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File 132875096132.jpg - (16.63KB , 220x342 , 220px-Dark_City_poster[1].jpg )
31769 No. 31769
I just watched Dark City last night. A couple of weeks ago I watched Gattaca. I watched both of them because I heard good stuff about them and mostly because Netflix suggested them to me based on what I like. And I suddenly remembered watching these on TV in my early teens. I never really thought about them that much, they aired on a channel that often showed foreign indie movies. La Cinquieme/France 5/Arte whatever the channel is called now. I often caught a movie already started and watch until the end but I never tried to find a title.

As I watched Dark City I couldn't remember the story but I remembered the ambiance and some little details and realized that these movies contributed to shape my current taste in movies.
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>> No. 33938
File 134111578899.jpg - (174.75KB , 442x550 , shrug.jpg )
...What the fuck, how did I get that confused? Shit I must have spaced out toward the end or something. I seriously thought that he really had been to war, saw some shit at the camp and that's why he drank. Well I guess I don't have any right to complain after all.
>> No. 33939
>Finally see The Artist.
I immediately regret not doing this sooner.
>> No. 33964
So that Matthew Maconahueyhahey movie "Sahara" is playing in the next room on AMC and I'm not even watching it but just by listening to the AUDIO, it might possibly be the dumbest movie i've ever heard of
>> No. 33968
File 134136112254.jpg - (28.72KB , 500x281 , tumblr_l4da119vB51qznwt0o1_500.jpg )
>AMC showing Independence Day

Ah yeah, time to celebrate the fourth of July a little early with Roland Emmerich's only good movie.

Independence day: President's Speechyoutube thumb

Fuck your shit, aliens! America's here to save the day!
>> No. 33973
they also keep showing Escape from LA instead of Escape from New York, those bastards.
>> No. 33974
File 13413766327.jpg - (22.15KB , 685x390 , thismakesmesad.jpg )
>finally finish Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Series finales always bum me out. And what the heck, Sisko is just gone? That's bullcrap, dude.
>> No. 34037
I was thinking of buying my dad Game of Thrones on DVD, because it's one of the few things he watches on TV (to the point of being serious business about it). I might buy him the books too, but to be honest, I haven't seen him read anything non-work-related in my entire life, so I don't know if that's a good idea.

He's okay with letting me borrow his DVD's, so I might start watching them once we buy them. I've admittedly never watched anything on HBO (other than Flight of The Conchords), so I'm not sure if watching the show together would be a good idea or not.
>> No. 34052
Ernest Borgnine Remembersyoutube thumb

He will be missed.
>> No. 34076
File 134186424737.gif - (772.93KB , 500x375 , Teethandanimated.gif )
Damn. I liked the guy too.

Now I've discovered Hulu, even more importantly I've discovered that thay have Cinematic-titanic AND Rifftrax movies. Enjoy.



Rifftrax full length features

Also the Rifftrax Live Movie event "MANOS The Hands of Fate" is coming in August. Just a reminder.
>> No. 34178
Ben Whishaw to play Q in Skyfall


ugh..he's far too young for that part. why not bring back Cleese who I thought carried the part well. Q shouldn't be younger than Bond.
>> No. 34189
Listening to Pepper by Butthole Surfers for the first time in years. I'm not even much of a toker, but I really wish I had some weed to go with this.
>> No. 34202
I really want to watch Beasts of the Southern Wild, but I have no idea where to go about doing so. No luck so far.
>> No. 34214
>check out Paloma Faith's wiki page
>Faith will make an appearance as cabaret performer, Georgia, in the BBC drama adaptation of P. G. Wodehouse's Blandings.

Does anybody know if Paloma can act? Because if so, then I am definitely hyped for this show.
>> No. 34306
File 134249849272.jpg - (18.59KB , 233x338 , GLEE.jpg )
I finally got around to watching the original UK version of The Office.

>All I needed was the love you gave
>All I needed for another day
>And all I ever knew
>Only you

After all the cringe comedy, I was not expecting such a heartwarming ending.
>> No. 34357
File 134262038472.jpg - (28.42KB , 540x354 , 110314-11messagecolor500.jpg )
why are we not talking about the best album since the last album
>> No. 34364
You know what words you will NEVER hear in Hollywood again are?

"Original Motion Picture."
>> No. 34368
I love this shit


Hopsin has some pretty nice shit.
>> No. 34371
It's weird how almost every movie nowadays is based on something, but the majority of the adaptions we get aren't that close to the source material- almost as if they use the original plot as a mold for a completely different story.
>> No. 34501
File 134311923170.jpg - (269.33KB , 492x807 , sherlock-holmes-a-game-of-shadows-poster.jpg )
Stephen Fry and the Holmes/Moriarty scenes aside, I think I prefer the first movie.
>> No. 34502
File 134312015757.jpg - (87.11KB , 650x437 , Hes an average guy just like you_ now connect to h.jpg )
Like ripping out the interesting stuff in an ill advised effort to make it more serious?
>> No. 34506
The TR remake is based more on the actual short story, not the dumb Arnold film.
>> No. 34507
Like the Willy Wonka remake?
>> No. 34509
The Willy Wonka remake wasn't based on the books at all.
>> No. 34513
Should've used a picture of the A-Team movie for that.
>> No. 34518
File 134321590512.jpg - (152.63KB , 1096x770 , the-lone-ranger01.jpg )
>Read about how serious Johnny Depp wants to play Tonto in the new Lone Ranger movie.

>See Early promo photo


I think the dead bird is a bit much there "chief".
>> No. 34522
File 134323265377.jpg - (23.47KB , 300x346 , lone-ranger.jpg )
I know how every single series is a homogeneous grey mass of generic to the point of all pictures being taken in front of cloudy skies with blue or orange lighting and the colors all faded out because fuck bright colors and things that are unique.


>> No. 34523
You sure it's dead, though?

Yay for the 21st century...
Man, fuck filters.
>> No. 34525
Also the uniform is off. Sure its more in line with the look of a Texas Ranger of the era but with the Mask it just looks silly. Blue is easy enough to rationalize (I must wear a disguise so hide my former life..I'll wear my/brothers/fathers old Calvary Uniform). And Johnny is no help looking like the ancestor of The Crow. All that black..cripes Hollywood..no.
>> No. 34527
File 134325410764.jpg - (115.75KB , 800x600 , tonto-and-the-lone-ranger-on-horses-horse-horsebac.jpg )
>fuck filters


>> No. 34530
How do you get LESS accurate in terms of race than a show from the 50s?
>> No. 34531
Guys calm down, wait at least for a trailer to dismiss this as some sort of grimdark shit or whatever. The costumes in the PotC movies aren't exactly the most colorful ever, and yet the movies are the silliest less SERIOUS BUSINESS you can get
>> No. 34561

He's making fun of honkies in heaven now.

George Jefferson Teaches Tom H…youtube thumb
>> No. 34572
File 134335448652.gif - (0.99MB , 200x200 , 1287090621996.gif )
>dat ending to Heartbeats

Possibly one of my favourite endings ever.
>> No. 34581
File 134341631017.jpg - (217.16KB , 324x500 , 1343414962193[1].jpg )
So I just learned this exists.

What I haven't learned, and cannot begin to fathom, is WHY. WHY WHY WHY WHY?
>> No. 34583
Because America wants to have a wily and "eccentric" Sherlock too.
I'm going to stay away from it with a ten foot pole personally speaking.
There's entirely too many crime investigation shows as it is.
>> No. 34584
But we already have the Hollywood version! RDJ's a great Sherlock.

Unless that doesn't count because Guy Ritchie himself is British.
>> No. 34586
File 134345187285.gif - (872.47KB , 500x270 , HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.gif )
Oh good grief.

>But we already have the Hollywood version! RDJ's a great Sherlock.

RDJ is a good actor.

Unfortunately Hollywood has never given him an opportunity to be anything but a fucking horrendous Sherlock Holmes.
>> No. 34589
>Unfortunately Hollywood has never given him an opportunity to be anything but a fucking horrendous Sherlock Holmes.

Do elaborate on your opinion.
>> No. 34590
Does he really need to? It's not exactly a rare viewpoint among Conan Doyle fans. I mean, if you enjoy the movies, okay. I might have enjoyed them if they weren't meant to be Sherlock Holmes. But they make "I, Robot" and Disney's "Hunchback of Notre Dame" look faithful to the source material. Holmes really wasn't a character invented with big Hollywood blockbusters in mind.

To be fair, Hollywood has a history of having a hard time with detective story adaptations in general.
>> No. 34591
File 134347381315.jpg - (14.44KB , 500x152 , index.jpg )
I think the main problem with that is actually making him Sherlock and calling her Watson. Its always much better when they are characters based on the basic archetypes of the Duo.
>> No. 34593
File 134347608935.jpg - (6.82KB , 231x251 , slowpoke.jpg )
>Shawn and Gus are Holmes and Watson
Damn my name suits me so incredibly well.
>> No. 34594
I've yet to see Game of Shadows but I will say that Guy Ritchie Sherlock 1 was barely a mystery so in that sense yeah it's not very good (still a fun movie though). But RDJ and Jude are a FANTASTIC Holmes and Watson.

Yeah, I'll buy that.
>> No. 34595
File 134347799528.png - (100.27KB , 624x352 , The_Mentalist_2008_Intertitle.png )
The CBS problem is that they are already doing the Female Watson bit. Likely they want to have something to replace their current runner of that due this being its final season.
>> No. 34600
Because Sherlock Holmes has been interpreted a million times, so another version won't hurt.
>> No. 34602
File 13434932345.jpg - (40.77KB , 630x490 , rowan-atkinson-mr_-bean-at-london-2012-olympic-ope.jpg )
Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) - Ope…youtube thumb

Best part from last night's opening ceremony.
>> No. 34607
>This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by International Olympic Committee.


anyone know what was the deal with those cone things those kids were carrying.
>> No. 34609
They were parts of the cauldron. I didn't get it either until they lit it and then I thought it was a beautiful idea.
>> No. 34610
The only consistently great part of that show is Cho.
>> No. 34612
and in the last episode they'll flip his switch and roll him off to storage.
>> No. 34651
I'm just gonna state it flat out.

If you ever liked any shaky cam movie then you are a cancer and a pox, you are the death of good horror movies incarnate, especially if said shaky movie contained CGI.
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