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File 131627634842.gif - (29.83KB , 508x711 , 1267244802131.gif )
66223 No. 66223
Just two weeks until the one hour premiere! With the inevitable tragedy of Emiya Kiritsugu and the 4th Holy Grail War just around the bend (along with all the inevitable fighting GIFs and wallpapers, if the Kara no Kyoukai movies are any indication on UFOtable's part), it's high time for a dedicated thread I think.

Those of you curious about Fate Zero should go play the original Fate Stay Night, since Fate Zero assumes you've played all three routes and spoils the shit out of them, especially Heaven's Feel. For those of us who already know all this shit, Extras is scanning the manga, so here's the first chapter of that.
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>> No. 69535

New Type Moon Ace is out, so we get a lot of new info.
-Fate Apocrypha: the first act is indeed about goddamn Mecha Musume Jack, but the good news is they've confirmed 14 servants so only one got left out, my guess being Vlad since we already had the one in Extra with a different design.
- Mahoyo has a release date now, April 12th.
-Previews of the new Fate Zero figs for those that care.
There's other stuff, but those are the headline topics as far as I can tell.

Oh and this isn't from Ace, but Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code (HOW TO TITLE VIDEO GAMES) demo was delayed.
>> No. 69564
>Loli the Ripper

Also it sucks that they're keeping all but one of the original designs, because most of them are mediocre or outright terrible. Only good ones are Jeanne, Siegfried, Karna, and Shakespeare. Vlad and David are OK. All the rest suck or have something that ruins them (kawaii catgirl Atalanta, duckfooted George).
>> No. 69565
File 132397762872.jpg - (29.26KB , 241x374 , 241px-Seigfried[1].jpg )
I'd rather have Atlanta and George than this fucking thing. It looks even worse than Tron Lancer in FE did. I'm also not a huge fan of Karna.

We can at least agree that Spartacus is the worst design though, surely?
>> No. 69566
File 132397999124.jpg - (114.47KB , 900x1050 , kratos-bd.jpg )
What, no Kratos?
>> No. 69587
I'm happy if only for Shakespeare.
>> No. 69609


Cool wallpapers though.
>> No. 69636
File 132414226697.png - (615.05KB , 617x686 , 1323813639283.png )

Lots of Gilgamesh this episode.
>> No. 69649
File 132419034310.jpg - (67.97KB , 1280x720 , fabulous.jpg )
Wow Kotomine, wow.
>> No. 69652
Proof that people diagnosed with sociopathy are not to be trusted, nor should they be allowed to live.

Seriously, the Ice King is the only sympathetic sociopath ever.
>> No. 69655
File 132424227980.jpg - (107.73KB , 1440x810 , 1324134527166.jpg )
Jojomine is my favorite character in Emiya's Bizarre Adventures.
>> No. 69664
Dude, might wanna phrase that so that you're not commenting on a serious and morally complex real-world issue.
>> No. 69669
File 132426666684.jpg - (48.21KB , 750x422 , 1324180352363.jpg )
With words alone Gil was able to drive Kotomine to do what even Sola-Ui didn't dare. We have a real master of NTR here.
>> No. 69674
That's what characters like him are telling me. These guys can't be trusted, they're antisocial, misfit nutjobs and can't exist without freaking out or harming people, they're scary. I don't see anything complex, they lack empathy and scruples due to some kind of chemical imbalance.

Kotomine was born a cold, evil mofo, and he died as one. Hell, you could even make the argument that he never really 'lived', and his death was just a really, really late abortion.

A Hollow, violent man who died hollow and violently and made a lot of people suffer because no one had the good sense to off him while the offing was good.

Those who are mentally ill because of biological rather than psychological issues are a lost cause, and should be locked away or disposed of as soon as possible. It's not like they're capable of minding, only the normal people dumb enough to care about them would.
>> No. 69679
Oh Jesus Christ, this is another 'issue' isn't it?
>> No. 69680
This is a forum for anime and manga, not your neuroses.
>> No. 69683
lol im so edgy xD
>> No. 69684
File 132430603285.jpg - (347.01KB , 698x1000 , 1321824035345.jpg )
All of you shut up and laugh at this image.
>> No. 69685
You know what would really help him in this situation. A sexy, cyclopean, if somewhat ill wife. Shame he doesn't have one of those.
>> No. 69687
File 132432337177.jpg - (168.34KB , 570x900 , 23706612_p0.jpg )
Wait, Kotomine was married to the Demoman?
>> No. 69688
File 132432701632.png - (69.18KB , 180x327 , 180px-Kotominewife[1].png )
Joking aside, this is the only official illustration of Kotomine's wife. Pretty cute actually.
>> No. 69690
File 132433557128.png - (42.45KB , 300x300 , Class of Promised Victory.png )
I'd read that fanfiction.
>> No. 69707
Exactly. But nope, kinda sorta drove her to suicide.
>> No. 69836
File 132492389294.jpg - (80.32KB , 800x498 , 119b7b0217dft.jpg )

Delayed because of Christmas, but anyway, now that Season 1 is over, I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on it. I did spend quite a bit of time early on trying to get a load of you to watch this after all. What characters/scenes did you like/dislike, why or why not, what lore questions you have, all that good stuff.
>> No. 69850
I don't particularly like most of the CG they use for this show, but I think that... thing... managed to look pretty good.

>what lore questions you have
I kind of forget how Magic Circuits work. Are Kiritsugu bullets as effective against Servants as they are against mages?
>> No. 69852
Kiritsugu's bullets don't do anything against servants, not even the magic ones. That's why he didn't shoot Kayneth way back at the standoff in the warehouse district, because Assassin was perched somewhat nearby and even the weakest Servant can't be hurt by low level attacks like that.

As for the exact mechanics of circuits, that varies way too heavily based on the mage and the magic, so there aren't any hard and fast rules. Generally speaking though, the further down a line of mages you go, the more circuits each new generation has (and of higher quality too), plus they're supplemented by the accumulated knowledge and power of the family crest. Kiritsugu cripples Kayneth because circuits are connected to a mage's nervous system, and disrupting one screws over the other.
>> No. 69880
My reaction is

>> No. 70446
File 132581823978.jpg - (29.69KB , 640x360 , zYeE0l[1].jpg )
The restored version of FZ 11 is pretty great, fixes a lot of the face and puts back all that cut Gil and Rider dialogue during the feast.
>> No. 71573
File 132864980294.jpg - (129.41KB , 1000x655 , 1328644473194[1].jpg )
Higher quality, 40 extra minutes of content, and DAT SOUNDTRACK.

>> No. 71645
Angry Saber is best Saber.
>> No. 72053
File 132980657844.png - (312.36KB , 1115x1600 , 1329798049024[1].png )
Hiroyuki descended form on high to C81 and delivered unto us some FZ. I thought it was pretty funny.
>> No. 72054
Gogi Power Hiroyuki is one of my favorite people on the entire planet.
>> No. 72221
File 133006086754.jpg - (860.59KB , 800x978 , 1330058523086[1].jpg )
Stop it boner, you know this is wrong.
>> No. 72223
So is Gil still responsible for HIS BEST FRIEND DYING FOR NOTHING like he was in the original myth?
>> No. 72234
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh...thanks for spoiling the end of the Epic of Gilgamesh for me, jerk face! Aaaaaaaaagggggghhhh! Use spoilers! Geez!
>> No. 72235
I'm not really familiar with the original epic, but in Nasu history at least, Gil turned down the Goddess of Fertility because he knew she was crazy, so she goes whining to her dad, who unleashes the Bull of Heaven on Uruk. It causes 7 years of plague, famine, etc before Gil and Enkidu managed to bind and put it down. Since they killed the beast of the gods one of them had to die, and since Enkidu was made by the gods in the first place, it was him.
>> No. 72264
File 133022791641.jpg - (125.80KB , 390x800 , 24015761.jpg )
Fate/Zero OP2 - To the Beginniā€¦youtube thumb
Second OP. Kind of meh.

Also holy hell this show's Pixiv tag is a fangirl goldmine.
>> No. 72284
Needs animation of people sobbing and dying.
>> No. 72556
File 133107840790.jpg - (116.76KB , 736x751 , 1310275195069.jpg )
OST is out: http://www.mediafire.com/?bjq252770mt8r48
>mfw Point Zero, Let the Stars Fall Down, The Battle is to the Strong, and Rule the Battlefield
>> No. 72833
File 133169419674.jpg - (346.08KB , 1500x3029 , 0XuGF[1].jpg )
Sexy, sexy BD updates.


I'll be making a new thread then, so make use of this one before I kill it with an image dump I guess.
>> No. 72838
To be honest, the BD edits seem forced and in some cases make the scenes worse.
>> No. 72850
Did they fix episode 11's QUALITY? Or episode 6's stubby arms and bodies?
>> No. 72851
The hell do you mean "forced?" And how do they make any episodes worse?

>> No. 73052
File 133233890693.jpg - (208.07KB , 650x460 , tenyears[1].jpg )

Fate Zero director Aoki Ei regarding S2:

Nasu, Takeuchi, and Urobuchi about Type Moon in general
>> No. 73084
File 133236009977.jpg - (762.29KB , 1273x900 , 25962557.jpg )
>Ah I see. It seems Fate/Zero as become popular not only among TYPE-MOON fans or anime fans, but a much larger audience.
*snerk* I for one welcome our new fujoshi overlords.
>> No. 73085
ALSO UTW had started doing the Bluray stuff now. No torrents until they've got the complete batch ready, but they've got direct downloads up. They're even going to try and setup a fanart slideshow to go along with a translation of the drama CD depicting Irisviel and Kiritsugu's first meeting.

So far they've done a few BD episodes and the first Einzbern Consultation Room.

This'll be really helpful background info to those of you who haven't actually played Fate Stay Night yet even though (or because) I've repeatedly pestered you all to. It's also nice if you just like Iri's voice actress.
>> No. 73321

This guy covers all the BD changes. They added quite a decent number of scenes, for those of you that haven't read the novels.
>> No. 84083
File 137453139128.jpg - (27.54KB , 480x283 , fairies.jpg )
Did any other anime outdo Fate/Zero?
>> No. 84084
What do you mean? Plenty have on a critical and financial scale, considering FZ isn't perfect in either the adaptation or the source material.
>> No. 84085
Why do people keep bumping these old TM threads?
>> No. 84091
Thread locked, most recent thread is: >>77641
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