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File 128630088434.jpg - (117.08KB , 900x563 , Seek_and_Destroy_by_GolgothisTitanicus.jpg )
19792 No. 19792
New Trailer.
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>> No. 19793
Also sweden gets its the special LAST.
>> No. 19804
Aren't those things in Halo 3?
>> No. 19817
File 128634219339.png - (138.77KB , 837x473 , rxn (135).png )
>I liked Avatar but this is getting out of hand. What is this, another re-release?
>> No. 19827
>> No. 19830
Do want in DVD
>> No. 19833
Avatar Collector's Edition: 3-Disc Special Edition DVD (£19.99):
Disc One and Two
Original Theatrical Version
Special Edition Re-release
Collector's Extended Cut - Over 15 more minutes and exclusive alternate opening

Disc Three
Capturing Avatar - An in-depth feature length documentary with James Cameron, Jon Landau and cast and crew
Deleted Scenes - including over 45 minutes of new never-before-seen deleted scenes
>> No. 19875
Look who got herself a deveant art page: http://maria22882288.deviantart.com/
>> No. 19883

I couldn't attend Comiket myself, and looked everywhere for the dojinshi she made afterwards in stores, but didn't find it.

I'll have to ask for an online purchase if that's possible.
>> No. 19961
Good news for X-men fans!
>> No. 19998
Oh he comes back as some kinda anti nature force..hell its Ferngully so might as well go all the way.
>> No. 20036
File 128734074732.jpg - (138.80KB , 600x429 , o0600042910803630534.jpg )
Had to "share" this!
You will WTF
>> No. 20039
File 128734666963.jpg - (51.29KB , 600x600 , SS0043-13.jpg )
Who gets the bitches?

Yea, that's right.
>> No. 20092
>> No. 20095
yea..if he doesn't strike while the Iron is hot...its gonna cool and everything will pass him by.
>> No. 20109
Cameron, where the fuck is Battle Angel???
>> No. 20110

>Battle Angel (2013)

hopes are not the highest for this. But if we get a figure release I'll be fucking thrilled.
>> No. 20118
More Jim:
Also Maria have started to post one of her comics on DA, TRANSLATED! By herself, oh Boy... Hope you guys like engrish!
>> No. 20167
It's rather appropriate, the Na'vi don't speak English well.
>> No. 20182
File 128794905327.jpg - (426.62KB , 900x1315 , jake_neytiri__s_wedding_story_1_by_maria22882288-d.jpg )
Okay, dont say I did not warn you!>>20167
>> No. 20183
File 128794932061.jpg - (327.07KB , 739x1080 , jake_neytiri__s_wedding_story_2_by_maria22882288-d.jpg )
>> No. 20184
File 128794949430.jpg - (468.94KB , 900x1315 , jake_neytiri__s_wedding_story_3_by_maria22882288-d.jpg )
>> No. 20185
File 128794961711.jpg - (437.10KB , 900x1315 , jake_neytiri__s_wedding_story_4_by_maria22882288-d.jpg )
>> No. 20186
File 128794979857.jpg - (302.86KB , 739x1080 , jake_neytiri__s_wedding_story_5_by_maria22882288-d.jpg )
Im sure you do Jake, Im sure you do.
>> No. 20187
File 128795063458.jpg - (253.04KB , 739x1080 , jake_neytiri__s_wedding_story_6_by_maria22882288-d.jpg )
The rest is NSFWish so you have to get it yourself.(or make a thread in pco)
Back with news later!
>> No. 20266

Gonna by this like a motherfucker.
>> No. 20304
>> No. 20339
You can read parts of AVTR:TASG here, if you want to...
Im am sucker for fake fact books!
>> No. 20379
More news http://www.starkinsider.com/2010/10/james-cameron-on-avatar-2-environment-reaching-ocean-bottom-video.html
>> No. 20385
Abyss 2
>> No. 20442
>> No. 20594
>> No. 20617
Well, it beats the board game.
>> No. 20710
File 128963918349.jpg - (110.78KB , 1024x768 , 111497472_1 creepy.jpg )
Wow, this thing is really fucking creepy!
>> No. 20836
Um... In other news!
New Nipp-slip!
Oh and Maria has updated dounj... comic!
>> No. 21067
And the parodiy keep on coming...
>> No. 21121
File 129065467552.jpg - (1.77MB , 1600x1200 , 8162023.jpg )
Saw it

Why the fuck did they cut so many scenes that were crucial for various characters?
>> No. 21122
Japan liked Avatar?
>> No. 21131

Apparently there's a 2hr 40min cap on Imax showings so they had to focus more on plot development than character development.

For those who have seen all the cut scenes: is the Uniltaron scene in there? The one where they shoot Jake up with that scorpion and he starts tripping?
>> No. 21132
Well, more like one talented fangirl but its a start...
Reposting if you missed it the FIRST time.
Also her "home" page.
They did not want to make a 5-6 hour movie?
Well there is always the book!
(Nice pic btw)
>> No. 21155
File 129077504886.jpg - (2.58MB , 1000x1681 , 8164616.jpg )
Why the fuck is Cameron making a sequel anyway?

I mean, it was a pretty self contained story. I really don't see how they could continue with it.
Whats next Titanic 2?

Hell, if all he wants is money he should just make Battle Angel already, or really anything else at this point.
>> No. 21158
From what I heard, he's still trying to decide if he really wants to do Alita or not.
>> No. 21163
I'm watching the deleted scenes right now, haven't seen that yet.


Apparently Norm and Trudy start shacking up when they're staying in the Hallelujah Mountains, consequently Norm mellows out. I don't know whether to like this or not care. It's nice to see Rodriguez with her hair down anyway.
>> No. 21164
Sage for double post.
Yes, his ritual for becoming a man involves ingesting a worm that feeds off of the home tree, and then being stung by some scorpion/centipede like creature. As Jake's body spasms his mind travels upward through the tree, as if he is seeing the neural network of the Na'vi. He then finds himself standing on a cliff, seeing Turok, and then he sees a vision of the forest decimated, burning and in ashes, as if the mining company already came through and won. He wakes up and emerges as part of the people.
>> No. 21184
>still trying to decide if he really wants to do Alita or not.

>> No. 21185
My feelings exactly. I'll have to ask my cousin if he said anything else on the subject, but I think he's still waffling because it's a fanboy project and might not do too well in theaters.
>> No. 21189

“It’s still on my radar. It’s a story I love. We wrote the script back before we started Avatar and again, we gotta figure out where it lies. I don’t have infinite time.”
>> No. 21203

Anime/manga adaptations do bad enough, now make that a rather obscure one...
>> No. 21207
Five words.

"From the creator of Avatar"

>> No. 21208
Add three more.

And The Terminator!

>> No. 21260
Aliens and Titanic don't count?
>> No. 21262
>> No. 21266
>"Zombies Invade Pandora"
>Michelle Rodriguez

lol stealth pun
>> No. 21283
File 129130549634.jpg - (857.67KB , 990x700 , 7919443.jpg )
Movie needed more Krogans, nevertheless I really liked it
>> No. 21296
File 129145194248.jpg - (182.34KB , 800x539 , o0800053910873652405.jpg )
Oh yeah, Maria made art of that.
>> No. 21297
File 129145958921.jpg - (226.77KB , 800x1170 , o0800117010875681507.jpg )
And other things like the dual.
>> No. 21299
File 12914598837.jpg - (142.54KB , 800x584 , o0800058410879815132.jpg )
Or the dance.
>> No. 21304
File 129151716395.jpg - (53.44KB , 495x496 , 1291454954750.jpg )
>Panasonic 3D Ultimate Pack
>> No. 21307
I'm watching the "Night before Avatar" thing in the live special features. It's so fucking bad, I think I'm going to have to watch Happy Harry's Avatar thing again just to remember what good animated Na'vi look like.
>> No. 21324
File 129164021636.png - (597.41KB , 812x600 , poster165850.png )
Back from stasis.
>> No. 21330
File 129166866733.jpg - (276.28KB , 900x1233 , new_life_by_maria22882288-d32p47b.jpg )
HAHA! Its funny casue its true!
And thats why we love it!
Also New Life.
>> No. 21333
I have to admit, seeing the normally svelte Na'vi suddenly with swollen bellies seemed *really* weird. I'm glad it was cut.
>> No. 21348
Don't you have to buy a new TV for that?
>> No. 21371
Yeah, that really needed more work, but I think they pulled it off.
But hey, prioretys.
Also offspring comformed for A2?
>> No. 21374
Yes. What I can't believe is Panasonic sells plasma 3D TVs (no LCD or LED-lit LCDs).

Who would buy a plasma TV nowdays?
>> No. 21565
You know I have been thinking...
With all the "talk" about it being a ripoff, what will happen when other moviemakers start to rip Avatar off?
(Just like all other of James movies!)
>> No. 21571
Well, I guess it depends on how they rip it off, or rather what aspect of the movie they imitate.

You certainly couldn't say a similar story was a rip off.
>> No. 21776
Oh wait, I meant Knock off, not rip off. (Half of that time, I think...)
My bad! Take this as my way to say sorry.
>> No. 21983
File 129373030292.jpg - (69.73KB , 640x480 , 30-12-10_1812.jpg )
Have I FINNALY gotten my hands on the XL version.
I only found the dual Blu ray+DVD, maybe we sweds only got that one.
Also I feel its high time I show off the Avatar stuff I got during the year.
>> No. 22249
has there been any sequel news lately?
>> No. 22252
>> No. 22295
File 129461272825.jpg - (1.12MB , 2490x1660 , miley.jpg )
Just watched it the other day. It was way better than I expected.

The only problem I had is I felt they made the "villain" way too sympathetic and attractive. I was on his side for pretty much the whole movie. Also I kind of wish Weaver had a bigger role.
>> No. 22333
Really? I thought he came off as too much of an atypical mustache twirling douche bad guy.
>> No. 22337
Same here, though at least I could respect his tenacity (my nickname for him was "Sargent Killfuck"). It was the weasel-dicked corporate guy who really got on my nerves in terms of one-dimensional villainy.

Avatar, as a whole, is as subtle and intelligent as a brick to the face.
>> No. 22338
I get what he is saying. For most of the movie Quaritch is just a guy doing an incredibly tough job as efficently as the circumstances allow. The guy does take care of the people under his command, and it's telling that he was about to honor his part of the deal with Jake. Even when he commanded the destruction of the Hometree, and came up as a callous asshole, he is still technically following orders, plus the whole situation is in big part Jake's fault. He did NOTHING of what he was sent to do, that is to establish a diplomatic solution, and instead spent all the time having fun with the natives.
>> No. 22349
...I have a hunch, now it's only a hunch, that he was being sarcastic.
>> No. 22356
If you watch the extended version there are more scenes that actually put the corporate guy in a better light, leaving Quatrich to look like an overbearing asshole.
>> No. 22372
Yeah, for a hero, Jake is a huge dumbass.
>> No. 22375
File 129477543822.jpg - (434.57KB , 1004x1561 , PosterComp_seth.jpg )
Better poster.

Execs had killed this?

Sauce: http://sethengstrom.blogspot.com/
>> No. 22376
what is it with girls and psychopathic badasses with scars?
>> No. 22379
File 129478309598.jpg - (29.50KB , 400x400 , 1292751403299.jpg )

>badass psychopaths with scars
>> No. 22403
Thanks for linking that! Now I have a new sub-folder full of Concept art.
>> No. 22412
Do we really need to explain this one again?
>> No. 22417
File 129486326160.jpg - (58.83KB , 250x377 , has anyone seen deadpool.jpg )
I prefer "ambitious".
>> No. 22563
File 129527159885.jpg - (258.77KB , 1600x718 , WillowTreesFinalPrint2.jpg )
The wiki have found more concept art.
>> No. 22564
Also the local tv-guild review of Avatar gave it 4 out of 5 stars.
"James Camerons megasuccé. Under det Oscarsbelönade utanpåverket - fantastisk cinematografi, makalösa visuella effekter - är det en skön traditionell matinéfilm, fast med extra alla."
Now I just need to find that bloody fish to tranlate it for you.
>> No. 22565
Get Google translator.
>"James Cameron's mega-hit. In the Oscar-winning outside of work - fantastic cinematography, stunning visual effects - it is a beautiful traditional matinee movie, but with extra all."
>> No. 22826
Thank dude!
Found some!
Also I like "Capturing avatar" better then the moive it self.
You should TOTALLY see it!
>> No. 23010
File 129711731711.png - (572.54KB , 729x734 , LRAD_1000_nobackground.png )
This beef is more with the RDA then the movie but...
WHY DID YOU NOT USE THIS! (I know its younger then the script, thank you)
LRADs must be even more effective if its true the Na'vi have better hearing then us.
Or more gas, we all saw how well that worked!
Also related http://fusionfilter.com/?p=8311
>> No. 23120

No need to register.
>> No. 23322
Avatar Pinball Machine - Pre-P…youtube thumb
Aw sweet!
>> No. 23782
Dude has a point.
>> No. 23784
This commentator sums up some of my feelings rather nicely.

>My problem with the movie had nothing to do with what it drew or did not draw inspiration from.
>My biggest problem was the lack of shades of gray. There was so much potential they could have had by making some Na'vi as bad as the military/corporation, and some of the military/corporation (not low ranking protagonists) as good as the Na'vi.

>How much better would the movie have been if the corporate CEO wasn't just a pint sized egomaniac, but conflicted the whole time. What if he felt that, no matter what, human interests should be first and humans presently were dying from lack of resources. But struggled with every decision?

>Or what if the military commander was a loving family man with a wife, children and grandchildren on Earth, but jaded by his time on Pandora where he watches his soldiers and friends dying every day while the Na'vi sit comfortably in isolation.

>What if, until this point, the Na'vi clans were involved in bloody wars for many things including territory and resource disputes (just like the real Native Americans). What if one of the clans was interested in modernizing and wanted to barter with the humans for technology and weapons?

>Too much potential was wasted on an ultimately pretty shallow plot. That doesn't mean I don't like the movie. It wasn't just pretty, it set visual milestones. And it inspired me to think about the world in deeper terms, even if it wasn't portrayed that way.
>> No. 23791
Same here.
Cardboard characters kinda ruined the film for me.
>> No. 23801

yea its a formulated thing, its what Hollywood does and its the problem that has started biting them in the ass for about the past 10-15 years Ferngully, Atlantis the Lost Empire (Fuck so many Similarities between this and Atlantis during the second and third acts its fucking horrible.. it almost gets beat for beat on tone but not quite) Dances with Wolves..fuck ton of Generic Solider Films..cept Soldier. 3D may be the shit at the moment but its not going to carry them unless they fix the creative sinkhole they have let themselves become. Pretty does good for box office but it doesn't give that many moments that people will be quoting from heart years from now.
>> No. 23954
It all makes sens now!
>> No. 23957
Wow, I thought that was going to be horrible. The part explaining Sam Worthington's absurd accent was brilliant.
>> No. 23959
Not all(As of post)1,120 can be bad.
If only someone could go and seek them out!
>> No. 24296
And when you thourt it could not get any worse!
(We sure are grasping for straws when it comes to A2 news arnt we...)
>> No. 24472
>> No. 24791
>> No. 24792
Oh why does this seem like a Bad End waiting to happen.
>> No. 24794
Yeah, but is not like his other movie have the male dying at the end leaving the female heartbroken.
Oh wait!
(Man even Battle Angle will have that)
>> No. 24795
his death by either heroic last stand, enemy using a hidden Killswitch on him in the moment of triumph or a combo of Natural degradation of his Avatar body leading to heroic last stand.
>> No. 25386
A "you will hate me for this" bump...
>> No. 26165
News bump.
>> No. 26167


>> No. 26256

What? The tech has been developed, the production time for the sequel will be reduced drastically.
>> No. 26260
I want my fucking Alita movie, Cameron. Get on that.
>> No. 26269
I'd rather have Cameron get back in form before he moves to Alita. I liked Avatar, but it had obvious shortcomings, which probably stem from Cameron being outside the moviemaking business for over a decade (and no, those documentaries don't count).
>> No. 26272

That's my point. The tech is already developed. Why's it going to take 5 years for a sequel?
>> No. 26273

Last I checked, we're in 2011. Which means it's only three years until the sequel. And those are normal production times.

As for the Alita movie. I don't think I want it to be done. Way too much butthurt will revolve around it.

Perhaps when and if Cameron's next movie gets better recieved.
>> No. 26276

Avatar came out in 2009.
>> No. 26279
Better received by who exactly?

I didn't even like Avatar that much, but a movie can't do so much cash and still be considered poorly received. Us geeks are a vocal minority. A very vocal, very minor minority.
>> No. 26290

Well depends on how it ages six years is a bit of a gap with nothing in between to keep it fresh since it wasn't that different in theme and just looked good in 3D for some.
>> No. 26309


Most sequels get released past the three year mark.
>> No. 26311

>Lord of the Rings
>2001, 2002, 2003

>The Matrix
>1999, 2003, 2003

>Harry Potter
>2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he's taking Camerontime to get the sequels exactly how he wants them, but...really? Six years? He said the script for the whole trilogy is already done, so what's taking that long? I doubt it's conflicting schedules, who would tell James Cameron "I'm busy right now?"

Except Zaldana. She's got Star Trek, too. Hmm...
>> No. 26312
I'm guessing a LOT of realistic and very expensive CG coupled with research and other design issues.
Pretty realism things take the longest time to make.
>> No. 26317
They have to wait for another "Evil White People" movie to come out so they can copy it.
>> No. 26324
Well since this is going to be underwater he could just make it Abyss 2
>> No. 26404
There something I've always wondered.

Humans can't breathe the air in Pandora due a toxic impurity in the gas mix.

But how about the creatures from Pandora, would they be able to breathe the air in our home planet?
>> No. 26408
Ah good question, I have been wondering that too.
Try and ask on http://james-camerons-avatar.wikia.com/wiki/Avatar_Wiki
They may know.
>> No. 26454
I suspect it would be like mountain air for us. Breathable up to a point, but a bit thin for health.
>> No. 26508
File 130801528810.jpg - (719.59KB , 3750x2500 , 400071_press05.jpg )
Hey cool, Sideshow made a new Avatar statue, lets check the price maybe I can...

> US $1599.99

>> No. 26539

>Checks price
>I'll never have that booty in my collection shelf

Feels bad, man.
>> No. 26546
Any more pics?
>> No. 26568
File 13082346483.jpg - (750.23KB , 2000x3000 , 300032_press03.jpg )
That Neytiri maquette is pretty good, but nothing beats the AMP Suit (plus Col. Quaritch!) maquette Sideshow released a while ago. I've seen it in person, and the level of detail is simply mind-blowing.
>> No. 26600
I found a link yo.
But you dont needed that did you...
Next time I promes for a fanart dump bump!
>> No. 26881
Snippet on the 3D trend and how it looks to be losing ground. Think it will still be around with enough force to back the next Avatar film in 2015?

>> No. 27033
Yeah I dont think they care about that.
So is this ballsy or what in this day and age?
>> No. 27035

What's with this article's author? It's not a trilogy if the only link between the movies are the characters. That's like saying Temple of Doom is the sequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark.
>> No. 27050

Technically, most people will refer to any set of three things as a "trilogy" but in fact, it only counts if the three works were planned and executed as one unit, only broken into parts for easy digestion. It's easy to see for movies; just figure out whether the producers believed the first movie would sell well enough to justify the expense of the other movies right away. if not, they are sequels of some flavor.

Star Wars was a hexalogy by design of Lucas, but technically a standalone movie, a bilogy, and then a prequel-trilogy.

The Matrix was also a standalone movie, and then a bilogy.

Lord of The Rings is an actual trilogy.

The Toy Story movies were all just sequels. Same for the Shrek movies. Same for the Terminator movies.

Harry Potter is a heptalogy (err... heptalogy and a half? I don't want to call Deathly Hallows parts 1/2 seperate movies) or whatever.

Whatever the hell Cameron is planning, it's basically a standalone movie (Avatar) and then a bilogy. The other two movies will make a fuckload of money even if they're each just three hours of catpeople masturbating while sitting in technicolor trees.

In fact, most "trilogies" follow this pattern. Once the brand is established, usually there's enough justification to order two more movies to round out the saga. People seem to like things to come in threes.
>> No. 28333
File 131343371864.png - (359.95KB , 576x576 , Not_Suitable_by_Teh_Pocky_Ninja.png )
Fanart bump! As I said.
So I can "news bump" later...
>> No. 28334
File 131343419392.jpg - (492.05KB , 842x1089 , avatar_with_hammerheadrinopus_by_AlivanArt.jpg )
Well 4 is my lucky nummber.
>> No. 28336
File 131343526915.jpg - (300.90KB , 400x621 , Avataaaaaaaarrrr_by_ktshy.jpg )
You know... I think Im as big of a fan this movie (series) as I am of Friendship is Magic.
Mening like it alot both for what it is but also for what is has done, but dont think its the greates thing in the world or will ever beat the top spots of TMNT and Transformers to namn a few.
And that I hover up all pic I want so that a can just say "oh you talking about that? Well let me post some pic instead for talking about becouse I dont have anything to say do to assburgers clogging ma brain".
And yet I feel that I get less shit for liking ponys then this movie, is that weird?
>> No. 28338
File 131343617361.jpg - (141.44KB , 350x537 , Grace_01_WL_NYCL_by_Dark_Cali.jpg )
And man is it hard to find (good) human/RDA based fanart.
More news next time.
>> No. 28345
>And yet I feel that I get less shit for liking ponys then this movie, is that weird?
Not really. The characters in MLP have more depth and the morals are less forced.

>> No. 28350
Ages ago, I saw a pretty awesome fanmade painted poster for Avatar, very oldschool looking, like those painted film posters that nobody makes anymore.

Does anyone have that pic?
>> No. 28418
File 131360316366.jpg - (543.82KB , 1000x1481 , Avatar_by_shokxone_studios.jpg )
Ow! I can feel that burn all the way over here in sweden. nICE!
This one?
Also about that news bump.
>> No. 28870
File 131527965576.jpg - (1.13MB , 1998x3060 , page00a.jpg )
Hey, remember that Call me joe story pepole was bitching about but never read themself? (your missing out guys!)
Well I found a comic of it.
And guess what, IT SUCKS! (the comic that is.)
>> No. 28871
File 131527989230.jpg - (1.05MB , 1905x2832 , page02.jpg )
And the main reason is the alien design.
>> No. 28872
File 131527998014.jpg - (1.06MB , 1881x2817 , page03.jpg )
>> No. 28873
File 131528008132.jpg - (960.10KB , 1875x2829 , page04.jpg )
>> No. 28874
File 131528016283.jpg - (1.04MB , 1890x2763 , page05.jpg )
>> No. 28875
File 131528022622.jpg - (1.12MB , 1880x2848 , page06.jpg )
>> No. 28876
File 131528030293.jpg - (1.06MB , 1869x2772 , page07.jpg )
>> No. 28877
File 131528039880.jpg - (1.11MB , 1854x2808 , page08.jpg )
>> No. 28878
File 131528080684.jpg - (1.09MB , 1866x2721 , page09.jpg )
>> No. 28879
File 131528168675.jpg - (1.02MB , 1848x2784 , page10.jpg )
>> No. 28880
File 131528172919.jpg - (1.16MB , 1887x2748 , page11.jpg )
>> No. 28881
File 131528176592.jpg - (958.11KB , 1842x2769 , page12.jpg )
>> No. 28882
File 131528181471.jpg - (1.00MB , 1860x2756 , page13.jpg )
>> No. 28883
File 131528203045.jpg - (1.12MB , 1863x2838 , page14.jpg )
And that it.
If I have to say one good thing about it, its that it give of the same feel as the old(est) Star Trek show.
But bad it bleachs next to its book form.
>> No. 29362
File 13165424149.gif - (52.35KB , 550x309 , AVATAR Coming To Disney Parks.gif )
So this is happening
>> No. 29373
Well, Disney was going to make it when 20th Century originally passed on it.
>> No. 29374
>> No. 29459
Dunno, but I found this.
Avatar 3 And Scarface Remake (ep. 376)youtube thumb
Also there is some thing called Avatar 2 Hungry Beast that you may wanna check out. I dont have the time.
>> No. 29633
>> No. 30140
File 131994837283.jpg - (239.19KB , 1024x733 , 1319849763150.jpg )
What's the sauce on these comics?

Pic related
>> No. 30141
The fuck am I looking at?
>> No. 30165
He has more. Like about Ghost in shell stuff.
>> No. 30210
>> No. 30356
Cameron should stick to movies. There was a lot more wrong with the Avatar game then just releasing it before the movie debuted or its lack of 3d.
>> No. 30359
>> No. 31036
Okay this more /toy/ but DAAAAAAAMN!
Just read the list of stuff.
>> No. 32920
News bump.
Also lets see if I can keep this thread alive intill the next movie comes out.
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