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File 133179022695.png - (418.12KB , 1685x793 , Kickstarter.png )
149743 No. 149743
You know, with all the hate that the Arkh project got, I say we make a good kickstarter thread for projects that are properly proposed and built.

Example: Here is a kickstarter proposed by the multimillionaire Ellwood Bartlett who is trying to make the MMO that everyone has dreamed of making. And you know you can trust this man to get the job done. I mean, you don't become a multimillionaire overnight!

And he's going to make sure you get your god damn guild bank.

He won 48 million dollars in the lottery

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>> No. 149757

Being a babby, I don't know anything about Wasteland, but I enjoyed the Fallout series so I'd like to see this happen.
>> No. 149768
File 133181393733.png - (354.75KB , 638x424 , he's so dreamy.png )
I'm waiting for John Romero to announce his oldschool FPS kickstarter.

One of the pledge benefits better be a lock of his luscious flowing hair.
>> No. 149813
That looks pretty awesome.
>> No. 149823
If Double Fine Adventure and these kickstarter projects shown work then we may be looking at the second coming of socialism. For these will be The People's Games.
>> No. 149867

At the very least it will be a method to see games gamers want but publishers aren't willing to risk it on coming to surface without having to wait for Firaxis to revive it without turning it into a fucking FPS, cough-cough.
>> No. 150980
Wasteland 2 is now over 1.5 million, no pressure at all. I'd like if we could review the progress of these things, or am I missing it?

Also, have an interview:
>> No. 151064
This one's more interesting because they more or less spell out that they're testing the water for future kickstarter projects in it. I don't like that they don't give the normal game, sans Deluxe Edition goodies, as a Reward Tier, but I'm debating shelling out for the $60 tier just to help usher in a new era.

>> No. 151154
Apparently if Wasteland 2 gets over 2.1 million, Obsidian will pitch in and co-develop the game. Hmmmm........
>> No. 151161
Could be interesting if that happens. Could turn into a " We're Gettin the Band Back Together" moment companies merge Interplay RPG department rises from the ashes..and kicks Bioware firmly in the teeth.
>> No. 151162
An Obsidian game without the arbitrary corporate deadlines that always leaves them with game killing bugs.

The thought is... intriguing.
>> No. 151165
This is really, really neat. I just wish Kickstarter wouldn't limit themselves to credit cards. They've gotten big enough that they should realize that Europeans might want to kick something, too. I'd probably go up to $200 for this.
>> No. 151166
And not having to cut content due to schedule restraints.
>> No. 151167
After Daikatana I don't entirely trust him alone with that. Maybe if he could get Tom Hall in on it (and let's face it, Tom loves working with John), and maybe also bring in some guys from the Quake/UT/Warsow/Xonotic communities to help with design, then I'd be up for it.

Hell, I'd love to help design a 'Doom 3 as it should have been' game.
>> No. 151169
So John on a leash with people that can both control him but that he will also really listen to their advice so they could make a good product.
>> No. 151308
Not videogame related, but /cog/ related.


Decided to back this a little while ago. Because why not?
>> No. 151311

I'd really like to see someone go for those high end levels.
>> No. 151405
I would like to see that franchise coming back.
>> No. 151407
Well they overcame the biggest hurdle and that is getting the license back into the proper hands. They want to do a complete remake of the series and then move on from there with LSL8 (the real one "Lust in Space" not..that which shall not be named) if they can keep pace then they'll pass their goal easy.
>> No. 151516

I feel like I want to support it, because more point n clicks is a good thing for all of us, as people who play games. But at the same time... Man... I never liked that series...
>> No. 151715

These tg Kickstarters are going to be the death of me.

I'm sure you guys have seen this one as well. If you haven't, then here:

>> No. 151718
This one already reached it's goal, but I found it very interesting.
>> No. 151720
A real Shadowrun PC game..FUK YEA!!!!!
>> No. 151724
I've heard there was a terrible one on 2007.
How terrible it was?
>> No. 151728
Watch the intro Video to the Kickstarter..that will give you an idea. I'll just say..it wasn't an RPG...yea.
>> No. 151739
Yeah, saw that on the Cracked article. It could be pretty keen.
>> No. 151743

Not actually that terrible, just really, really mediocre. It was an FPS, for starters, but at least they got some of the series' elements right. I donno. It just wasn't memorable, and for a beloved IP like Shadowrun, it might as well be utter shit.
>> No. 151763
I already did the "own a copy" donations for DoubleFine and Wasteland 2, and that's already reached its funding so I'm not sure if I'll pay the $10 or wait until it's actually out.
>> No. 151777
Games being made according to what fans want?

I was dissapoint that there isn't a page for a Frank Cho/Princess of Mars uncensored graphic novel. Could somebody do that?
>> No. 152022

This one's interesting since it was mostly funded to begin with. They need a better PR writer though.
>> No. 152034
Like the Dr. McNinja webcomic?
Well it's got a game in the works

>> No. 152079
I'm going to be honest: That looks pretty bad.
>> No. 152368

ohhh look like its gonna happen...TAKE MY MONEY!!!!
Space Quest - Main Themeyoutube thumb
>> No. 152383
File 133449457677.jpg - (39.90KB , 399x388 , sadfrog.jpg )
>Lots of projects I want to back
>Be European and don't have a credit card
Fucking Amazon.
>> No. 152384
>one button platformer

Yeah no, as much as I like Dr. Mc Ninja, this game just sounds bad.
>> No. 152386
Have you tried this?

>> No. 152504
How are you going to make a Dr. McNinja game and have it not be an old school side scrolling beat-em-up like Double Dragon or Final Fight?
What the shit.
>> No. 152505
Guys From Andromeda Two Guys S…youtube thumb

Looks like its all falling into place Larry is one thing but Roger..that is a whole different bag of Orats.
>> No. 152507
File 133460911657.png - (304.19KB , 620x446 , 1334606604183.png )
I hope Obsidian is getting a cut from Wasteland 2, considering Bethesda apparently fucked them over on New Vegas.
>> No. 152516
I chortled heartily.
>> No. 152517
When does Obsidian not get fucked over?
>> No. 152520
Speaking of which, I've been enjoying Idle Thumbs starting to be a thing again.
Pickleman Creeper, ha.
>> No. 152544
Never. They've been fucked ever since they all worked at Interplay.
>> No. 152548
This time was just incredible though. Bugs were the main complaint aimed at NV, but Bethesda was the one in charge of the QA (which had TWO GUYS on it). The were supposed to get a bonus based a goddamn METACRITIC score, and missed it by one point. They made a gigantic hit, but made no money on sales.
>> No. 152871
>> No. 153190

Check these out
>> No. 153225
Leisure Suit Larry passed the full fund mark, thinking of going in at the 40 buck level because I like the T-shirt
>> No. 153226
I'm starting to worry that too many people are trying to suck the kickstarter trend dry at the moment. I know some ideas are going to fizz from this, but I don't want devs to lose faith in this method because a few didn't attract enough money their first time around.
>> No. 153236
Certainly the bubble will burst at some point. Not everyone can afford to pledge on so many projects at the same time.
>> No. 153238
As long as it has many rebounds I can accept inevitable decline of this strategy.
>> No. 153239
Of the old school stuff the one that I think would falter is either Kings Quest or Quest for Glory
>> No. 153242
Seeing how those games were in latest Retsuprae videos I'm kind of happy that they won't survive.
>> No. 154020
Since every little bit helps the companies


Amazon has a Double fine three pack for ten bucks all redeemable with Steam codes.
>> No. 154253
If you missed out on the DoubleFine Adventure thing, you can still at least get the game and watch the dev videos for the same $15 donation.

>> No. 154960

There is nothing about this that doesn't sound awesome. If they reach all of their stretch goals, I will cry grown-ass-man tears.
>> No. 154962
indeed, I love the concept and the scope if it all can come together.
>> No. 154963
Yeah, sorry. Won't even click that link. Fucking tired of this.
>> No. 154964
Are you quite as perturbed by skeletons, dragons, imps by any name, etc?
Sort of odd to rule out entire games based on the enemies they feature.
>> No. 154965
I think he's just tired of zombie games. Like how some people are tired of brown shooters.
>> No. 154966
Man, I'm rereading World War Z and all it's doing is reminding me that I STILL don't have a Fallout NV-with-zombies game.
>> No. 154972

I'd prefer a zombie survival game in Rockstar fashion. Not the zombie addon for Red Dead, like a straight up GTA Zombies.
>> No. 154993
That's not even the same thing though. Zombies fit into a wide array of genres, while brown shooters fit into one, or two if you wanna be nitpicky about the FPS/TPS split.
They're just a generic enemy, like the others I listed, so unless his knickers get quite as twisted about spiders being enemies in games, I don't understand his complaint.
>> No. 154994
If the game has fucking 'Zombies' in the name, there's certain themes and tropes that come with it. And those are tired as fuck at this point, due to complete oversaturation. I don't mind Zombies as enemies in games. I mind the whole zombie survival shtick. And your argument doesn't even make any damn sense. I'm pretty sure the last game (if it at all existed) where spiders were the ONLY enemies in the game was in the NES era.
>> No. 154996
You're judging a game by its title.
I don't actually have a reaction image that suits my face rn, I'd have to post a collage that I'm too lazy to make. I liked your thought process way better when I thought it was "I irrationally hate zombies and refuse to involve myself with them."
>I'm pretty sure the last game (if it at all existed) where spiders were the ONLY enemies in the game was in the NES era.
Fair enough, I'm just throwing out generic overused enemies.
>> No. 154999
>You're judging a game by its title.
Yes. Exactly. That was my whole point. That's the purpose of titles. To give you an idea of what the titled thing is. In the case of "zombie-playground" I can already tell EXACTLY what it's going to be about. I don't care about the game mechanics involved. I don't care about the artstyle. The overall premise is given right away in the title and is turning me off it for good. I wouldn't play a game called "Army Combat: Tactical Strike" either, because I know exactly what I can expect from its tone and premise and I'm not interested. Doesn't matter if it turns out to be a brown tactics shooter or RTS, or if you fight Koreans or Arabs. I don't give a shit.
>> No. 155001
File 133798914890.png - (657.48KB , 800x1850 , kickstarter.png )
I completely understand where he is coming from. Zombie games are kind of overdone right now to be honest. There are just so many fucking survival horror ones, and of course most of them end up being worse than L4D anyways.

And speaking of Kickstarter, you guys see the shit storm brewing over the Doublefine game? Some footage came out for it and apparently it's not really a point and click adventure, it's more of a Little Big Planet clone.
>> No. 155002
Talking about "The Cave"?
The Cave - Reveal Traileryoutube thumb
>> No. 155004
About 80 percent of that list seems like it was made simply to spite the idea of kickstarter by nitpicking and speculating on various aspects of their business experience.
>> No. 155010
ones next to Tim Schafer, Brian Fargo are especially hilarious for their supreme ignorance of how developers are treated and the history of their games and companies (big sellers aren't the same as they were twenty years ago when computers were more of a hobby than a mainstream entrainment). As for what I've seen on "the Cave" a lot of people need to play Maniac Manson to find out where the game is coming from. I'm totally stoked for more multi solution puzzle solving.
>> No. 155012
>> No. 155014
Wait, they're upset over this? But....I'm almost certain this isn't the DFA game. They're still writing the tools they'll be using to make the DFA game with. This trailer is for a game has clearly been under development for at least a year.
>> No. 155016
>I'm almost certain this isn't the DFA game
It's not. The DoubleFine website gives them different pages and The Cave is for consoles but DFA isn't planned to be so far.

>They're still writing the tools they'll be using to make the DFA game with.

Last update they decided on an engine and what visual style they're going for. It's not really final, but it's more like a 2D storybook look.
>> No. 155104
IGN people are stupid and jump to conclusions about everything unless they're paid to clarify.
>> No. 155105
Anything to make the leader of the Kickstart movement look bad for their Publisher Overlords and wreck the chances of any more projects getting off the ground.
>> No. 155166
>> No. 155194

if I could afford to fun it any more, I would.
>> No. 155200
same here I already spent this summers allotment for games on projects. Wish the Two Guys from Andromeda had waited a while before going into their project.
>> No. 155201
File 133835255598.jpg - (113.17KB , 476x421 , harvey-birdman-attorney-at-law-takes-the-case.jpg )
I'll take the case!
>> No. 155215

By that, I do mean I've pledged $60, because at that I would get a handful of exclusive content, and 3 extra copies to give out. Unless the project goes viral soon, I seriously doubt they're going to get that free to play stretch goal.
>> No. 155218
I'd say send word to the usual news outlets that the game is about kids killing kids..but that could easily backfire and get the game pulled instead of getting it publicity.
>> No. 155251
File 133840849444.jpg - (61.63KB , 560x420 , photo-full.jpg )
No Xenonauts? For shame.
It's basically an extended remake of X-Com: Ufo Defense / Ufo: Enemy Unknown. Which is, if you didn't know, a pretty fucking good 1994 Strategy/Tactics hybrid game about protecting Earth during an alien invasion. It's still fairly common in those "best games ever" lists that keep popping up now and then.

There's an alpha build available on the kickstarter page, so if you're interested, you might wanna check that out.
>> No. 155294
I have to say I hate it when Kickstarter use cash milestones as a condition for features.
This project actually has a list of them.
In my eyes, you need to ask for the amount of cash you need to make a complete project, with additional cash going into refining and improving content, and also adding expansion pack like additions if the money is sufficient.

Maybe it's simple semantics but when I see stuff like "$355,000 - Tall grass!" it just sounds ridiculous to me.

Project looks really good though.
>> No. 156386
File 133899930255.jpg - (152.11KB , 1600x1200 , dead_state_render_18[1].jpg )

Dead State. RPG set during a zombie apocalypse that's less Resident Evil and more Night of the Living Dead. That is, it's not a game about killing zombies, it's a game about managing a shelter full of people in the circumstances created by the zombies. So there's gonna be a lot of focus on dealing with different survivors' views on how things should be done, especially if stuff like food shortages or zombie infections come up.
Also one of the project leads is Brian Mitsoda, the lead writer/designer on Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines.
>> No. 156544
Zombie Playground put up some pre-alpha footage. And clarified that if you donate at a level that gives you extra copies of the game, your friends who you are giving the extra copies to will ALSO get any of the backer bonus items that you're getting.
>> No. 156660
File 133926929553.jpg - (269.49KB , 904x343 , innfight[1].jpg )

Good God I don't even know what to think about this one. Neil Motherfucking Stephenson (the Snow Crash and Cryptonomicon guy) wants to raise a goddamn half-million dollars to make a swordfighting game where you actually have to use swordfighting techniques. As in, with some manner of motion controller.

Even if you don't give a fuck about the game, the video might be worth watching for that fucking cameo near the end alone.
>> No. 156707
That's like... the bestest kickstarter game I've seen. Hope it get's done.
>> No. 156711
"Can I have that ba-"
"Shut up."
>> No. 156849
I suppose I'll bring this up for them;
>> No. 157054
File 133981483710.png - (199.40KB , 700x300 , Randy The Racoon.png )
Okay people, how can you NOT give them money?
>> No. 157056


>> No. 157065
>> No. 157179
Guess who kicked in for this on the very last day?

I'm currently downloading the dependencies for the premium alpha demo from Desura.
>> No. 157196
Oh man, they got funded. They'll be so happy on this week's radio show.
>> No. 157246
File 134004423379.jpg - (32.42KB , 500x375 , Beowulf.jpg )
"Hang in there, Beowulf . . . help is on the way!"
>> No. 160748
>> No. 160750
You know those /tg/ play by post game things? Well, this is a game specifically engineered for that kind of thing. It's a facinating concept that's not getting nearly the love it needs.
>> No. 160768
/v/ went apeshit over this last night.

James had to actually spell out that he had nothing to do with the project other than advertising and that he wasn't making money off this. And people are STILL flaming him.
>> No. 160770
Why the fuck just why the fuck
>> No. 161170
File 134497376613.jpg - (86.73KB , 533x716 , mikecomments.jpg )
Guys, will you get it through your fucking heads already that James has barely anything to do with the Kickstarter? And you people seriously need to learn the difference between a rip-off and a scam.

So they made a mistake. Big fucking deal. They had no idea it would turn out this way. They were asked to appear in the video, you don't know they were paid for advertising. Knowing James, he decided to do it because it seemed like a fun thing to do.

And I love how Mike finally admits some of his videos were shit, and then immediately afterwards disables comments. I miss when disabled comments would still show the comments that were already there.
>> No. 161500

Planetary Annihilation Kickstarter Traileryoutube thumb
>> No. 161511
File 134532442623.jpg - (63.44KB , 500x500 , accept my bounty.jpg )

>Oh, cool, it's TA getting kind of a TF2 treatment.
>Oh, cool, it's TA getting kind of a TF2 treatment and cool spherical maps.
>Wait, did they just build a secondary base on the moon?

and then it was done by people from cave dog and that was John Patrick Lowrie narrating and things just got to perfect for words.
>> No. 161573
File 134547111654.png - (1.01MB , 683x569 , 1336971556995.png )
>That narration
Wait a minute...
>That plot
Oh I see, yay glad to see them back at work
>That gameplay scale
.... I require some form of nuclear rocket money launcher.
>> No. 161767
File 134572758541.jpg - (110.48KB , 560x1181 , PAstretchgoals.jpg )
Stretch goals are up, and looking mighty fine.
>> No. 162918
File 134722951932.gif - (96.69KB , 490x327 , 134678739299.gif )
So... This happened.
>> No. 162919
File 134723079626.png - (931.98KB , 700x1480 , fc61ff3eba365c21aa3aca4167a24686_large.png )
Fuck yes, water worlds, gas giants confirmed, soon metal and lava planets are gonna hit target as well.

Next stop: Galactic annihilation.
>> No. 162921
This going to be very terrible.
>> No. 162927
Or awesome
>> No. 162931
but more than likely terrible.
>> No. 162938
Considering most of his video was streaming together bits an pieces of animation he did on his own and nothing that could be from the actual "game" this money would possibly make, I'm leaning towards bad at the moment. Especially when he's using rewards like canonize fan trolls - which I'm horrified that 9 out of 10 people have already apparently wasted 10,000 to get - and hopefully ridiculous god tier rewards like hand written notes or re-tweeting blog comments. This sort of presentation from people who don't have a past reputation for making actual games usually spells disaster.
>> No. 162939
>9 out of 10 people
Jesus Christ!
>> No. 162941
Just as a curiosity, do you actually follow Homestuck and/or Hussie in general, or are you just commenting in general? Because while I haven't played/watched/listened to/etc. Homestuck or his other projects, my impression was that the franchise itself was occasionally mini-video games (and also prose, and also comics, and also animations, and also songs, and probably also forms of food) and that Hussie did actually have experience in the field.
>> No. 162942
Indeed, he does. I haven't followed Homestuck in a little over a year (I got tired of the ever-contrived plot, making a ton of sudden characters, etc.) but a lot of the endings or beginnings for acts incorporate some form of exploratory video games. Nothing grand, though; from what I recall it was something you might get with six hours in RPGMaker (or a first year vidya major). and while playing one involving the trolls (I was Nefetari I think?) I somehow glitched it such that I walked through a wall, started a convo, pressed the action button, and then I was stuck in a level with no characters and no waypoints and couldn't continue.

So I could see him making a video game, but I certainly wouldn't pour $10K (wtf 9 people) into this without having some sort of sketch or basic demo or something, even if it didn't wind up being in the final project at all.
>> No. 162944
File 134724335580.png - (6.11KB , 255x162 , read again please.png )
You read it wrong.
>> No. 162945
File 134724349777.gif - (648.04KB , 650x719 , one billion dollars.gif )
Also, this is hilarious.
>> No. 162950
That is still 1 too many people spending 10,000 for a fucking fan troll. And WAY too many people giving him 255 and 405 for memorabilia they could have simply bought from his shop.
Side projects that didn't cost people anything to experience is one thing, but this is something that will be sold to the public. He's not Brian Fargo. I'm going to need a little bit more to go on than "I've talked to some indie developers" and "the game will ship 2014 after the comic ends a year earlier".
>> No. 162956

For a billion dollars? I want Hussie to fucking put a SIGN ON THE MOON WITH MY CONGRATULATIONS.
>> No. 162958
Is getting stuff really supposed to be the primary mentality of Kickstarter.
I thought it was giving them money to support their ideas.
>> No. 162959
Well that's the only incentive the big tiers give. I just expected more numbers from the lower tiers before the big stuff started to get over a hundred or so.
>> No. 162960

Look, if you have any doubts about the final quality of the product then this isn't really directed at you to begin with. The whole thing is basically him trying to gather as much of his existing fanbase as he can in one convenient place and then shaking them down for as much money as possible. People that don't have a special program that flashes obnoxious bullshit at them so that they know the second his site updates aren't even on his radar. No, that's not a joke. He is essentially selling preorders of a pokemon spinoff to pokemon fanboys by offering to sell them pokemon posters and dolls. The entire thing is hilariously shameless in every possible way and I legitimately applaud his audacity.
>> No. 162963
File 134725968529.gif - (613.73KB , 650x719 , godtier_reward2.gif )
Going by his scale, that would equate to roughly 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,
000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 dollars.
Plus a few more zeros to think about getting your name right.

And I wouldn't worry about the troll cannon.

He doesn't actually expect anyone to spend that much, in fact he might be actively discouraging it with these comically lackluster prizes.
>> No. 162967
>He doesn't actually expect anyone to spend that much, in fact he might be actively discouraging it with these comically lackluster prizes.

Might be?
>> No. 162971
I'm thinking it's in the realm of possibility. Like totally swimming in the whole zone of expected likelihood.
>> No. 162980
Yeah. It seems like most kickstarters don't actually expect the highest tiers to be donated.
But I'm sure Andy is prepared to face the music if someone calls him on his bluff.
>> No. 162988
File 134729932287.png - (43.47KB , 946x558 , mspacurve.png )
>People that don't have a special program that flashes obnoxious bullshit at them so that they know the second his site updates aren't even on his radar.

This has lead to a rather... interesting backers/day-curve.
>> No. 163007
If the video games in homestuck were used as a final project in a "video game" major, they'd probably fail the class.

Not because the games are bad, but because they are so simple and easy to make. None of the games he made are horribly complicated at all.

>That is still 1 too many people spending 10,000 for a fucking fan troll. And WAY too many people giving him 255 and 405 for memorabilia they could have simply bought from his shop.

We are talking about homestuck fans here. The fact that it's not 10/10 on the $10,000 one is surprising to me. Those people are insane.
>> No. 163024
Yeah, I went to Anime North this year.
Homestuck has become the new...
Actually, I don't really go to conventions so I don't really know what the old was.
>> No. 163026
Oh yay, homestuck in /cog/ now. Boy I just can't get enough of that on the other websites I frequent.
time to exercise that (-) feature.
>> No. 163028
File 134732632785.png - (0.97MB , 1054x1014 , 1347319193300.png )
>If the video games in homestuck were used as a final project in a "video game" major, they'd probably fail the class.

The video games inside Homestuck are not even games, they're only purpose is to feature dialogue and progress the story.

The Homestuck Kickstarter is for an Adventure game in the Homestuck universe. Not only are "adventure games" a fairly rigid genre with very little variation in gameplay, but Andrew has already shown that he understands them to some degree through writing Problem Sleuth which was a parody of the genre.

Basically, if you are at all familiar with the author and have read the last two stories he's written you should have a pretty good diea of what you're getting from this Kickstarter.

When you take the idiots who assume every Kickstarter is automatically a rip off and overlap them with the idiots who think things related to Homestuck are automatically bad, you have a pretty fucking bad case of uninformed nonsensical whining.

And even if you disregard every single one of those things, why do you care so much about how other people spend their money?
>> No. 163050
Because you're just another helpless, crazy nerd fandom that is too stupid to even wait for an alpha screenshot before you throw money at your obsession. I don't care if hussie can apparently write a story, I need proof he can deliver a quality game experience that isn't just a chat box dump -- especially when he's guaranteed to fund it.
>> No. 163054
I assume the Kickstarter isn't the only way to get the Sburb game, so I'll wait till there's more info out about it, screenshots and trailers and such, then pledge my money.

I do agree he's shown to be quite knowledgable about adventure games and is amazing at planning things out, so I do have faith in him.
>> No. 163095
File 134746853019.png - (620.11KB , 699x677 , PA_Kickstart.png )
Oh god so close.

Eh I can live without the orchestral score, Ill just play the old TA one in the background.
>> No. 163098
File 13474710577.jpg - (30.85KB , 625x392 , Planetary_Annihilation_5871595.jpg )
It's gaining like 5k/h, at this rate Galactic War is pretty much guaranteed. And with the paypal money, we miiiight just make it to the orchestrated soundtrack.
>> No. 163118
File 134751520494.png - (879.37KB , 700x1950 , 5513eed92ba1bee14c47c11ff429bc60_large.png )
I'm not familiar with TA, but...
>> No. 163123
Everyone who uses Kickstarter should read this:
>> No. 163241
File 134764909138.png - (95.06KB , 640x88 , PMw49[1].png )
So yeah. Obsidian Entertainment want to make an isometric fantasy RPG in the vein of Planescape:Torment or Baldur's Gate.
>> No. 163246
File 134765351690.png - (297.72KB , 913x214 , Captura.png )
We'll gonna get orchestral score, and documentary!
>> No. 163259
In one day this has practically reached half the money it needed. I wonder how much Obsidian will make by October 1st.
>> No. 163261

This looks adorable, I really hope it can get at least $10k.
>> No. 163263
I feel that if Mike Z had gone with kickstarter for Skullgirls things might have been different. Hell, maybe, just maybe the team will somehow get the money they need.
>> No. 163284
File 134771632634.png - (17.07KB , 266x379 , almost there in a day.png )
Saturday is not even halfway done and Obsidian is nearly funded.
>> No. 163285
Excellent, too many times they've been screwed over by publishers now its time for them to make a game by their own rules again.
>> No. 163296
Between this and Double Fine, I wonder if the message here might be that studios that produce cult hits (that don't get the sales that publishers would want, but do make more than their money back) are practically guaranteed to get funded if they throw up a decent proposal.
>> No. 163297
Once we see results from the early Kickstarter projects like this and Double Fine's, I think it's going to expand beyond cult hits to those studios that put out decent games that just break even but still have a loyal following (either by series or by publisher).

So we'll find that a lot of new IPs from mid-road studios (i.e. those that are established but not powerhouses like Valve or EA) are going to be put on Kickstarter where people can choose to fund one of three or four possible new IPs or how the IP will turn out, and the one that gets the most funding is the one actually accepted (you only pay out if you pledged for the winning one). This also means someone could pledge for more than one if they like them all.
>> No. 163300
Shame People Can Fly is now owned by Epic as I'd liked to seen them source Bulletstorm II sometime in the future.
>> No. 163303
Welp Eternity has crashed by the funding mark and now we wait to see what the new goals will be.
>> No. 163305
File 134774666045.png - (17.01KB , 350x380 , 1 million in a day_.png )
>> No. 163324
Closing in on 1.2 and we've got some new goals.
>> No. 163325
nearing 1.2 and now some stretch goals in the update section
>> No. 163345
Closing in on 1.4 now and they are totally sold out of the 20 buck copies. Hope they open up more of that level either in the Starter or through paypal.

Similar news Sealark is doing quite well and looks to be well on its way to at least 20 thousand and has some nifty goals to accompany that level.

>> No. 163368

Oh. I severely underestimated its potential popularity, and now the $25 level is sold out. Whoops. Hey viral marketer guy that may or may not come here, tell the person in charge to add more of the tier please.
>> No. 163486
just about all the set levels are sold out now and its passed the 20 thousand mark and it looks to be on the way to hitting the maximum 30 thousand (beyond that money goes into development of DLC Expansions) Eternity has passed 1.6 gaining Mac Support and story expansion. And I also found this Kickstarter to be quite nice and very well funded.


High Quality Cthulhu themed Playing Cards.
>> No. 163633
File 134825810859.jpg - (1.56MB , 2000x1690 , call_of_cthulhu_box_art_by_shanetyreeart-d5enqqy.jpg )
welp payday is here and I'm putting down my backings

If I play solitaire with these I know I'm gonna summon an old one. Sweetest card decks I've ever seen though.
>> No. 164041
I really, really wish I'd found out about this sooner. They're all sold-out of the limited green-backed decks, and I don't like the red-backed design nearly as much.
>> No. 164052
Heh, when they did the Word Realms kickstarter, they got about 100 or so people at the "We'll thank you on our podcast" tier.
They're trying to do so by awkwardly working their names into casual conversation. It's pretty funny.
>> No. 164146

Project Eternity music sample. also they've beat 2.2 and are heading to 2.4 also they meat the sub goal of 50k supporters and are making a new dungeon as well.
>> No. 164147
Why does there always need to be the same orchestral voices?
>> No. 164150
Dunno, now is the time to ask though.
>> No. 164574
♪ Sealark - Oceanic Adventure (preview)youtube thumb

Overworld theme for the Sealark game being done through kick. This game is going to be so HQ 16-Bit era
>> No. 164576
File 135013666782.gif - (205.44KB , 450x450 , tumblr_m87pn0JcB91qlg8vbo1_500.gif )
and person programming it has crazy mad sprite skills.
>> No. 165030

ohhh Chris Roberts is doing a Space Sim Starter and he's already gotten fully funded with 26 days to go. Maybe if this does well then Lord British will try his hand at a new Fantasy RPG. Maybe team up with some Sirtech dudes.
>> No. 166791
And they even surpassed their goal already.
>> No. 166835

This needs to get made, though I have to be honest, ten days left and $90000 more to go? Not looking good.
>> No. 167186
File 135492416478.png - (20.30KB , 520x384 , teethandlooking3.png )

Giant Monster Battle, FUCK YEAH!
>> No. 167277
File 135505351544.jpg - (87.78KB , 560x420 , anima.jpg )

If anyone's followed the tabletop Anima or artist Wen-M on deviantart, check this out. It's funding for a PC rpg, concept art kinda looks like DaS.
>> No. 167300
20 hours left and a little over $20000 more to go! One final push is all it needs! Spread the word! Don't let this be another Alpha Colony!
>> No. 167309
oh hell yeah
>> No. 167400
Matt's Bomb-Ass Giant Monsters…youtube thumb
Let's hope Matt's bump could give them a hand.
>> No. 167621
I'm bumping this because it was funded, then it wasn't.
>> No. 167624

Not sure if this REALLY belongs here but Duane and Brand0's tour got funded just under the wire.
>> No. 167634
File 135570049397.png - (13.70KB , 400x384 , teethandpoint.png )
I'm actually thinking of doing the $500 level pledge.
Would people like to play as Teethandhunger in a monster fighting game? Probably not, but I guess I could think of something else.

>9 out of 50 left.

I'd better think fast.
>> No. 167643
Oh hell yes.
>> No. 167646
>donate to the Kaiju Combat kickstarter
>Find out later that there are macrophile furries who created fundraisers so they could buy the perk to have their fursona's possibly end up in the game (if they are voted in)
>They are getting all their furry friends to donate $5 for the right to be a voter so they can stuff the ballot box

this is incredibly upsetting to me and there is nothing I can do to stop it.
>> No. 167648
Don't worry. Most of those fursonas will probably infringe copyrights in some way or another and not be viable for voting.
>> No. 167655
And speaking of...
>> No. 167663

This seems interesting. Not a game but worth noting I think.
>> No. 167665
File 135578154399.jpg - (108.28KB , 724x750 , kc-duncan-hero-colored-small.jpg )
The two fursonas are Duncan the giant green kangaroo.The fursona of some vore fetishist. The other is Macrosaurus, the fursona of some inflation fetishists. Duncan is probably a lot less likely to pass because his character is incredibly boring and uncreative. It's just a giant green kangaroo.
>> No. 167667
Macrosaurus is a fursona? Weird. He actually looked like a cool monster. Now that you say it, it's pretty clear though. That's too bad.
>> No. 167672
Wow yeah he is REALLY a fursona.
>> No. 167673
Fucking furries...
>> No. 167677
File 135579502777.png - (169.68KB , 658x480 , 1340845264968.png )

Yeah. This is disappointing. Hopefully they don't get voted in because I still want this game to happen.
>> No. 167680
Fetishes aside, they aren't visually upsetting. I mean, what do we got? A green kangaroo and blue t-rex. Not exactly world ending...I think...
>> No. 167683

That's exactly MY ISSUE.

They're kind of boring. I mean a giant green kangaroo seems kinda bland for a kaiju, and the T-Rex seems a little clich'e as well.
>> No. 167684
File 135580211487.jpg - (822.87KB , 720x1024 , 5356525013_6b33ff4f60_b.jpg )
I am disappointed in the complete lack of a Mothra analogy, as Mothra has proven time and again to be the greatest kaiju.

I'd add one myself but shit is too late now.


I wish play as the mightiest monster in all creation!
>> No. 167686
You and I are kin of a cosmic sort Tiki.
>> No. 167695
File 135581486140.jpg - (1.77MB , 1600x1200 , atlas_moth_attacus.jpg )

My Brothers~!


Just imagine if we had something base off this beast.
>> No. 167710
faggotry of the highest caliber.
although not surprising seeing as how these people are known to bid upwards of $200 for 'adoptables' which are just palette swaps of a generic character the selling artist made.
>> No. 167713
File 135585061099.jpg - (24.88KB , 681x378 , MothraLeo-EternalMothra.jpg )

>> No. 167741
File 135587321962.jpg - (476.28KB , 595x931 , 1329421758090.jpg )
Warning: Wall of text ahead.

I'll agree with you guys that Mothra is cool as hell. I, myself, think she's a giant hot MILF.
Let's face facts, Mothra (and most winged monsters) lack the offensive power that their bipedal counterparts have.
"Speed and energy attacks makes up for that" you might say?
Yeah, but when most people think giant monsters, they think buildings being torn down. Power houses fucking shit up.
Mothra feels too fragile....like a mage from an rpg. Except without arms and legs.
What I'm trying to say is that most of these guys on dreaming up these monsters think raw power like Godzilla, not grace like Mothra.

That's kinda my take on this. I can't put my thoughts to paper, as it were, right now. I did the $500 pledge, and I did think about a making a flying character. When I thought about it though, I drew a blank. Though now that the three of you said something, I'll think about creating one.

What I want out of this 'design a kaiju' thing is a monster that is fun to play, visually appealing, balanced (for the class it's in) and havening attacks that make sense (powers gained from back story + natural ability enhanced by size. Example: The powerful gusts made by Mothra's wings used as an attack).

Honestly, I'm kinda jelly that those guys have friends that would willingly spend money on them to seen their....uninspired "creation" put into first game that comes out. Unfair to others in the kaiju forms and to the people who buy the game.....yeah, it's a good size chunk of unfairness.

Do I blame them for doing that...no. No I don't. I can't blame them for taking every advantage they have at their disposal.
Having a chance to turn fetish fueled joke into something serious and bigger isn't something that comes along every day.

>>Duncan the giant green kangaroo
To be fair though, Mothra is in fact a big ass moth
King Kong is a giant gorilla.

Their backstory and actions in the movies are what made them so endearing.
So I'm willing to give them a chance in game.

One last thing, if we are going discuss this further, maybe we should give it it's own thread. Just a thought.
>> No. 167742
File 135587514238.jpg - (84.67KB , 500x389 , Mothra wing slash.jpg )
She has, on numerous occasions, BODY SLAMMED GODZILLA, Mothra has always been a direct confrontation capable kaiju and one of the best no less.

She gouges, cuts, grabs, slams and brawls with the best of them, it's just that her flying abilities are a massive advantage and she's most often trying to sequester the situation, but when she fights SHE FIGHTS. That's why Godzilla is one of the only monsters that can take her on.

For attacks she's got razor wings slashes, Poison dust that chokes out opponents and inhibits energy attacks, various beam abilities, gust attacks, immobilizing silk spray, mandible bites and her signature attack Sun Strike Buster where she flies toward the sun and strikes down like a lightening bolt out of the sun.

Then there are her physical attributes which are as I mentioned considerable, she is capable of fighting Godzilla on par in LARVAL FORM.

Toshiyuki Watanabe - Haora Mot…youtube thumb
>> No. 167746
That and Mothra can generate some pretty serious business body armor and speed. She's flown through Ghidora before.
Let me repeat: She has flown through Ghidora. through. She is effectively a graceful, girly Juggernaut.
>> No. 167748
File 135588481419.png - (1.25MB , 1719x880 , MOTHERFUCKING MOTHRA 2 ELECTRIC FUCK YOU.png )
>She's flown through Ghidora before.

At lightspeed no less.

>> No. 167758
The giant monsters like Mothra and Godzilla gain completlty random powers as the plot needs them to, its even more over the top than superhero comics, you can't take all this power-levels stuff seriously (for a given value of 'serious' at least)
>> No. 167759
Fuck yeah it needs a giant pretty moth!
And a console release.
>> No. 167760
File 135592270636.jpg - (656.28KB , 736x1024 , 5357366580_3a7f54566c_b.jpg )
That has nothing to do with the current discussion, this is all to establish that Mothra is a fit sort of character for such a game and she is.

If anything a character like Mothra might end up being broken.

The Mothra Song/Lora and Mollyoutube thumb
>> No. 167761
Watching you gush like DBZ fanboys over this stuff is tiresome.

Plus its a videogame, they have this thing called 'gameplay balance', its why you can get say a beat-em-up featuring the Flash, Batman, Green Arrow and Superman punching each other and yet the all have a roughly equal chance of victory.
>> No. 167763
And I'm getting tired of you missing the point of the argument.

Look, I'll stop gushing over Mothra and you stop missing the point.

A mothra like character wouldn't be to weak, it shouldn't be overly powerful but there should be one.

There, we'll drop it.
>> No. 167848
Just a reminder that Kaiju Combat Kickstarter ends in 7 hours.

>>Tiki wants to submit a monster
I don't know if I'm reading this right, but you might be able too.


I wish their web form was more organized and detailed.
>> No. 167849
Oh shit I did have time, ahh well, I'd still have to make it.

Thanks though!
>> No. 168664

>> No. 169238
File 135933916460.png - (22.09KB , 600x287 , 20130117094040-ship_for_AFX.png )
Terminus Game Traileryoutube thumb
>> No. 173845
Something about a mindfucking gamecube game.
>> No. 174169
>> No. 174947
Armikrog Kickstarteryoutube thumb
>> No. 175036

>> No. 175037
File 136998881466.jpg - (378.01KB , 2560x1440 , massivechalice_keyart_2560x1440.jpg )
The family lineage sounds like a really cool feature. Having a badass warrior produce a badass warrior child who then passes away only to bestow their badass warrior gear to their badass warrior child is pretty genius. It's like Fire Emblem: Awakening without the time shenanigans (not that that was a bad thing, mind you).
>> No. 175039
I'm wondering if you can have female warriors, too.

I kind of want an entire fleet of Xenas.
>> No. 175040
Goddammit, Stonehearth just ended, I was looking forward too not having a kickstarter to compulsively check every hour.

Yep, its in the kickstarter description:
>"Each playthrough begins with a random assortment of male and female heroes"
>> No. 175043
More like Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holly War, but probably with even more incest.
>> No. 175110
>> No. 176906
ZX Spectrum Deus Ex Machina - Side 1, Part 1youtube thumb
And if you think thats weird, check this:
>> No. 176935
>Armikrog funded

Phew. it almost looked like it wouldn't make it.
>> No. 176960
just halfway to the WiiU tier.
>> No. 176974
And WiiU tier achieved!
950k, right?
>> No. 176984
>> No. 176991
I got my Unrest and Massive Chalice fundings in so I'm good.
>> No. 176993
Leaked screenshots show Project Eternity coming along quite Nicely looking very much like an HD Forgotten Realms game.
>> No. 177015
I should again note that I'm horribly cheap/haven't gotten sued to buying things online and thus haven't funded anything, but looking to see if there's anything I'm interested in, it seems there's a few that catch my interest, including one that's almost over.
Looks like it'll get all the main stretch goals, with enough orchestrated tunes for at least the five non-bonus levels to each have their own. I think I'll most likely try to get this when it comes out, especially if it gets on the Wii U. A thing I find odd is that they apparently plan to use split-screen for the console version, when one of the Wii U's game pad screen's main uses is letting two players each have a whole screen for multiplayer stuff.

Also, I have not played a SOCOM game, but H-Hour seems alright: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1687497632/h-hour-worlds-elite-0?ref=live

And this thing seems pretty cool too, since I like the idea of being able to spare enemies and stuff: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1002143342/undertale?ref=live

And this seems like a fun silly adventure game: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/315061806/nelly-cootalot-the-fowl-fleet-retro-pirate-adventu?ref=category

OK time to brush my teeth and collapse in bed before I link all of Kickstarter.
>> No. 177020
Yeah, I've been thinking of funding Undertale, too. If nothing else, I know the music will be great, with Radiation at the head.
>> No. 177218


Still, Part 2 will be a free update, I'll be getting the game early, and I'll be sort of part of the bug fixing team. That'll be fun.
>> No. 177224
File 137282145650.jpg - (771.22KB , 2480x2961 , gameinformer2013-0200kyk6z.jpg )
Hope they don't have to cut it to the quick (but reading his past development material he tends to dream real big) . Regardless its going to bring the naysayers out again hammering the kickstarter model. Shadowrun Returns is coming out next month so I'm eager to see how that goes. These first few big titles will set the tone for how this will continue so I hope it all goes well.
>> No. 177285
Looks like this age... *sunglasses* just got broken.
>> No. 177316
The Office - Rimshotyoutube thumb
>> No. 177348
Leaking stuff meant only for the backers of a Kickstarter is bad, but I've seen at least one person equate it to the NSA scandal. Which is...no. Not even remotely the same things at stake here.
>> No. 178281
Shadowrun Returns coming out tomorrow officially. Overall reviews are positive with most highlighting the future for user generated campaign modules.
>> No. 178374
Satellite Reign: Technologyyoutube thumb


Can't believe that this isn't here.
>> No. 179847
When will Capcom realize everybody loves megaman.
>> No. 179849

I have a feeling a lot of that cash was donated just to spite Capcom.

That being said, yes, people do appreciate a good sidescroller, but I just want to point out (not to you, but I've seen this sentiment elsewhere) that there's a difference between sidescrolling Mega Man and Mega Man spinoffs, such as Legends.
>> No. 179851
I can't wait to hear absolutely every review bitch about it not playing like a carbon copy of Megaman 2.
>> No. 179855
Bloody hell Plantman, handle your shit.
>> No. 179857
File 137821357757.png - (321.36KB , 640x480 , [T-N]GameCenterCX_-_08[7B69D779][(028193)19-11-04].png )
I don't know how that multipost even happened.
>> No. 179874
I can't wait for it not to be that because frankly go back to those classic games: the jumping is terrible. Seriously, the air is made of molasses in those titles. X and Zero are improvements in every way.

Happily, based on the images, it seems like a combo of those two, at least stylistically, even if it's in Classic's progression structure.
>> No. 179876
Everything about that project just SCREAMS "one note wonder"...

Well I guess if Pokemon, CoD, and EA Sports have taught us anything it's that people will keep buying the same game over and over.
>> No. 179882
Just noting that the Hat in Time game seems to be going along nicely so far.
>> No. 179883
File 13782639088.jpg - (405.20KB , 700x906 , _i_want_you__to_support_mighty_no__9_by_kevinbolk-.jpg )
>> No. 179892

Doesn't have much time left, but I really hope this makes it in time.
>> No. 179914
>> No. 180011

I'm kinda sad that right as this was being announced Mighty Number 9 came out and got everyone caught up in its massive titlewave of fanfare.

It's looking like it'll just barely make it at this point and will doubtfully reach any of its stretch goals.

Which is a SHAME! Cause Wayforward does good games and it seems like every time they get a chance to release an original IP they get shafted by either a new console release or something coming along and drawing attention away from it.

Admittedly there's some controversy about them Whitewashing her. But they said they're gonna brown her up upon the game's release so I don't think they're being exactly mean-spirited here.

But seriously though. If you're thinking about donating to Mighty Number 9? Please consider your options first cause that game's got a fucking powerhouse behind it right now and all I ask is that the smaller fish get some of the food in the pond.
>> No. 180016
Mite be cool.
>> No. 180247
>> No. 180387
File 137912842138.gif - (275.51KB , 500x333 , Hyper Light Drifter.gif )

This looks neat as all hell and its not asking for much either. I'm really hoping it meets its last stretch goal, so they consider a 3DS release too. Goddamn I'm in love with that artstyle.
>> No. 180557

Finally the return of Bones Jackson.
>> No. 180995
I hope to play this in the future.
An Early Look at Contagionyoutube thumb
>> No. 180996
Another fucking zombie shooter in an apocalyptic contemporary city?
How could I refuse?
>> No. 181235
File 138072818516.jpg - (113.71KB , 500x313 , all+_f34aac1c71908d337a654b06102f38bd.jpg )
A game Inspired by Chrono Trigger, Phantasy Star & Suikoden and made by the people who made Cthulhu Saves the World.
>> No. 181236
Are their Penny Arcade games any good?
>> No. 181240
Yeah I'll throw down for that.
>> No. 181283
So there were two games that Inafune and co wanted everyone to spread to the love to. One was Hyper Light Drifter, which is already funded but maybe you should back it anyway because FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK.

The other is in much more dire need however.
It's Earthbound+Suikoden, but it's only got 20k of the 100k goal with 15 days to go. Get in there soldiers!
>> No. 181564
File 138142201930.png - (0.96MB , 700x992 , dac82b078abf0f3b0ce6b0a8aa5e10be_large.png )

The Wind Waker look has won me over.
>> No. 181578
>First words of the description:
>"Wind waker meets Dark Souls"

Well they sure knew how to catch my interest.
>> No. 181579
Every game pitch these days seems to be "X meets Dark Souls".
>> No. 181580
I'm okay with that!
>> No. 181581
Honestly? A welcome break from "its like COD but..."

Also I just noticed it was a Swedish studio. yaaay patriotism.
Their goal seems a mite optimistic though. 30 000 $ doesn't take you very far with video games, does it?
>> No. 181582
>"its like COD but..."
Even that's a step up from most modern games I see advertised, which just seem to be "It's like COD."
>> No. 181587
I haven't noticed that, but I haven't been looking at that many pitches either. I think I'd enjoy the combination of gameplay and tone this one seems to have going for it, at least from what the trailer shows.
>> No. 181631
The thing about Dark Souls is that it's the game that made it okay for videogames to be videogames again.

games have always struggled with their perceptions of being "interactive movies", with narrative and difficult and trying to appeal to as many people as possible in a time when these issues had reduced most of the videogame community to drooling simpletons for mass appeal Dark Souls jumped and said FUCK YOUR MOVIES, FUCK YOUR STORY AND FUCK DUMBING EVERYTHING DOWN TO THE LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR.

And it sold, that has made a MASSIVE impression on the indie world that can't be understated.
>> No. 181633
Dark Souls has a story, it just believes in subtlety and environmental storytelling.
>> No. 181634
I'm more talking about the traditional way story is conveyed, which as you point out it has and is unconventional for videogames.
>> No. 181646
Tiki I don't know how to tell you this but indie games didn't need Dark Souls to do that because while AAA development had shifted to the 'interactive experience' paradigm, indie devs never stopped making games that are about gameplay.
>> No. 181654
>if it isn't a big-name console release then it's not a videogame

Check your implications.

Also the uncaring masses do not get to define what is or isn't a videogame. That falls to the enthusiasts.
>> No. 181660
a transforming battle horse sold.
>> No. 181661
Exactly, when the casuals all move on like the magpies they are, we'll be all that's left, and the industry will have to come crawling back.
>> No. 181662
File 138159630398.png - (311.01KB , 641x481 , you got brain problems.png )
>> No. 181664
That...isn't at all what I am implying.

Again I wasn't saying that.

What I'm getting at is that Dark Souls was not afraid to be difficult and not made for mass consumption and that made a big impression.
>> No. 181670
So many companies are afraid to be niche it seems.
>> No. 181671

You specifically said 'on the indie scene'. But the indie scene was already full of weird, niche title, many of them extremely challenging. Where is this impact?
>> No. 181673
>Where is this impact?

Umm...in some indies constantly naming Dark Souls as one of their inspirations...like, ya'know, what we were talking about?
>> No. 181807
The Mandate Backstory and Game Conceptyoutube thumb
>> No. 181809
Check this out.
>> No. 181813
Fuck yeah. I rented this game for months on end. So ridiculous and nasty and fun.
>> No. 181820
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
>> No. 181861
Oh, boy.

I sure can't wait for the bullshit puzzles, lack of an engaging narrative, and overall oppressive boredom of the Myst series to come roaring back to life.
>> No. 181869
Red Baron.
>> No. 181889
At The End Of Everything, Hold On To Anything.
>> No. 181914
File 138265285313.png - (931.24KB , 700x1120 , e8c41a3baf71be556647ee39373d91fd_large.png )
And so, Cornerstone is launching into it's final hours, with just above 40 hours to raise 4000$. Damn, i've never been in a close call kinckstarter before, legitly nervous here.
>> No. 182228
Remember the 7th Guest?
Well, Trilobyte is back, and they're trying for a 3rd game in the series.
Plus, they got Stauf's voice actor back.

>> No. 182387
>AN MMO based on the Jane Austen's novel
>> No. 182396
File 138383522112.gif - (579.65KB , 480x360 , 1382749307788.gif )
I had to read Pride and Prejudice in high school, fuck that.
>> No. 182405
Reminds me of stuff from that old BBC Museum of Everything Radio show.
>> No. 182439

A hand animated original 2D action platformer, inspired by Megaman X and Super Metroid.
>> No. 182447
Mite be cool.
>> No. 182448
File 138398854186.png - (109.21KB , 665x379 , cryamore.png )
What are everyone's thoughts on Kickstarters that uses the "inspired by [insert classic games here]" tag line? Does it make you feel more comfortable in funding a game that is relatable to games that you like? Does it help you to understand exactly what a game is selling than if it didn't mention those titles?
>> No. 182449
Eh, honestly, it feels kind of amateurish to me. Like you're not really sure what game you want to make, just what games you liked and you were thinking of when you made it.

I know this might not be the case with all of them, and I've actually donated to Kickstarters that do it in the past, but it just makes me wince a little when I see it.
>> No. 182455
Don't try to entice me by name dropping other games in your sales pitch. It makes me, as a customer, think less of a product since it makes me think that the end result will just be "Hey remember this game? Yeah that was good! We're gonna copy that."

It just leaves me wanting to play something else.
>> No. 182456
>What are everyone's thoughts on Kickstarters that uses the "inspired by [insert classic games here]" tag line?
It's how you pitch most ideas in the film and videogame industries in the first place, so I'm fine with it.

They're all based on some idea or another. A project isn't better for not being influenced by other works. Any sense of greater significance by not showing your influence is misplaced. It's how you help to get folks to understand your perspective.
>> No. 182459
I don't mind it much, but it isn't very descriptive if you don't at least try to specify what elements from each game you're talking about: For instance, I don't know from the description there if it's for a top down adventure game where you collect major powers from the main bosses and minor ones via leveling, a sidescrolling platformer where you can explore dungeons out of order and use items gained halfway through them to solve puzzles and exploit boss weaknesses, or some other thing. It also only works if you can be sure enough people are actually familiar with the game you're comparing yours to.
>> No. 182461
>They're all based on some idea or another
Of course they are. That's just how art works. But my point is that it's amateurish to use the other person's idea that it's based on to describe your work instead of being able to describe it yourself. They shouldn't feel bad about being influenced by other games, or even of making homages to them, but I do greatly prefer if they treat the current project as its own thing.
>> No. 182463
>But my point is that it's amateurish to use the other person's idea that it's based on to describe your work instead of being able to describe it yourself.
Except it's actually very professional and even expected when you're trying to pitch an idea to investors and executives. It's a way to quickly get the gist across to people.
>> No. 182464
When it comes to pitching to executives, yeah, it helps a ton. Usually the best way to throw a thirty second pitch.
Though when it comes to pitching to the "consumers" (in other words, the "customers" who are going to help fund your project while usually expecting something in return), I find that it's a bit of a different story. Some will be able to relate more to the goal with these references while others would much prefer something to not be reminded of something else that they may or may not like. This is especially a bit understandable where the game industry is currently at in this time with the populace seeing a ton of first-person shooters, character-action games, and other such genres that blend here and there.
In a nutshell, you're both not wrong, but I can't say we're all completely right either.
>> No. 182486
File 138410794611.gif - (235.58KB , 700x1478 , 114697589a92aa18de86bb1485b7af39_large.gif )

Collect more loot than you can bear.
>> No. 182534
File 138426708031.jpg - (33.56KB , 450x252 , 1384261160730.jpg )
>> No. 183092
>> No. 183260
http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/437762268/tadpole-treble This was linked in /diy/ instead of here, so I link it here.
>> No. 183281
Last week.
>> No. 183708
File 138689359284.png - (1.15MB , 640x1793 , 1913f3003431eda8e5e540a201aae5db_large.png )
Already funded (and counting). Could be good? I'm having trouble seeing the fun of the game with how they explained the rules (or rather have not explained the rules) so far.
>> No. 185960
Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn - The Big Deez Teamyoutube thumb
Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn - Game Teaseryoutube thumb
Shaq Fu - A Legend Reborn - Campaign Videoyoutube thumb
I, for one, welcome my new Shaq overlord.
>> No. 187277
>> No. 187279
Didn't this furry trash already have a kickstarter?
The fuck did they do with the wad of cash they got before?
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