464.jpg - (121.59KB , 1000x661 , 7nEPV.jpg )
>Burr stop liking what I don't like
>> No. 109808

>killing don't gotta be a good thing

>Religion: Atheist
>Sexuality: Asexual

Does ever person on tumblr have to be a caricature?
>> No. 109809
It's actually a lot like the old Furry crowd, where at least a sizeable amount are keeping up the image to fit in. Only on the internet would you see people feign bestiality to fit in with the cool kids, but hey.
>> No. 109815
this post would be far more tolerable if they hadn't put on that dumb "accent" in an attempt to give their argument more weight. it's something i see a lot of people in the avatar fandom do, put on a stereotypical black and/or southern dialect when they talk about issues and are ready to get ultra condescending about them if the need arises. because talking like what you think a poc talks like means your opinions are automatically worth more, or something. pretty sure riley started that trend. fuck riley.

that being said though, the content of the post isn't nearly as obnoxious as the way it's written (and how infuriatingly small the text is). this story IS actually dealing with colonialism/imperialism, that's just a fact, and i agree with this person in that, yeah, it is a very complex issue that probably will be simplified in the comics to a possibly unsatisfactory degree. both zuko and aang have valid reasons. it's not original or insightful, but it's not inflammatory either.
>> No. 109816
>>I still haven't seen prominent Aang hate on tumblr. Deviantart and livejournal, that's a different story.

Maybe I had my circuits crossed there.

>>Isn't it adorable how Livejournal thinks it's still relevant?

The comment system is functional, unlike tumblr's. That earns it a special place in my heart. But yeah, not exactly a hotbed of activity. I even dropped a few of the active AtLA journals I still followed after they started hitting the Team Equalist / SJW sauce a little hard.
>> No. 109817
There's ontd_lok but... if you don't hate Mako and Korra or think Asami is incapable of error just don't go there.
>> No. 109818
You think they're trying to sound like a poc? Because what I read seemed to fluctuate between Scottish Highlander and Plantation Owner, but then again I'm Australian, so maybe I just can't tell.
>> No. 109819
So Aang prevents the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation from fighting by attacking both with the help of his friends, then creates a new island that becomes the URN. Well that'll make travelling from the URN to the Earth Kingdom much more difficult.

Also why does Zuko need Azula's help to find his mother?
>> No. 109820
That's the "new island that becomes the URN" that bugs me : the opening of the first episode show clearly that Republic City, and thus the URN, is connected to the Earth Kingdom, that means that Yu Dao is NOT the location of the future Republic City, unless later in time Aang smashed Yu Dao Island back into the Earth Kingdom continent, meaning that the "Manhattan" part of RC is in fact the old island of Yu Dao...

You know what, that would be fucking badass, so I think it's a possibility!
>> No. 109823
My guess is that they tried to adopt a generic southern accent without realising that it's really the stereotypical texan cracker dialect instead of the one they want.

And if I'm wrong it's still obnoxious as hell.
>> No. 109824
>* Aang's break with Roku seems to not be over killing Zuko, but rather over allowing the existence of the United Republic of Nations.

Suddenly, the inanity of his "FOUR NATIONS!!!!!!!1" argument becomes relevant.
>> No. 109825
"Couldn't people be more balanced as one united republic of nations as opposed to three nations that will all have advantages and disadvantages that the others don't? The Fire Nation has better tech but a lack of resources, while the Water Tribe has better medical care but the inablity to grow crops, for example."

"What are you, one of them World Government sorts? That'll just make it easier for secret societies like the White Lotus to rule the world, takin' my taxes and gods given right to shoot lightning at folk! And Floride in the drinking water!"

"Your advice is less helpful than it used to me."

"The Water Tribe and Fire Nation royal families are secret lizard people who eat babies and are in cahoots with the OWL to maintain power through a treaty with the spirit world, where they allow them to abduct folk in exchange for technology!"

>> No. 109826
File 134597385437.png - (124.35KB , 220x325 , 220px-The_Last_Airbender_Poster.png )
>> No. 109827
the Protestor: A teenage girl overthrew Ba Sing Se all by herself? Feh, very unlikely. But, as it was later proven, Aang had ties to Prince Zuko, who even freed his skybison before the city fell. So logically the Avatar must have helped turn the city over to the Fire Nation while he faked his own death and smuggled himself out of the city!

Korra: Seriously dude, you're making yourself look ridiculous.

TP: YOU'RE making yourself look ridiculous!
>> No. 109828
>>109826 the Protestor: A teenage girl overthrew Ba Sing Se all by herself? Feh, very unlikely. But, as it was later proven, Aang had ties to Prince Zuko, who even freed his skybison before the city fell. So logically the Avatar must have helped turn the city over to the Fire Nation while he faked his own death and smuggled himself out of the city! And as for Toph Bei Fong, if she was really blind, how come she wasn't constantly tripping over stuff!

Korra: Seriously dude, you're making yourself look ridiculous.

TP: YOU'RE making yourself look ridiculous!
>> No. 109843
>Fire Nation royal families are secret lizard people who eat babies

I heard this is true in the very popular ATLA fanfic Embers: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5398503/1/Embers
>> No. 109853
IMO, Roku's 4 nations thing isn't that inane. It's actually a kind of cool conflict for Aang to have to deal with the similarity between the URN and what Sozin did.
>> No. 109879
I think Roku's argument has some points to it but for whatever reason the writers won't let him voice them so he comes off as really stupid. He's right that it could lead to one nation trying to dominate the other, but that's just kind of the risk you take isn't it?
>> No. 109882
It doesn't need to be voiced, it doesn't have to be right. The implications are obvious without being spelled out.
>> No. 109887
I still wonder why the gave the throne back to the earth king. Joo Dee was probably more competent and less dumb.
>> No. 109888
It was his birthright.
>> No. 109897
Because hereditary rule should always be upheld.
>> No. 109902
Do you prefer "might makes right"?
>> No. 109908

This is set in a society that highly values birthrights. Azula conquered BSS by invoking the Mandate of Heaven. Unless someone marches on Kuei and takes his kingdom, it's his to rule due to his blood.
>> No. 109909
>mandate of heaven
wow, seriously

if you think that's what that was all about, you are a moron with as poor of a grasp of history as you do with the principles of persuasion
>> No. 109910
It doesn't matter whether it was the right thing to do. It's just what they DID do. They gave the kingdom back to its rightful king even though he was awful.
>> No. 109917
>>wow, seriously

At least in regards to Azula invoking the Mandate of Heaven against Long Feng, she does in all but name:

"I can see your whole history in your eyes. You were born with nothing. So you had to struggle and connive and claw your way to power. But true power...the divine right to rule...is something you're born with. The fact is, they don't know which one of us is going to be sitting on that throne and which one is going to be bowing down. But I know. And you know."

Azula's not big on self-made men. Peasants gotta know their place.
>> No. 109918
Hehe, she would have some comments to say on Hiroshi. Hey... has there been any wank about both of the "self-made" characters being evil? Just checking, because it doesn't really seem SJW style, but...
>> No. 109919
>> No. 109920
>> Hey... has there been any wank about both of the "self-made" characters being evil?

I haven't seen any wank, per se, but I've read one commentary that mentioned it in the context of Lin and Tenzin having their jobs because of nepotism, and how they protect their holdings against challenges in the form of Tarrlok and Amon. But it was just the one commentary. I don't recall it popping up, but then I don't often troll for Tumblr wank material.

My guess is the "self-man man" concept isn't featured often in SJWs commentaries given, at least in American political parlance, it's typically associated with the right more than the left.

On the other hand, I'm not sure exactly how tumblr's SJWs align politically in American terms. There's a lot of SJW commentary about bending in terms of racial/gender privilege, but almost no SJW commentary about bending in the context of economic privilege. Which you think would be a big thing nowadays. (There's a reason for that, I suspect. If view TLoK through a Marxist lens, the bender/non-bender conflict looks like a game of musical chairs.)

>> No. 109921
Wasn't the head of Cabbage Corp a self-made man, too? Even assuming he's Cabbage Merchant's offspring, one doubts Cabbage Merchant amassed a sprawling commercial empire before passing on the family business.
>> No. 109922
>one doubts Cabbage Merchant amassed a sprawling commercial empire before passing on the family business.

He did, though, you see his statue in front of the factory.
>> No. 109924
>The Mandate of Heaven does not require that a legitimate ruler be of noble birth, and dynasties were often founded by people of modest birth
Seriously, all it took was a google search.

If you want to talk about hereditary rule then talk about that, but don't try to asian it up by calling it Mandate of Heaven because that is almost a completely different thing.
>> No. 109925
Sounds like he might've been talking about Divine Right, actually, the words that make it up are almost synonymous, but it builds on the idea that monarchy is in the blood.
>> No. 109926
But they are two completely different concepts, Divine Right to Rule is the European Feudalist principle that certain bloodlines are blessed by god and that therefore members of that family act as god's representative on earth, whereas the Mandate of Heaven is more of a fisher king sort of concept, if the empire is doing well then the heavens approve of the current emperor, but if the empire starts to suffer from economic problems, natural disasters, wars or other misfortunes then the heavens no longer approve of the emperor and he can be rightfully overthrown.
>> No. 109927

That's what I was referring to. I'm bad with words, sorry. Unless someone in the Earth Kingdom decides to overthrow Kuei, he has the right to the throne due to his bloodline as set up by his ancestoral dynasty which was most likely established through the Mandate of Heaven. No one from the Earth Kingdom has tried to overthrow him yet, so the kingdom is his due to his birthright until such time. They're probably not all that interested right now considering the EK just got finished being mostly conquered. It might be interesting to see a dynastic struggle later on in the comics if Kuei doesn't shape up. That or an overthrow of Kuei later on that sets up BSS as communist China.
>> No. 109928

Also, he was overthrown, but that was by a foreign power that was then beaten and removed from the Kingdom. It's an odd situation, really. The EK pretty much have two options, various people fight for control or they put the previous ruler back on the throne. Kuei's a naive idiot, but his retaking the throne is the more stable choice for the time being. Emperors can come from common blood, but Chinese history still favors hereditary rule until the dynasty is overthrown, which it was but then it wasn't so. . .
>> No. 109933
>Azula's not big on self-made men. Peasants gotta know their place.

How much of that was Azula's own bias rather than probing an obvious (to her) weak point of Long Feng's?
>> No. 109934
She's evil royalty. Why wouldn't she be sure of her own superiority?
>> No. 109935
>> How much of that was Azula's own bias rather than probing an obvious (to her) weak point of Long Feng's?

Maybe a bit of both? Azula's great when it comes to power plays, and I can see her catching onto Long Feng's weaknesses when viewing him through that lens. (She sure as hell didn't read that weakness through basic human empathy. Azula out fails Zuko in terms of socialization.)

On top of that, Azula demonstrates the same sense of royal entitlement that S1/S2 Zuko does. The only difference is that she 1) isn't an exile disowned in all but name, and 2) is willing to use violence to reinforce her superior social status if people don't kowtow to her demands. Like with how she recruits Ty Lee, or her famous "Do the tides command this ship?" scene. Unlike Zuko, whose overarching S2 character arc is in large part about him shedding that entitlement as embodied in the Blue Spirit, she never gets over herself.
>> No. 109940
File 13462723691.jpg - (698.97KB , 950x1390 , enhanced-buzz-wide-11938-1346168787-13[1].jpg )
Holy shit, the art is getting even more gorgeus.

I just can't give a damn about Sneers.
>> No. 109941
No kidding. Of all the Avatar side characters he could have brought back (Haru, Teo, The Boulder, Jin, Song, goddamn anybody) he had to pick Sneers. Blegh.
>> No. 109942
It's because he's the only one of Jet's sidekicks who hasn't made a return yet.
>> No. 109946
I heard Gene had to ask if Jet was dead, so some speculated he wanted Jet for that role.
>> No. 109947

It's because Sneers is his favorite character. And just like any fanfic writer, their favorite/sue has to get the spotlight and the hot girl
>> No. 109949
jesus why is zuko such a bitch

He shouldn't be in charge of the class goldfish much less a nation
>> No. 109959
Because all 17 year olds are automatically good leaders, particularly when handling complex diplomatic issues such as this! :D

Though, seriously, Iroh could have stuck around until Zuko had learnt the ropes a bit better, rather than assuming things would work out for the best.

There's living a well deserved retirement and then there's dropping your nephew, who had little experience leading a ship's crew, let alone an entire country, off by himself when possible fire is on the horizon if he gets it wrong.
>> No. 109960
He's gotta learn to swim in the deep end some time.
>> No. 109961
He's gotta learn to swim in the deep end some time.
>> No. 109964

Iroh is in his deathbed, but refuses to tell Zuko about it, to spare him the worries, which on top of everything else would probably be the anvil that broke the camel's back.
>> No. 109982
About time.
>> No. 109993
Not following things through till the end is, unfortunately, a speciality of Iroh's.
>> No. 109994
Samefag much?
>> No. 110012
The Divine Right says that the ruler, whoever they may be, is acting in the will of God. If they are benevolent then they are a blessing if they are a tyrant then they are a scourge. Now in time the Divine Right got twisted to mean whoever was descended from such-and-such person but originally it meant whatever ruler you had, whether that be a monarch or a elected leader didn't matter.
In essence it's 'might is right' but in theological terms.
The Mandate of Heaven is more populistic in it's approach, it says that if a ruler is benevolent he will have a long rule while if the ruler is a tyrant then Heaven will overthrow them.
In essence 'what comes around goes around'.

Ultimately nether have much say in how a ruler actually rules a nation, while the Mandate would look to be more enlightened than the Divine Right, China has had many tyrants and Europe has had many benevolent rulers and vise versa. Every country has a view of what makes a legitimate ruler and every politician tries to make themselves look like they are legitimate. Abusing the system, whatever the system may be, is as much a part of being a politician as it is being a lawyer.
>> No. 110026
You wish.
>> No. 110068
Aw fuck it, Im getting all 3 parts of cdon right now!
>> No. 110071
How's part 3?
>> No. 110079
On preorder.
And that site is real slow when it comes to books.
>> No. 110130
File 134871221214.jpg?spoiler - (518.05KB , 1024x791 , page72-73.jpg?spoiler )

It turns out that Iroh has been inventing bubble tea this whole time.
>> No. 110133
That was easily the best of all the comics.

Those pages with Katara telling Aang to leave broke my heart...

That Sukka kiss brought my heart a lot of relief.

The Sukkoph and Air Nomad Fangirl stuff was also really cool.

And man, Katara is a fucking badass. Korra is a chum next to her.

Aang is also a badass, and after a lot of argument, Zuko found some peace. The final talk between Aang and Zuko was great.

A good ending for the story and a nice way to set the next.

Not perfect, because

Maiko is still broken up.

And I get the feeling Yang still has not finished to stirr shit up with the official couples.

Not cool, Yang. Not cool.

>> No. 110134
It would be swell if after every adventure, if the gaang all went down to Iroh's tea shop to chew the fat on the day's events, ending in some corny joke.

And then Bulk and Skull fall into a cake.
>> No. 110137
I'm kind of annoyed that for all Zuko's emotional turmoil and issues which have been made evident over The Promise's course, practically no one seems to give a shit.
>> No. 110138

Well he didn't kiss Suki so of course no-one cares.
>> No. 110139

Well he didn't kiss Suki so of course no-one cares.
>> No. 110141
Azula would if she would know of them.
>> No. 110142
File 134874382924.png - (139.72KB , 190x328 , LongshotSealOfApproval.png )
Good. Not great, but certainly good and a real improvement on the last two parts. Looking back on the trilogy as a whole, there's so much stuffed into it that it could have easily been four parts.

I was surprised they didn't outright turn the remaining colonies into the United Republic, but the slow path of everyone trying to figure thing out through further peace talks honestly felt better.

The Sneers/Kori jokes were actually kinda funny.
>> No. 110143
What a surprise, avataraang is being a passive aggressive bitch about this on her tumblr, throwing in some sj nonsense too for good measure.
>> No. 110144

I usually like avataraang, but pretty much any time she posts about The Promise, she's just obnoxious.
>> No. 110145

I would fucking love to see the Avatar equivalents of Bulk and Skull.
>> No. 110146

We know about them, but I don't think anybody but Suki and Mai have seen the in-universe signs of just how stressed he was.
>> No. 110147
she's grown increasingly bitter ever since korra started
>> No. 110148

Just another reason to hope for an improvement with book 2, I guess.

The biggest issues I have with a lot of the Avatar fan community are that they jump to conclusions on leaks and don't allow story lines to finish before going into a frothing rage. Just look how pissed the fandom got when they were totally sure that Zuko and Suki were hooking up, that Aang was going to decide it's ok to kill people, and that Iroh was dead. Also look at the people bitching about Azula still being crazy even though The Search is obviously going to be big on her character development, which wouldn't be as exciting if she wasn't starting off at a bad place. It's one thing to critique a work in progress, but it's something else entirely to throw a fit over fake ass rumors and leaked out-of-context panels.

There's still The Search next year, and I'll bet my ass we'll be getting comics past that (I'm guessing at least one series each year that correlates in some way to the theme of each book of LOK) as well as flashbacks in the show. There's plenty of time to deal with Mai's leaving (and inevitable return), the development of Yu Dao into RC and the colonies into the UR (along with the issue of class issues between FN and EK people there), Azula's mental illness and various issues, etc... Why does this fandom have such an issue with a story in progress? I guess if things aren't absolutely perfect in it right now, it doesn't give me enough feels and is therefore horrible garbage.
>> No. 110149
MARCH? What the fuck?
>> No. 110159

Well he didn't kiss Suki so of course no-one cares.
>> No. 110163
Scans yet?
>> No. 110165
>>Scans yet?

>> No. 110167
you are a god and/or goddess :3
>> No. 110171
Gene may be a white identifying male cis scum, but he somehow managed to please tumblr.
>> No. 110176
It seems the search will be in multiple parts. I feel this is a good idea as trying to resolve everything in one book won't allow a lot of development or flashbacks.
>> No. 110177
It seems the Search will be in multiple parts. I feel this is a good idea as trying to resolve everything in one book won't allow a lot of development or flashbacks.
>> No. 110178

It's another trilogy, right?
>> No. 110180
I don't believe there's any definitive word yet, but that's the msot likely case. Not sure how Yang's going to do it all in three books without making it seem incredibly rushed, though.
>> No. 110185

And on that note, this related post nailed the Promise trilogy's weird vibe for me:

>> No. 110187

I really don't see why you can't see it from and agree with BOTH perspectives.
>> No. 110190


Age: 17
Grade: Senior
Religion: Atheist
Sexuality: Asexual
Politics: They all suck donkey

Why did I have to read those lines first? Now even if she wrote the equivalent of 'Citizen Kane' I can't seem to care.
>> No. 110191

Yeah, but that's the tumblr equivalent of "Hi, My name is..." It just comes with the territory.
>> No. 110193


This post and the post it's reblogging provide a nice rebuttal.
>> No. 110194

I echo what >>110187 said, these tumblr people seem to be seeing one side or the other but I think Gene took two sympathetic POVs and contrasted them without necessarily endorsing one view or the other. That's what a good writer is supposed to do, and I guess the fact that tumblr is arguing about it shows he pulled that off.
>> No. 110197
File 134892989014.jpg - (97.08KB , 526x791 , airacolytes.jpg )
I’m guessing all the people whining about the bald women with arrow tattoos haven’t gotten to this page yet.

(And one of those lucky girls’ children marries Aang’s child!)
>> No. 110200

I love how the Avatar Fangirls/Air Acolytes have effectively made Aang the pimpest motherfucker in the world.
>> No. 110201
>Avatar Aang... When will we start the Air Nomad repopulation ceremony?
>> No. 110202
>> No. 110203
The kataang scenes are easily the best part, some of that stuff nearly got me teary-eyed.
>> No. 110204
File 134896856616.png - (1.30MB , 2500x698 , Gyatso_Explains_It_All_by_Booter_Freak.png )
Post the relevant comic.
>> No. 110224
My copy of Part three came in and I gotta say that I'm actually pretty damn well okay with how this story panned out. Don't know where people got the idea that Zuko and Suki was gonna be a thing, though.

First thing Suki does when she finally sees Sokka again is share a smooch.
>> No. 110227

Notice, however, that Sokka takes notice of a comment Suki makes regarding Zuko, and Mai is still nowhere to be seen...

I want mah Maiko back.
>> No. 110228
But Sokka seems to be reacting more to what Toph said about Zuko being "screwy" than what Suki was saying, since he immediately launches into explaining his plan that revolve around unscrewing the tank.
>> No. 110229
Maybe. Or maybe being around Suki just makes screwing come to his mind automatically.

>> No. 110232
Which explains why he thought of Top screwing stuff, I suppose.

Yet one more thing for Tokka fans to like about The Promise.
>> No. 110234
File 134950869488.png?spoiler - (237.34KB , 237x458 , truth.png?spoiler )
Just finished The Promise 3.

I liked it, and teared up at the end. I liked the first two comics also and honestly have no major complaints. I got the biggest feels from <-pic related talk with Roku and Aang's bro moment with Zuko in the tea shop. As someone who had a lot of problems with the series finale of the original show, I liked the way Aang stuck to his core values in The Promise 3 a lot better, since it felt like his own decision and his own achievement instead of something handed to him by a god turtle.

Not looking forward to The Search, though.
>> No. 110235
Poor Gyatso.
>> No. 110236
Aang mentioned him.
>> No. 110238

I think it's because the speech balloon completely covered his face.

I wonder if there was a better layout they could have used, there's no way they could have had that panel not be obscured by word balloons.
>> No. 110244
And now my copy of part 3 have finally arrived in the mail.
Will talk about later.
>> No. 110269
when, years later? are you duke nukem forever?
>> No. 110350
Does anyone else have discoloration issues with their Part Three? It's not bad enough for me to return it, but I'm wondering if anyone else has the same problem.
>> No. 110351
Nope. Mine is A-okay. And it shipped from the other side of the planet.
>> No. 110352
File 135106025340.jpg - (462.68KB , 1024x768 , SAM_0198.jpg )
Hm. The first half of the book is fine, but the last half is just full of these weird things. pic is example

"comics" ... maybe a phone number? "Dark horse" maybe
>> No. 110404
The phone number is 888-266-4226, which is an ad for locating a comic book shop.
>> No. 111034
Can we have the last page (the back, the cover) of the comic too, please?
>> No. 116832
File 139416112494.jpg - (381.61KB , 1194x1796 , The Rift Part 10000.jpg )
The Rift scans are out
>> No. 116833


Also totally stole the bit with the engine from one of my stories, but I'm sure they'll give me my royalties in due time...
>> No. 116835
It really is a good thing that Zuko isn't in this, since between him and Toph, Aang would barely be able to get a word in edgeways to condemn the refinery.
>> No. 116836
Maybe one of the reasons he kicked off so early in life, "nobody listens to me, I'll let the next Avatar handle it."
>> No. 116837
File 13943000868.jpg - (1.17MB , 2368x1804 , atla-the warning.jpg )
You know, the Earth is going to send something to fuck you up as punishment for this or that has never really been a very good environmental fable.

For one thing, it implies immediate repercussions instead of longterm ones. So when the kids raised on this logic grow up and don't immediately get punched for leaving the water running, they'll be pretty flippant with resources regardless.

Maybe have a story where the force of nature's wrath tries to take out the polluters or whatever...and loses.

How would things go from there?
>> No. 116838
I want to fly to wherever Yang lives and slap the oogies out of him. Like, literally. I want to punch him so hard that the ability to use that word leaves his brain.
>> No. 116840
While you're at it go for the sweeties, the lily-livers and the peasants, too.
Someone on 4chan story-timed the book and it solidified my decision to not buy the damn thing. So thanks to that anon for saving me some cash.
>> No. 116841

I thought it was pretty good. Yang's writing of Toph has at least improved since the Promise and he depends less on catch phrases in his dialogue.
>> No. 116846
Yeah, seriously the "Oogie-ositie" was really out of place, Sokka's supposed to be, what, 17-18 at that and is regularly banging his hot read-head warrior girlfriend for fuck's sake!

Although for me what was really out of place was the pallet truck, I can accept the big factory and refining machinery in light of the insane steampunk machinery the Fire Nation pulled off, but that pallet truck looked like it was time warped from Korra's time!

They already had motors apparently not using coal 70 years ago, and the best they can made by Korra's time are Satomobiles? They should be with Cadillacs! Hell at this rate I'm half expecting to see a fucking mecha-tank pop-up and learn that Satoru's uncle is a time traveler!
>> No. 116850
But for Sokka and Suki to bang regularly, that would mean they'd have to meet on a regular basis - which they don't seem to have been doing.
>> No. 116852
>Yeah, seriously the "Oogie-ositie" was really out of place, Sokka's supposed to be, what, 17-18 at that and is regularly banging his hot read-head warrior girlfriend for fuck's sake!
As an (I'm assuming) adult male, are you telling me you wouldn't feel a little creeped out seeing your little sister all lovey-dovey with a dude?

This appears to be the direction they're going with Sokka. Toph is like a sister to him, and even younger than his actual sister at that. It's entirely possible to be sexually active and still find certain people being engaged in romance to be disturbing. Hell, add PDA in the mix and it's still perfectly natural to be creeped out by ANY couple--a couple making out in public is uncomfortable as hell if you're not the couple and don't have a voyeur fetish.
>> No. 116865
Since my little sister is an adult, I admit it wouldn't feel creeped out.

It's just that the "Oogie-ositie" felt so retarded in what is now an adult character it irks me everytime I see it. Toph's Lilly Rivers have a pass because she's still 13-14, but for Sokka it looks like he's a man-child with severe mental retardation.
>> No. 116866
My sister is an adult. I still don't want to see her involved in sloppy makeouts. I'm fine with the fact that she HAS those sorts of relationships, I just don't want to have to be around it.
>> No. 116867
SDCCI2013 Avatar Fan Panel 7 of 8youtube thumb

Live reading of a few pages of The Search, with four members of the original cast.
>> No. 116868
File 139554471444.jpg - (351.51KB , 876x1320 , avatar___the_rift_part_2_cover_art_by_antomori-d7b.jpg )
Here’s what the cover of the second part will look like.
>> No. 116869
Wonder how much pressure they can withstand while bending the shaft ceiling so it doesn't kill them.
>> No. 116871
File 139562027198.jpg - (138.54KB , 477x473 , awkward_by_mlegend24-d7b5466.jpg )
Toph will carry out Satoru in her arms and will save the day. Or the other way around. I’m just guessing.
>> No. 117196
What is even supposed to be happening in that picture? It looks like he's sticking his hand into her side.
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