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File 129910959348.jpg - (258.14KB , 1111x768 , 12633904.jpg )
18928 No. 18928
HELLO, BONJOUR, GUTEN TAG, नमस्कार, ハロー, Привет, 你好, ہیلو שלום AND HOLA!

As those of you who frequent this board and fans of Pokemon already know, this Sunday marks the American release of the fifth generation of Pokemon, BLACK AND WHITE! For many this will be another installment in a long line of game purchases and will be like a visit from an old friend with new gifts. But for some? For some this is their first foray into a 15 year old franchise.


To start us off, a handy youtube video that with the aid of music and large Sumagori illustrations will make learning the English names of all the pokemon easier.

Pokemon Black and White English Namesyoutube thumb
Expand all images
>> No. 18930
File 129911163387.png - (3.69MB , 1628x1752 , DW.png )
The biggest new feature that you'll encounter is THE DREAM WORLD!

Made possible through the Global Link Website (the American version of which won't go up till later this month so as to set up the proper servers since the Japanese version crashed in a big damn hurry) The Pokemon Dreamworld will be how you get your hands on not only Pokemon from older generations but ones with abilities they never had before now! For example, Always wanted to use a Tyranitar but felt it was too bothersome to build a team around it's sandstorm ability? Now you can get one with "Unnerve", which makes it so your opponent can't use berries!

You'll only be able to access this feature for an hour every day but for that hour you'll be able to send one of your Pokemon out and have them hang out in their own private little house you design for them, farm berries, and best of all Befriend Pokemon that you can bring back to the cartridge if you have enough dream points.
>> No. 18931
File 129911171794.png - (17.46KB , 379x214 , 1276217181748.png )
>Touya and Touko's English names are Hilbert and Hilda, respectively.


>The names are derived from the Germanic element hild, "battle."
>> No. 18933
File 129911349135.png - (14.47KB , 256x192 , Triple_battle.png )
That's right, a six on six throwdown is the new item on the battle menu, and it's got whole new rules for you to learn.

First rule is playing the angles, Pokemon directly in front of you will receive full damage from attacks, while Pokemon at an angle from where you attack will only receive partial damage. Those attacks that affected everyone on the field will still do so unless your partner Pokemon possesses a typing immunity, or has an ability like Telepathy that prevents team attacks.

Also this brings into play COMBO MOVES, two examples of which are the OATH moves and "Sing A Round" (it has a couple of names right now, not sure which is the right one)

Sing A Round, when chosen by all team mates will, regardless of speed, have all the pokemon attack their chosen targets one right after the other and in fact increase the damage output of the attack with each successive hit meaning damage increase from pokemon A to B to C.

And the Oath Moves (Fire, Water, Grass) will, when 2 of them are used successively will actually create a field effect. For example Fire and Grass oath create a field of flame where opponents take 1/8 max HP damage each turn.

OH! And a special note I almost forgot, damage inducing flying type moves can hit anyone anywhere on the field.
>> No. 18934
File 129911408939.png - (16.93KB , 256x192 , Rotation_Battle.png )
Now, while you CAN move Pokemon around in the triple battle, it'll cost you a precious turn.


In a Rotation Battle, what you will find is that while you send out 3 Pokemon, it's still a one on one match where you can rotate in an active pokemon and attack all in the same turn. But be wary, your opponent will also be able to do the same! You may think you're hitting that Gyarados with a Thunderbolt, but NOPE, IT'S THAT ELECTIVIRE AND HE JUST GOT A SPEED BOOST!
>> No. 18936
File 129911522129.jpg - (74.29KB , 512x384 , 1296496945Pokemon Seasons.jpg )
THE XTRANSCEIVER: A key item in the game that lets up to 4 players communicate with one another using the built in mic (Or Camera if you have one), but since it's only Local Wireless I personally don't see myself using it.

ENTRALINK: An in game forest where you catch the pokemon you meet in the Dream World and where you can hang out with fellow players alla Sinnoh's underground, but this time you get MULTIPLAYER MISSIONS

SEASONS: Every month is a different season in Unova, cycling through them just like we do in the real world, these season can affect the availability of certain pokemon and also create or block paths on the overworld!
-Springtime weather appears in January, May, and September. Certain areas may have rainy weather.
- Summer weather appears in February, June, and October. Morning begins one hour earlier, at 3:00 AM, while Day lasts an hour longer, until 8:59 PM.
- Autumn weather appears in March, July, and November.
- Winter weather appears in April, August, and December. Morning begins one hour later, at 5:00 AM, while Day lasts an hour shorter, until 6:59 PM. Due to snow piling up, certain areas can be accessed that are normally inaccessible.
>> No. 18937
File 129911620393.png - (7.41KB , 488x351 , battlechart.png )
Some off you are either totally out of practice or are totally new to the game so from here on I'll include some important basics.

Like for example, THE TYPE CHART!

And since some of you find the internet terrifying and dare not venture to deep therin, have some important site links

http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Main_Page (Your standard enormous well made wiki)

http://www.serebii.net/index2.shtml (A less standard, less flair excellent resource)

http://www.smogon.com/ (You will never find a more wretched hive of pros and troll-ery, You must be cautious. But still a good source on metagame/tourney concepts for anyone who isn't just playing against the computer)
>> No. 18938
An important note: Smogon doesn't have much in the way of Gen 5 resources yet. They're waiting for the metagame to solidify.
>> No. 18939
File 129911689580.jpg - (230.03KB , 1024x768 , 13329489.jpg )
I happily welcome all applicable participants into this, the 15th year of Pokemon's lifespan.

Welcome back, it's been a few years since we've had a brand new experience, leave us hope that the old familiar trappings don't dull all the new coming our way

You couldn't have picked a better time to hop in, this is after all 15 years of refined competitive game play now with more variety in other players than ever before, you're gonna be in for a wild ride but there will be no shortage of people out there to point you in the right direction. On top of the jackasses of course, but what long lasting fandom doesn't have those? ... Maybe stamp collecting?
>> No. 18944
File 12991611137.png - (281.21KB , 640x1449 , 1299135150823.png )
If you haven't already reserved yourself a copy and are still having trouble deciding, here's the big differences between the 2 versions!
>> No. 19013
betting 2 to 1 that the majority of 4chan goes for white cause it's got a brown loli for a gym leader.
>> No. 19014
no that's just Bones
>> No. 19015
Uh-uh, not this time. I'm gonna wait for the inevitable third version.
>> No. 19016
I already told myself I'm getting Black, even if it means missing out on Iris. It will make me sad, but I'll still have full access to the anime and fanart so whatever.
>> No. 19024
File 129927184652.png - (452.98KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-145247.png )
...On the other hand, I doubt Gray or Double Rainbow or whatever will give me ten Amazon Fun Bucks for preordering. Black it is, I guess.
>> No. 19026
Man... I think I might get Black just for that Tron city.
>> No. 19028
I'm buying both.
>> No. 19029
File 129927352511.jpg - (10.04KB , 342x192 , 1298586465618.jpg )
I got the Japanese English-patched ROM Black, so English White.

Pic related, it's my future starter.
>> No. 19032
Remember when the starters were first unveiled? Remember all the hate this little guy got?
>> No. 19033
I'm so damn excited for Sunday. I'm driving out, buying the game, and running back home to play as much as I can.
>> No. 19034
File 129929056898.jpg - (154.95KB , 433x629 , cgt.jpg )
>> No. 19035
>> No. 19036
Mystery gift, the option you use to download event stuff? It doesn't kick in till you get the pokedex. Have fun standing around in the store for at least 10 to 15 minutes.
>> No. 19037
No, you get it via the internet.
>> No. 19042
But since I can't get my Wi-fi network to run on a security code that doesn't exclude any of our other computers, I do have to use that!

Though at least there's a Gamestop on my way to and back from class.
>> No. 19045
There's always Starbucks, Mcdonalds, a fair number of other restaurants and coffee shops that offer free wifi.
>> No. 19052
This thread is also for general Black & White related posting, such as questions, comments, and other general shooting of the shit!
>> No. 19054
File 129937090912.png - (352.18KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2010-11-10-13h06m39s65.png )
I think I'm going to box my starter in favor of other Pokemon

Is this wrong of me

is it?
>> No. 19055
Only if your starter is Smugleaf.
>> No. 19056
I do it all the time. I never played Pokemon as a kid, though.
>> No. 19094
>> No. 19136
Ahaha, Hilbert. Jesus fuck, that's awful.
>> No. 19137
Yeah like you were gonna keep it anyway.
>> No. 19138
Keep what? The baby? Don't tell me what to do with my body.
>> No. 19139
It's better than Blair and Whitlea.
>> No. 19145
Blair is debatable.
>> No. 19146
I'd prefer Blake and Whitney.
>> No. 19157
Guys I can't decide on a terribad nickname for my darling UnderStand.

Im torn between partiosprey, califalcon, cherokeagle, Thomas A. Hawkins, the Maltese sundae, or peregraceland falcon (for which I will need sioux suede bird gloves.)
>> No. 19172
what level is it?
>> No. 19173
They sell usb to ds wires
>> No. 19174
I got the game. Under peer pressue
>> No. 19175
No one talked about this GTS Negotiations thing.
This is fun!
I want to see if I can get something cool for the Bulbasaur I got.
>> No. 19179
What the hell Gamefreak
I want to raise every new Pokemon I catch
I can't raise twenty Pokemon I'm only like two gyms in
Why must there be so many COOL THINGS HERE
>> No. 19181
It's been one day and already I'm loosing patience in my decision to just wait for Gray.
>> No. 19182

Hal is having an absolutely WONDERFUL time in Unova and wishes you all were here.

I won't spoil much but to say that the local for badge 3 is an enormous fun for all time sink! Also cool to look at.
>> No. 19184
File 129955568161.png - (33.79KB , 180x182 , 180px-519Pidove.png )
Oh, God, I love Pidove so much more than Pidgey or the other start-birds. He's just so derpy and adorable.
>> No. 19185
Munna is the best
>> No. 19186
named Tepig...Pig Boss. He is my bro for life. Also, I think Tympole and his hole evolutionary tree are some of my favorite water types. Named him Seaman. My Lillipup, which has now evolved, I named Cmsr Gordon. Oh, and I named my Throh, Rourke. Because both he and Mickey Rourke look like they were made by a cobbler.
>> No. 19187
>leave Roggenrola with daycare so I can use it against the electric gym with out ever having to use it anywhere else
>it's now lvl 32 now

have I...have I been mucking about?
>> No. 19189
Eh? Roggenrolla isn't a ground type.
>> No. 19190
File 129960965894.jpg - (56.17KB , 574x528 , 1294091979235.jpg )

...huh. Well shit.

It still gets Smack Down, which is super-effective against Elesa's two Emolga.The move also nullifies the Not-related-to-Pachirisu-disappointment's Flying-type to Ground-type moves.

But if you absolutely must have a Ground-type, Drilbur, Sandile, and Tympole (once evolved) are canidates.
>> No. 19204
well it was more to take out her Emolgas
>> No. 19205
Yeah, those are kind of a pain.
My heavy hitters are Servine and Scraggy, and they can't do anything against flying.
And my other guys didn't have the power to stand up to them either.
Zebstrika was ironically infinitely easier to take down, despite the higher level.
>> No. 19207
Now see, I had the opposite problem. The tiny flying squirrels went down like the sunset in the face of my running full tilt while on fire LUCHADORE PIG, and then every single time that stupid zebra used shockwave or volt switch it ALWAYS paralyzed. I weakened it with effort from said swine and a masterfully pulled off Dig by Dwebble, and then my AWESOMESAUCE POMPAMONKEY pulled off a while paralyzed seed bomb victory.

Maaaaaaaan I missed having this much fun with pokemon. This game came just in time.
>> No. 19208
File 129967946230.jpg - (15.50KB , 381x365 , Aku.jpg )
>you get your Pokemon from a package you open in your room and Bianca immediately challenges you to a battle
>end battle
>your room is completely trashed, and even has a line of treads on the ceiling
I think that's the first time I've literally laughed out loud at something in a Pokemon game.
>> No. 19209
Whoa wait what really? I love little details like that.
>> No. 19212
Wait, technically not on the ceiling , on the walls (they might be on the ceiling but you can't see the ceiling).
>> No. 19275
Oh wow there are a lot of cheat codes for these games already. Even WPMs! I don't think there were any of those for Plat or HG/SS.
>> No. 19285
What the?
I can't trade yet? The hell? But I want my Ganon and Taggerung!
>> No. 19286
yeah you gotta get to at least the third town I think before you can head into the Union Room.
>> No. 19287
Oh god damnit.
>> No. 19288
Just got out of Nimbasa City. Space Mountain Gym is best Gym.
>> No. 19289

Black Version has arrived!

>> No. 19291
The Pokemon League brought me to tears. It was like, beautiful, and somehow nostalgic, but it reminded me of God of War.
>> No. 19292
File 129981495378.jpg - (23.70KB , 479x356 , 1290165575726.jpg )
>Fire Fang keeps missing against Burgh's Pokemon
>"Oh no big deal, I have an X Accuracy here..."
>Darumaka almost dead while I use buff items on it
>"Okay, playing it close, but let's begin!"
>Princeton used Fire Fang! Dwebble avoided the attack!
>> No. 19296
A: I find it kind of hilarious that Bianca got a name change from BELLE, whereas a gem like CHEREN got left alone.

B: As someone that hasn't played since the 3rd gen, I must say that I DO NOT REMEMBER THESE GAMES BEING HARD. Maybe I'm not grinding enough.
>> No. 19297
Only ever played halfway through IV and yeah, I noticed a change in levels. There were generally higher levels earlier in the game than the older ones. So I guess that might be it?
>> No. 19299
On the other hand, you don't even have to buy almost any items anymore, most of the time. The game just throws everything after you, from potions to pokéballs and stat healers. There are even people who act as whole Pokemon Centers on many routes. Hell yeah.
>> No. 19301
Oh, man the Elite 4 was amazing. That cutscene with Reshiram/Zekrom? Holy shit I wish I could replay it just for that
>> No. 19302
File 129985979068.png - (329.93KB , 870x685 , Glamoink_by_OneEyedMe.png )
>>Go to a previous route to grind
>>It's female

Well... Shit. Better than nothing I guess.
>> No. 19307
Money seems to be easier to come by, too. Even before I started abusing my Amulet Coin, I didn't have to worry about being able to keep myself stocked with Potions and Revives.

Still, I agree that the game feels like it's gotten harder. Even having all the recovery items I need, it's harder. I'm not even sure if it's the levels as much as it is the stats--fighting Pokemon the same level as me who don't have type advantage, I still see them regularly being able to two-shot me.
>> No. 19309
Rotation battles are tons of fun.
>> No. 19311
Finally, finally got White. Hello Unova, prepare to have your ass handed to you.
>> No. 19314
Also, your Wii is completely undamaged, apparently being made of an especially tough strain of nintendium.

Continuing on that note
>a man states he's been feeling like shit because his Pokemon gets him up with Wake-Up Slap, but he admires its enthusiasm too much to punish it
>a woman in another building states her boyfriend wasn't getting up on time, so she told his Pokemon to get him up with Wake-Up Slap

Wow, is it just me or is some of the NPC dialogue a lot more amusing this time around?
>> No. 19315
Just beat the main storyline last night.
Am now exploring the post-game places.

I concur. I noticed from the very beginning it seemed like a pain in the ass to do a damn thing. I think there's a steeper learning curve to this gen.
Also, as someone who's now beat the game I gotta say:

Prepare your anus. It only get's rougher.
>> No. 19316
File 129994543724.jpg - (20.10KB , 342x192 , 396-1.jpg )
So I'm probably going to just hack halfway decent stats onto Zekrom. Catching 726 individual Pokémon before finishing the main game? Fuck that noise.

Let's hope Grey goes the Emerald/Platinum route with Unova's mascot legendaries. Even if we're forced to capture Kyurem, at least we'll have BW to fall back on.

As if I use Ubers anyway.
>> No. 19317
There are a few pieces of evidence to support the idea that Kyurem will have at least one alternate form come Gray. Namely two moves they found while inspecting the data that are supposedly linked to him (or at least, all three of Kyurem, Zekrom, and Reshiram), yet no one can actually learn them yet.
>> No. 19318
Everyone knows Ubers are just trophy Pokemon anyway.

Every time I hear about this game it just sounds more and more fantastic. I might just break down and buy it when my leg heals and splurge on Grey when it comes out.
>> No. 19319
>Wow, is it just me or is some of the NPC dialogue a lot more amusing this time around?
I've noticed that, too. There have been some lines from random trainers that actually got a chuckle out of me. I can't recall a specific one, but it seems like there were a few that got honest-to-goodness laughs.

And there's a lot more characterization this time all around. The two rivals both get a bunch and so far it seems like every gym leader I've come to has had at least a mini-arc that lets you know who they are before moving on to the next gym.

I'm only halfway through and I'm already just about ready to call this generation the best one yet.
>> No. 19322
Is it true they got rid of things like gym leader rematches?
>> No. 19323
Depends on what you mean by "got rid of"; so far gym leader rematches have only been available in re-releases or remakes. The same with the Battle Frontier.
>> No. 19324
Good point. Waiting for that third version is gonna be a pain.
>> No. 19326

It was bound to happen, things we dislike cropping up. Well allow me to air some grievances as well.

That's silly, why would you do that Gamefreak

Not a total detriment, but it helped the immersion and I kinda miss it

Dammit it feels so useless now... Couldn't you have given us the C-Gear with all the stuff the wrist gadgets from Platinum and Heart Gold had?

Maybe they'll give us a new one in "Grey"? Please? You can send the Battle Train guys there if you like.


Oh come on, you give us a Vs Seeker, you give us a cell phone, but you can't give us Xtransceiver chat with other trainers and gym leaders?

Hmn... Well no yeah that's about it. I think I already talked about how the Box System bothered me a little.
>> No. 19329
I started this yesterday and for some reason I'm just... really not enjoying it. At all. I dunno.
>> No. 19330

Shit, this was my favorite part of HGSS, and probably the reason why I finished it but not Diamond. I-it was really cute, okay? Shut up.
>> No. 19331
File 129999399538.jpg - (71.56KB , 307x238 , 1269623581543.jpg )
why does it feel like I hit a wall of un-fun when I beat the game?
>> No. 19332
My Umbreon and me are BFF. It feels wrong not having an Umbreon following me around now.

I tend to agree about every point here. The box system feels all sorts of wrong now after the very streamlined version of SS/HG.
I think the thing that most immediately bothers me is not being able to fish. They give you surf... and virtually NO FREAKING WAY to teach it to any pokemon. There are like 2 water types tops before you can surf, and both of those are types you don't really want to bog down with HM moves. (and of course, one of them is a damn starter.)
The Xtransceiver really does feel really useless (well, pretty much the entire CGear feels useless) since you can't make any calls.
>> No. 19333
Dammit it feels so useless now...

We finally have a dowsing machine/itemfinder that we can leave on pretty much at all times.
>> No. 19334
Hurpa derp level spike, it's not fun again till you climb to level 70.
>> No. 19338
Woo! I beat it!
Now I gotta get around to removing some surfs so I can send my old teams up.
>> No. 19343
All right, cloned all my Gen IV Pokémon I want on Black and sent them over. Now I have to grind BP for battle items.
>> No. 19344
>> No. 19345

I.E.: The only reason I got this Action Replay.
>> No. 19347

Which ones are you not wanting to "bog down" with Surf? Surf is the best water move for all of the pre-fishing Water-types I've looked at except for Carracosta and Basculin. I suppose a case could be made for Scald because of the Burn effect, or Aqua Jet if you're wanting to use Priority moves, but Surf is definitely the best option for damage-dealing moves other than Water Spout. And Frillish is the only Gen 5 Pokemon that learns Water Spout.
>> No. 19350
Got Black last night. I'm enjoying it so far, but choosing between what I'm actually using on my team is tough. Kinda pissed that I can't get Wargle, too. He was gonna be my flying type.
>> No. 19351
That's okay, those guys are very late game Pokemon, anyways.
>> No. 19365
Carracosta essentially. You can't catch a Basculin until you can surf, but you can trade for one... But I really just don't like using a traded pokemon. (a personal peeve ust for me)

But yeah, The only two water types I encountered before I traded for that Basculin was Oshawott and Carracosta (and I didn't pick Oshawott). Normally I don't mind using Surf, but... I just really liked the moveset my Carracosta has.
Okay, I guess Panpour counts too, but I got the brocolli monkey instead because I chose Tepig.
>> No. 19366
I just taught my Stoutland to Surf.

Workin' out pretty well, Steel and Rock-types aren't as much of a problem.
>> No. 19367
There are a few things I've decided I really hate about White.
1: no more autorun
2: Unless I'm connected to the internet, the c gear is pretty much useless. Thanks for wasting the bottom screen guys. Seriously, years of useful stuff at the bottom screen, and this is what they come up with? I miss my poketch.
3: The daycare lady. All of a sudden, only one pokemon at a time?
4: not being able to adjust font,and the new hp bar.
>> No. 19368
You're rescue the Day Care Man a little later in the game, and the Day Care will have two Pokemon again.
>> No. 19369
Guys guys how fast is it? I remember DP were slow even with the animations off; HGSS is quicklike.
>> No. 19370
Unfortunately, it can be pretty slow: animations are kind of long and there's sometimes a short delay between it saying an attack is used and the animation starting.

Thankfully, saving is still as fast as in HG/SS.
>> No. 19372
Okay so here's my biggest complaint:



>> No. 19373
On my way to get Victini now. Hope it's worth all the Plasma grunts I have to whip to get there.
>> No. 19374
>> No. 19375
One Ultra ball, no escapes, no problems.
Am I a wizard?
>> No. 19376
File 13001385168.jpg - (233.82KB , 828x725 , hagrid_normal.jpg )
Yer a wizard, Gransigma.
>> No. 19378
I second that issue.

Outside it's only kind of annoying, because paths are design so you only need to take a step or two through grass or deep sand, but as soon as you get in a cave it's HOLY FUCKING GOD THIS IS MY TWENTIETH ENCOUNTER ON THIS FLOOR.
>> No. 19379
Yeah, the encounter rate is pretty crazy. I wish they had gone with a lower encounter rate and longer dungeons, since the number of encounters seems to just barely be keeping me at the same level as the trainers and gyms I'm encountering. If they could just make it to where I can go the same number of battles between gyms without having to get in a random battle every step, that would be wonderful.
>> No. 19380
I can't help but wonder if there is a way to address these issues to Game Freak and give them the heads up. Or rather, I wish they had people who read places like these and reported back.
>> No. 19381
Part of the problem with them reading our reactions is that our reactions are in English.
>> No. 19382
That's where you get localized workers to keep an eye on playerbase in various groupings. Then those workers, report to whomever sends feedback to their main location. It doesn't seem like something too hard for them.

These are just some ideas I have regarding how they could gauge player feedback, and get new ideas for future products.
>> No. 19383
File 130014801596.png - (389.35KB , 720x544 , Wat.png )
>climbing the Celestial Tower
>press B and realize all the trainers switched the direction they face
>use this and a repel to climb almost the entire tower without getting into any fights I didn't want to
Why have I not heard about this before?
>> No. 19385
Because it's...not a thing that's supposed to happen, I think.
>> No. 19386
Once I'm out I'll check and see if it works elsewhere, but it's definitely working here.

It would make sense though: I've noticed before that running (which happens when you press B) seems to make them change direction.
>> No. 19387
Well yeah running does it, you're catching people's attention. They look towards you when you go by.

But I've never heard of it working by just tapping B.
>> No. 19389
Tried it again: it only works on the 3rd and 4th floors of the Celestial Tower, and I have no clue why.
>> No. 19392
And I'm not alone:
>> No. 19393
Due to classes, Cracked.com, and Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines, I'm still not very far in Black (just passed Gym 2 and am running around the woods now). Having said that, I can say that Team Plasma is making great strides in being the Pokemon villains least possible to take seriously. Impressive, given that I'm still not sure Aqua and Magma weren't just traveling comedy acts.

>We will save the Pokemon!

And yeah the encounter rate is a little bit high. On the other hand, maybe I'm crazy but experience gain seems to have gone way up since my last experience with these games. I'm gaining levels left and right like crazy.

>Wild Pokemon
>Double Battles
>> No. 19394
That said, minus the hoodie, they have the team uniform I'd be most likely to want to wear.

Barring Cipher's sentai uniforms, because Cipher is still the best at everything.
>> No. 19395
Especially when it comes to loving Cynthia
>> No. 19396
Whoops I think you made a little error there pal

Nothing new about that, though
>> No. 19401
Oh, oh god damnit. How the hell does Jazz manage to do this every time without fault?
>> No. 19402
Wait, I know Cipher... He's from XD, isn't he?
I should find that game, I liked it.

Hey Bones, what's your starter?
>> No. 19403

The only starter so good he knows he's better than the other two.
>> No. 19406
You mean the one who's legend started in the fifteenth century?
>> No. 19409

I did as well, but mostly because I wanted something new with a starter and a stone wall like a non-Dream World Serperior is something I've not tried before.

On a different note holy crap am I glad I grabbed a Venipede: I'd heard bug-types stopped being the thing that evolves fully by level 12 and then sucking by level 20 this gen, and I've got 8 feet and 400 pounds of badass centipede backing that up.
>> No. 19411
File 130022746533.jpg - (452.01KB , 1150x701 , 7322137.jpg )
Cipher's not a person, silly, it's an organization. And they're backed by Team Snagem, so that's twice the badguy for the price of one.

Also I was really on the fence about Snivy, until he became a Serperior and showed me how cool his backsprite is. He is one regal motherfucker. He still has a shallow movepool but Coil and Leaf Blade kill a lot of things anyway.
>> No. 19425
Hey guys,
which one's better, Black or White?
>> No. 19426
They are separate, but equal.
>> No. 19427
Think I'll go with black, seeing the post at the top of the thread and all.
Like the whole tron thingy.
Just wish they finally did something... REALLY different.
Like that Zelda gameboy game years ago. Two versions, two stories, but you can connect the two and shite.
That was cool.
>> No. 19431

I just found out about Volcarona. That thing is going on all my teams forever.
>> No. 19435
Continuing from >>19383 I've also found that the two Battle Girls and the Black Belt in Wellspring Cave move 1, 2, and 3 squares going back and forth when you press B as well. So it's just a certain thing for certain trainers.
>> No. 19436
On a related note, this could end up trapping you in one spot, and if you don't have an Escape Rope or a somethingthat knows Dig you'll be forced to battle very weak wild Pokemon until you white out.
>> No. 19440
I'm not really worrying about min-maxing or builds right now (not that I ever have, since I've never played multiplayer in Pokemon in my life), and am just running through the single player with my usual tricks (also known as "extreme laziness" and "the first shit I caught, with a few substitutes based on what's necessary/random whims").

I'll worry about all this metagaming crap after I've actually seen the game.
>> No. 19443
That's basically how I'm doing it for now, too. I'm metagaming a little, in the sense of making sure I cover most of the bases, type-wise, and when I notice that a Pokemon is doing pretty poorly on the stats (i.e. always going last even against things it's ten levels ahead of, not even managing to 2HKO Pokemon it's got a type advantage against, etc.), I start looking for a replacement. But I haven't learned which Pokemon are in which tiers or the like yet and probably won't bother until the post-game.
>> No. 19446
Oh right, Routes 17 and 18 exist. Went and cleared them out, got some goood swag.

What the hell is up with the P2 Laboratory, though?
>> No. 19447
Anyone know when/if the online stuff like dream world will be up?
>> No. 19450
March 30, last I heard.
>> No. 19451
I most just check to see if my nature conflicts with the stats and moves the pokemon will learn

Even if its not best, as long as its not like droping sp atk on a psychic or stuff like that I'll just roll with it anyhow.

Though I'm finding myself abusing outside information much much more in this game.

Mostly cause its a fucking bitch to build a team in the early game.
>> No. 19454
File 130026793262.png - (51.03KB , 324x246 , 129727495561.png )
>"No way! Without Pokemon, I'll be lonely and sad!"

Why was this the funniest dialogue all game for me.
>> No. 19455
Same: I'm not even paying attention to natures most of the time.
>> No. 19456
I honestly don't know what Natures actually do. I presume they're something like Growth statistics in Fire Emblem and affect how likely you are to gain certain stats on level up.
>> No. 19457
Each nature raises or lowers two stats on a Pokemon by 10%. There are six natures that are completely neutral to this, presumably because they raise and lower the same stat.

N's bedroom confirmed for creepiest part of any Pokemon game.
>> No. 19458
File 130028157419.png - (20.52KB , 1024x960 , super_cool_story_bro.png )
>"Team Rocket and Team Galactic drew too much attention to themselves. That's why their plans were thwarted."

I guess huge public declarations and high-profile robberies don't count as 'drawing attention.'
>> No. 19459
And you don't need to memorize it or look it up anymore, it's shown right in the game on the information menu by which stat is in red (favored) and which is in blue (unfavored).

>There are six natures that are completely neutral to this,
Five, actually: Quirky, Docile, Serious, Hardy, Bashful. Nature doesn't affect HP just the other five stats, remember?
>> No. 19460
Right, slipped my mind. Apologies all around.
>> No. 19461
Horry Sheet. Just caught a wild Pansage. I didn't know you could actually catch those things.
>> No. 19462
File 130029195170.png - (978B , 96x96 , Spr_5b_649B.png )

>What the hell is up with the P2 Laboratory, though?

It's where Team Plasma created Genesect. If you bring Genesect there, you'll get two of its Drives (The Burn Drive and Shock Drive are obtained in Black, while the Douse Drive and Chill Drive are obtained in White), which change the type of its signature move, Techno Blast.
>> No. 19463
Well fat lot of good it did them.
>> No. 19465

A fun experience indeed, now for all the post game shit.


>> No. 19466
File 130031269219.jpg - (247.42KB , 567x671 , 14426836.jpg )

29:23, I WIN

Garth the Stoutland, Lv. 46
Maximus the Conkeldurr, Lv. 47
Princeton the Darmanitan, Lv. 45
Gossamer the Galvantula, Lv. 46
Queen Anne the Gothitelle, Lv. 48
Stronson the Serperior, Lv. 46

N was cake, Ghetsis was a huge bitch. Once again the key to my victory was using stat boost items at every opportunity.
>> No. 19468
>>That picture
Oh good god... That's HNNG-worthy.

Anyways, I've been grinding the hell out of my team and Just at Dragonspiral Tower for now. I have about 10 level 40+ and about 50 hours into the game.
>> No. 19469
File 130031633564.png - (18.05KB , 438x513 , 1300241134153.png )
Team upon beating the game:

Zekrom Lv. 51 (Shut up, I didn't want to pass up a climatic battle)
Byte the Galvantula (f) Lv. 48
Yojimbo the Samurott (m) Lv. 49
Flora the Lilligant (f) Lv. 47
Magellan the Renuniclus (m) Lv. 46
Jean the Scrafty (f) Lv. 50

With props to
MajorGlory the Rufflet (m) Lv. 47

I still use this team (replace Zekrom for MajorGlory, now a motherfucking Braviary) for in-game stuff. The Battle Box pretty convenient, since it let's me keep two teams going without having to switch between them.

>mfw I OHKO'd Hydreigon with Yojimbo's Megahorn.
>> No. 19489
For clarification's sake, it is a male you're looking at there, but I could hardly bring myself to care.
>> No. 19507
Whaat. Hi guys.
I know you're no tech support, but I can't get my rom to work on the R4... Yeah yeah, roms-whydontyoubuy it... but... I've got my reasons.
It shows up with the icon and everything, but it won't play!
...I'd thank you guys alot if you thank me, (and a little even if you don't.)
...now don't make me feel like a jerk for postin' this...
>> No. 19529
Gah. You can't wifi level 50 without also turning it into a 3 on 3 battle.
>> No. 19530
So I got Axew, meaning I've finally got a dragon to train up again. And starting with Dragon Claw is pretty sweet.

But what's the deal with Rivalry? Is it just me or is this ability kinda ass? The weakness against girls is, while cute in an "I've been there, little buddy" kinda way, but when like 50% of enemies are female, it's doesn't seem worth it despite the boost against males.
>> No. 19531
File 130033877942.png - (98.59KB , 235x180 , FLOWERRRRRS.png )
Gentleanons, I want wotter, pantslizard, and sparky spider on my team. Any suggestions for the rest of the roster?
>> No. 19532
Rivalry was better in PvP last gen because people generally made team Pokemon male whenever possible because it let them re-use unique TMs through breeding; now that all TMs are infinite use is doesn't happen nearly as much.

Regardless, it might be useful to teach it Attract to compensate for the disadvantage against same-gendered opponents.
>> No. 19533
Am I the only one who finds Sigilyph to be god-damn creepy?

They don't have any common weaknesses, so it really depends on your tastes: decent ones you can get earlier with types other than those include Roggenrola (tank), Woobat (special sweeper or support), Drillbur (sweeper), Cottonee (mezzer), Petilil (sweeper), Sandile (sweeper), Darumaka (bruiser), Confagrigus (mezzer).
>> No. 19555
Sewaddle was a surprisingly good choice for my team, so I'll always suggest it. Seriously, surprisingly good stats for an early bug type.
>> No. 19564
Not a fan of ancient Nazca alien birds?
>> No. 19567
I don't think it's bad, design-wise or anything, just creepy, what with two different parts that might be its face and the "wings" which look to me like tubes or antenna (I know they're based on Nazca drawing, but that looks so wrong to me on a living thing). Which I'm fine with some Pokemon being.

This is at least partially because the first one I saw came utterly, ridiculously close to sweeping my entire team (literally, if it's last attacked hadn't missed because of Leaf Tornado lowering it's accuracy the turn before it would have won).
>> No. 19593
File 130047770470.jpg - (1.37MB , 980x655 , 02.jpg )
It reminds me of this guy. I want one.
>> No. 19619
Just got White today and started it finnally. pretty excited since ive heard a lot of good stuff about it. my starter is Tepig. il post my friend code in the other thread later and hopefully get to battle and or trade with some of you guys too :)
>> No. 19622
Alright i posted my friend code up on the thread. Loving the game so far! Let me know if you want to battle/trade and sorry if im off topic for this thread.
>> No. 19629

I'm still nowhere near the end (just beat the electric gym), but if N is really running this show I will eat my DS.
>> No. 19630
holy crap

Pokemon Black & White Musi…youtube thumb

This fucking music
>> No. 19632
not that far in and im noticing that it is a lot harder than any other previous game. im only in the pinwheel forest though.
>> No. 19633
Thankfully there's a nurse just outside the forest who will heal your pokemon.
>> No. 19634
yea i noticed that. i leveled my guys up right there and used her to heal when moves were low or when they fainted. also managed to catch a Throh there and i just caught victini a few minutes ago!!!! i used almost all of my pokeballs, great balls, and the 2 ultra balls i had lol
>> No. 19635
So what sort of goofy nicknames is everyone handing out to their catches?
>> No. 19636
Heres the nicknames for my current team:
Victini- Mew Three
Sandile- SteveIrwin
Throh- Gutso
Simisage- Fonzy
Pignite- Ganon
Herdier- Max
>> No. 19638
File 130065088342.jpg - (54.95KB , 495x357 , how do i positive thinking.jpg )
>5 hours in the game
>See a Venipede or whatever it's called
>It makes a shiny animation!!
>Oh since it's a bug I can have Munna use Psybeam on it right
>Super effective

...Well shit
>> No. 19639

Always remember, mind over poison.
>> No. 19640
Also keep in mind having an advantage doesn't necessarily mean having a resistance and vice versa. Bug gets a lot of this noise.
>> No. 19641
My current team
Raoh the Sawk
Ganondwarf the Pignite
Very Melon the Victini
Pidgeot the Tranquil
Tarzan the Pansage
Hendrx the Boldore

In the box:
HalleBerry the Purloin
Algus the Lillipup
Timpani the Tympole
Kirby the Munna
Ratman the Patrat

And that's literally all I've bothered to catch. Of the box crew, only Kirby and Ratman are leveled at all due to Day Care and being a former team member respectively.

Is it just me, or do HMs have much less use this time around? I've only found Strength and Cut respectively, and neither have ever FORCED me to use them, they just block a few items.
>> No. 19642
File 130065355861.png - (6.57KB , 90x80 , mmderp.png )
Chowder the wotter
Brisket the pantslizard
Paprika the sparky spider
Rosemary the plant queen
Spork the HM guy
>> No. 19643
I give all of them nicknames, but for the ones I've used in my main party in no particular order:
Serperior (male) - Eric
Scolipede (male) - Vernon
Galvantula (female) - Charlotte
Watchog (I don't remember) - Itts (made more sense when it was a Patrat)
Panpour (male) - Artie
Zebstrika (male) - Electariat
Mienfoo (female) - May Chang
Druddigon (female) - Redhead
Boldore (female) - Elvis
Seismitoad (male) - Chaman

>Is it just me, or do HMs have much less use this time around? I've only found Strength and Cut respectively, and neither have ever FORCED me to use them, they just block a few items.
I'm gotten the 7th badge and so far the HMs haven't been necessary to advance the main story at all, they're only used to get at items and enter optional areas. Advancement is halted purely by traditional event flags.

In fact, you don't even need badges to use them anymore!
>> No. 19644
How does one even go about getting a foreign language ditto?
>> No. 19645

which are you
>> No. 19646
2-5-4-3 in decreasing priority.
>> No. 19647
5, exclusively
>> No. 19648

5, I'm afraid...

I named Zekrom...

>> No. 19650
I am a 4, currently.
Used to be a 5, and my theme was 'musical genres.'
>> No. 19651

Always 4.
>> No. 19652
4. It makes me lol seeing huge dragonbeasts with perfectly mundane human names.
>> No. 19653
and 4 when I can't thinks of a proper 5
>> No. 19656

I am SUCH a 2 and a 5 (very small smattering of 4). If I can't think of a good pun, I theme name it, usually something scientific, and hopefully both at once. I only got the game a few hours ago, and here's what I got.

Lillipup: CARBINE (was thinking of carbon for some reason)
Patrat: SCLERA (it's a girl, sounds like Clara)
Purrloin: VALEN (named after a particularly deceptive rogue from a story I've read)
Audino: AURA (as in aural and just "aura" as well)

In my last game before B/W (Soul Silver) I named my entire team after scientists. Specifically ones that had to do with their type. XD
>> No. 19662
I dont know why but i have yet to meet a single Sandile that i havnt been able to defeat in just one hit. Im only at the part where you cross the drawbridge and have to fight team plasma in the container in the cold storage and it doesnt matter what move i use cuz its always one hit. lol (and my guys arent even at high levels. at best they are 2-3 lvls ahead of them)
>> No. 19665
The reason is fucking pitiful defense stats.
>> No. 19666
ah that makes a lot of sence. i looked up its stats once you said that. no wonder i manage to plow through them. is anyone else constantly having their pokemon being either put to sleep or confused alot more then in other games?
>> No. 19667
My hatred for Searchog is the stuff of legend.
>> No. 19668
Alright so i managed to catch a Karrablast. Does anyone here have a Shelmet they want to trade and then trade back?
>> No. 19674
File 130076787220.jpg - (20.64KB , 1002x73 , top_notice.jpg )
Global Link delay due to Earthquake.
>> No. 19680
Ok i need some help on this one. I have all 8 badges. i walked through the gate and the lady at the counter told me about a storm on route 7. i went there and a cut scene happened and thounderous was introduced and such. i checked the electric notice boards in the gates and it said there were storms on route 16 (which means hes there) so i go there and i cant find him and theres no storms either. am i missing somthing? (a quick(ish) reply would be really appreciated cuz i want to get back to the main story but first i want to get him while i can)
>> No. 19681
What I did was go to the gate that connects the 8th gym city to Route 10 and then I'd just go in and out until the storm was there.
But this was at night when he was hanging out in the north.
So really just go in and out of one of those gates onto a route that he'll appear at until it's storming.
>> No. 19682
Alright thanks alot. i thought it would start storming when i showed up and i left to check the board to make sure i was at the right route and i came back to see it storming. now i just need to catch him. should i use a masterball on him or save it for Zekrom?
>> No. 19683
ignore that last question. i decided to buy some quick balls and try them first and got him on my first try :) just got to think of a name for him lol any suggestions? (gonna eat dinner so il check back once im done and see if there are any suggestions otherwise il come up with something lol)
>> No. 19684
So anyone have any good advice for leveling at the beginning of the post-game content? I can beat these Lv. 65ish Pokemon the trainers have for now since they seem to be sticking to the bottom tier evolutions or weaker Pokemon in general, but they're worth less experience than the trainers on Victory Road.
>> No. 19685
just go to the area with the highest leveled wild pokemon you can access (and you can beat them too) and then make sure the pokemon you are using is holding the item "Lucky Egg" cuz its boosts the exp you get. thats what i do and i have a lvl 57 victini, lvl 53 Emboar, lvl 52 Goblet and lvl 52 Throh and i just got to route 10 lol (also have my new lvl 43 Thunderous) :)
>> No. 19687
Alright, I have a question about team Plasma, what are they up to in this game? What are their goals? How are they accomplishing them?

And are musicals any fun? I like playing contests.
>> No. 19688
In regards to team plasma you just need to play the game and find out. they tell you pretty quick what they want so you should figure out their overall goals quick (the good parts come later though) And for the musical things i cant help ya there cuz i have yet to try it. not something im really interested in to be honest. wasnt really into contests so idk
>> No. 19689
The musicals are completely and utterly useless.
You dress your poke up and then watch it rotate awkwardly on stage for a minute
>> No. 19691
Fighting the Elite Four and so far its pretty easy. Using Victini to one shot all of the fighting type guys pokemon. next target is the ghost guy, then psychic, and saving dark for last since he will probally be my hardest due to Victini being part psychic (trying to beat them with just one pokemon lol)
>> No. 19693
Darn, I always thought that contests were interesting and kinda cool. And I kinda always wondered what attacks would look good together if there was a battle round.

I heard that Team Plasma = PETA; and want to free everyones pokemon. But then what I have heard about N and the sages don't add up.
>> No. 19695
I'm not very far in, but from what I've seen they really are like PETA in that they always seem to be smacking Pokemon around unnecessarily despite pretending to want to help them. Considering that PETA ends up euthanizing 94% of the dogs and cats they take in, though, Plasma better seriously get their asses in gear if they want to be the most evil of all. I mean, beaten by a real organization? That would be just shameful.

On a slightly related note, I think one of the grunts claiming that I was just jealous of their sweet outfits after I beat them was the first time I laughed at a Pokemon game.
>> No. 19696
I hate them. I hate them more than any team ever. Not because of their attitude, or their stupid plan made of stupid, but because Watchog
>> No. 19698
Nmbasa City's stadiums restock with new trainers to rebattle every day. They're all level 60's or so.
>> No. 19699
Oh fuck, I hate those things. And I could swear I don't remember Pokemon being this hard before. Is it just me?
>> No. 19731
Huh. I tried to talk to a girl on Marvellous Bridge and she just kind of vanished.
>> No. 19734
She went to get her Patrats
>> No. 19737
Does anyone else think that the Sturdy ability has become an annoying ability?
>> No. 19741
Depends on what side of the sturdy you're on friendo. it was pretty useless before.
>> No. 19754
Why is it that no one ever rotates in Random Online Rotation Battles?
>> No. 19755
Yes, but only because Boldores are so common.
>> No. 19790
The attacking side. It makes it so I can't one-shot pokemon anymore. That and the move Fake-out both just irk me.
>> No. 19804
File 130093307972.jpg - (23.56KB , 306x242 , 1199774884783.jpg )
>Finally get to White Forest
>It's fucking empty.
>> No. 19805
Nobody told us White Forest and Black City would be empty unless you Entralink a lot or something.
>> No. 19806
According to Bulbapedia you just have to wait a longass time before you get there... or something...
>> No. 19807
Wait, someone else told me that if you take too long going through the game everyone would be gone. Like, everywhere.
>> No. 19809
When the player enters the city for the very first time, the total number of residents is determined by the number of days it took the player to reach Black City. The number of residents can vary between 12 (minimum occupancy) and 45 (maximum occupancy). In addition to the visual changes, the city's market will sell a different item to the player.
>> No. 19812
That's... that's pretty much the opposite of what I was told. How many days would it take for the White Forest to fill up, then?
>> No. 19813
Yeah I haven't actually heard confirmed whether its full and empties if you take too long or is empty and fills as you take longer
>> No. 19814
It took me about four or five days to reach it after starting, and I've only got about seven people there. I think if you go into someone's Black City through Entralink, you can get people to move there.
>> No. 19815
I've got fucking 3 of them.
>> No. 19816
I've got four!
There's a Heart Scale for sale, too.
Whoever's selling that I'll want to keep around.
>> No. 19817
You got Animal Crossing in my Pokemon. You got Pokemon in my Animal Crossing.
>> No. 19818
What are you talking about exactly?
>> No. 19827
the whole idea of visiting other people's town and having their neighbors move to your town is a staple of animal crossing gameplay.
>> No. 19828
... OH! I was thinking the feel of some of the cafe locations in Pokemon...
>> No. 19829
What is the limit of people that can be in White forest? it took me between 24-30 hours of gameplay (closer to 30 but im giving the ratio to say it was over a full day) to reach it and i have 13 people here. thats not counting people in the house or the pokecenter.
>> No. 19830
Scratch that. i have 15 people here. found 2 more that i couldnt see at first due to the tall trees. Is there a limit?
>> No. 19834
Bulbapedia says the max is 10...
>> No. 19835
Thats weird then because i counted them all and i have 15 people out here. I counted several times to make sure too. idk.
>> No. 19844
Man, all this White Forest shit is confusing the fuck out of me. I don't know if I should hurry there or wait a long time or how many people can be there or anything.
>> No. 19845
File 130105771586.png - (31.06KB , 480x480 , karp karp magikarp.png )




>> No. 19850
You know what just occurred to me? Plasma would become far more tolerable if they added a mechanic that allowed you to attempt to attack the trainer without harming their pokemon and the more thuggish trainers can try the same when they're losing.
>> No. 20021

It would also be a cool way to deal with legendary trios.

>LEGEND PKMN REGIGIGAS would like to battle!
>> No. 20022
So ive beat the game, gotten most of the new legendaries, done a lot of the extra stuff there is to do, plan on finishing the pokedex at some point if i have the attention span but what i really want is to have some fun battles. anyone want to have a match?
>> No. 20029
File 130133512391.jpg - (31.03KB , 599x314 , 1258159552548.jpg )
>Make a Pokemon with high attack and low special stats
>It only learns special moves

Goddammit Unfezant
>> No. 20033
Oh man, Gen 5 introduced a new Flareon? Sweet.
>> No. 20034
File 130134141533.png - (351.72KB , 630x335 , amazing!.png )
>Implying Normal/Flying-types with shallow movepools is anything new

That said, Unfezant is pretty low on the totem pole when it comes to birds.
>> No. 20047
>> No. 20048


>> No. 20050
>> No. 20054
This comes up a few times, so I figured I'd remind everyone.
When you lose more than one Pokemon at once in a Double/Triple battle, when it asks you to switch in a Pokemon, it also asks you which of the 2-3 knocked out Pokemon you want to switch it in for.
>> No. 20069

Thanks to Lucky Egg my Clefable went from 52 to 59. It was pretty great.
>> No. 20105
>> No. 20110
So i managed to get a Zorua off someone on the GTS and ive been breeding him like crazy for trades and for some friends. i figured it would only be fair if i made the offer to all on here as well. all i ask is for a pokemon i dont have yet. dont care what it is just as long as i havnt gotten one yet (which is a lot so dont worry lol) if you do just let me know and we can discuss the trade :)
>> No. 20113
Max, dudebro, I am wanting one of those. Bug me on aim willya? my sn's my fagname.
>> No. 20114
Its really late here so here just send me a message on Facebook and il check it tommorrow. The name is "Steven Johansen" on there. I prefer talking on there anyway since its more convient so hopefully you dont mind. And by the way, the Zoroua will be level 1 fresh out of the egg and untouched. if you want a specific gender or something let me know and il breed till i get what you want.
>> No. 20117
There's like twenty people on facebook with that name, can you maybe narrow it down a bit? Like, what country are you in?
>> No. 20134
Pokemon Black & White Music - Victiniyoutube thumb

>> No. 20148
Oh my bad. Im the Steven Johansen who is from maryland (as much as im giving for obvious reasons) my pic should be of me in class from a year ago. Also, to narrow the age, im a teenager. Make sure you let me know that its you so i dont get confused. (and to others seeing this message, dont spam me with requests or messages. feel free too though if you are also interested in trades/battles)
>> No. 20150
Just give us your friend code, goddamn.
>> No. 20165
I did if you were to look at the thread dedicated to friend codes :P
my origional plan was just for you guys to just respond here with a time for the trade which seemed a lot simpler. Sorry if i over complicated it
>> No. 20166
Whoops didnt put my name lol that message is from me :P
>> No. 20185
Tyrannatar finally evolved! Muahahahahaha *hack wheeze*aaaaaa!!!!!
>> No. 20275
File 130192624331.jpg - (19.50KB , 151x151 , 1277865354164.jpg )
Well, that was the weirdest Elite Four battle ever.

I almost feel like I need to go back and do it right but ehhhhh...not while everything is suddenly 15-20 levels above my team
>> No. 20279
Alright, i have a skype account so anyone who is interested in a trade just ask. im offering Zorua's and anything else you need/want.

Name on skype- stevendanieljohansen
>> No. 20281
File 130196014965.jpg - (161.43KB , 960x720 , 1297550753373.jpg )
>Obtained an English ROM of Black for me to Pokesav properly
>Started a new game and transformed my starter into a Clefairy
>> No. 20283
File 130196065849.jpg - (151.48KB , 500x376 , IT BEGINS.jpg )
>> No. 20296
OKAY DONE POKESAV'ING FOR NOW. I made, like, 24 Pokemon. Twelve for me, twelve for the guy whose MicroSD I'm borrowing.

He got Hydreigon, Gengar, Scizor, Metagross (shiny), Tyranitar, Eelektrik, Snorlax, Cofagrigus (shiny), Bisharp, Volcarona, Golurk (shiny), and Blastoise.

For myself I made Electrode, Exadrill, Clefable (shiny), Conkeldurr, Galvantula, Darmanitan, Chandelure, Zoroark (shiny), Sigilyph, Gothorita, Heracross, and Slaking.
>> No. 20297
File 130198561465.png - (469.65KB , 500x500 , DOWANT.png )
>And then Bones realized he could have ALL the starters
>AND Clefairy
>> No. 20298
File 13019989856.jpg - (34.19KB , 600x439 , This is far too adorable.jpg )
>making a bug team
>for the first time this generation
there are
SO MANY great bugs this generation
it's so great
>> No. 20301
File 130200445790.png - (104.65KB , 698x485 , derp.png )
Moxie is such a great ability.
>> No. 20302
ALL of the new bugs are good, or at least usable. There's even a Bug-type legendary now. It's amazing.

But no Bug Catcher class.
>> No. 20303
One Direction on Tour - The Po…youtube thumb
Some guys in some commercial.
>> No. 20381
children play this game
>> No. 20384
I agree. Last gen, there were what? Two, three usable Pokémon? And even then, they're even older.
>> No. 20389
Kricketune, Wormadam, Mothim, Vespiqueen, Yanmega.

Yanmega was a class act, and Mothim and Vespiqueen had some potential. But Kricketune and Wormadam are fuckin' awful.
>> No. 20400
File 130229470917.jpg - (30.83KB , 640x448 , 1213636790013.jpg )
>Gen 4 Pokemon that know HM moves cannot be transferred
>I can't transfer my Surfing/Flying Pikachu

>> No. 20401

>> No. 20406
Wait, really? Why?
>> No. 20408
I don't know, Gamefreak just didn't want that to be a thing.
>> No. 20412
I love ALL of the new bugs.

Except Durant.
>> No. 20417
Hey, I'll have you know Pym makes an excellent Hm bitch.
>> No. 20418
File 130237463699.png - (924.86KB , 748x1000 , leavanny_by_kuitsuku-d3c9en3.png )
I never liked Bug Pokemon until this generation. My Leavanny, Steve, has been a permanent party member and is awesome.
>> No. 20488
Ok guys, slowpoke and all, but I just got White version. Going to try and go for Victini before the event ends.
>> No. 20489
My lack of a modern DS and my router being incompatible meant no Victini for me...
>> No. 20490
What DS are you using because I'm using the original one right now, and it even has a broken hinge. All's well so far.
>> No. 20493
Also hey, if you have the Liberty Pass, will it still be possible to catch Victini after the deadline on the April 10th?
>> No. 20496
Okay, I had this problem too. It is still fixable. If you have a netgear router it as easy as changing a setting. It is probably fixable with other types of routers too, but I know how it works with netgear. Make sure you are only using WEP encryption (or no encryption if you fly that way) go to wireless settings, mode and change it too "up to 150mbps b/g/n mixed mode". the mixed mode is the important part of that if you can't find an exact match. most routers come with a setting that make them compatible with older wifi equipment. oddly the nintendo help page did nothing but i searched "nintendo" on the router's help page and it knew exactly what to do. hope this works for you.
>> No. 20497
... But you DS only has to be compatible with what they had at Gamestop and even my DS Phat I've had since it's original launch date worked with that.

The time limit is for only for the download itself, once you have the download you can take all the time you like to get Victini
>> No. 20504
You now have until the 27th to get Victini btw
>> No. 20507
>... But you DS only has to be compatible with what they had at Gamestop and even my DS Phat I've had since it's original launch date worked with that.

As I found out the hard way, this isn't a Gamestop event, it's a Wi-fi event.
>> No. 20508
i think the idea is that gamestops all have open wifi networks. in theory you should be able to access a wifi event from their network even when they aren't hosting it.
>> No. 20518
Oh, hmmm. Well, now that I have more time, I might do that!
>> No. 20521
File 130249049557.png - (178.48KB , 900x919 , gurdurrr_by_toa_nintaro-d37gn0d.png )
Someone mind doing a quick trade back for my Gurdurr so I can finally evolve that bastard?
>> No. 20530

'Bout damn time.
>> No. 20531
File 130254727616.jpg - (1.02MB , 1575x2400 , 18076071.jpg )
FUCK YEAR BEAT INGO (I want his clothes so bad)

I wonder if I should build a proper doubles team before going after Emmet.
>> No. 20537
my black city is empty. totally and completely empty. there is one person in the poke center and a handful of short buildings i cant enter in the back corner of the city. i thought the minimum number of people was 12? what do i do?
>> No. 20540
It's like Animal Crossing. They leave if you don't give them attention.
>> No. 20541
but there was never anyone there to begin with. I'm just really disappointed, i was looking forward to visiting black city the whole game, it's why i picked black over white and i get there and it's empty.
>> No. 20542
They *were* there to begin with, but you neglected them and they all left!
>> No. 20544
How many people there are in Black City/White Forest depends on how fast you get there from the beginning of the game. You basically have to speed run the game to get all 10 ppl there.

Your only hope to repopulate your city is to have a friend with Pokemon White, so you can entralink each other.
>> No. 20545
>> No. 20554
File 130260553594.jpg - (163.73KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20101108234533.jpg )
It's supposed to about making friends!
>> No. 20555
Oh. Oh fuck.

...well, actually, I guess I can just pokesav my play time down before I get there, right? Problem solved!
>> No. 20556
i hope this works, i don't care enough to actually hunt someone down to play entralink w/ them
>> No. 20584
It's not play time; it's real life time.
Didn't I just say this was like Animal Crossing?
>> No. 20594
File 13026622844.jpg - (265.94KB , 960x720 , welp.jpg )

...I'm so busy that I literally shouldn't even be wasting these two minutes here right now. I won't have any real free time for at least a month. Goddamnit.

Would... would setting the clock back help?
>> No. 27096
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