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File 133549466681.jpg - (94.88KB , 600x400 , Community_law_and_order_NBC.jpg )
32733 No. 32733
Holy fucking god, that was a good episode of Community.
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>> No. 32735
Business as usual then?
>> No. 32736
Yes, and also no, because the L&O parody was fucking glorious. The setting and meta commentary were almost the only things that weren't straight out of Law and Order.
>> No. 32860
Community is getting good again.
>> No. 32990
I want to see what happens when we confiscate one of their pens...

That... was the best punchline ever.
>> No. 32991
I fucking lost it when they revealed that Star Burns had died at the end of the episode.

Eh, there was no real point where I haven't liked community, but it definitely got it's shit together for the last couple of episodes.
>> No. 32993
On the first point: Me too, bro, me too.

Seriously. I was laughing so hard it became silent because I could no longer breathe.
>> No. 33016
The best part was getting the actual autopsy doc from every single L&O series to be in it. Fucking hilarious.

One of the best episodes of any recent series.
>> No. 33065
Community will be broadcasting it's half-season on Friday nights on NBC, while Dan Harmon is working on a new animated show for Adult Swim. That, plus the fights between Harmon and Chevy Chase, it looks like Community is dead.
>> No. 33066
But I heard it got a fourth season?
>> No. 33067
The half-season is the fourth season.
>> No. 33074
They ought to just fire Chevy; Pierce is the most unessential character of the main cast.
>> No. 33078
I'd rather lose Britta than Pierce.
>> No. 33088
That's not really the choice, though. There a Chase vs. Harmon conflict on set, and one of them is likely to go.

Personally, I'd rather lose Pierce than the creative helmsman of the entire show.
>> No. 33089
Oh yeah I'm not disputing that, I merely disagree with Pierce being the worst character.

Honestly though I'd just as soon see it end. It already feels like it's heading toward a natural conclusion anyway, I'd rather have that than see it stretched out to the point where it's no longer any good
>> No. 33090
I didn't say anything about him being the worst, I said he was the least essential, which I stand by. Pierce would be the easiest member of the study group to write out of the show.

Also, sixseasonsandamovie
>> No. 33091
don't you dare britta this by saying things like that.
>> No. 33109

>> No. 33111
File 133731846487.gif - (833.45KB , 500x280 , tumblr_m476k0Mpaz1qghgnxo1_500.gif )
Seriously. I would pretty much do a midnight lineup for this game.
>> No. 33117
Those last three episodes were so good.
>> No. 33118
Holy fuck that game.
>> No. 33121
It's like that feeling you got the first time you saw Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle and cursed the world for there not being a game with Paul Robertson's sprite art.
>> No. 33128

Fuck you, Chevy Chase, fuck you.
>> No. 33132
File 133745179864.jpg - (72.75KB , 588x791 , jason-demarco-loves-community.jpg )
Community continues to do poorly in the ratings:

>30 Rock and all of the Communitys brought in a 1.3 18-49 rating (at least they're consistent?). In comparison, last week The Office did a 2.3 and Parks & Recreation a 1.7. This matched a series low for the Greendale 7. In real numbers, less than 3 million people watched all of it.


So it's business as usual.

And with the news of Donald Glover joining the cast of Girls (because they needed someone who isn't white), it looks like the cast is getting ready to move on.
>> No. 33135
>In real numbers, less than 3 million people watched all of it.
So by "real numbers," do they mean "real TV numbers" or "real numbers on everything?" As has been pointed out many times to these people, Community's online streaming audience is much bigger than its TV following.
>> No. 33144
Hey, if the last season REALLY sucks, then we can just pretend this was the ending. Troy moved back in with Abed and Annie, Jeff continued his studies and got a proper degree for whatever he wanted, Shirley and Pierce owned a sandwich shop, Britta became a Psychologist, Abed left for dimensions beyond, and the war of Greendale and City Community raged on.
>> No. 33146
Yeah, the ending of this season really had the feeling of a series finale--I suspect because when they made it they weren't sure they were getting another series.

We might just treat Season 4 the way Gargoyles fans treat The Goliath Chronicles, if worse comes to worse.
>> No. 33147
I think best case scenario is it'll be like The Curse of Monkey Island coming after MI2-- it's a good game and all, but it's obvious that it's not where Ron Gilbert was planning to take the story. But who knows; most of the actors love the show and their characters, and are so devoted to the fanbase that I'm pretty sure they'll make sure it's in the spirit of the previous seasons, at least.
>> No. 33148
Yeah. The cast is the main hope it has. They know what their characters are like, and hopefully they'll still be able to make it feel like Community. I'm not entirely bereft of hope, I'm just setting my expectations low.
>> No. 33542

Season 4 premieres October 19, 8:30/730c. I'm having all kinds of mixed feelings.
>> No. 33554

Not Dan Harmon = not Community. It died a while ago.
>> No. 33555
Now that's not entirely fair. It's not going to be the same Community, certainly, but Dan Harmon didn't do everything himself even though he did a lot of micromanagement. Give the actors and the other writers some credit. Surely after the work they've put in, they've earned the right for us to give them a chance before dropping it.
>> No. 33640
>> No. 34210
File 134224472447.png - (329.05KB , 535x599 , tumblr_m74904x0ki1r18yf5o3_r2_1280.png )
I don't think the Comic-Con panel has been uploaded yet, but there are play by plays and some interviews with the cast members out there. I'm starting to feel cautiously optimistic about S4.

>> No. 36520
File 136037741089.gif - (611.61KB , 245x150 , tumblr_mhvr3qATtp1r6y67yo1_250.gif )
So, season finally started last night: Thoughts?

I'm going with "not ruined so far".
>> No. 36521
I liked it. Not the best episode, but the season three opener wasn't outstanding either.

Fred Willard was probably one of my favourite bits, as was Jeff and the Dean at the end.
>> No. 36523
Yeah, it still felt like Community without feeling like a retread of ground we've already covered. It's nice they addressed the fact that change was going to be necessary whether we were ready for it or not, so even if they somehow do manage to get renewed for a new season, they're preparing us for the changes graduation would bring.
>> No. 36527
File 136052960173.gif - (173.42KB , 245x198 , oh you.gif )
I liked it. My main issue was that it felt rushed; I think it would have benefited from cutting the Annie/Shirley and Troy/Britta subplots and focusing on the Hunger Deans/Jeff trying to get history seats for the group and Abed's happy place.

But I can understand that it's the premiere and you have to reintroduce the characters for new viewers, and the writers and new showrunners are anxious to assure fans that the show's not going to be drastically different and everything. It'll probably be a bumpy as they get acclimated.
>> No. 36528
>the season three opener wasn't outstanding either

Also yeah this. People seem to be holding this episode to the standard of amazing S1-3 episodes like D&D or Virtual Systems Analysis or [insert your favorite here] but there were not-so-great episodes during the Harmon era, too.
>> No. 36530
Is there somewhere I can watch from the beginning (not Netflix, I can't afford it rn)? I just found out about this show.
>> No. 36533
Hulu has it too, but it might be limited to Hulu Plus viewers.

I don't know about illegal streams or downloads, but I have to really urge you not to use any of those--the show is on its last legs, and online is by far its biggest source of viewership. If you enjoy Community and there's any way you can watch it through official channels, you owe it to yourself and the creators to watch it in a way that they can track and that gives them money so that NBC will consider renewing for a fifth season. It's a long shot that we'll get a fifth season either way, but it's definitely not going to happen if everyone who watches it does it though unofficial means.
>> No. 36534
I really loved the first season of this show but when I started the second...I dunno, I'm not feeling it anymore. Everything's become so cartoonish, from the scenarios to the character behaviors. Those elements were always present, of course, but I feel like they became a lot more pronounced.
>> No. 36535
It was a tired, generic sitcom for the first half of season one. It didn't find its own voice until after they realized the Jeff/Britta plot was stupid and started mocking it and every other sitcom-y element of the show while at the same time reveling in it.
>> No. 36536
It's not cartoonish in S2.

Not yet.
>> No. 36537
I just don't know if I can afford Hulu Plus, or I would. I essentially have $0 I can use for spending money right now.
>> No. 36540
Essentially $0, or actually $0? Because Hulu Plus costs, I believe, $7.
>> No. 36544
Actually zero. I wanted to get a job, and my dad got really angry and told me not until I'm done with college.
>> No. 36546
He's just mad cause he couldn't get a job after college.
>> No. 36551
He's had a steady, well-paying job the entirety of my life, so no, I don't think that would fly.
>> No. 36552
How many years after college were you had though?
>> No. 36553
One or two more. I'm a transfer student, so I lost classes between the two. I'm gonna ask my dad again once this year is over, since I can substantially reduce my workload once I get back to Senior status.

Back to Community, though, all I've seen is the anime ping-pong segment (I swear I heard Sean Schemmel in there as Anime!Joel McHale), Donde Esta La Biblioteca, annnd some Senior Chang bits. But they were enough to get me to want to watch it.
>> No. 36554
There are a very large number of ways to get a two week or one month free trial in Hulu Plus. While that means you'll have to rush through the series, that's still an option.
>> No. 36572

And now I can't unthink it.
>> No. 36574
Heh, that bit made me think of Sasha, too.

So I thought the last episode was really good! And I rewatched History 101 and thought it was better the second time around. Actually the more I think about it the more I think it was a genuinely good episode instead of just OK/not the soulless husk of its former self people were making it out to be.

The things I'm mostly worried about happening this season are Shirley not getting enough focus, and that Annie seems to have regressed a bit, especially with the crush on Jeff in full force even though she had that epiphany that she didn't actually love him, but I guess there's nothing to do but wait and see what happens.
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