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File 133124569977.jpg - (445.72KB , 766x843 , garp and babby ace.jpg )
24618 No. 24618
Yep. Looks like the old one's autosaging.
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>> No. 26252

I don't want it

Take it back
>> No. 26253
Chopper wasn't meant to look that realistic.

Robin would disapprove.
>> No. 26254
Where is this from?
>> No. 26255
File 133817367132.jpg - (332.05KB , 1608x1574 , andsuddenlythescreamingstopped.jpg )
Ah, now that I've stopped crying uncontrollably I think I understand what's weird about it

It's a shame that people don't seem to get that the uncanny valley is a real thing that actually exists

With a bit of work it'd be pretty neat, though
>> No. 26256
File 133818679461.jpg - (152.80KB , 962x1051 , baroque gorilla.jpg )
Fur effects are not always needed.
You can get a better effect by texturing your surface.
>> No. 26257
Fur only needs to be there if it needs to move.
>> No. 26258
That really depends on the amount of fur really.
>> No. 26259
That monkey has nicer hair than I do.
>> No. 26290
File 133840422181.jpg - (1.28MB , 769x3257 , rankings of some sort.jpg )
He guys, I don't speak runes. What's this for and what does it say?
>> No. 26294

Pardon me, but I'm not too big a fan of literal translations. Here I go:

We took a poll in japan asking people what manga they love and it turns out that people fucking love One Piece (even chicks).
Category 1 (People born from 1992 to 2001): Everyone fucking loves One Piece
Category 2 (People born from 1982 to 1991): Everyone fucking loves One Piece
Category 3 (People born from 1972 to 1981): Everyone fucking loves One Piece

The yellow/green lists are overall for that age group, and under them it's the rankings for boys (blue) and girls (pink).
>> No. 26295
Huh, Gintama polls better among girls than it does guys. That's a little surprising.
>> No. 26307
Not really, to be quite honest. There's a reason why every second piece of fanart is of Gin and Hijikata.
>> No. 26316
Gash Bell? Awesome!
>> No. 26317
Oh so that's why Togashi can take a hiatus whenever the hell he wants. Here I thought it was because of his wife.
>> No. 26324
It's one of the gayest series in existence.
>> No. 26329

Tiki pls. It's got nothing on Toriko.

Heck, Gintama's not even that homo to begin with. Or do I just need to watch the anime?
>> No. 26330

I don't think Toriko counts in the same way, since even the bishiest dude is giant and burly.
>> No. 26333
As someone who keeps an eye on Toriko fanart, I just want to say no, that only means it attracts the burly dude fetishists, which there are a significant amount.
>> No. 26334
File 133850743974.png - (102.94KB , 500x214 , tumblr_lukuxh2aDC1qdrb9i.png )

>Implying being muscular lessens the homo. At all.
>> No. 26336
I mainly know about Toriko from bara porn stuff. Good stuff.
>> No. 26339
File 133850879195.jpg - (170.89KB , 800x1156 , ALLTHEHETERO.jpg )
I don't know what you guys are talking about, Toriko is straight as an arrow.
>> No. 26340
The only 'major' female character I remember around his age is a horribly written useless stalker, so not big surprise
>> No. 26341

No see, it's like regular lesbians vs fat lesbians. In the end it's just as gay, except that the market for fat lesbians is much smaller. Get what I'm saying? If it doesn't have bishis then its appeal in the overall yaoi fangirl market is limited to certain subgroups

^Possibly the weirdest thing I've posted on /op/
>> No. 26342
File 133851796887.jpg - (113.06KB , 631x606 , 1212629210365.jpg )
>> No. 26343

This guy knows what's up. Only replace the fat salarymen with Cho Aniki.
>> No. 26345
File 133851939382.jpg - (167.37KB , 800x1167 , toriko-2395993.jpg )
Toriko's gayness is less "there are no women around" and more "Komatsu is filling in for the usual role of the token female character in shonen with hilariously homoerotic results."
>> No. 26346
Most evident when Zebra showed up.
>> No. 26347
The burliest love triangle.
>> No. 26348

Don't forget how Coco and Sunny are in on it too.
>> No. 26349
What are you talking about, that time Sunny tried to romance Komatsu away from Toriko with a hot date was the pinnacle of heterosexuality.
>> No. 26350
I think you guys forgot that this is the one piece board for a sec because all I'm picturing is a romantic candlelit date between a boy and a boat.
>> No. 26352
Well, we've already had an official crossover once, it could happen.
>> No. 26353
File 133860124510.jpg - (365.83KB , 600x450 , OPxTOR_Wallpaper3_splsh-img.jpg )
Toriko is One Piece related.
>> No. 26354
That crossever was one piece related. Theres a thread on /jam/.
>> No. 26355
There is also the anime crossover.
>> No. 26356
Then lets talk about the crossover. Anything toiko specIfic should be dIscussed in its thread.
>> No. 26366
The ending was super gross.
>> No. 26367

SunnyxSunny OTP
>> No. 26368
Just that for like twenty minutes while he humps the steering wheel.
>> No. 26369
>Looks up Franky and Usopp together on Pixiv.
>No pairing art.

Apparently there's FrankyxSanji art though.

>> No. 26370
>No FrankyxUsopp art
That is disappointing.
I like to call FrankyxUsopp "Inventorship", since they are always coming up with crazy-awesome shit (Usopp and all of his "stars" and hand-held weapons, Franky and all of his different kinds of ships).
>> No. 26371
File 133883258866.jpg - (99.66KB , 448x473 , 12937294427.jpg )

I like to call FrankyxUsopp "fucking stupid" because it involves one or more One Piece characters.
>> No. 26372
oh dear god don't provoke the fangirls
>> No. 26373
File 133883774150.jpg - (177.11KB , 701x720 , Juuuust enough_.jpg )
Lucky you I saved this thing long time ago.
Made me chuckle, that's all.
>> No. 26374
We haven't brought in Law, Killer or Kid yet.

Badum tsh!
>> No. 26377
>one or more

They can't even masturbate? Have a heart man
>> No. 26378

Wanna read my LuffyxJohn Egbert crossover yaoi fapfic. Trigger warnings: blood, death, alcohol, gore, advanced rape, genital mutilation, selfcest, (spoiler: John is Luffy from another universe)

Guaranteed the kawaiiest thing you have ever read, or your money back
>> No. 26379

Well I can't say I'm not curious.
>> No. 26380
ADVANCED rape, really. Not just the basic course. There's all kinds of trick shots and specialized shit in here?
>> No. 26433

Sure. Lay it on us.
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