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File 132324678529.jpg - (193.73KB , 600x1483 , karkat_ fondly regard fan creation.jpg )
57165 No. 57165
Because I simply can't let one of my all-time favorite threads die. The good, the bad, it all goes here.

Dave: Imbibe apple drinkyoutube thumb
PonPonPon Equius and Nepeta.youtube thumb
Please Don't Taste The Artyoutube thumb
[Homestuck] Karkat: Lamentyoutube thumb
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>> No. 57192
[S] Jake meets Aradiayoutube thumb
crazy gamzeeyoutube thumb
>> No. 57194
Don't forget the link to the old thread. That's always appreciated.

Old Thread: >>29662
>> No. 57210
Sailor Dog Tier Transformationyoutube thumb
>> No. 57294
why hasn't anybody posted this yet?
Bro the Fuck to Sleepyoutube thumb
>> No. 57295
-or this!
[S]Karkat: Play Amnesiayoutube thumb
>> No. 57302
Homestuck Traileryoutube thumb
A lot of people make shitty Homestuck trailers. This is literally the only one worth watching.
>> No. 57320
I disagree. I like this one.
Homestuck Trailer (Harlequin)youtube thumb
>> No. 57332
You're both wrong. This is where it's at.
Probably Not A Homestuck Traileryoutube thumb
>> No. 57344
The voice acting in this one isn't too bad. Definitely one of the ones I would consider using to introduce someone.

On the same note, this one has no cohesion, it's more confusing than introductory.

...yeah. I got nothing.

Ok, while trying to be slightly serious about this fad, I like this one because it gives a good enough idea about what's going on without giving a ton away. Also, it's 3:14 long.

MSPA: Homestuck Traileryoutube thumb

Also, it links to here:
Homestuck: page one (link to …youtube thumb
directly in the video.
>> No. 57381
That one is incredibly terrible and stupid. It's just a jumble of random images that tells you nothing about the story, and worse, there are way too many jokes and gags.

This is even worse! Showing people act 1 will never get them interested in Homestuck.
>> No. 57387
No man that one is kind of a parody.
Go to the end and wait for the end.
Basically it's, Look! Homestuck goes from this to THAT.
>> No. 57419
Ask The Striders - Girl Adviceyoutube thumb

Classic Bro.
>> No. 57531
PRODUCTIVITYyoutube thumb

I'm basically a fan of all of the Bard's work. I remember posting some links in the previous YT thread.
>> No. 57576
this just made my day!
>> No. 57583
[S] Past Karkat Wake Upyoutube thumb
[S] Descend (Hana's Magnum Opus)youtube thumb
Howw About Nowwyoutube thumb
>> No. 57681
John Egbert vs The World (Trailer)youtube thumb
>> No. 57768

A special something for all the people out there, who have similar tastes to Vriska and John...
>> No. 57769
I don't get it.
>> No. 57960
How Bro Communicatesyoutube thumb

Ask Equius!youtube thumb

It's Hardyoutube thumb
>> No. 58130
File 132410891410.png - (8.79KB , 539x72 , lifdoff.png )
Weird Flying Sabertooth Tiger SKYRIMyoutube thumb

He will never get tiger now.
>> No. 58227
Switcherooyoutube thumb
Quest of the Highbloodsyoutube thumb
SO much Octopimp
>> No. 58230
Heh. Ever since I saw that comic I was waiting for this.
>> No. 58286
Guile Theme Goes With Everythi…youtube thumb

>> No. 58520
History Lessonyoutube thumb
>> No. 58684
[S] Karkat: Receive Bucketyoutube thumb
>> No. 58690

Has anyone voice acted Karkat's recent rants yet?
>> No. 58703
Savior of the Slamming Jamyoutube thumb

enjoy all
>> No. 58720
Now that was good.

Thank you.
>> No. 58773
Yeeeeees more slam mash ups! I legit cant get enough of these things
>> No. 58881
[S] Whose machines?youtube thumb
>> No. 58906
File 132479861248.png - (51.65KB , 875x880 , 1202485290301.png )
>> No. 58959
No my friend, <i>THIS</i> is a Christmas Miracle!
The Twelve Trolls of Christmasyoutube thumb
>> No. 58962
That song has really been ruined for me by those idiots who went caroling it door to door. The obnoxious "fuckass" part doesn't help it either.
>> No. 58968
Yeah that door to door stuff sounds horrible, but the song and video on YT is awesome.
>> No. 58977
I know not of these carols. What happened exactly?
>> No. 58979
It's completely off rhythm.
The VAing is just obnoxious.
It's not even clever.

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
>> No. 58980
Caroling door to door with troll version or regular version?
>> No. 58981
Oh god. I once saw a video of some MLP guys holding toy ponies and marching on a Burger King while singing songs from the show. If awkwardness was a physical object I would have been crushed to death by it.

Why do people ever think that shit like this is a good idea?
>> No. 58985
>Why do people ever think that shit like this is a good idea?
Because they don't give a shit what you think.
>> No. 58987
Nobody ever thinks "hey, is this a bad and awkward idea?", anon. They think "hey this will be fun let's do it! :D" and then the rest of us get an awkward story and maybe even a youtube video.
>> No. 58997
File 132510571052.jpg - (26.47KB , 400x196 , urgh.jpg )
of course being anon it could just be made up, but just the mere idea gives me a bad taste in the mouth.
>> No. 59000
Lol they are so special and confident and we should all admire their super cool disregard for being fucking obnoxious.
>> No. 59001
apathy doesn't make them look any less retarded
>> No. 59008
the caroling part is awful but honestly i kinda want to see pictures of troll cosplayers in hideous sweaters, i think it would be funny

they should have said they were krampus' elves and maybe people would have been more accepting of it

unless everyone they sang to were plebes who don't know who krampus is
>> No. 59011
Did I say that?

Yeah it's fucking dumb and annoying as hell, but it ain't worth two shits to get all pissed over it.
>> No. 59209
[S] Jack: Bee yourselfyoutube thumb
>> No. 59499
Well, I liked it
>> No. 59500
Terribly sorry, but I cannot seem to delete my previous post. A moderator can delete both these posts if he wishes.
>> No. 59520
Carefree Crankyoutube thumb

Fixed that for ya, buddy.
>> No. 59574
File 132580706188.png - (9.87KB , 477x401 , I_Like.png )
Thank you very much kind sir
>> No. 59590
Married...with Scalematesyoutube thumb

Its just a shame he didn't use the fixed version. Still sweet/
>> No. 59640
lalondeyoutube thumb

lalonde 2youtube thumb
>> No. 59646
Welp, looks like I have a new head canon voice for R-Mom.
>> No. 59671
yes. this is the best thing.
>> No. 59739
Sburban Jungle - Percussion Ensembleyoutube thumb
>> No. 60227
What A Jerkyoutube thumb
>> No. 60237
Two Syllablesyoutube thumb
>> No. 60242
Haha still can't believe there are people who are bothered about 'the naming pattern' being broken.

It was fair enough to base thier guesses on the new names being single syllable from how all the other humans kids names so far were as such, but now that its shown not to be the case it really shouldn't be an issue.

>> No. 60769
Bringing Up Babiesyoutube thumb

Man I loved this comic so much. Cool to find out someones voiced it.

Dirk's Namingyoutube thumb

This was good too.
>> No. 60786
If you get upset about your fan theories being jossed, you're in the wrong fandom.
>> No. 60795
Rap...rap like your liquor depends on it!
Also, very much awesome.
>> No. 60796
i really, really love watching this, i laugh every single time
>> No. 60917
NOyoutube thumb
>> No. 60949
This is the best voice for Mom/Roxy and Bro/Dirk
>> No. 61026
Drunken Fistyoutube thumb
Oh Roxy, you lush.
>> No. 61055
I'm so glad h2h is one of her fighting styles, no doubt it'll be combined with her love of the sauce readily enough
>> No. 61058
Vodkacornyoutube thumb
More Roxy shenanigans.
>> No. 61517
Future Shockyoutube thumb

Technicolor Yawnyoutube thumb
>> No. 61532
Why, Aradiayoutube thumb

Blackrom feelings are the best feelingsyoutube thumb

Your biggest fanyoutube thumb
>> No. 61540
Macho Macho Manyoutube thumb
>> No. 61550
And just like that, I'm gay for Grandpa Harley.
>> No. 61555
He's the only Guardian that wasn't killed in thier game, maybe we'll see him again, unless immediatly after taking Jade's stuffed corpse he went back through time and was the version that got capped by Tavros.
>> No. 61559
Well, there is this:

EB: he seems like he was an awesome guy, i would have liked to have the chance to talk to him.
GG: well
GG: maybe you will get that chance john
EB: oh?
GG: yes, as a matter of fact i am sure we will both get that chance!
GG: i once dreamt that we would

This was probably a Skaia cloud, and I don't think it can refer to Jake because she wouldn't recognize him.
I'd say the most likely way for this to go is that Grandpa's on the kids' Battlefield right now and that he'll use Jake's transmaterializer to get back into his universe.
>> No. 61572
It's DocScratch the Cowardly Godyoutube thumb
Laugh every single time at Scratch in the end. GANGSTERS!
>> No. 61677
Elevatorstuck 3youtube thumb

The conclusion to Elevatorstuck.
>> No. 61678
Mixed Signalsyoutube thumb
>> No. 61679
"shut up, fat woman" get me every time
>> No. 61690
I absolutely love that Roxy voice, but it's not how I'd imagine Jane to sound AT ALL.
>> No. 61691
Kinda suits with how we saw Nanna's upbringing, its oddly fitting.
Could be alot worse but its obviously going to be particularly decisive with the number of people who like it and who disiike it.
>> No. 62046
Katanamazingyoutube thumb

Clownspottingyoutube thumb
>> No. 62185
*buckles up*youtube thumb
>> No. 62314
is tindeck acceptable here?
>> No. 62372
There was a music thread, but yes, tindeck is always acceptable.
>> No. 62476
Homestuck: Big Bouncing Inflatable Green Ballyoutube thumb
>> No. 62770
[S] John: Just Lose ityoutube thumb
>> No. 63015
Be Thou My VVisionyoutube thumb
>> No. 63072
Brotherly Loveyoutube thumb

Hair Scareyoutube thumb

Princely Garbyoutube thumb
>> No. 63145
[S] Ancestors: What's Going Onyoutube thumb

>> No. 63192
That was wonderful.
>> No. 63193
The inevitable. Based off of >>63171.

Like A Hussyoutube thumb
>> No. 63300
The Clown of the Baskervillesyoutube thumb
>> No. 63430
[S] Jake meets Aradiayoutube thumb

Trial of the Plushrumpyoutube thumb
>> No. 63677
>> No. 63700
[S] Discordyoutube thumb
>> No. 63707
Damn, that song had some sick beatz
Sweet artwork!
The lyrics were pretty fitting, too.
>> No. 63720
[S] Jake and Roxy: Have a perfect dateyoutube thumb
>> No. 63760
>> No. 63773
My god
>> No. 63988
【Homestuck】 Three in the M…youtube thumb

[spoiler]Listen to this[spoiler]
>> No. 64038
what if dirk and roxy had kidsyoutube thumb
>> No. 64570
eriyoutube thumb
>> No. 64659
Good Adviceyoutube thumb
>> No. 64666
Eh the older version by the other guy was better, especially when Bro takes matters into his own hands.
>> No. 64734
Welcome To Prospityoutube thumb
>> No. 64742
Kyon-kun, your friend's already hereyoutube thumb
>> No. 64851
IRL Sexy Kanaya
>> No. 64886
Ok seriously, what is the story behind Rose's PTSD here? I love doodleanon but this has always puzzled me.
Also can someone link me to how we embed youtube videos? I suck, I know.
>> No. 64888
Just copy and paste the url of the video into your post.

As for the Rose thing, I just assumed Rose was traumatized from getting blown up and reforming in the Green Sun. Dave wasn't bothered by it because he is Dave. Dunno if that's right, but it was the only reason I could think of.
>> No. 64895
Karkat HATES Facebookyoutube thumb
ah, thank you. but that doesn't seem quite right, if Rose could handle the screaming voice of the abyss in her head, I think she could get through being a little obliteration and rebirth.
I sense an in-joke we're missing.
>> No. 64896
[s] Seer: Avengeyoutube thumb
>> No. 64897
It's part of a really terrible meme on HSG which involves making fun of people for their insecurities. Business as usual for 4chan.
>> No. 64914
But insecurities are inherently unreasonable and silly.
>> No. 64929
that doesn't make them easy to get rid of.
>> No. 64976
And yet millions of people require medication and intense psychological therapy for things so unfounded and silly.
>> No. 64999
Most of all, why does Rose still have PTSD after 3 years and why is a happy reunion with John triggering it?
this is just... ugh.
>> No. 65007
People are taking this shit way too seriously, its quite clearly not a serious comic.
>> No. 65027
>why does Rose still have PTSD after 3 years

>> No. 65087
File 133603616082.png - (5.57KB , 249x345 , hello i am a seer and what is this.png )
That's not true. The original request was for Dave to be bragging to John about how his lover interests are all sane while John's are all emotional wrecks (how valid that is could be debated). I exaggerated Rose's emotional state to the point of constantly so>>64897
bbing to contrast with everyone else around them being happy and also because it's funny.
Eridan's PTSD comment was meant to be more of "Eridan doesn't understand what PTSD is and is just dropping the term because he's an ass" rather than "Rose has PTSD".

Y'all over think things. It's just a comic.
>> No. 65088
Ok I typoed that post to hell but the point is still there.
>> No. 65279
FULL L1F3 CONS3QU3NC3Syoutube thumb
>> No. 65298

Why does Octopimp have to ruin every joke and make it unfunny.

Oh well, share time: Rude Derse Dreamersyoutube thumb
>> No. 65299
God damn my ears!
>> No. 65324
The Condescension Song - Homestuck Animationyoutube thumb
Has anyone posted this? I couldnt find it!!!
>> No. 65450
wow, even for fananimations that's pretty bad.
>> No. 65616
First, the fanbase do a terrible job on the last two music albums, and now this? Is there no other person in that homstuk community that can offer redeemable qualities?
>> No. 65617
Hey fuck you too buddy. There was a shitload of music better than 90% of what wound up on the albums, but it got rejected for "mysterious" reasons.
>> No. 65619
Your use of scare quotes is seductive, and prompts me to (sincerely) ask further. What reasons were that? Didn't really hear anything about the background of the album contest.
>> No. 65620
Curiosity about fandom drama bullshit piqued.
>> No. 65622
Well it's not really a secret or anything. Basically the rules of the contest implied (but did not state outright) that anyone falling all over themselves to write the soundtrack to the next big flash would be ignored in favor of entries that could be remixed as leitmotifs.

And guess what happened.
>> No. 65626
oh fuuuuck
OK I see. But, hold on. Wasn't the theme of the double release decided beforehand? The whole concept is leitmotifs. You could argue that it was a poor theme to base a contest on - too restrictive, you don't really get an accurate picture of the creativity that's out there - but I'm not sure that it's unreasonable to reject music (even music that's honestly good) because it just doesn't fit the agreed-upon thrust of the project.

Thanks, though. I didn't look up shit about this while it was going on.
>> No. 65634
During the contest, it wasn't clear at all which characters needed themes. In fact most people assumed it would be everyone except the beta kids and alpha trolls, who had at least one theme apiece in established canon. So people submitted a bunch of music for the carapaces and toy bunnies and Lil' Cal and the genesis frog and stuff like that. For example, one of the trolls' tracks (Cobalt Thief? I forgot) was written for Serenity.

The bifurcated album thing was not announced at all until the day the first one actually came out.
>> No. 66201
It was recently pointed out to me that Janet's voice from the Magic School Bus would be a great voice for Vriska.

The Magic School Bus Works Out (1/3)youtube thumb
Skip to 2:00 exactly.

Thoughts? Disagree? Throw up your own recommendation. Do other characters too.
>> No. 66389
Nepetastuckyoutube thumb
>> No. 66397
Ask the drunk Midnight Crew
>> No. 66606

>> No. 66738
jake vs dirkbotyoutube thumb
>> No. 66769
☆☆XXxXX-KU$HBR4WN13S-XXxXX…youtube thumb
>> No. 66797
Epilepsy warning

Kyon-kun, your friend's already hereyoutube thumb
>> No. 67140
Homestuck - Anime Style?youtube thumb
>> No. 67601
HUSSIEQUESTyoutube thumb
>> No. 67608
I'm now waiting for the "I'M SO FRESH YOU CAN SUCK MY NUTS!" version. It's inevitable.
>> No. 67609
uu Wants to Play a Gameyoutube thumb

This shit it beautiful. There's also a part 2
>> No. 67613
karkat is stupid dumbyoutube thumb
>> No. 67637
that'll get in the way of the Hussie rap and background chorus, so don't hold your breath.
>> No. 67687
[youtube]Nepeta is a stupid catyoutube thumb
>> No. 68798
i just

PAPERJAM MITUNAyoutube thumb
>> No. 68809
Mitunas Gallopyoutube thumb

I've completely forgotten how to embed Youtube videos so let's just hope this works.
>> No. 69649
♓♓♓C0RAL.L4T3R4L-D4M4G…youtube thumb
Figured I'd throw my video up here.
>> No. 69693
that was beautiful
>> No. 69803

Too perfect for words, so I'll just Keep Quiet
>> No. 69965
>> No. 70115
you look nice todayyoutube thumb
>> No. 70632

Seariously Fishy - Homestuck Animationyoutube thumb
>> No. 70764
This- this is the best contribution to the fandom since John and Dave Play Sburb. Stellar.
>> No. 71006
>> No. 71583
[S] Alpha Kids: Ascendyoutube thumb
Mituna guitar solo
>> No. 71893
Homestuck Animation WIP: Extended Versionyoutube thumb
>> No. 71894
And while we're at it, let's bring this up.
Mambostuck (Homestuck Animation)youtube thumb
>> No. 72335
pro as heck guide to homestuckyoutube thumb
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