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File 133503848140.png - (149.84KB , 800x894 , chibi_legend_of_korra_by_kami_kazen-d4lqzzl.png )
100002 No. 100002
Okay so not trying to start a new Korra thread but I searched from bottom to top on the last two and I cannot find anymore working HQ Links, especially for episode 3.
Does anyone have any?

It's such a beautifully animated show and it's killing me to watch it with such crappy quality.
I even saw some HQ screencaps so I'm figuring the episode HAS to be available somewhere, right?
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>> No. 100005
Scroll to the bottom.

fast HD download

We could use this thread for download links for people who don't want to be spoiled.
>> No. 100008
Thank you sooo much.

Maybe we should use this thread for DL links, because I've spent about the last 30 minutes looking for these links and encountered about 5 different spoilers :/.
>> No. 100017
I hope the HD itunes version gets uploaded here at some point. This show deserves quality treatment.
>> No. 100020
File 133505122223.gif - (121.64KB , 120x90 , da man.gif )
>> No. 100086
Better encoded HD version (just 190mb)
>> No. 100092
720p webrip, Episode 3.


Saging because I just posted this in the episode thread.
>> No. 100130
Does it have the annoying banners?
>> No. 100136
I think I'll wait for the itunes rip.
>> No. 100143
Why sage this thread?
>> No. 100376
Logo free, although it has a mediocre 3:2 pulldown, so there's some ghosting.

I subscribe to the polite usage of sage: use it when you have nothing major to add to a thread.

SLOMO seems to be the group doing iTunes rips of Korra. You're looking for a file that's 733 MB for episode 3.
>> No. 100417
Download links for the new leaks please?
>> No. 100455
omg. yes, this please.
>> No. 100456
scroll down
>> No. 100460
Is there a way to combine all 3 parts into one?
>> No. 100461
Is there a way to combine all 3 parts into one?
>> No. 100500
nooooo part 1 has been removed
>> No. 100607
>> No. 100652
Does anyone have an episode 4 DL link in HQ?

I tried >>100456 twice and it doesn't work.
>> No. 100919
>> No. 101075
Please post livestream links.
>> No. 101078

>> No. 101098
Damn, I missed it. How long until Nick puts it up, and/or a download is available?
>> No. 101114


Skip to 1h:45m
>> No. 101116
You are #1. All other are 2, or lower.
>> No. 101126
Not HQ, but it's downloadable! OK for now I guess http://www.filedropper.com/thelegendofkorras01e05thespiritofcompetitiontvripx264-unpopular
>> No. 101154
Weren't the iTunes versions free?
I just looked and they cost money now.

What happened?
>> No. 101156
Only the premiere was free. For US users the episodes are uploaded on nick.com
>> No. 101176
>> No. 101183
File 133626666098.jpg - (123.19KB , 1280x720 , The_Legend_Of_Korra_S01E05_The_Spirit_Of_Competiti.jpg )

Now go enjoy your 300 kbps DL speed:
>> No. 101241
That pastebin updates frequently. Thanks, I got a HD quality for episode 5 on mediafire.

Although I'm waiting for a logoless one.
>> No. 101248
The slomo itunes rip is up
>> No. 101254
What is valid bencoding and why does this doesn't not apparently have it?
>> No. 101301
Does this have the Nick watermark?
>> No. 101321
>> No. 101601
Any links just yet?
>> No. 101614

ep 6 DL link: http://ifile.it/d97t3iq
>> No. 101615
Thank you!
>> No. 101624
Not to be rude, but I've been trying to get it to let me download for about 20 minutes straight, and all I keep getting is

>the server this file is on is currenty busy, try again later or purchase a premium account and get download priority

Does this just mean I need to keep trying for probably 4 hours straight to "get my turn", or do I need to buy a premium account which is bull?

Anyone else having this issue?
Sage for non-contrib.
>> No. 101625
welp, now I feel dumb. Tried it one more time and it let me through. I guess the lesson here is to just be persistent. Thanks for the link!
>> No. 101626
How's the quality?
(And weren't there supposed to be 2 episodes aired today?)
>> No. 101636
Streaming link of episode 6 Legend of Korra, Episode 6 - A…vimeo thumb
>> No. 101668

Are there any download links from sites that aren't slow as balls?
>> No. 101750
Why isn't this episodes on itunes? Somebody fucked up, they probably lost a lot of sales since this is usually the top selling show during weekends.
>> No. 101765

Amazon has it up already, still don't see it off iTunes.
>> No. 101850
itunes has it up. Now where is the rip?
>> No. 101932
Best episode yet and still no logo free version. What happened to slomo?
>> No. 102070
Any episode seven downloads at all?
>> No. 102074

via korrashorts.tumblr.com:

>They do have the NICK LOGO!

Rapidshare: https://rapidshare.com/files/2624059509/The.Legend.Of.Korra.S01E07.The.Aftermath.720p.HDTV.h264-OOO.mkv

Jumbofiles: http://jumbofiles.com/aqrpszo9zcbk

iFile: http://ifile.it/xikrf4d

Piratebay: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/7281796/The.Legend.of.Korra.S01E07.The.Aftermath%5B720p%5D%5BSecludedly%5D
>> No. 102093
Thank you! I hope the episode won't be delayed on itunes again.
>> No. 102094
I'm too lazy to check the links. Are there HD downloads for the episodes The Revelation, The Spirit of Competition, And the Winner Is... without the Nickelodeon watermarks?

Does this have the watermark?
>> No. 102220
>> No. 103211
Any up for Episode 8?
>> No. 103234
File 13386998997.png - (930.96KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2012-06-02-17h58m20s186.png )
Here is a Method of making Mini HD encodes

The guy who used this system had to close up since his ISP really cut his bandwidth usage but his encodes were some of the nicest I saw vs their size (around a 90-100 mb with minor tearing issues)

Download the file, extract.
Install Avisynth(necessary) and CCCP codec/optional because your current codec might be enough.
Run MeGui(no install needed and virus free)
On top bar select Tools--> AVS Script Creator-->POP UP windows come out---> select I/O tab
Click on Video input box at the end of column.
Select your video-->POP UP again --> choose Directshowsource--->POP UP again--> make sure you got a video showing without playing/not grey screen but black screen might be your video scene!-CLOSE THE VIDEO.
Go to Input DAR---> select 16:9(1.77778)--other function idk
Go to FILTER tab--->check Source is Anime(even yours not anime-lol), do't try other thing
Click on SAVE at right bottom--->POP UP no more.
Next to QUEUE go to INPUT tab, make sure ENCODER SETTING is x264 DVXA-HD ANIME FAST.
AUDIO INPUT---> select your video again
Encoder setting--->Nero AAC anime 44.
Click AUTOENCODE at bottom right-->POP UP again!
Select MKV as container.
Choose Average bitrate set at 600 --- balance for size and quality.
Click on Queue at the right bottom
Go to QUEUE tab click on start. DONE! If your PC fast enough it should take about 15-30min/ep mine took almost 2hour! or more~

Pic is the usual quality with this method sound is really good and no loss of sound from what I've heard in comparison (try using the 128k audio encode type without increasing encode size)

I'd do this myself cept my upstream really sucks.

sage for repost.
>> No. 103235
All episodes are here 2 days after air day: http://www.nick.com/videos/legend-of-korra-videos?navid=showNav

Please for the love of the show try and watch them on Nick's site because they will notice if they get lots of views to their site for Korra and they might decide to continue the show past just 2 seasons!
>> No. 103236
All episodes are here 2 days after air day: http://www.nick.com/videos/legend-of-korra-videos?navid=showNav

Please for the love of the show try and watch them on Nick's site because they will notice if they get lots of views to their site for Korra and they might decide to continue the show past just 2 seasons!
>> No. 103281
Bookmark this link for future use http://sokkascactusjuice.tumblr.com/post/23449321796/updated-since-im-awesome-here-are-hd
>> No. 105849
So, since I got dicked by my DVR, who has a link?
>> No. 105851
Like this makes any difference at all.
>> No. 105924
720p of the Finale! http://pastebin.com/pS5AEjsV
>> No. 105935

Alternate source for part 3 in case it's borked http://jumbofiles.com/l66xkwhl0rbo
>> No. 105976
well this blows both part 3 links seem to be dead X,X the torture....
>> No. 105990
File 134050377894.png - (600.16KB , 720x480 , ep28-446.png )
Aggh, I need my Korra fix!
>> No. 105996

Keep trying the file.it link again, it just worked for me!
>> No. 106014
Mediafire links! Grab em while they're hot! 2 .rar files

Part 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?8k3o5fm3287dqja

Part 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?r2ts7rtt9v1bkwf
>> No. 106020
nuhhhhhh i can't get part 2 to download
>> No. 106024
none of these links are working for me gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is torture!
>> No. 106032
Here's a torrent link for the time being http://beta.demonoid.me/files/details/2958336/?hl=korra

I'll keep an eye out. Keep trying the file.it links in the pastebin too. Those worked for me about an hour ago
>> No. 106121
thanks man the torrent worked.
>> No. 112188
Bump to remind everyone this is here for some links to season 2 hopefully sometime in the near future. maybe?
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