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File 133832485189.png - (764.66KB , 600x900 , The_Promise_Part_2_cover.png )
102700 No. 102700
Comes out tomorrow, who gonna get it? Part 1 was pretty decent, with the exception of a few moments of dialogue that made me cringe. I'll have to go out of my way to get a copy this week if I want my own unless I want to wait longer to download it.
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>> No. 102704
I'm pretty shocked this thing hasn't been leaked already
>> No. 102707
I liked part one a lot, although a lot of that is admittedly that it proves me right in an argument I had with a Zuko fangirl like three years ago.

The "sweetie" thing was bad though. Like I get that it wa supposed to be sickeningly, over the top sickly sweet, and other characters were reacting as such. But it seemed really out of place. And, you know, not like something an actual person would say.
>> No. 102709
I dunno, I thought it was perfectly in character for Aang. You know, "flamey-o, hotman!"

It's pretty cute if you imagine Katara picking it up from Aang to humour him and then it just turned into something they say to each other.
>> No. 102710
I hear people calling their significant other "sweetie" all the time. I'm not really sure where you people who keep saying that live that that's not a common term of endearment. "Honey" is about the only one I hear more often.

Granted, an annoying one. But a common one nonetheless.
>> No. 102711

It's not that nobody ever uses it, it was the amount and the context in which they were using it, as well as the total lack of variation. It seemed really weird and alien, less like an overly sappy couple and more like an alien being's idea of what a sappy couple might act like.
>> No. 102713
>Come on sweetie
>Kiss me sweetie
>Bend over sweetie
>I like it rough sweetie
>Don't waterbend that sweetie
>> No. 102714

What was the argument about?
>> No. 102716
A lot of couples stick to a single pet name and overuse it though. Look at the whole Pumpkin/Honey Bunny scene in Pulp Fiction.
>> No. 102717
File 133833587896.jpg - (258.21KB , 1314x648 , avatar_the_promise_part_2_by_xepicness-d4vwh9u.jpg )
I'm interested to see how off or on the spot the fandom's theories were about those leaks. lulz
>> No. 102720
It comes out tomorrow? Amazon.com says this:

> Available for Pre-order. This item will be released on June 12, 2012.
>> No. 102722

>> No. 102735

So I'd written this piece of fanfiction set post-series that was about conflict between fire nation colonists and the native SWT inhabitants of an island to the South. Zuko was backing the colonists partly out of political pressure (to avoid looking weak in front of a royal court that was only too eager for an excuse to unseat him) and partly because he thought they also had a right to the land they were born in. He was thinking with his emotions.

I had someone who I was friends with at the time (but have since come to disdain) beta it and she insisted that Zuko was TOO WISE AND GOOD to do something like that post-series. She simply wouldn't accept that Zuko might derp all over world peace.

Well then years later The Promise comes out and oh look that is pretty much exactly it's plot, except substitute Earth Kingdom for SWT and murderous colonial ninja daughters for court drama. Needless to say I was feeling smug as fuck.
>> No. 102748
>She simply wouldn't accept that Zuko might derp all over world peace.
Man, really? I can get thinking "Zuko's a good person now! He's learned not to be so concerned with honor and learned to think with his heart!" Fair enough. HOWEVER:

Zuko will always, always, ALWAYS be a dork. The day Zuko doesn't derp all over something he sets out to do is the day he's no longer Zuko. The core of his character is that on the outside he's this angsty badass or wise and caring ruler, but on the inside he's still a huge dork who only barely knows what he's doing. But now he tries harder. And I imagine he'll make it through precisely because he's trying and because he's doing things for the right reasons now. But I will never be surprised if he goes down the wrong path because he was too much of a dork to realize that's how things would go if he did.

That's pretty much why I love him as a character.
>> No. 102749
Flameo, hotman. It's strange, but I feel smug just reading that.
>> No. 102752
File 133834975010.png - (326.37KB , 592x225 , Edited.png )
>>The "sweetie" thing was bad though.

It could have been worse.

You can always count on Zuko to do the right thing -- after he's tried everything else.
>> No. 102757
Isn't that a Winston Churchill quote about America?
>> No. 102759
That fat, drunk, double-crossing British bastard.
>> No. 102760

>> No. 102764
That's no way to talk about Zuko.
>> No. 102772
Still no leaks? I have it preordered on Amazon, but they're not letting it ship from online venders until 6/12. I really don't want to go to a comic book shop to get this.
>> No. 102773

Yeah, I know. She super-idealized him, and hated Aang; the constant Aang-bashing was what made me drop her, actually. You remember that crazy Aang-hating post in the Fandumb thread? It was almost that bad.
>> No. 102781
File 133836271757.png - (290.12KB , 600x402 , do want katara 2.png )
You can bet your ass I'm gonna get it. I liked part one. Sweeties do not faze me.
>> No. 102784
Yo dudes, Part 2 is officially out! Any leaks?
>> No. 102795
all the sites i go to buy it still say "pre-order" and some sites like amazon and b arnes and nobles say "june 12"

wtf D:
>> No. 102802
my local bookstore's website says June 1st.
>> No. 102817
im hoping that i can buy it at a-kon if anything. >.<
>> No. 102821

You're going, too? I'm more pissed I'm gonna miss out on Korra 'til I get back. Unless I buy it off iTunes and watch it Sunday.
>> No. 102823
sounds lousy

>> No. 102824


Gonna wait for my copy and make my own judgements thankyouverymuch
>> No. 102825
>zuko's mom
Nobody ever said she was going to be in the comics.
>> No. 102826

The book is out in comic book stores today, my husband will be picking up my copy for me :)
>> No. 102827
Well considering that you seemed to have already bought it, I guess you're doomed to get it no matter what anyone says.

But for us prospective buyers, the lackluster writing seems to continue to part 2.

Which is seriously disappointing because I really do miss the old Gaang.
>> No. 102828

I'm just posting a fucking review link. But if it's more or less accurate, then I will feel frustrated, yeah. The dojo conflict sounds dull and the shipping drama is contrived.
>> No. 102829
Yeah, I'm not very optimistic about this.
>> No. 102830
I'm honestly impressed it didn't leak again. Good on Nick.
>> No. 102835
I wasn't talking about YOU, I was referring to whoever wrote that review. That person is mad, and probably over nothing.
I liked the first book and I'm going to buy the second book. Even if other people think the story is so-so, the art is amazingly spot-on.
>> No. 102836

with exception of some (debateable) coloring and the fact that the dialogue is actually written for its target audience (11 year olds), there's no real reason to complain about this series. I enjoy it. tumblrfags rage over nothing half the time.
>> No. 102837
More like 80% of the time. Tumblr appears to be made up of the following:
80% bitching
15% Doctor Who or Sailor Moon reaction gifs
4% arguing
1% drawings
>> No. 102841
Picked this up from my local comic book store this morning.

The bending school stuff was pretty terrible; I'm glad it's over.

I liked the shipping crap. It was nice to see Katara so jealous.

The best parts were the Ozai scenes, however. Makes me like the character even more. It's great seeing Zuko get ordered around like a kid.
>> No. 102842

Agreed pretty much overall. I really didn't like any of Toph's students, and that whole plotline was pretty dull. I'd rather read a later series dealing with Toph's founding of the metalbending police. I'd imagine it'd be a lot like the Watch books of Discword except with bending instead of wizards. Also I don't like how the Promise makes the FN more Japan when in the show it's more China and SE Asia.

I'm really enjoying the Zuko and FN plot though. I'm still holding out for a civil war story or something. And I feel that the Earth King deciding to be more agressive could have some interesting story potential for the rest of the EK.
>> No. 102848
Having the Earth King overreact like that fit, seeing as he was always a bit of an idiot. But it was still somewhat grating, as I had always liked his character.

I really wonder how they're going to settle all this. Honestly, if Aang can control the Avatar State, like he could at the end of ATLA, then he could single-handedly stop both armies.
>> No. 102851
Do you guys have scans or something?
>> No. 102854
File 133843167319.jpg - (173.18KB , 500x667 , tokka-torpedoes-away.jpg )
>> No. 102856
File 133843304256.png - (149.20KB , 296x298 , Screenshot_1.png )
Is Gesicht.

Gonna have to gas a bitch?
>> No. 102857
File 133843348616.png - (20.57KB , 144x157 , Screenshot_2.png )
But seriously, stop with the creepy pedo stuff.
>> No. 102859
Toph is nine? I though she was same age as Aang. I need to pay closer attention.

But seriously, Tokka should have happened.
>> No. 102861
Since Toph's the one saying it, I assume in this little thought experiment she's talking about one of her students.
>> No. 102862
No it shouldn't have, Toph got over her crush and so should you
>> No. 102863
Uh, no, I don't have the page on me but one of Toph's students is sweet on Sokka
>> No. 102870
File 133843830354.jpg - (81.10KB , 500x667 , 1338422198711.jpg )
Here's the unedited version
>> No. 102871
File 13384385978.jpg - (606.57KB , 1024x791 , 1338438317495.jpg )
>> No. 102873
File 133843909851.jpg - (571.45KB , 1024x791 , 1338438464930.jpg )
Toph can sense metal at a distance now
>> No. 102874
where are ya'll getting these scans?
>> No. 102876
>> No. 102877
>lily livers

Stop saying that.
>> No. 102878
Wasn't she supposed to call them candy asses originally?
>> No. 102883
I'm sorry, but anyone who expected Toph to actually swear is an idiot.
>> No. 102885
I swear to god, gene originally had something else in there.

Maybe it was "pansies"?
>> No. 102886
>> No. 102887
I don't remember anything, but I could see that. It's harmless enough that I can see an author writing it into a children's book without thinking about it, and has just (barely) enough homophobic connotations to make editors say to replace it with something else.
>> No. 102889
File 133845062162.jpg - (115.17KB , 1000x499 , qianzou.jpg )
>Do you deserve a beating?
>> No. 102891
Not really any Toph+Sokka hints besides them helping out their students skip earth bending and go right to metal bending, but the Suki+Zuko presence is strong.
>> No. 102897
Two people have posted that link, but all the images are corrupt for me except the first one...
>> No. 102901
anyone still have the part 1 scans?
>> No. 102902
That is worrying
>> No. 102905
File 133847683195.png - (464.92KB , 347x594 , SokkaCloseEnough.png )
>> No. 102906
Part 1
>> No. 102925
File 133849699859.jpg - (298.10KB , 1000x1469 , 1338491862378.jpg )
>> No. 102926
File 133849701335.jpg - (100.00KB , 1000x1499 , 1338491886738.jpg )
>> No. 102927
File 133849702341.jpg - (281.77KB , 1000x1446 , 1338491916738.jpg )
>> No. 102928
File 133849703787.jpg - (120.81KB , 1000x1507 , 1338491964528.jpg )
>> No. 102929
File 133849711643.jpg - (153.74KB , 1000x1414 , 1338492012230.jpg )
>> No. 102930
File 133849713275.jpg - (286.03KB , 1000x1496 , 1338492068689.jpg )
>> No. 102931
File 133849714552.jpg - (303.33KB , 1000x1411 , 1338492112698.jpg )
>> No. 102932
File 13384971563.jpg - (307.51KB , 1000x1499 , 1338492164413.jpg )
>> No. 102933
File 133849728897.jpg - (316.04KB , 1000x1407 , 1338492197570.jpg )
>> No. 102934
File 133849730251.jpg - (312.55KB , 1000x1503 , 1338492244920.jpg )
>> No. 102935
File 133849731538.jpg - (355.10KB , 1000x1407 , 1338492295172.jpg )
>> No. 102936
File 133849732873.jpg - (319.87KB , 1000x1507 , 1338492379728.jpg )
>> No. 102937
File 133849745185.jpg - (325.78KB , 1000x1402 , 1338492432293.jpg )
>> No. 102938
File 133849745936.jpg - (342.48KB , 1000x1402 , 1338492503317.jpg )
>> No. 102939
File 133849747062.jpg - (326.24KB , 1000x1513 , 1338492577828.jpg )
>> No. 102940
File 133849748042.jpg - (326.60KB , 1000x1334 , 1338492630762.jpg )
>> No. 102942
File 133849762535.jpg - (318.03KB , 1000x1499 , 1338492952809.jpg )
Sorry, this page was mislabeled
>> No. 102943
File 133849765832.jpg - (288.27KB , 1000x1517 , 1338492731537.jpg )
>> No. 102944
File 133849766835.jpg - (351.78KB , 1000x1405 , 1338492835011.jpg )
>> No. 102945
File 133849768162.jpg - (351.41KB , 1000x1507 , 1338492900518.jpg )
>> No. 102946
File 133849778539.jpg - (356.68KB , 1000x1411 , 1338493163927.jpg )
>> No. 102947
File 133849780680.jpg - (344.67KB , 1000x1499 , 1338493247383.jpg )
>> No. 102948
File 133849781682.jpg - (271.14KB , 1000x1405 , 1338493518143.jpg )
>> No. 102949
File 133849783144.jpg - (230.84KB , 1000x1509 , 1338493795182.jpg )
>> No. 102950
File 133849795910.jpg - (342.87KB , 1000x1396 , 1338493861422.jpg )
>> No. 102951
File 133849797580.jpg - (322.07KB , 1000x1513 , 1338494059967.jpg )
>> No. 102952
File 133849799489.jpg - (351.98KB , 1000x1396 , 1338494120749.jpg )
>> No. 102953
File 133849801162.jpg - (345.37KB , 1000x1524 , 1338494202511.jpg )
>> No. 102954
File 133849853014.jpg - (320.65KB , 1000x1396 , 1338496409730.jpg )
>> No. 102955
File 133849854656.jpg - (358.69KB , 1000x1517 , 1338496451119.jpg )
>> No. 102956
File 133849856057.jpg - (341.55KB , 1000x1399 , 1338496538603.jpg )
>> No. 102957
File 133849859168.jpg - (329.79KB , 1000x1517 , 1338496605211.jpg )
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