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File 133832485189.png - (764.66KB , 600x900 , The_Promise_Part_2_cover.png )
102700 No. 102700
Comes out tomorrow, who gonna get it? Part 1 was pretty decent, with the exception of a few moments of dialogue that made me cringe. I'll have to go out of my way to get a copy this week if I want my own unless I want to wait longer to download it.
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>> No. 110176
It seems the search will be in multiple parts. I feel this is a good idea as trying to resolve everything in one book won't allow a lot of development or flashbacks.
>> No. 110177
It seems the Search will be in multiple parts. I feel this is a good idea as trying to resolve everything in one book won't allow a lot of development or flashbacks.
>> No. 110178

It's another trilogy, right?
>> No. 110180
I don't believe there's any definitive word yet, but that's the msot likely case. Not sure how Yang's going to do it all in three books without making it seem incredibly rushed, though.
>> No. 110185

And on that note, this related post nailed the Promise trilogy's weird vibe for me:

>> No. 110187

I really don't see why you can't see it from and agree with BOTH perspectives.
>> No. 110190


Age: 17
Grade: Senior
Religion: Atheist
Sexuality: Asexual
Politics: They all suck donkey

Why did I have to read those lines first? Now even if she wrote the equivalent of 'Citizen Kane' I can't seem to care.
>> No. 110191

Yeah, but that's the tumblr equivalent of "Hi, My name is..." It just comes with the territory.
>> No. 110193


This post and the post it's reblogging provide a nice rebuttal.
>> No. 110194

I echo what >>110187 said, these tumblr people seem to be seeing one side or the other but I think Gene took two sympathetic POVs and contrasted them without necessarily endorsing one view or the other. That's what a good writer is supposed to do, and I guess the fact that tumblr is arguing about it shows he pulled that off.
>> No. 110197
File 134892989014.jpg - (97.08KB , 526x791 , airacolytes.jpg )
I’m guessing all the people whining about the bald women with arrow tattoos haven’t gotten to this page yet.

(And one of those lucky girls’ children marries Aang’s child!)
>> No. 110200

I love how the Avatar Fangirls/Air Acolytes have effectively made Aang the pimpest motherfucker in the world.
>> No. 110201
>Avatar Aang... When will we start the Air Nomad repopulation ceremony?
>> No. 110202
>> No. 110203
The kataang scenes are easily the best part, some of that stuff nearly got me teary-eyed.
>> No. 110204
File 134896856616.png - (1.30MB , 2500x698 , Gyatso_Explains_It_All_by_Booter_Freak.png )
Post the relevant comic.
>> No. 110224
My copy of Part three came in and I gotta say that I'm actually pretty damn well okay with how this story panned out. Don't know where people got the idea that Zuko and Suki was gonna be a thing, though.

First thing Suki does when she finally sees Sokka again is share a smooch.
>> No. 110227

Notice, however, that Sokka takes notice of a comment Suki makes regarding Zuko, and Mai is still nowhere to be seen...

I want mah Maiko back.
>> No. 110228
But Sokka seems to be reacting more to what Toph said about Zuko being "screwy" than what Suki was saying, since he immediately launches into explaining his plan that revolve around unscrewing the tank.
>> No. 110229
Maybe. Or maybe being around Suki just makes screwing come to his mind automatically.

>> No. 110232
Which explains why he thought of Top screwing stuff, I suppose.

Yet one more thing for Tokka fans to like about The Promise.
>> No. 110234
File 134950869488.png?spoiler - (237.34KB , 237x458 , truth.png?spoiler )
Just finished The Promise 3.

I liked it, and teared up at the end. I liked the first two comics also and honestly have no major complaints. I got the biggest feels from <-pic related talk with Roku and Aang's bro moment with Zuko in the tea shop. As someone who had a lot of problems with the series finale of the original show, I liked the way Aang stuck to his core values in The Promise 3 a lot better, since it felt like his own decision and his own achievement instead of something handed to him by a god turtle.

Not looking forward to The Search, though.
>> No. 110235
Poor Gyatso.
>> No. 110236
Aang mentioned him.
>> No. 110238

I think it's because the speech balloon completely covered his face.

I wonder if there was a better layout they could have used, there's no way they could have had that panel not be obscured by word balloons.
>> No. 110244
And now my copy of part 3 have finally arrived in the mail.
Will talk about later.
>> No. 110269
when, years later? are you duke nukem forever?
>> No. 110350
Does anyone else have discoloration issues with their Part Three? It's not bad enough for me to return it, but I'm wondering if anyone else has the same problem.
>> No. 110351
Nope. Mine is A-okay. And it shipped from the other side of the planet.
>> No. 110352
File 135106025340.jpg - (462.68KB , 1024x768 , SAM_0198.jpg )
Hm. The first half of the book is fine, but the last half is just full of these weird things. pic is example

"comics" ... maybe a phone number? "Dark horse" maybe
>> No. 110404
The phone number is 888-266-4226, which is an ad for locating a comic book shop.
>> No. 111034
Can we have the last page (the back, the cover) of the comic too, please?
>> No. 116832
File 139416112494.jpg - (381.61KB , 1194x1796 , The Rift Part 10000.jpg )
The Rift scans are out
>> No. 116833


Also totally stole the bit with the engine from one of my stories, but I'm sure they'll give me my royalties in due time...
>> No. 116835
It really is a good thing that Zuko isn't in this, since between him and Toph, Aang would barely be able to get a word in edgeways to condemn the refinery.
>> No. 116836
Maybe one of the reasons he kicked off so early in life, "nobody listens to me, I'll let the next Avatar handle it."
>> No. 116837
File 13943000868.jpg - (1.17MB , 2368x1804 , atla-the warning.jpg )
You know, the Earth is going to send something to fuck you up as punishment for this or that has never really been a very good environmental fable.

For one thing, it implies immediate repercussions instead of longterm ones. So when the kids raised on this logic grow up and don't immediately get punched for leaving the water running, they'll be pretty flippant with resources regardless.

Maybe have a story where the force of nature's wrath tries to take out the polluters or whatever...and loses.

How would things go from there?
>> No. 116838
I want to fly to wherever Yang lives and slap the oogies out of him. Like, literally. I want to punch him so hard that the ability to use that word leaves his brain.
>> No. 116840
While you're at it go for the sweeties, the lily-livers and the peasants, too.
Someone on 4chan story-timed the book and it solidified my decision to not buy the damn thing. So thanks to that anon for saving me some cash.
>> No. 116841

I thought it was pretty good. Yang's writing of Toph has at least improved since the Promise and he depends less on catch phrases in his dialogue.
>> No. 116846
Yeah, seriously the "Oogie-ositie" was really out of place, Sokka's supposed to be, what, 17-18 at that and is regularly banging his hot read-head warrior girlfriend for fuck's sake!

Although for me what was really out of place was the pallet truck, I can accept the big factory and refining machinery in light of the insane steampunk machinery the Fire Nation pulled off, but that pallet truck looked like it was time warped from Korra's time!

They already had motors apparently not using coal 70 years ago, and the best they can made by Korra's time are Satomobiles? They should be with Cadillacs! Hell at this rate I'm half expecting to see a fucking mecha-tank pop-up and learn that Satoru's uncle is a time traveler!
>> No. 116850
But for Sokka and Suki to bang regularly, that would mean they'd have to meet on a regular basis - which they don't seem to have been doing.
>> No. 116852
>Yeah, seriously the "Oogie-ositie" was really out of place, Sokka's supposed to be, what, 17-18 at that and is regularly banging his hot read-head warrior girlfriend for fuck's sake!
As an (I'm assuming) adult male, are you telling me you wouldn't feel a little creeped out seeing your little sister all lovey-dovey with a dude?

This appears to be the direction they're going with Sokka. Toph is like a sister to him, and even younger than his actual sister at that. It's entirely possible to be sexually active and still find certain people being engaged in romance to be disturbing. Hell, add PDA in the mix and it's still perfectly natural to be creeped out by ANY couple--a couple making out in public is uncomfortable as hell if you're not the couple and don't have a voyeur fetish.
>> No. 116865
Since my little sister is an adult, I admit it wouldn't feel creeped out.

It's just that the "Oogie-ositie" felt so retarded in what is now an adult character it irks me everytime I see it. Toph's Lilly Rivers have a pass because she's still 13-14, but for Sokka it looks like he's a man-child with severe mental retardation.
>> No. 116866
My sister is an adult. I still don't want to see her involved in sloppy makeouts. I'm fine with the fact that she HAS those sorts of relationships, I just don't want to have to be around it.
>> No. 116867
SDCCI2013 Avatar Fan Panel 7 of 8youtube thumb

Live reading of a few pages of The Search, with four members of the original cast.
>> No. 116868
File 139554471444.jpg - (351.51KB , 876x1320 , avatar___the_rift_part_2_cover_art_by_antomori-d7b.jpg )
Here’s what the cover of the second part will look like.
>> No. 116869
Wonder how much pressure they can withstand while bending the shaft ceiling so it doesn't kill them.
>> No. 116871
File 139562027198.jpg - (138.54KB , 477x473 , awkward_by_mlegend24-d7b5466.jpg )
Toph will carry out Satoru in her arms and will save the day. Or the other way around. I’m just guessing.
>> No. 117196
What is even supposed to be happening in that picture? It looks like he's sticking his hand into her side.
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