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HEY time for something new!

First off, yay ho, there's an inkling of a fandom scattered about the internets

And WOAH. KINK MEME. Or something

There's some pretty decent stuff. /coq/, CAN YOU DO BETTER? Of course you can. But I'm not giving you orders. Just gonna turn you guys loose.

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Hah, love how Cougar hands his cotton candy to a little girl first


Pfft cleaning a gun while fucking? That's gotta be a kink somewhere.

behave yourself.

Title: now and from whom toward what longings
Fandom: The Losers movie’verse
Disclaimer: not my characters; title from Adrienne Rich.
Warnings: pre-movie
Pairings: implied everyone/Jensen
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 160
Point of view: third
Prompt: sashay

Sometimes, Clay would almost swear that Jensen sashays. He’s pretty sure the kid doesn’t know what he’s doing; Jensen seems to not even be aware of just how good-looking he is.

But when he does anything to catch someone’s eye, it’s almost always Cougar. And Cougar’s always watching him. Cougar has all their backs, Clay knows, but he pays special attention to Jensen, and Jensen definitely needs the extra watch. He’s the smartest of them all, but so young and stupid. And his mouth just takes off sometimes, digging him into deeper and deeper holes.

Clay has seen Roque looking at Jensen sometimes, but as far as he knows Roque’s never made a move. Pooch is completely in love with his wife, and Clay himself—well, he’s tired. Too tired to start something with a kid.

Anyway, Clay’s pretty sure that Cougar staked his territory not too long after Jensen joined the team, and Cougar is fucking dangerous. 

get back on the first page, you Losers!

File: 127539198637.jpg-(33.91KB, 531x371, c.jpg)
Well if Cougar likes it, then why not put Jensen in a leash?

We have a kink meme now!


We've had one.




... why the hell not?

Don't start drama, for the love of god.


I think it's a very appealing idea.
Just Sayin'.

But let's get some more porn in here, shall we?

There's some awesome Clay/Jensen bloodplay that was just posted in the new kink meme.

A little sample of the kink meme for you all:
Warning: Aisha's is involved in the sex.

Jensen's vacillating between terror and brain-obliterating lust, and he's not sure whether he wants to find whoever threw that weird-ass gas grenade and fucking shoot him, or maybe just drag him into the tangle of limbs on the motel bed. Thank god for Pooch and his inhumane self-control, not to mention his ability to drive while blitzed out of his brain on—

“Fuck—“ Jensen yelps, abruptly yanked out of his head when Cougar bites his neck hard and thrusts in even harder. They’ve been at it for what seems like hours, and Jensen’s starting to shake, every muscle in his body humming taut like a live wire. Cougar hauls him back against his chest, their skin slick together, his dark hair loose with a few strands clinging damply to Jensen’s cheekbone. Jensen moans, and he sounds like bad porn, and he’d be dying of embarrassment if he wasn’t so hot right now, so painfully turned on. He turns his head, mouths at Cougar’s jaw, twines one arm back so he can drag his fingers through Cougar’s hair.

Cougar growls, an honest-to-god feral sound, and kisses him, hot and wet. Jensen just groans into Cougar’s mouth and goes to reach for his dick, which is bobbing hard and angry-red, begging for a stroke—

--and gets his hand knocked away by Pooch, whose refractory time should definitely not be that fast, especially when Jensen can still practically feel Pooch’s dick, hard and hot against the back of his throat. “Jesus Christ, Jensen,” says Pooch, his eyes wide and hot, and he starts working his fist mercilessly over Jensen’s dick, running his thumb over the slick head and Jensen’s just gone, comes hard all over Pooch’s hand, tipping his head back over Cougar’s shoulder as he pants his way through it. It’s fantastic, and intense and oh-fucking-Christ he’s still hard.

Cougar leans forward over Jensen’s shoulder and kisses Pooch, their mouths working slick and wet together. On the floor, somewhere outside Jensen’s sightline, Aisha is making beautiful, dirty noises, and Jensen really, really wants to see what Clay’s doing to her, but Cougar digs his fingers into his hips and starts a new, brutally fast rhythm that’s hitting his sweet spot with every stroke, and Jensen has to focus on clenching down and trying to breathe. “Cougar, Cougar, holy fuck—“

Cougar bites him on the tight cord of his shoulder when he comes, and Jensen’s got hot bruises blooming all over his neck, his shoulders and his hips, doesn’t care because the deep, throbbing need is still crawling under his skin. Part of it’s the drug, but it feels like some crazy positive feedback loop, like every touch keeps driving him higher and higher. So the second he’s got a modicum of fine motor control back, he rolls off the bed and drops onto the floor next to Aisha, who, for once, looks pretty happy to see him. Her pupils are blown wide and her hair’s a mess, her mouth looking hot and swollen. “Hi,” says Jensen, rubbing his face over her bare skin, down between her beautiful, fantastic breasts, and the rational fraction of his brain is screaming danger danger, while the rest is too absorbed in how good she smells. "Come here often?"

She grabs his head, running her fingers over his hair because it’s too short to pull, and starts steadily pushing him downwards. “You want to put that mouth to better use for once, huh?”

She’s hot and wet and he tongues her clit, eats her out while she moans and digs her heels into the cheap motel carpet. She tastes like Clay, and god, that just makes it hotter—

And then someone fits his fingers into the ten perfect bruises Cougar left on his hips, and Clay rumbles, “Don’t let me distract you,” and slides home in one long smooth stroke. Jensen’s still loose from Cougar, still has Cougar’s come dripping down his thighs in wet streaks, and fuck it feels good. “Still fucking slick,” Clay says, rolling Jensen’s balls in one hand and Jensen latches onto Aisha’s perfect thighs, buries his face in stomach and moans.

Pooch is draped over the edge of the bed, looking fucked-out, for the moment, and Cougar drops to the floor next to Jensen. He frames Jensen’s jaw with his big hands, lifting his face to kiss him hard and lick at Jensen’s slick mouth. Aisha makes an incoherent sound, then grabs the back of Cougar’s neck, pulling him down to kiss her.

Clay grabs his hips, pulls him suddenly up onto his hands and knees and slides back in while Jensen tries to get enough air to shout. He ends up just hanging his head between his braced arms and taking it, panting. He gets his head up, sees Pooch plant one hand on the floor and lean over the edge of the bed, mouthing along the line of Cougar’s neck while Aisha licks at the head of his dick, and that’s so hot he has to keep his eyes up, watch Cougar throw his head back and shout in Spanish until Pooch kisses him quiet, one hand palming his jaw.

It’s ridiculously hot, and then Clay shifts his angle, and Jensen has to close his eyes again and just yell for a bit. “Ah god, Clay, right there, like that, like, oh fuck—” as Clay’s big hand starts working Jensen’s dick, and when Jensen comes, shooting hard all over Clay’s fingers and the carpet, his arms buckle and he thinks he maybe sees God. Then he passes out for a bit.

It’s later, and the sun’s slanting through the closed blinds at a late-afternoon angle. Jensen’s on the floor, his head pillowed on Clay’s stomach, Cougar lying between his legs, and Pooch curled under his left arm. Aisha’s somehow made it to the bed, and is watching them all from over the edge, her chin propped on her fist.

Jensen’s sweaty, sticky and he’s got carpet burn, stubble burn and bruises which are all suddenly clamouring for his attention, especially because Clay’s still a little residually handsy, and is stroking his fingers along the bite marks on Jensen’s shoulders. Jensen winces.

“My wife,” says Pooch, staring at the ceiling with the practiced calm of a man who’s faced death before, “My wife is going to kill me.”


Jolene doesn’t kill Pooch, but it looks like she might be thinking about it for a second or two. “Sex grenades?” she asks, one eyebrow arched, and okay, it does sound pretty fucking ridiculous two weeks later and three states away. “I think your bad guys are just fucking kinky bastards.” Pooch just clutches his kid a little tighter and looks really relieved to be alive.

Jensen’s been trying to avoid her, the way any not-crazy guy would avoid the woman whose husband’s dick he’s been recently and intimately acquainted with. But she corners him in the kitchen while the others are in the backyard with the barbecue, a dangerous look in her eye. Jensen backs into the refrigerator door and prays for death.

Jolene plants one forearm next to his head. “My husband ever gets hit with one of those things again, baby, you make sure you get a camera running first.” Then she gooses him, and Jensen jumps, and a quarter-million dollars of military training isn’t enough to keep him from landing ass-first on the floor.

He stares up at her, speechless for the first time that he can remember, and Jolene just laughs and laughs.

File: 127576037460.jpg-(813.40KB, 1024x768, The_losers___Jensen_and_Cougar_by_DaaRia.jpg)
I just watched this movie last night and fell in love with Jenson and Cougar. Soooo, I'm game for writing something with those two. Anyone have any burning requests that want to be filled?


I really don't see why, but okay...


What? Did you read the comment? What are you even talking about?

Agreed with ^
What ARE you talking about?

Ignoring the above confusion... I'm sure I'm not alone in begging for some language kink. Or gun kink. Or "oh Christ it's Cougar" kink. I'm sure that's a kink.

Hmm, I'm all for language kink - but I don't know much Spanish...
LUCKILY, I have a few friends who are relatively fluent in it, and that should make up for it. I just have to get ahold of one of them - preferably my mexican slasher friend - and I'll see what I can do.
I like to combine requests, so a gunkink+language, and I was contemplating throwing in some hurtxcomfort or random reluctant damsel in distress Jensen as well...
I just need to think of an idea, and possibly gather another request or two so I have plenty of awesome elements....


... Oh god please follow through with this.

File: 127579832215.jpg-(8.14KB, 200x200, 1 scruffy.jpg)

well, I should be able to make your dreams come true for this at least a little bit, given that I tore the muscles of my left thigh when I fell 13 feet out of a tree last week - and can't do much physical activity until I can actively bend the knee again. This means I'll have time to work on a fic once I get something figured out.
Here are the elements I've chosen so far.
This will be movie-verse since I can't really seem to find a place to read the comics online.... yet.

Jensen has a gun kink, but only when that gun is held by Cougar.
On the rare occasion that Cougar's emotions over, he can't help but use his native language.
Jensen bugs Cougar to teach him sexy talk in Spanish to try and improve his flirting techniques.
Jensen gets his ass handed to him, via angry thugs and his big fat mouth.
Cougar never hesitates when Jensen's life is on the line.

these sound satisfying?

Well I saw a prompt a while back (on the kink meme I think?) where someone requested Cougar teaching Jensen how to talk dirty in Spanish. I would love to see some Cougar talking dirty to Jensen in Spanish without Jensen knowing what he's saying. It would be kinda fun to throw in some movie-verse Aisha knowing what he was doing because I saw an interview with Oscar and Zoe and they were both Spanish speaking buddies on set.

If your not afraid of torrents:
Also, very satisfying. DO IT.

I believe Aisha was speaking a bit of Spanish in the beginning of the movie - I can see her teaching Jensen 'insults' to say to Cougar in Spanish, only its really stuff like 'I find you unbearably sexy.' or something, hahaha.

Though I'm currently on my father's laptop until my computer is retrieved from my old roommate's place, I shall totally torrent these whenever I get my desktop back.

>>43519 This might give you a couple ideas, to start with:

Maybe I'm just extra wibbly this morning, but ahhhh god this is too cute. <3

Someone, somewhere, wanted "Jensen enjoying hacking way too much". Can't for the life of me remember who or where, but I'd started this a million years before I stumbled upon the prompt. Here it is.
Only looked over by myself, so I'm terribly sorry for errors. And weird spacing?


It's on a Christmas Day years ago, before the Losers and Bolivia and Roque, that Jensen gets his first computer. His family's had one for a few years now, but this is different: This one gets set up in a corner of his bedroom. This one, he doesn't have to share with parents and siblings. Any other teenage boy would jump at this opportunity to download porn and music and along with those, viruses... But Jake Jensen was never 'any other teenage boy', so he takes this as an opportunity to do other illegal things.


The first time he's stays up late into the night and breaks through his neighbours firewall, Jake is ecstatic. If it wasn't so late he'd probably have been jumping around and squealing and run out to the den to hug his mom and dad to thank them for the great gift (it was the only one he got that year, but it was more than worth it). It was the only indescribable moment in his life.

After he's done snooping through every file on their computer, laughing at the porn their teenage boy and/or father is into, he goes to the bathroom and takes care of his erection.

He tells himself it was the porn.


He gets pretty good at hacking civilian computers so it's only natural that one night he goes for something bigger. Not too big though; he doesn't doubt his abilities, and maybe he's got a reputation of running headfirst into things, but this is something he takes seriously so he considers it carefully.

It's a bank, but it's one of the less popular branches. It's not like he intends to steal anything anyway, he just wants to test himself. It's not hard by any means, though he does stop and scan his brain for the right codes more than a couple times. It's time consuming more than anything, and when he finally gets in, his fingers and wrists are cramped. It's hard to focus.

His smile stretches across his entire face and his pants are tighter than they were 10 hours ago.


All the money that comes his way goes towards bettering his equipment. For a couple years it's birthday and holiday money from aunts and uncles and grandparents that can't be bothered to go shopping for somebody they only see a couple times a year. Jake doesn't mind because he would've sold that stuff online anyway. It's when he turns 17 and gets his first job stocking shelves at the local Target that his collection really begins to expand. He works Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday's after school (when he actually goes) and weekends. That leaves him with a pretty impressive paycheck, even more so when he works holidays. He doesn't have to pay for rent or utilities or food and clothes, and he doesn't have friends to go out with, so he saves every penny.

There's a little electronics shop down the street from the diner his family eats brunch in every other Sunday. It's really not much to look at and if you didn't know better you'd seriously doubt the quality of the product. There's a system behind the barred windows that catches Jake's eye though, and so he tells his mom to go home without him.

It's where he meets CodenameAI. Alexander Ives. He takes Jake under his wing, shows him what the hacking world is really all about. Turns out this dinky little shop is a frequent for their kind. The owner is a frumpy old man, but he knows his computers, and he puts aside his best stuff for Jake. Says he sees potential in the kid. Jake says he's no kid.

He becomes JSqaured. It's what everyone calls him now - at least, everyone that matters. They don't use real names, except for that first time meeting AI. He's getting real good, real fast, and he owes a lot of that to his new found friends. He didn't know what he was expecting when AI scrawled a time and place in the corner of one of the stores fliers, but it certainly wasn't this.


He's moved on: from banks, from AI, from highschool and his parents' house. He's got his own apartment on The Bad Side of Town, and in the corner of what could be called his bedroom sits his very first computer. He doesn't use it any more - it's long become obsolete. He has everything he needs now, so he doesn't see Gerald except to clear space and upgrade his hard drive. He could do it himself, but it's an excuse to leave his apartment, and he'll take any excuse he can.

He's still got that job at Target, but he's the evening and weekend supervisor now. The pay could be better, but it's all Jake needs for the time being.

His birthday is in a week. He'll be a 22 year old virgin.


He's 22 and 36 hours old and he's having a midlife crisis.

Anyone could tell him it was a stupid idea, tell him that he was an idiot for thinking he could get away scot-free after trying to get into a government protected system. Jake Jensen has selective hearing though, and he wouldn't have listened anyway. He's also stubborn and loves a good challenge, so even if he had listened, he'd have gone and done it anyway.

So he's got warnings blinking across his monitors and sirens going off in his head before he hears them coming down the street.

He has just enough time to wipe himself off with an old tee and get tucked back into his boxers before 3 guys with guns bust down his door.


He's 22 and sitting in a cement room lit by a single 60 watt bulb. There's some military bigwig sitting across from him, on the other side of the steel table bolted to the floor. The guy's in a suit, but he's got a buzzcut and battle hardened face that gives him away.

He says he's impressed, says not even his best guys have been able to pull off what Jake's done. Asks how long he's been doing this sort of thing, like it was a career. Asks if maybe he'd ever considered that this could be his career.

He doesn't know what to make of all this. He's sitting in his blue-green plaid boxers in front of a guy offering him a job and his two bodyguards.

His cock twitches.

"Where do I sign?"


They start with medical work. Reflexes, blood tests, hearing, vision... Vision isn't that great. Apparently staring at bright screens in dark rooms for the better part of the day isn't healthy. Who'd have thunk it? They tell him he needs glasses.

More than a year later, what with all the weight and muscle he's put on and the hair he's had to cut and the ridiculous round frames he's sporting, he doubts his family would recognize him if his face was on the news.

Or framed above a casket.


After the 9 weeks of Basic Combat Training and the 40 or so weeks of Advanced Individual Training, Corporal Jake Jensen stands in front of the Losers for the very first time. He's heard rumours, about the Lieutenant Colonel and his misadventures with women. He's heard from some of his colleagues that Captain Roque is a hardass and impossible to get along with. He hasn't heard much about Sergeant Alvarez, except that he's exceptional with a rifle, and Sergeant Linwood Porteous (seriously, what kind of name is that?) is about the only normal guy out of the lot of them.

Standing in front of these 4 heavily armed, militant icons is unnerving and Jake feels seriously inadequate next to them. When they're told that, yes, this scrawny white boy is the newest member to their team, Roque doesn't look too impressed. Jake later finds out that Roque isn't really impressed by much.

Things are tense with the group for the first few weeks, more so when the guys find out Jake's best friend for the last almost-decade has been his computer.

Clay talks the most. Tries to get the others to talk to Jake. They're a team now after all, regardless of how much they dislike and disagree with it.

Linwood, - No, seriously, call me Pooch. Why are you laughing? - makes the first attempt to make nice.
They talk about cars and about how Pooch has a beauty back home that he likes to work on when he gets the chance. They talk about all the different forms of transportation Pooch can drive, fly, whatever. It's a pathetic attempt at small talk but Jake's already starting to feel a little more at home.

Roque is mostly irritated by Jake's presence, so he avoids him as much as possible.

Cougar - it's a long story, Clay explains - doesn't speak much, he notices. Definitely doesn't speak to him. He can't sleep one night and when he gets up to grab a drink from the fridge in the kitchen of the safehouse they're in, he passes Cougar in the den.

He's cleaning his rifle and damn if that's not terrifying, especially when he looks up from under his hat and nods towards the chair across from him. Jake hesitates but sits, cradling his glass of milk in both hands. He watches Cougar clean his gun in silence.

Eventually, "What is it you do, exactly?"

Jake's face is surprised, but he's excited beyond belief. Half because that's the first thing Cougar's said to him, and half because he loves talking about computers and firewalls and it's been so long since he had the chance to.

He doesn't leave out a single detail, doesn't mind that
Cougar doesn't stop cleaning his gun because he nods when he should, and cocks a brow when he finds something amusing or questionable and overall, he listens.

It's well past midnight when they're done talking.
When Jake is done talking. Heading their separate ways isn't as awkward as Jake was expecting it to be.

He walks away hiding an erection.


They've taken to calling him Jensen and their first real mission is a success. Everyone does their own thing, but it works. They complete each other (no homo).

It's during the third night of their stakeout when Jensen picks up on something. He's more than happy to relay his findings to the rest of his team and Clay claps him on the back before he leaves with Pooch and Roque. Cougar's already in position, scoping out exits and potential hazards. Jensen's left with his computer, so he does what he does best.

There's not really much else to do though, nothing else Clay needs to know, so Jensen's just messing around, doing things because he can. He's almost through when his cock, hot and heavy against his thigh, becomes distracting.

He knows he shouldn't, but he's alone and he's got plenty of time to finish before the others are due back, so he frees his hard on and starts stroking.

He's got one hand on his dick and the other flying across the keyboard of his laptop and it's a game to him. Which can he finish first? He's quiet, of course. He's still got his earpiece in and all that. It just adds to the excitement, the thrill of being caught.

His motions are jerky and sporadic. He brushes his thumb over the head of his prick on every other upward stroke, presses his thumb into the slit. His hips buck and he wants to groan but bites his lip instead. He hears Clay giving orders in one ear and the whir of his laptop pushing too hard in the other and it makes his cock twitch. He's slumped back in the wooden chair, almost falling out, and his breath hitches in his throat. Cougar gives a short reply to something Roque says. They're heading back.

He really goes at it, hands gliding over his cock and tap-tap-tapping on the keyboard and he's so close and he's nearly there. A few more strokes and he knows he'll have to hide the cum stains on his jeans with another horrid shirt.

It's all ones and zeros when he hits orgasm.


Clay walks in on him one night. He's hacking in his boxers and socks because he can't afford to ruin any more clothes and his feet get cold. The Colonel doesn't notice the bulge in those ridiculous man panties, which is a small miracle. Clay just gives him a look and Jensen is a bit ashamed that he was caught so off guard, but all Clay says is "Get some sleep" and he leaves.

He does, after a few minutes.

Clay doesn't mention it (at least not in front of the guys) but he does tease him about it from time to time.


He tells Cougar. He doesn't know why he tells
Cougar, but he does and Cougar says nothing. It's not unlike the sharpshooter, but this silence is different. Uncomfortable. It puts Jensen on edge and he keeps running his hand across the short hairs on the back of his neck.

It's five minutes of awkward and eerie before Cougar says something, and it's not what the blond was expecting. Though at this point, he's never surprised by the things he doesn't expect.

"Can I watch?"


It's another bank, familiar territory, because it's a small comfort having something familiar in a situation so foreign to him. His on the floor with his back against the bed. Cougar's sitting behind him with his legs crossed and his breathing distracting Jensen. The bespectacled blond has both hands hitting keys and sooner or later he's pretty much forgotten he isn't alone. His cock is already stirring, and he hasn't even gotten passed the second firewall.

By the time he's working on the fourth firewall his cock is full and straining against his sleep pants, making a ridiculous tent. Cougar's breath falters when Jensen lifts his hips and slides his pants down to his thighs. He's not wearing underwear. The air around him is hot from his laptop.

He doesn't look back, tries not tot hink about the mexican behind him, not even a foot away, because he's never been in a position like this before. He grabs his cock and squeezes his eyes shut. He's trying to block Cougar out and doesn't know why he agreed to this, but Cougar's breathing seems to mimic his own and it's... It's distracting and he can't focus on the task at hand (one of them at least) and
Cougar just unzipped his jeans and that's a lot hotter than it has any right to be.

There's a persistent prodding at his shoulder and Jensen glances over his shoulder at the sniper and immediately regrets it. The look Cougar fixes him with is smoldering, make his cock spasm in his hand and a drop of precum trails the underside. Cougar shifts, gets on his knees and inches toward his team mate. On instinct Jensen backs away.

Cougar is a deadly feline stalking his prey. He's got Jensen trapped a second after he's off the bed. The blond's about to open his mouth, tell Cougar that this was probably a mistake and they should never ever talk about it again but he moans instead. Cougar pushes him forward over his laptop and drapes himself across Jensen's bare back. There's a distinct hardness resting against his ass.

Cougar whispers something in his ear but Jensen doesn't speak Spanish and in a flash there's no longer rough denim against the back of his thighs, no cotton between Cougar's erection and Jensen's ass.

Jensen thinks to himself, there's no way this is happening, it can't, this is- this is... Really good, he decides. He's never had another man's hand on his cock, and he's certainly never had another man's cock rubbing between his asscheeks. He tells Cougar he's never done something like this before, that maybe they should slow down, or at least move the laptop, but suddenly Jensen's extensive vocabulary is reduced to the letters m, n, g, h, and Ohhhh.

He's bent over one of his favourite computers, fingers leaving marks in the hardwood floor and his legs spread wide on the other side of the screen.

There's an animal between his thighs, clawing at his hip and tug-twisting on his cock. There are red and purple marks littering the back of his neck and shoulders and he can't recall a time he's ever wanted anything more than a night to himself. At the moment all he really wants is More, Cougar, oh, please, more.

Cougar moans around the creamy skin in his mouth, tightens his grip on Jensen's cock, speeds up the pace of his strokes and his thrusts. Jensen wants to scream and beg and tell Cougar how good this all is but his mouth just hangs open and his eyes roll back as his cum splatters the screen under him. He's far too caught up in his own orgasm that he wouldn't have noticed Cougar's if it weren't for the hot-sticky-wet coating his lower back and ass.


Things don't change. Roque still looks at him like he's got a learning disability, Pooch loves his girl and car back home, and Clay keeps everything in order.

Cougar... God, Cougar.

Since that night, Cougar hasn't changed, but Jensen sees him in a whole new light. Everything the guy does is intoxicating. Muscle moving under tan skin as he (surprise, surprise) cleans his gun. The way his mouth twitches instead of moving is beautiful. The way that denim clings to that ass, is, well...

It's a fucking great ass, ok?

Jensen thinks of them as a young girl and the guy she lost her virginity to.


Somehow it happens again.

And again.

And like, 5 more times after that.

Now Jensen has been fucked in the ass and has fucked Cougar in the ass, and he thinks he's going to need to do both a few more times because he can`t decide what he likes more. He can`t decide if he likes a mouth on his cock or a cock in his mouth more.

Jensen wants,


Cougar picks up the pace, hips slamming, hand pumping. Jensen's eyes cross and his fingers stutter through various codes, coming down harder than he means for them to.

"God, Cougar..."


"Cougar, why'd you stop man? Fuck... Come on, what's the hold up? Cougar, seriously, what the he--"

"Carlos." Punctuated with a thrust.

"C-Carlos? Nyah! Ah, shit. Fuck, Carlos, I'll call you whatever you want if you keep that up, ohfuckinggod!"

The name fell from his lips like a mantra, if only to keep Couga-- Carlos deep inside him, grip tight around his hips and dick.

"Hell, Carlos, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna fucking cum-- Ah god, you always make me cum so hard, so good so-Oh, ohohohhhhh-!"

Whatever he was breaking into was a lost cause and completely forgotten. The blond's forehead was pressed hard into the dirty carpet as he came across the sniper's hand and the space under them.

One more stain would hardly stand out.

Carlos tensed behind the blond and let out a breathy, barely there moan. He gave Jensen's cock one last lingering stroke before placing his hand on the blond's shoulder, holding him down as he pounded into that gorgeous,tighthotwonderful ass.

"Yesss, Carlos, that feels so good. Why does that feel so good? Makes me wanna cum again, ugh."

Blunt nails scraped hard down Jensen's back and across his hips when Cougar latched onto those buns of steel and stilled. His orgasm pulsed through him like a freight train and right into Jensen.



Jensen shoved his laptop out of the way so they could collapse properly.

"That... Wow. I-- You... Yeah."


Cougar buried his nose in the back of Jensen's neck and just breathed. He smelled nice. Like death and naiveté.

Jensen broke the serenity of the afterglow by reaching for his computer.


Years later, when the Losers had lost a man, and gained a woman, Jensen still got hard when he hacked. Only now, he blamed it on Cougar. It was like Pavlov's theory, really: He'd hack and Cougar would fuck him. If he knew sex was coming, of course he'd get hard, right?


So it was Cougar's fault.

Except when it wasn't; when Jensen would jerk off to nothing more than numbers.

Anon, that was just I don't even. Perfect. Just so good in every way. I don't even know what to say. HNGH.
I want to have your children (no homo).

>>43683 I CAME.


OP here, thanks guys :D

Would the thread be interested in more writefaggotry? I've got a couple more unfinished pieces that have been prompted on the kink meme (after I started writing them, no doubt).

Personally, I will always welcome porn. Even on my deathbed, in front of my parents.


More porn is NEVER a bad thing.

a few questions as I work on a fic for you beautiful people. Does anyone know the location of where Jensen's niece and sister live? Also- if they were ever given names?

1. Jensen hacks into surveillance cameras to watch Cougar get it on with someone. Cougar uses his scope to watch Jensen masturbate. Happy voyeur times for all.
2. Pooch getting a blowjob while driving.
3. Jensen's come spattering on his computer screen. Seen it once in a fic, it bears repeating.
4. The Spanish dirty talk is being troublesome, but can we get maybe English with a heavy accent? :) Or just more Jensen babbling.
5. and finaly, Cougar! Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? We all know its a gun, but I want to see this pan out.

So according to the movie they either live in New Hampshire or New Jersey (I can't remember) but I do know they were never given names.

Here's a teaser of the fic I'm working on - in which Jensen gets heat stroke during his and Cougar's first job in Bolivia.

“Jeeze, it is HOT out here today.” Jensen muttered breathlessly, nimble fingers making quick work of yet another batch of bean pods. Cougar was silent from his spot to the right of the hacker, dropping a handful of soybeans into the satchel that was resting against his hip.

Not even two weeks had passed since the team’s unexpected exile in Bolivia; Jensen still had a hard time believing that he wasn’t in some sort of alternate reality, and that his sister and niece were waiting happily for his next vlog update after the mission -- not attending his funeral in two day’s time.

Pooch had instantly been able to find work as a mechanic in an auto-shop in the nearest town. Cougar and Jensen, on the other hand, had spent the better half of four days trying to find employment. It had taken a lot of persuasion on Cougar’s part and making sure that Jensen kept his big mouth shut in front of the elderly landowner in order for them to start working out in the fields outside of town the very next day.

Their second day at work, and it already felt like an eternity to Jensen.

Pausing from his work momentarily, Jensen took his glasses off to rub his blurry eyes. His chest felt tight, humid air making it harder to breathe. Replacing the thin frames on his nose, Jensen squinted down at the bean stalk he’d been harvesting and blinked rapidly. The soybean plant fuzzed out of focus for another moment and Jensen shook his head to try and clear his mind.

He opened his mouth, prepared to make another witty comment about the afternoon heat, but stopped upon realizing he’d forgotten what to say. Glancing to his right, Jensen watched Cougar meticulously feel each bean pod before plucking the ripe ones and stashing them in his satchel. Jensen reached up to adjust the strap of his own bag, mouth opening and closing for a few seconds.

“Huh…” Jensen grunted after another pause. Cougar looked up at his friend, one eyebrow quirked. Jensen shook his head, mouth dry and his brain unusually tired. Cougar’s eyes flickered with what could have been concern, but Jensen waved his friend’s attention away with a flick of his wrist.

“Never… nevermind.” He breathed out in a half-sigh, bringing his hand up to press a finger and thumb beneath his glasses and against his eyes. The sun seemed to be getting brighter by the second, making Jensen’s head give an annoyed throb in his temples.

The heat continued to beat down on every bit of Jensen’s exposed skin, his neck prickling and cheeks aching. A rush of nausea washed over Jensen and he swayed on his feet for a second, swallowing thickly to try and wet his throat with saliva. The action did little more than increase the sudden vertigo that overcame the hacker.

“Uh… Cougs.. I don’t—” Jensen croaked out, his voice breaking off before he could even finish speaking when his body was struck with a crippling wave of fatigue. Jensen reached out blindly for a second, trying to grab something for purchase as his knees gave out and everything went white for a second.

Cougar was in motion in an instant, dropping his handful of soybeans and grasping Jensen’s arm as the blond man collapsed to the dirt beside him. Holding his friend’s body into a half-sitting position by keeping a firm hold on Jensen’s arm, Cougar knelt down, shifting so he was facing his friend. Jensen’s breath came out in shallow gasps that bordered on hyperventilation, his eyes rolling without any real focus.

Cougar pressed a hand to Jensen’s forehead, eyes going wide momentarily from the sheer heat radiating off of Jensen’s skin. The younger man breathed out a half-laugh, closing his eyes and leaning in to the touch, licking his dry and slightly cracked lips.

I'm around page five or so. can't decide if I should end this in smut or just cuddly waff. I know everyone loves smut, but sometimes a fic is just better with fluff instead.


>sometimes a fic is just better with fluff

Uh... Not on /coq/, it isn't.

I respectfully disagree, although I myself do prefer porn.

also I JUST finished the comic and I just have to get this off my chest and for extra spoiler protection know that behind the spoiler bars is Major FUCKING Spoilers!



Ffffffffffffffffff why am I so curious.



Probably been hiding because some cunt on twitter linked it to Andy Diggle.

YAY! I definitely approve. I've had almost-heatstroke before and your description was very accurate. Especially the BLINDING WHITENESS of everything.


this makes me not wanna finish that heat stroke fic now. D:


Sadly true.

Andy Diggle: AAAAAH NNOOOO!!! RT @LisaMariew7 Speaking of slash fic... I found Losers slash.

Silly bitch then went on to link him directly to this thread with some snarky comment. It's not there anymore, she probably deleted when she didn't get a another response from him.

We're autosaging, hombres

>>45774 Dude, no. No one gives a fuck about that guy anyway. Finish your fic, it's awesome. In fact, finish it fast and you can start the new thread with it!

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