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File 132582577260.jpg - (68.84KB , 830x674 , 830px-Heller_jacket_concept_5.jpg )
143276 No. 143276
This struck me as neat, Heller gets a military tattoo
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>> No. 143341
It might sound strange and weird to you, but there are people who aren't you.
>> No. 143344
Is it bad that I signed this even though I probably won't actually buy the thing until it's on sale?
>> No. 143349
I know, they are not selfish assholes, just winny bitches.
*high 5*
>> No. 143352
It's boring. Bad things become grinding for levels, it takes all the personal joy out of being bad when this is all the game is. Not even in a goofy Godizllia: king of all monsters way but " oh I infected new york city, that sure was several hours of gameplay".
>> No. 143356
File 132587441865.jpg - (97.70KB , 633x742 , 126491051119.jpg )


That's why there is a purpose to his actions, to structure the story, it's still trying to unravel a mystery except instead of "what caused all this" it's "what are they doing with all this"

Mercer doesn't seem to be trying to infect the world, if he was he could have done it already, meanwhile the other infected seem to have formed a hive structure, yet still aren't expanding and most of Black Watch doesn't know what Black Watch is up to.
>> No. 143360
Well, that was quick.
>> No. 143364
File 132588243044.jpg - (196.38KB , 915x933 , 126491052738.jpg )
>> No. 143366
Demon Souls, Or How I Learned To Never Ever Stop Worrying And Love the Dodge Roll.
>> No. 143367
Why I think Dark Souls should come to PCyoutube thumb
>> No. 143370
File 132588573613.jpg - (55.02KB , 500x375 , patrickbateman.jpg )
"Armor? For anything besides looking cool? HA HA HA! WHY? If ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING hits you you are dead anyway!"
>> No. 143372
I can only imagine how the actual Namco people will react to what that forum admin set off with his two posts.
"Look what you've done! You cock!"
>> No. 143373
Yeah I bought some plate sometime to maybe make the regular enemies hurt a bit less and then LOL NOPE ARMOR HAS WEIGHT ENJOY YOUR USELESS DODGE ROLL.

So leather all the way then.
>> No. 143374
File 132588727667.jpg - (11.56KB , 202x319 , 12649103502.jpg )
Yeah, fucking forget armor, it just slows you down and then you are boned anyway.
>> No. 143375
It still feels important to upgrade my shield though.

Also when do I learn how to use magic, or did picking Wanderer lock me out of that?
>> No. 143377
File 13258885048.jpg - (227.30KB , 706x826 , 126491076014.jpg )
Classes are more of "a general guide line and some bonus equipment"

You are never locked out of anything, simply challenged to achieve it.

You get magic when you find someone who knows magic and is willing to teach it to you, you'll also have have the eqipment for each spell class, you'll need the Pyromancy flame in order to cast fire spells (in my opinion the best spells in the game) A talisman for Miracles which are essentially healing magic and a catalyst for whatever the fuck they call black magic.

As I recall, you can get magic soon after defeating the Bell Gargoyles by freeing a magician who is right along the route.
>> No. 143381
Aren't the Bell Gargoyles from Dark Souls, not Demon's Souls? Because the latter is what I bought.
>> No. 143383
Ahh, It's the same deal essentially, though no Bell Gargoyles.
>> No. 143386
File 132589126771.jpg - (42.57KB , 830x467 , 830px-Proto_II_(5).jpg )
Also Heller started out as a white guy and the response of everyone who saw him was "he looks like every other video game soldier"

Which is the point where they started messing with the racial aspect of his character until they got James.
>> No. 143390
>Oh hey that glowing thing looks a bit different from the other glowing things I've seen so far
>Summon Phantom FlameSaber?
>Sure why not
>Crazy powerful ghost appears which proceeds to run along ahead of me the rest of the level, slaughtering everything while I follow behind it looting corpses and tanking the occasional bit of dragonfire
>Also accompanies me to fight gigantic fucking knight, who it distracts completely while I murder crossbowmen and take potshots from the walls
>> No. 143392
File 132589782953.jpg - (101.94KB , 1600x900 , THATISWHY.jpg )
>finally play Tales of Vesperia
>remember people always shipped Yuri with some purple haired chick
>wonder why that is
>> No. 143398
File 132590216442.png - (129.26KB , 478x3595 , 126491064232.png )
Goddamn the Phantoms are beautiful people.
>> No. 143417
>> No. 143418
What, Judith? I still prefer Yuri/Estelle (I'm just too easily lead by the Obvious Ships, I think), but I definitely see the appeal of Yuri/Judith.

But Yuri's got good chemistry with everyone, so it's not really any wonder. He's definitely the best Tales protagonist ever, and ranks really high in the list of Best Video Game Protagonists In General.
>> No. 143419
File 132591389710.png - (231.55KB , 600x594 , 1227647231216.png )
oh you're just talking about the best pairing ever

man i was too busy shipping Estelle with Rita to ever consider her with Yuri. adorable lesbians, man. fuck yeah.
>> No. 143422
File 13259153408.jpg - (168.85KB , 684x535 , 0c3e4d084c58e7cd4b3c306140db3671.jpg )
Yuri and Estelle are super close, but there's more sexual tension between him and Flynn than with her. They're just BFF, at least so far. Christ, Judith though...
>> No. 143429
File 132591968731.jpg - (313.87KB , 556x764 , 1227648128404.jpg )
It is unfair that a couple be this hot.
>> No. 143431
>man i was too busy shipping Estelle with Rita to ever consider her with Yuri. adorable lesbians, man. fuck yeah.
Huh. Now that you mention it....I concede the point.
>> No. 143438

This looks interesting.
>> No. 143443

This is gaining steam at a surprising rate.
>> No. 143451
>Petition opposing SOPA gets 46,000 signatures in two months
>Petition for Dark Souls PC port gets 30,000 signatures in a day
Truly, people have got their priorities in order.
>> No. 143453
I think people just expect businessman to respond more logically to public opinion than politicians.

Running With Scissors why are you such a terrible company
>> No. 143462
Buisnessmen are the true power these days, no use going after idiots that can't do anything without getting paid enough to do it.
>> No. 143501
Finally bought Super Mario Galaxy
>Dat music
>Dat stage design
Why the hell did it take me so long to get this game?
>> No. 143502
Ezio Walks the Dinosauryoutube thumb
>> No. 143503
And now you can fully appreciate this video!
Super Mario Galaxy - Queen - D…youtube thumb

Also this one
Super Mario Galaxy 2 - ELO Mr Blue Skyyoutube thumb
>> No. 143505
And this one
Mario Galaxy Spec Commercialyoutube thumb
>> No. 143525
File 13260468952.gif - (219.62KB , 500x281 , tumblr_lp5a77XGyj1qzupeyo1_500.gif )
>Mario Kart 7
>Three star Lightning Cup Mirror Mode on first try
>> No. 143572
>> No. 143590
File 132607469092.jpg - (31.02KB , 436x304 , The Kid.jpg )
got Bastion for christmas, been playing it instead of all the other games i also got (Dragon age: complete, Fallout :New Vegas) its just that amazing.
>> No. 143613
File 132608838489.jpg - (144.66KB , 480x414 , Gravity.jpg )
Samus' Brawl model really isn't made for poses like this.
It was very finicky to get it as close as I did.
>> No. 143618
How do you make these things, anyway?
>> No. 143620
File 132609084896.jpg - (203.67KB , 810x566 , BrawlBox.jpg )
Brawl Box.
Comes with a handy model viewer/animation editor.
>> No. 143622
Oh my fucking god.

[Falk Demo Reel] Rooftop Run -…youtube thumb

Just oh my god. Why is this not a thing. Why.
>> No. 143623
Resonance of Fate is like the prototype of demon souls. I've never seen a jrpg as unforgiving as this game nor one that makes weapon statics so pointless with a million customization options for so few actual guns to equip. Not to mention filled with occasional bullshit missions I thought died out in the early 90s, but damned if I’m not compelled to beat this game like a red headed step child just to show it who is boss.
>> No. 143644

this is gonna be fun
>> No. 143651
File 132612354343.jpg - (47.64KB , 246x256 , 128864838547.jpg )
Horrible news everyone.

There is official confirmation that Muscle-mass has been removed from Prototype 2.

That's right, instead of removing claws, the stupid redundant power no one uses....they took out Hulk mode.
>> No. 143654
File 132612457042.jpg - (92.93KB , 463x722 , 463px-DS2_Death_Face_Studies.jpg )
Darksiders 2 is apparently gonna try for more emotion than GRRR I ANGRY and OH NOO SURPRISED!
>> No. 143655
There was no surprise in Darksiders. Only anger and broodiness and more anger.
>> No. 143659
They were occasionally shocked, especially Uriel.
>> No. 143660
File 132613053821.jpg - (75.87KB , 830x467 , 830px-DarksidersII_Death.jpg )
Also I'm gonna spend all of Darksiders 2 as undead Casey Jones.


Jonny October - Goongala! - Mu…youtube thumb
>> No. 143674
File 132614122127.jpg - (80.05KB , 363x400 , Dr__Light.jpg )
>get promoted to admin on minecraft server
>look through the commands list
>find out i could possibly spawn an ender dragon
>realise i oculd spawn 50 of them at once

man was not built for such power
>> No. 143684
Oh a Hockey Stick better be a secret weapon.
>> No. 143687

I never used Muscle Mass, so I don't give a fuck.

And from what I played at NYCC, the claws got a buff and are pretty fun to use.
>> No. 143691
Great. Now I desperately want a hockey stick and mask for Scout in TF2.
>> No. 143692
Any Scoot hockey gear for TF2 needs bears somewhere on it, at least on some of it.
>> No. 143697
Bah, fuck your claws, they will always be useless as long as the blade power exists, Muscle Mass had BLOODSPLOSIONS, it was EASILY the best and most versatile power in the game.

Also Heller will be less of a human slaughterer than Mercer, parts of his missions apparently involve impersonating military officers and putting out evacuation orders in areas he's going to be fighting in, you can still consume lots of people, but the concern for them is in the story at least.

It would be a simple texture mod turning his twin scythes to dual hockey sticks.
>> No. 143700
>Literature Professor's got a son that works for Valve
>Make an obligatory "When does Episode 3 come out?" remark
>"I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you"

Also described some "fun with physics" type of project involving black holes being in development. Might be cool to see what that could be.
>> No. 143701

Also let's fly back 30 feet every time something brushes against us. I don't remember THAT in Aria of Sorrow. Although I certainly remember it in the original Castlevania, or as I like to call it HAHAHA MEDUSA KNOCK YOU DOWN HOLE: The Game.
>> No. 143746
At least there aren't any bottomless pits.
>> No. 143767
So I got Red Faction Armageddon for dirt cheap on PC and I'm starting to see why SR3 was cut into little DLC pieces. The game style is eerily similar, but unlike the later game RFA is so god-awful my high spec computer refuses to run it. In the span of 2 hours it’s crashed 10 times.

This is like Alpha Protocol all over again in terms of developer abandonment of an unpolished game as soon as it doesn’t sell.
>> No. 143790
Whelp, I found my gateway drug into TTRPGs.
>> No. 143793
File 132625393833.jpg - (227.07KB , 900x805 , mk-mvsc3.jpg )

>Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition delivers the critically acclaimed game, all previously released downloadable content (DLC), plus digital downloads of the 2011 release of Mortal Kombat: Songs Inspired by the Warriors album with a bonus track, and the 1995 Mortal Kombat film on the PlayStation®Store or Xbox Live Zune. The DLC includes fan-favorite warriors Skarlet, Kenshi and Rain, as well as the infamous dream stalker Freddy Krueger. The game also offers 15 Klassic Skins and three Klassic Fatalities (Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Reptile). Mortal Kombat: Songs Inspired by the Warriors is a collection of electronic music inspired by the game and is executive produced by JFK (of the DJ/ production duo MSTRKRFT and Death From Above 1979).

While I wouldn't call myself an aficionado of Mortal Kombat, I did want to try the latest reboot of the series after reading many good things about it. And judging by the extras being stuffed in the game's upcoming re-release, the "Komplete Edition" is the way to go, even though I already own the 1995 film on VHS.
>> No. 143794
Someone needs to run a /cog/ game of this like right now. Yes I realize it's not actually released yet, USE YOUR TIME MAGIC POWERS, POTENTIAL DM.
>> No. 143803
File 132626207281.jpg - (67.08KB , 830x467 , 830px-P2_Sgt_Heller_VS_Hunter.jpg )
Wow, Hunters got one hell of a face lift, no more giant spastic babies.
>> No. 143804
File 13262621594.jpg - (126.40KB , 830x557 , 830px-P2_Hunter_Sol.jpg )
Way cool.
>> No. 143806

oh goodness, I had almost forgot about this comic with it's outrageously long joke set-up.
>> No. 143812
>> No. 143832
File 132628933247.jpg - (140.98KB , 482x405 , Hunter.jpg )
The Hunters used to look like giant, elongated, spastic, syphilis babies.
>> No. 143864
>Steam updates
>can no longer play Dragon Age without logging into EA account
Well, looks like playing that through to the end has been put on hold permanently. I wish I could get my money back.
>> No. 143876
Just gotta say something.

I don't care about gameplay. I really don't.

I mean, yeah, if the gameplay is shit I'm going to stop playing the game pretty quickly. But while bad gameplay can be a reason not to play a game, I've been coming to the realization that for me, good gameplay is not enough to get me to play a game.

I play games like I'm reading a book. I don't read books for the visceral thrill of noticing commas or marveling at quotation marks or because I really like the way somebody used a semicolon. I read books because I like the story, the narrative, the presentation.

Same thing with games. If the story is dumb, if the game is ugly, or if the writing is bad, I just don't care about the game, even if it has great gameplay.

When I get a new game, I like to play it because everything is novel, and I'm a novelty junkie. I'm on the internet, after all. But as soon as the novelty of the gameplay wears off - in about two hours, usually - I lose interest entirely unless there's something else to pull me in. My Steam library is chock full of games with only an hour of playtime logged for this reason.

I think a part of it is a sense of needing to improve myself. Sometimes I end a play session and think back and wonder, "What have I gained from spending two or three hours on this?" And I realize this is a complete value judgement. I realize it's a personal values thing that doesn't make all that much rational sense. But, I can't seem to get past this feeling that videogames - specifically the whole deal of increasing your skill at playing them, building up a character, getting better at a game - are a gigantic waste of my time. And this is where the (admittedly nonsensical and a complete double standard) value judgement comes in, because while I look disdainfully at that, I'm willing to spend time reading books, watching movies, and listening to music.

I guess the best way to put it is that I love a good narrative. I want a story. I believe my life can be improved and I can grow as a person through broadening my horizons of art and narrative. But at some deep level, I view gameplay as a dead-end for my personality and growth as a person. When I stop playing games, I think back and feel like I just switched my personality off for a long time, and I always have an uneasy gut feeling that doing that too long will lead to stagnation.

And looking back, I think that ended up being way more negative and confrontational than I meant it to be. But it's something I've been struggling with for a while and I just needed to get it out.
>> No. 143877
No, I mean from what game.
>> No. 143878
>> No. 143897
I think I kind of agree. Well, except for the semicolon bit because, really, some authors just know exactly where to place a semicolon to really get your bread broadly buttered, if you know what I mean.

I do remember a time when being good at playing the video games that I had was important to me. Interestingly, this view point corresponds to when I played a lot of games with my brother and friends. Once my brother stopped playing games with me, and my friends stopped all together, I noticed that I just had no drive to hit top scores or to perfect sequences or tactics or whatever. I don't feel any competitive need to prove myself to complete strangers on the internet, in general, especially when there's such a low chance of really getting noticed for it.

I guess that's when it started feeling less like "improvement" (although, hey, can always take advantage of better hand-eye coordination, especially as the years march on, haha) and more like "waste of time". And once I started playing video games exclusively for myself, I realized that I really wasn't into them for their gameplay from the beginning, anyway.

I never really liked saving cardboard princesses, or going from Point A to Point B just for the sake of moving really fast, or stacking blocks endlessly. They all seemed pretty small and boring. Heck! I remember my brother and I trying to make up stories for why everyone was getting together in Melee! (Something something, Link and Captain Falcon were best friends? and Ness was the true villain all along and Yoshi kept trying to move into Hyrule castle even though he obviously lived at Yoshi's Island but that had been recently flooded by Kirbys...?)

But now that there's a large onslaught of games that seemingly try to tackle bigger issues, like wars spanning across worlds, and... well, okay, I guess at a base level that explains a lot of the current games I like, haha; but still, it's where they start adding details that flesh things out, like: why you're there, why these characters are important, why the bad stuff happened, why this princess deserves to be saved, etc, etc. It just feels an awful lot like games have recently matured, and I suppose I've just matured along with them.

Although getting back to what you were initially talking about, I still feel as though the main reason I've lost interest in the gaming aspect of video games and appreciate the stories and characters more is because of the lack of friends to really compare and compete with. Especially since (while he doesn't play with me, sadness) my brother managed to keep some of his gaming friends and is still very much into the sake of being good at video games just so that he CAN be good at them.
>> No. 143902
File 132633531020.jpg - (108.71KB , 830x467 , 830px-P2_Heller_whip.jpg )
Prototype 2.
>> No. 144027
Progressive Insurance - Sonicyoutube thumb

Classic is the silent one, use him!
>> No. 144067
I bought that Voltron game on PSN on a lark and it turns out that aside of just being really funny it's actually pretty cool as a game.
>> No. 144088
So guys, what should I play next?

inFamous 2
God of War: Origins Collection
Uncharted 3
Assassin's Creed 2
Heavy Rain
>> No. 144090
I'd honestly recommend you avoid InFamous 2 at all costs, Assassin's Creed 2 is really good from what I understand, I'd say go with that.
>> No. 144110
>> No. 144148
I really enjoyed inFamous 2. I'd actually say go with that. Though really Assassin's Creed 2 is also a pretty good game, so either is fine.
>> No. 144159
So is Final Fantasy Versus XIII still a thing or is that going to be scrapped for/after 13-2 doesn't meet expectations?
>> No. 144167
Trying to run Tales of Symphonia in Dolphin. Dem frame drops, dem sound issues. And here I thought I had a relatively decent rig.
>> No. 144184

Emulators are fickle. The only game I got to work at all was windwaker, but the framerate kept dropping when there were weather effects or lots of people on screen.
>> No. 144209
File 132658695277.jpg - (204.66KB , 767x576 , DAFUGISDAT.jpg )
In Darksiders 2 according to the Devs they are really trying to push the RPG aspect of the game, loot drops, experience and all that sorta stuff, they've also said they've read everything the internet had to say about Darksiders and they've used all of the constructive advice they gathered in the game.

I'm interested to see where this goes.
>> No. 144217
Less Zelda, more regular RPGish?
Might be cool. Might be.
>> No. 144218
Maybe it will be more like a Mecastleroidvania. Which would be pretty fucking neato.
>> No. 144221
File 132659155980.jpg - (80.21KB , 830x467 , 830px-Hires_screenshot02_glow_Comp-1024x576.jpg )
In that same interview they talked about Death having customizable armor and weapons as well as enhancements in an improved system, additionally that you get Despair from the get go and a huge world with NPCs in which you can you him, since in the first game you nearly didn't get Ruin til the end and there was almost no where to ride him.

In regards to the NPCs they said it was one of the first games largest failures, mentioning "War met, like, 5 NPCs and killed 3 of 'em!"

So there will apparently be Towns and Cities with NPCs that "Aren't half-assed."
>> No. 144226
>"War met, like, 5 NPCs and killed 3 of 'em!"
But I actually liked that about the game. Gave the whole setting a way more apocalyptic and dismal feel.
>> No. 144227
File 132659230293.jpg - (88.92KB , 600x338 , Eternal Throne.jpg )
I forgot to mention, they are no longer stuck within the frame work of Earth as the setting and they've abandoned attempts at photo-realism for a more air brush painted cartoon style to work with Joe's art.

This means way crazier more epic surroundings and characters.

The basic premise of the game is that in the 100 year since War was framed, Death was trying to prove him innocent as well as revive all of humanity to rebalanced the scales.

In the Darksiders universe souls don't go to heaven or hell or even to the Charred Council, they go to the abyss.

So the story itself is being kinda cheeky, Death himself is said to be a more emotional guy than War.

Death is on a mission to revive the entire human race, the humor of the situation is not lost on him.
>> No. 144232
Which is good since War was on Earth, Death is in the Abyss which is where everyone went, they haven't stated what happens to them there though or what is entailed in the revival process or even if Death succeeds, since the story is parallel to the first game in the time line.

It's also supposed to be 6 times longer.
>> No. 144233
>It's also supposed to be 6 times longer.
That sounds like massive exaggeration. That's over 100 hours. Even Baldur's Gate II wasn't that long. Unless they're including all kinds of sidequests and stuff in that statement.
>> No. 144235
>Unless they're including all kinds of sidequests and stuff in that statement.

They are including all kinds of sidequests and stuff in that statement.
>> No. 144282
Every year or so I suddenly think of Card Sagas Wars.
Sometimes there will even have been a new preview video since then.
Card Sagas Wars - Master Chief VS Samusyoutube thumb
It's still one of my favourite things that will probably never be finished.
>> No. 144283
After Duke Nukem Forever and Katawa Shoujo coming out, anything seems possible to me.
>> No. 144286
man do i love somewhat old games that are a pain in the balls to get to work in widescreen
>> No. 144291
Alex's sister Dana and Bradley Ragland are both confirmed as alive, uninfected and still helping Alex, so there goes the he's gone completely evil theory.
>> No. 144295
Question is would I care to see cities of demons or angels prosper after killing humans to form dunes of ash out of them.
>> No. 144297
There are no Demons or Angels in the Abyss, only Old ones like Ulthane or dead human souls.

In the Darksiders Universe Heaven and Hell are two distinct realm that are totally separate from the afterlife, if you do encounter them they are most likely stealing human souls for currency or fuel so you'll be killing them rather than talking.

The cities you do encounter will be populated mainly by spectral humans as the Abyss was unprepared for an early apocalypse and so it is flooded with too many souls.
>> No. 144317
File 132666382542.png - (166.25KB , 580x328 , Facedesk.png )
>First day of new College semester
>Teacher asks each of us what our focus is and what our hobbies are
>He asks this one fat goth girl
>"Hmm, interesting. Do you have a favorite?"
>"Can't say I've heard of that."
>"Hmm, interesting, now th-"
>"Oh, what kind of music do you play?"
>> No. 144318
Cohen's Masterpiece (Cohen's Scherzo n°7)youtube thumb
Can't say I find a problem in that.
>> No. 144319
File 132666523750.gif - (12.33KB , 650x450 , WV gasp.gif )
>L.A. Noire interrogation
>Hey he had him in his notebook!
>"You fuck young boys, Valdez?"

Phelps!!! RUDE!
>> No. 144320
File 132666569530.png - (2.58KB , 156x176 , T4 ready.png )
I'd hit it!
>> No. 144322
Meh, what do you expect form the cheating bastard.
>> No. 144323
Maybe, but why can't people who play games present their hobbies in a way that makes them sound like they actually have lives? It's been 30 fucking years since games were first introduced and we STILL haven't made them part of the art spectrum instead of something only autistic mama's boy NEEEEEERDS do.

Doesn't help that I said I play games 4-5 hours a day, which to me isn't much but apparently it is to everyone else.
>> No. 144327
It's a self-reinforcing cycle. You have to put your foot down while still being polite. TV, film, music, comics, even classical literature that supposedly smart people talk about all day, they all had this kind of stigma, still do in some cases.
>> No. 144329
File 13266687761.jpg - (21.78KB , 210x210 , 1315582116457.jpg )
XCOM FPS Pushed to 2013, Firaxis Strategy Reboot Still Set for 2012


>As someone who was quite fond of what he saw of the re-imagined XCOM at E3 this past year, but who's also excited about the Firaxis strategy reboot of the franchise, I am somewhat conflicted by this news.

>We haven't heard much about the XCOM FPS as of late, but have seen and heard plenty about XCOM: Enemy Unknown. In fact, many would say this news does not come as a big surprise.


Can't say I'm surprised.
>> No. 144331
File 132666904912.gif - (0.99MB , 300x169 , 1316729820343.gif )

>Apparently, The Game Workshops MMO has been cancelled by THQ

That's Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium Online, right?

>> No. 144332
It's all just rumors coming from a single guy.
>> No. 144334
>> No. 144335
File 132666994169.jpg - (49.15KB , 1067x600 , tsw_06-1067x600.jpg )
Well, this looks like the place to post this. What do you think of The Secret World?
>> No. 144337
I remember reading an article about it on the Escapist awhile back and it sounded like the first good MMO I'd ever heard of.
>> No. 144338
Why do you want it canned?

S'kinda neat in concept, though I've yet to play it.
>> No. 144339
File 132667087612.jpg - (59.33KB , 830x496 , 830px-Guerra_CA_1.jpg )
I REALLY like Father Guerra's design, it's everything a priest should be, represent and strive for.
>> No. 144340
Because it's not an XCOM game by any definition and has no business being called XCOM.

I'm talking about the shooter, not the Firaxis remake, just so we're clear. The latter looks fucking awesome so far.
>> No. 144341
File 132667124161.jpg - (34.41KB , 440x721 , 440px-Guerra_CA_2.jpg )
Prototype 2 'Gameplay'youtube thumb
>> No. 144342
>Because it's not an XCOM game by any definition and has no business being called XCOM.

Okay, what is your criteria for an XCOM game?
>> No. 144343
Having something to do with any of Xcom's gameplay or setting.

What does "Mass Effect Clone in the 50s with different aliens, different guns, different everything"have to do with Xcom? Answer: absolutely nothing. So why did they try to sell it as Xcom? Answer: because it's a shitty game they slapped a known name onto to boost sales. The thing is though that nobody fell for this, so they put a real Xcom game into development with a studio that has proven their skill with strategy games and has a demonstrated love of the original title. Now we're looking at SHITTY FAKE Xcom having been delayed and the real new Xcom looks absolutely fantastic from what we've seen. All that's left is for 2k to quietly sweep the fake under the rug and we can all pretend that ugly business never happened.

Just like how we treat Xcom Terror From the Deep.
>> No. 144344
You mean X-COM Enforcer and Interceptor, right?
>> No. 144345
Any except Apocalypse and Enemy Unknown really.
>> No. 144346
AHAHAHA... Get outta here.

Aside from TFTD being good, if insanely hard, the play by email thing was supposed to be reasonable as well.
>> No. 144352
File 132668719699.jpg - (127.64KB , 793x991 , kirbyandfriends.jpg )
Aw yeah, finally got to play Kirby's Return to Dreamland with a friend and it was the best thing ever.
Some games are worth not playing for months waiting for a chance to get together with a friend to play.
We pretty much beat the whole thing in one sitting.
>> No. 144355
I recently bought that and Epic Yarn from a going-out-of-business brick and mortar Blockbuster. Best impulse buy ever.
>> No. 144356
I got to spend an evening with a ladyfriend and we pretty much just played Return to Dreamland. She found it infinitely amusing to make Dedede jump on Kirby's back.
Which, yeah, I guess it is.
>> No. 144406
File 132674749287.jpg - (189.31KB , 1280x720 , GasStation_03_1280watermark.jpg )
New article on XCOM's Audio.

Take a gander.
>> No. 144415
I'm feeling oppressed by alien hordes already!
>> No. 144420
So I was thinking the other day, when it hit me.

You know what Left 4 Dead 2 needs?

>> No. 144425
Not as badly as Portal 2, which HAS hats. But only 4 of them.
>> No. 144430
I'd be okay with that. It's not like L4D is a serious game anyways, at least, not how I play it.
>> No. 144442
Portal 2 needs some kind of drop system.
>> No. 144455
File 132678129437.jpg - (48.39KB , 510x546 , 1322983608740.jpg )
>pacifist playthrough complete

this fucking game man
>> No. 144458
Or a Steam Workshop thing.
>> No. 144459
That too. I'm surprised Skyrim got one before Portal 2.

Also, note to self, next drawthread, ask for the Bots playing dress-up with an annoyed Chell.
>> No. 144474
I can assume it was ridiculously difficult, right?
>> No. 144489
I don't know, I did a mostly kill-free run first playthrough and definitely could have gotten Pacifist if I was really trying. The only ones I remembered killing were some of the ones attacking Malik's helicopter, and spamming the stun gun and takedowns seemed to actually work better than shooting them.
>> No. 144492
File 132682261796.png - (106.08KB , 774x740 , ITSAMOCHAWITHCREAMENJOYIT.png )
Yeah not killing anyone forces you to switch up tactics a bit. I had to let Malik die because I really didn't care for the stun gun and didn't have any gas grenades.

The thing is is that it's not all that difficult. My pacifist playthrough was completed on deus ex difficulty, and if anything being a pacifist made the game easier there. It really is a stealth game, and it's fairly easy slip through just about every situation without being detected at all (cloaking helps).

There's nothing outright revolutionary about the gameplay. I can point to like a half a dozen games that do minute things that deus ex does but better; Resident Evil 4 had better inventory, Gears of War had better cover, Mass Effect has more dialogue options and Metal Gear Solid has guards that beat the pants off how outright stupid these guys are sometimes. Etc, etc.

The thing is that the whole experience is so solidly conceived. Yes, pieces were better in other games. But everything there is well done, if not amazing. There's less dialogue options, but I feel like what's there is more fulfilling than say "I'm Commander Shepard and I'm a penis because I feel like being one". It's some of the best stealth I've seen in a while, possibly better than MGS4. And, incredibly, because of that balance towards stealth, you treat the city hubs with a little more respect than you do in other games (mostly because doing anything not in the shadows gets you gunned down in about 3 seconds). I was also amazed that, even my second time in, I was still finding little things that had completely missed my attention the first time, from ammo and weapons to entire side missions.

To top it all off, this is the first video game in forever where I felt like its' subject matter is somewhat important. It feels very much like reading 1984 in the 1960s, in that respect. It's a vision of the future that, at times, seems all too real, like by the time we do get to 2027, it might just happen.
>> No. 144498
Its DX done right again with political intrigue that while Sci-fi you can actually see on the horizon. Ah well its off to do a psycho murder run because its something I almost never do because I like being sneaky.
>> No. 144500

While I appreciate Aksys's foray into the barely existent overseas otome market and want to support them...I just wonder if I could get immersed in a romantic story about samurai on vampire steroids.
>> No. 144502
Since /v/ is acting stupider than usual, what's the verdict on the Kingdom of Amalur demo?
>> No. 144543
File 132688556759.gif - (358.21KB , 512x288 , head table.gif )
>birthday coming up
>really not sure what I want
>remember I've been meaning to get Alice: Madness Returns
"Well, I was thinking of just buying it on Steam, but I wouldn't mind having a physical copy."
>tell the folks said game would make a dandy gift
>later remember in a sudden horrible flash that it was published by EA
>ten seconds on Google confirms the physical copy requires Origin

Maybe they still have time to cancel the order...
>> No. 144568
File 132692425228.jpg - (33.42KB , 610x669 , 5531_thinevo_jpg-610x0.jpg )

I'm really liking the Thin man.
>> No. 144578
File 132693362084.gif - (1.37MB , 224x178 , 1323887946870.gif )
>Liked Katawa Shoujo
>Decide to try another VN from that list of recommended VNs
>Saya no Uta
>First Scene starts
>> No. 144583
>Finally playing Human Revolution
>read the email about Adam's dog
>> No. 144591
Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0 Traileryoutube thumb
>> No. 144609

That's how I felt just reading the TvTropes page for it.
>> No. 144611
oh shit!
Oh Shit!
>> No. 144614
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning …youtube thumb

Its sad that even if I'm interested in Kingdoms of Amalur, all I need to see is the EA stamp and the sad fact that this gameplay nearly screams DA2 clone to instantly drain any curiosity I have for this thing.
>> No. 144623
>Just Cause 2
Oh my God this is the video game version of the cheesiest action movie ever. The dialogue, the exaggerated accents, the raw holy shit factor.
It's amazing.
>> No. 144627
File 132697891292.jpg - (155.30KB , 397x459 , P2_final_PS3box_art.jpg )
The box art got leaked.
>> No. 144629
>Playing Final Fantasy III DS
>Bosses can attack twice in one turn
"Fuck this is hard."
>Playing FF 4 Heroes of Light
>Bosses level with you and attack 4 or more times per turn
At least Chaos is the classiest final boss in any FF to date. Dat top hat and cane.
He looks like he stepped right out of Kazuma Kaneko's early SMT work, creepy as fuck.
>> No. 144630
Yeah I'm playing it right now and it's easily the best thing I've got for my PS3. I've not done any work with the Reapers or Ulars but I've unlocked a fair bit of shit just wandering around.

Course, I've got the Ultimate Edition with all the DLC off PSN, so I've got a bunch of overpowered weapons to play with.
>> No. 144631
Yeah, the game is amazing, the faction missions are a lot of fun and lurking plus destroying bases it's a blast (though it can be tedious to get the 100 on locations at times).
Which reminds me I need to keep following it since I have to go for the "Three Kings".
Fun fact: for what I was told, Panau is bigger than Skyrim.
>> No. 144633
File 13269847642.jpg - (24.43KB , 381x400 , 1307369782568.jpg )
>Have a dream where I'm playing Nocturne
>Suddenly it turns into a 2D brawler
>I'm beating up Gdons and Lokis with elaborate fist combos
>> No. 144661
>Got money card and new head set for ma PS3
Aw yeah, lets do
>PSN is down for maintenance
Oh come on...
Also if I ever get my robot hands on that bitch... >>144583
>> No. 144663
The Gaming Community VS SOPA a…youtube thumb
>> No. 144664
Resident Evil 6 Official Trailer USyoutube thumb

Resident EEEEEEEEEvil 6
>> No. 144666
>> No. 144668

>Vanquish style movement
>Cover system
>Chris gets grabbed out of cover by tentacles
>> No. 144669
"Seriously, hasn't there been enough ResiEvil latelHHOOOOOLY FUCK"
>> No. 144671
Going to list my thoughts from what ive been hearing

-Leon playable and his story is more personal and his game play is more like RE4
-Ada has her own unlockable storyline
-Seems to be some decent gameplay innovations and hopefully Capcom has been looking at Dead space for ways to improve Resident Evil.
-Game looks pretty rad and comes out this year

-Chris is lame
-Hunk is the mercenary dude in the trailer and will be paling around with Ashley form RE4
-They are showing HUNKS face
-Seriously capcom don't ruin HUNK you dumb fucks.
>> No. 144674
Fuck yeah, Leon Scott "Big Time" Kennedy. Killing the Zombie President.
>> No. 144675
File 132702123311.png - (174.88KB , 400x314 , Screenshot-Commuter Husbands_1973_VHSrip_XViD-CG_a.png )
>-Chris is lame

In a game with Leon...you call CHRIS lame?

This is the first time it's even looked like Leon's balls dropped.
>> No. 144677
Chris is a generic mercenary looking type. Leon may have a shitty haircut but at least he's recognizable.
>> No. 144678
Leon manages to be so absurd and cheesy he becomes cool, it also helps that he's in the best resident Evil games and Chris was in 5 last and I didn't like 5 at all.

Honestly for as hard as I am on RE and the survival horror genre in general after being a big complaining baby on twitter about this Im really starting to dig it. Hope it turns out good, wonder if there will be a weird Wii U version.
>> No. 144680
They've... shown HUNK's face before, though.
>> No. 144682
He's the guy large enough to punch a boulder without being a horribly mutated monster or a guy in black clothes and sunglasses, that is pretty damn distinct.

Also I like how Leon's shitty hair cut is apparently what makes him "recognizable".

They aren't anime for Heaven's Gate, they have distinct faces.
>> No. 144684
Ugh fuck i'm an idiot! You're right it was in that secret ending of 3 right? What ever the point is if im going to be playing as him I want the Gas mask.
>> No. 144685
Yeah, it's hardly startling they may show it again.

Your exposure to Chris ends with 5 and you dislike him on the basis of not liking it?

What confuses me even more is that 4 is your favorite, because 5 is just a far superior version of it, game play wise at least.

I respect your opinion though, it's just odd to me.
>> No. 144687
>5 is just a far superior version of it, game play wise at least.
5 does little more than copy and paste bits of 4's gameplay and cobble it together with RE's shitty overarching story to create a much shorter game.

As for Chris being recognizable, no super strength does not make him recognizable, it's just another stupid RE thing. I'm talking about his character design. He looks like every generic gun toting merc ever, it's the most boring thing. Leon's not much better but again, you look at him and he's immediately recognizable as Leon while Chris looks like four thousand other character.

RE's a traditionally shitty series but it's started to turn out decent game so who knows, maybe 6 will be good.
>> No. 144688
I felt 5 was a step down from 4 to be honest, never played the co-op though so maybe im not giving it a fair shake?

Honestly my cons are just jokey hyperbole, like I said I can be hard on RE so its always the little things that bug me.
Id like to see the return of some of the other RE characters to take the starring role in 6 or maybe a new character. Seeing Chris again (who Im pretty lukewarm on as a character) come back after just starring in 5 and is the Co-star of Revelations doesn't really get me excited.

Id even trade Leon as a playable character if it meant we could get someone different, even though I find Leon hilarious and love Re2&4

Hope that makes some sense.
>> No. 144690
A game that has both single player and coop shouldn't ONLY be good in coop.
>> No. 144691
>no super strength does not make him recognizable

Not his strength, his size.

He's over 6 feet tall and almost 220, Barry Burton isn't even that big, also Resident Evil characters are supposed to look like people so slapping a pink mohawk on one of them for distinction is a no go.

Nah I got ya.
>> No. 144692
I enjoyed it immensely both ways, one of the things that was so grating to me in RE4 was dealing with companion AI, at least here they gave you the choice to allow a functioning human being to help you.
>> No. 144693
Ada Wong with a pink Mohawk and a crazy leather outfit would be an amazing unlockable costume.
>> No. 144695
File 132702545388.jpg - (47.50KB , 400x600 , Jill_Valentine_BSAA.jpg )
One area RE5 failed in comparison to RE4 was antagonists.

In RE4 you had The Big Cheese, Ramon Salazar, Saddler and Jack Krasurge.

In RE5 you had that one guy whose a fish monster, that one girl who became that bigger version of the blob monsters that are super weak with glowing weak spots, mind controlled Jill and Wesker.

Also I still feel Wesker isn't dead despite twin Rocket Launchers into a volcano, I wanna say it's because Wesker is bad ass, but I know it's probably lack of satisfaction in his death.

Also, between 5 and the movies, I feel like Jill has become the worst part of the Resident Evil universe, the keep sticking her in stuff and trying to make her sexier, but the whole thing about originally was her boyishness and that awesome beret, if she's in any more games she needs to go back to that, her BSAA outfit was a step in the right direction.
>> No. 144696
I'm pretty hype about it. I'm liking the more movie-oriented action like sliding around and then firing behind you. Hopefully it's not a "press X to win" quick time, though.

Ashley with Hunk, though? Ehhhhhh. Hopefully she's not as annoying, though apparently having the same voice actor. Also I hope she can hold her own now, and is still equipped with "ballistics".

Agreed. Her continual redesign just made her more and more generic, as well as taking away any easy identification. RE5 Jill is just another victim of "Paris-fication" that happened to Samus Aran.

Also, Leon's new manly chin and facial shadow doesn't jive with his haircut.
>> No. 144697
>Also I hope she can hold her own now

>> No. 144699
give her lanterns to throw, she was good at that. or, yknow, grenades maybe.
>> No. 144700
So is this thing going to be the first of those Capcom games that has only one save file?
Is Leon ever going to leave the 90s? His hair style was okay in 4 but this is like some beauty school nightmare. He almost has a mullet at this point.
>> No. 144702
Hunk without his gasmask? Man fuck that, he's not the same without his real face. (though on that note its not like we haven't seen him unmasked before, its just I don't have any desire to play a story with him running about barefaced, hell I don't even want an actual storyline with him, leave him as that coldblooded badass who runs around in the background living up up to his title as Mr Death)
And I suppose no Jill? I know she's in that 3DS game but the trailers ofof it weren't promising for her character portrayal-wise

>Mentioning the movies
Man don't even TALK about those overpriced fanfics starring the directors wife as his OC, my sheer hate will take on a tangible rotted form and eat your brains.

The only Resi game in development I've felt any interest in is Operation Racoon City, something a little different you know? Might be fun.
>> No. 144703
File 132704191544.jpg - (120.01KB , 1163x686 , uss___1_by_indiana69-d3idu77.jpg )
Gasmasks are just awesome. And a good idea to be wearing when walking into a bio-weapon outbreak.
>> No. 144707

>> No. 144710
File 132704482942.jpg - (27.75KB , 250x295 , Sam.jpg )
There's nothing really... unique, about unmasked hunk.
If anything by becoming the eptimome of the gasmasked henchman and transcending thier inherent disposability he becomes something more special.
Plus his character in the trailers for Resi 6 seems kinda off, thats what really bothers me about him. Its not always a good thing when the writers take a minor character with a large fanfollowing and try to pimp him out in the A-plot.
>> No. 144728
Don't worry, this is Capcom. I'm sure classic Hunk will be day 1 on disk payed DLC.
>> No. 144729
Don't worry, this is Capcom. I'm sure classic Hunk will be day 1 on disk payed DLC.
>> No. 144731
>PSN's back
Allright! Time to get NBA jam & Mass Effect 2: arival while they are still on sale!
>They are not
Oh fuck this!
>> No. 144739
File 132708000516.jpg - (80.25KB , 638x350 , darksiders2.jpg )
Death Rises - Darksiders II Be…youtube thumb

Without all the auto-fellatio this would be a pretty decent trailer.
>> No. 144742
File 13270832256.jpg - (123.20KB , 367x356 , 131708170518.jpg )
>Death Lives
>> No. 144752
Gentelmen, BEHOLD!
Chiller Mame Arcade Full Play …youtube thumb
The most gorey game ever made!in 1986
>> No. 144804
File 132713415455.jpg - (6.34KB , 240x320 , manhunt1.jpg )

I found manhunt 1 to be the most violent/gore game. Maybe it's just the 1986 graphics and lack of any plot.

Manhunt killsyoutube thumb
>> No. 144808
File 132713460840.jpg - (36.68KB , 256x331 , 256px-Manhunt_2_Wii_Box_Art_FINAL.jpg )
Manhunt 2 PC All Executions - …youtube thumb
For all y'all guro fans.
>> No. 144820
File 132714958091.jpg - (114.74KB , 1280x612 , Engineering_1280watermark.jpg )
>> No. 144826
>Translation progress slowly reaching completion
>Graces F due out in march
I'm dying here guys, I need my weaboo fighting/grinding game super bad
>> No. 144838
I just wanted to show that there were some fuck up stuff.
And when it comes to gore nothing beats pratical effects so FMV has a leg up.
Making of Harvester.youtube thumb
Also I heard that(manhunt 1) makes a great horror game when you use a mic.
Why? The bad guys can hear you BREATHE!
>> No. 144839
>I just wanted to show that there were some fuck up stuff.
Back in the day too.
Forgot that bit do to going a way and playing Mario Kart with my dad.
Nintendo is still the king of local play.
>> No. 144855
As someone who has never played a Sonic game before, I can now offcially vouch for the claim, that Sonic Generations is, in fact, the bee's knees.
>> No. 144858

Dammit this guy makes such entertaining videos.
>> No. 144899
>Finally playing Arkham Asylum
why does everyone look completely awful

Harley got the worst of it but nobody else is that much better.

The game itself is great but the character designs in general really bother me.
>> No. 144909
File 132721641923.png - (3.79MB , 1069x1500 , Marioparty9logo.png )
The colours Duke, the colours!
>> No. 144910
It actually has my favorite Riddler design ever. Perfect mix of the question mark-covered body suit and the three-piece. It helps that he looks like David Tennant.
>> No. 144913
File 132721866546.jpg - (59.58KB , 640x480 , mario-party-8-20070427102735858_640w.jpg )
Thank God.
8 was so disturbingly realistic with environmental designs and colors.
>> No. 144916
Because the design philosophy was clearly "make everything grimmer, and darker".
>> No. 144940
So I've got the retail version of Alice: Madness Returns, and I'm wondering... am I better off downloading a cracked copy rather than installing the Origin-tainted physical copy I have in hand?
>> No. 144944
I'd say yes because that thing is an intrusive beast. But since you have a physical copy can you install the game separately from Origin stuff and then get a scene crack from the usual sources. Wondering because its something I want to do with ME3 if they don't put it on Steam.
>> No. 144945
File 132727239224.jpg - (276.40KB , 640x480 , 1327270307808[1].jpg )
Visual Novel comes to Steam in 2012. The inevitable is finally coming, heralded by the weaboo rpg success of Recettear and Chantelise.

Weaboo Reading Games will be considered real video games, sold by real Gabes. It's over, PC gaming is dead.
>> No. 144946
>Implying a VN is just as bad as a dating sim
>Implying you won't buy them anyway once they go on sale
>Implying you aren't excited for the tie-in hats for TF2
>> No. 144947
CRY SOME MORE!youtube thumb
>> No. 144948
File 132727380255.jpg - (55.17KB , 604x453 , not sure if troll or dumb.jpg )
Poe's law all up in this thing.
>> No. 144951
As if Steam doesn't already cater to [people you hate].

Also if you think visual novels are the lowest tier of videogames you have never heard of "social games".
>> No. 144955

They couldn't have picked a better visual novel?
>> No. 144971
>Have been using homebrew to play new games as a way to avoid having to instal their updates
>Wii has been acting up
>Finally decide that even if it gets rid of homebrew, it might fix the wii and I can easily reinstall it, and it'll make playing these games so much easier
>The update changes nothing
>Well that was weird.
>Bring game to a friend's house
>Install the update on her Wii, since she doesn't have homebrew anyways.
>Now her barren wii menu is full of "You could have this channel if you went to the wii shop channel and got it for free!" Channels.
Ohhh, that's what is was for.

This time we played Kirby 3 player.
Still hella awesome.
For some reason being multiple Kirbies never really feels as much fun as being the other characters.
I guess it's easier to mix them up that way.
>> No. 144986
God, I forgot how much I hated Star Ocean until I revisited Till the End of Time and Last Hope. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a series ever bite too much off of anime tropes to ruin itself for possibly even the biggest Japanese nerds they were aiming at as much as these two games.
>> No. 145012
File 132736295786.jpg - (86.35KB , 500x695 , I Have No Idea What I'm Doing.jpg )
>Okay, I've got the crack for Alice so I can play it without Origin scuzzing up my computer. Now how do I implement this thing? Well, it should be pretty straightforward. I think these go here...
>try to start it
>Oh, well maybe this thing goes over here...
>Uh, what abou-

>> No. 145013
Out of curiosity, would you consider 3 or 4 the worse game?
>> No. 145021
Why hasn't Steam done anything mobile? Steam would be an absolutely fantastic way to get more "serious" games on Android/iWhatever. At the least, I would think they could facilitate friends list, trading, news, and game sales ("For the next hour, buy this game for a dollar, download when you get home!")

Some games they have now would be great to port to the phones, especially with their motion control. Audiowave and AaAaAA!!! come to mind. A version of Shatter, perhaps.
>> No. 145027
That's a neat idea, but I imagine greater Mac integration and Linux compatibility are higher on their priority list.
>> No. 145028
Donkey Kong Country Returns co-op is kinda weird.
It's hard to keep track of both of yourselves when you split up, we mostly just stayed united.
Also we lost lives like madmen.
>> No. 145032
3 was the beginning of the end. It was a tight JRPG combat system all SOs have hidden away in a "NOW EARTH IS EVIL BUT ALSO THERE ARE THESE 4TH DIMENSION GUYS THAT WANT TO KILL US ALL" plot that made you sympathize more with the federation than the space libertarian group Quark that was supposed to be in the right, because the plot doesn't care to actually show you why that is. Earth gets destroyed again, turns out their universe is actually a video game within a video game and, oh god, it became a ham-fisted meta deconstruction of everything. Anything in the past 3 games to a certain point is rendered pointless because 3D is just 4D's MMO that the bizzaro corporation who run their universe want to pull the plug on BUT DON’T DO IT BECAUSE WE’RE ALIVE, STOP. Just like Tri-Ace eventually did with the franchise after 4 tanks. And while the characters were nowhere near as insufferable as the cast in the Last Hope, Till the End of Time has its own little short comings such as the worst main hero name I've ever heard, Fayt Leingod, who fights a final boss called Lucifer in the Japanese version. And this is the series that kept goofy fantasy names to the aliens for good reason. It was like they choose some Japanese fan fiction off the net and said "that's our third game", it was a good game that slowly went very bad in a canned pseudo Gainax ending kind of way. An ending that killed any further chronological progression in Star Ocean, thus we get the prequel that is The Last Hope.

But The Last Hope is aptly named; it was the last hope for Tri-Ace to make people like this series and it FAILED SPECTACULARLY. Every cut scene after several decent intro movies is a cacophony of terrible translation trying to depict a terrible source material. This game is so shameful in its story that the enhanced “international edition” for the PS3 is just the inclusion of the Japanese voices and text so you at least don’t have to understand what idiocy is taking place at any given point, although it won’t really matter because if you’ve seen any anime you know exactly what they’re going for with wonderful characters like the token under aged magic kid who is secretly older then her toddler looks and the older woman with tits that have their own dedicated breast physics.

Star Ocean 4: Lymle and Faize Private Actionyoutube thumb

The choose your own ending aspect that made Star Ocean compelling was stripped for a by-the-numbers romance with the bitchy perfect Japanese girl whose only purpose is to say how little she thinks of the player’s avatar EDGE MAVERICK when he isn’t speaking in several bland tones about justice or otherwise being blatantly stupid well on his own. It even has the gall to not only make fun of itself and only succeed in being even more painful, but all the while showing a better protagonist that you’ll never be, because the JRPG trend at that point was for you the player to be a loser and like it! And like its predecessor 4 was a terrible swansong that fucked over the other chronological side of SO leaving two good games stranded between two sides of a derp sandwich.

It doesn’t matter which is worse as it’s like comparing AIDs to Cancer. They’re both awful and ruined whatever was left of Star Ocean in their own way.
>> No. 145034

I remember reading about how one of the people who worked The Last Hope really wanted to do a dating sim. It shows.
>> No. 145040
>Also we lost lives like madmen.

Yep, that's how DKR co-op goes.
>> No. 145044
Only in Battlefield - imMonkeyGOD's entryyoutube thumb

This video makes me want to at least try BF3 but then I remember

Which just makes me even madder at EA. Fuck.
>> No. 145096
>> No. 145099
It's nice to know that even though I couldn't kill her back in Fallout 2, First Citizen Lynette still ended up running afoul of the Joker.

Also these Scarecrow segments were AMAZING. This Killer Croc section ISN'T.
>> No. 145100
He's got a good point. That is one of the reasons that Mega was killed off because it was turning from just a "Piracy Haven" into an actual Distribution Service for people outside the industry that and Dotcom had just given them a big FU with the MegaSong and had a good case against Universal for their illegal take down of it. Speaking of game rights and original creators don't forget to Support the Leisure Suit Larry Remakes that are being done by old Sierra alumni including Al Lowe himself. Give him the support and we'll get an actual Larry 8 instead of those games that shall not be named.
>> No. 145103
Fat man wastes too much time reiterating the fact that he doesn't care about piracy towards big companies anymore which I am all for.
>> No. 145118
No, it was killed because they were doing mad illegal shit. If they had operated themselves like Youtube does - not touched the content, not rewarded people for pirating content, deleted the content when they got takedown requests - they would still be here today, because they would have retained their safe harbor status as a file locker.
>> No. 145136

>FF6 getting a 3DS remake
No you faggots you skipped a game.
>> No. 145146
File 132747323779.png - (39.29KB , 300x449 , YOU ARE NOT SAFE.png )
>No FF5 3D
>> No. 145149
On the one hand, I'm very keen on the FF6 remake. But 5 would benefit so much more from the remake treatment than 6 would, seriously. Take a cue from the GBA version's script, but give us snazzy graphics and some of the cool innovations to increase the gameplay depth that they brought to the FF3 and FF4 remakes...

...still, I'm buying the FF6 remake anyway.

But at any rate, it's not like Moogles weren't important to FF5's plot, too. Maybe we're looking at Krile's Mog rather than Mog the Slam-Dancin', Bigfoot-Bossin' moogle.

Or maybe we'll get lucky and they'll announce both at the same time.
>> No. 145162
>FF6 remake
>No FF5
>> No. 145213
You resumed my feelings about it.
Why there's no love for FFV?
>> No. 145224
Lack of a '90s localization hurts it a lot (It was originally supposed to be the US FF3 but they couldn't get it together)
>> No. 145226
The 2000's era adaptation on GBA was excellent though. Highly quoteable.
>> No. 145235
Guess who found a copy of Earthbound for twelve dollars at the thrift store behind his job? Yo.
>> No. 145239
File 13275529929.jpg - (55.25KB , 640x360 , kEiOk.jpg )
Ooh, they did a good looking Melee Fox for Brawl.
>> No. 145249
I was hoping they would take advantage of today being the 25th to make whatever announcement they were making regarding the 25th anniversary today.
>> No. 145301

>Public confusion over the Nintendo 3DS has forced the platform holder to roll out bold red box stickers to differentiate the similarly-named system from the original DS, and it even enforced the TV tagline 'This is not DS. This is Nintendo 3DS.'

>It's been indicated that Nintendo is keen not to repeat the same mistakes with its next-generation home console, and we're told a change of name is a real possibility - especially after president Satoru Iwata told investors Wii U needs to learn "a bitter lesson" from 3DS and public confusion over its features.

>Nintendo showed off the Wii U for the first time at E3 2011, which resulted in its share price dropping to a five year low.
>> No. 145303
File 132760618054.jpg - (9.11KB , 200x189 , Mentok.jpg )

Does that mean we have to stop making Wii U jokes?
>> No. 145305

Also, in that concept video was that a gameplay/cinema video from Skyward Sword, or a Zelda game that doesn't exist?
>> No. 145306
It's a realtime tech demo for the Wii U.
>> No. 145313
Wii U gets redubbed "Revolution." Nintendo fans too confused to criticize.
>> No. 145319

Aaw hell yiss.
>> No. 145325
>no DRM
Whoa. All of my money if true.
>> No. 145326
>€30 for Europe
Yeah, ok. I take that back. I'm not paying that much for it. polite sage
>> No. 145328
This is Ubsoft we're talking about.
>> No. 145337
File 132762164169.png - (77.17KB , 355x721 , 355px-Galloway_1.png )
Go figure, Prototype 2 is attempting to flush out it's fractions with characters that can be indirectly interacted with.

"A cold-hearted bean-counter who cares little about her company's human test subjects."

Sabrina Galloway is the CFO of Gentek. Galloway is known for her political knowledge and is said to have achieved an extremely powerful position in the corporate sector.

In addition to her good looks and shrewd tactics, Galloway is impatient, naggy, and has a tendency to rely too heavily on manipulation and sex appeal to get her way. As the CFO of Gentek, Galloway cares little about her company's human test subjects.

Apparently you can fuck with her in a number of ways that alter gameplay, broadcasting sex tapes of her and stuff like that costs her a shit load of money in damage control and puts her corporate ascent on hold which causes Black Watch and the military to be worse equipped and gentek to provide less counter items like viral detectors as well as allowing you to save more test subjects while on base raids.
>> No. 145341
File 132762190348.png - (245.00KB , 385x721 , 385px-Rooks_Concept_2.png )
Colonel Rooks is an elite Blackwatch officer responsible for the operations of Blackwatch in New York City.

Rooks is one of those loyal soldiers who believe that Blackwatch is the last line of defense against Biological warfare. Due to his his unwavering loyalty and commitment to Blackwatch's mission, Rooks was assigned to protect NYZ's three quarantine zones and to facilitate various Blackwatch and Gentek initiatives. During his time in NYZ, Rooks oversaw various projects that attempted to weaponize the viral monsters known to terrorize the human populace.

Rooks is an enthusiastic, tough and quick-minded person when compared to the former General Randall. He is occasionally thrilled about the positive developments in his operations and enraged about the negative ones.

Even with the commitment for Blackwatch, Rooks is compassionate about his family. This differentiates him from the rest of the Blackwatch operatives.

Apparently messing with him decreases base rebuilding, strike teams, military co-operation with Gentek and the like of that.
>> No. 145343
File 132762274861.png - (1.29MB , 1438x2270 , Riley.png )
Lt. Clint Riley is Colonel Rooks' personal aide and second-in-command in the NYZ operation. He has served in Blackwatch since at least the events of the first outbreak.

Riley is said to have engaged in many operations like; providing protection to Gentek scientists, facilitating all NYZ military operations, and ultimately engaging in an operation to capture James Heller. All of this on behest of Colonel Rooks' orders.

Riley is quick to discipline any soldier that displays less-than-professional behaviors and attitudes. Conversely, his relationship with Rooks is extremely sycophantic; Riley jumps to do anything the Colonel asks, and to scramble and show shame when the Colonel brings him up short.

If you wreak his plans less patrols will appear and you'll be harder to track.
>> No. 145345
File 132762294750.png - (45.97KB , 292x478 , 292px-Koenig_Concept_1.png )
"Koenig is a tottering, whiny old fool with a dose of mad scientist thrown in for good measure."

Dr. Koenig is the lead virologist of Gentek and responsible for its major projects at New York City. Koening also display a deep interest in James Heller when he realizes that he was infected by Alex Mercer.

Help him and he'll get you new mutations and sabotage equipment of the soldiers and black watch who are after you.
>> No. 145347
>only powerful woman in the game got her position through whoring herself out
I thought we were past this kind of behavior, game writers.
>> No. 145349
So what, are games never allowed to feature stuff like that? I agree game writers are almost as bad as comicbook writers when it comes to female characters and its gonna be somewhat distasteful even with good writing but still... it's hardly not an impossible scenario.
>> No. 145352
I don't think Prototype cares much about being PC.
>> No. 145354
File 132762588281.jpg - (65.21KB , 830x467 , 830px-Dana_WP_1.jpg )
She's an antagonist, the things she does are not good behavior, she's a cunt.

Besides, Dana proves they are reasonable good at women, also she will be returning.


Dismemberment as a main facet of your game tends to limit how PC you can be.
>> No. 145373
File 132764136876.jpg - (43.58KB , 512x384 , ZlVWU.jpg )
Wii U:
>User accounts: Wii U will have individual user accounts, rather than one system-wide account.
>NFC: Near Field Communication ("touch" data transmission from accessories, credit cards, etc... sort of like QR/Streetpass combined) will be built-in.
>Online: Miyamoto: "Network has to have a totally new concept to be different."

>NSMB 3DS announced: Planning to release a totally new side-scrolling action Super Mario in 2D as a key title for the Nintendo 3DS in the next fiscal year.
>200 3DS titles in development.
>Nintendo first-party DLC: Nintendo considering DLC for their own software, mentions "Super Mario" as an example:
>"If a Super Mario user gets tired, we can then sell digital extras which will drive extra revenue, encourage higher communication amongst users, and possible increased satisfaction and hardware install bases."
>More Swapnote-like apps? Because of the success of Swapnote, Nintendo is considering other strategies to benefit from this social behaviour.
>"Path to profits is improve 3DS and focus on software. Super Mario titles will drive a lot of profitability."
>60% of 3DS users have connected to the Internet; wants to expand digital offering, but at "infant stage" now.
>Iwata: "Nintendo's priority is to satisfy existing 3DS users, as well as to prepare titles that will expand the user base combined with network."

>Third parties: Several new, previously unconsidered alliances/partnerships with third parties.
>Communities: You haven't seen the last of them!
>Retail title downloads: 3DS and Wii U both support digital download of retail titles, but... they still aren't quite sure how to implement it just yet.
>Item billing: "We should not decline third parties if they want to offer item billing" (paying to unlock content).
>DLC: Still planning to offer DLC (possibly talking about their own software), but needs more time to complete its feasibility study on the market and its needs.
>More sharing: "Digital will include user to user communications and sharing" (More social networking integration? More Swapnote-like apps? More emphasis on Streetpass/Spotpass?).
>Better-paced software + DLC: Nintendo has learnt that it shouldn't have stagnant periods between software launches: can fill the gap, and DLC can extend the life of a title.
>Asia: Planning products for Asia, local partners (WiiQue U?) yet to be announced; still issues of copyright.
>This will be Nintendo's worst financial year, but Iwata thinks the company can reach break-even on 3DS hardware in Q3 of this year.
>Miyamoto still around, Iwata angry at Wired. "Miyamoto is saying his basic work is to create a big hit."
>> No. 145374
Mario Party 9 Teaser Traileryoutube thumb
>> No. 145376
It sounds good... but I'll need to see it to believe it.
Other than the Wiis utter lack of games (at least ones I found interesting) was their atrocious internet and networking.
For a party and friends focused console you where shit out of luck if your friends happened to want to play and weren't over at your house.

I'm watching you Wii U and I hope you fair better than your predecessor.
>> No. 145377
>I'm watching you Wii U and I hope you fair better than your predecessor.
You mean by amount of worthwhile games right?
Because they sold a phenomenal amount of wii systems.
>> No. 145471
Well, I'll be damned. Valve is working on a Steam mobile.

>> No. 145503

I see it's only a matter of time until actual BF3 machinima starts getting made. Some of these are really beautiful.
>> No. 145506
File 13277719463.jpg - (89.47KB , 830x467 , 830px-Heller_5.jpg )
PROTOTYPE 2 - Best Buy Hardene…youtube thumb

Heller's awful attempts at sounding bad ass are actually kind of endearing they are so bad.
>> No. 145513
File 132777403913.jpg - (886.26KB , 1280x720 , Alice-VistaSCREEN.jpg )
Got my copy of Madness Returns properly hotwired the other day and have been enjoying the hell out of it. Everything is beautiful, and I feel like I did when I was thirteen and playing the first game.
>> No. 145520
File 132777789942.gif - (345.69KB , 477x396 , 1304193803109.gif )
>Limbo's ending
>> No. 145558
File 132780535439.png - (341.74KB , 555x345 , 0983687156.png )
>little kids play latest Rabbids game on kinect
>parents go "I don't want my kids getting violent on rabbits."
>kids play Call of Duty instead
>"That's okay because it's unrealistic."

I don't understand this issue anymore.
>> No. 145575
File 132781422358.jpg - (62.36KB , 711x944 , Alice_From_Nightmare_by_ImmortalRa.jpg )
I figure this is a major longshot, but I'm wondering if someone might have what I'm looking for. Playing the new Alice game has gotten me rather nostalgic, and I dug up the various digital knick-knacks I'd amassed for the first game. However, I realized there was a particular piece of art that I'd lost somewhere along the line. A couple hours in image searches only managed to yield this fan art based on the image in question. It was similar to the attached picture, save that it was more polished and fully colored; might have even been concept art from the game. If anyone happens to have it, I'd be most appreciative if you could post it.
>> No. 145581
File 132781598895.png - (1.44MB , 916x901 , satsuki_g_AMR.png )
Too new?
>> No. 145585
Yeah, it was art for the original game, so it would have to be at least ten years old. That bit of fan art I posted was pretty much directly drawn from the art I'm looking for.

Thank you for that though, that one's nice.
>> No. 145595
File 132784902982.jpg - (61.05KB , 480x360 , 1326898099968.jpg )
>Tribes Ascend beta
>Oh man, I remember tribes, that was the shit
>oh man this'll be great
>Think I might do good
>Reality pictured

Well.. Shazbot.
>> No. 145619
File 132787898312.jpg - (29.12KB , 443x326 , CHOCOLATE.jpg )
>Buy Gothic 2 on Steam
>Hangs on launch
>look up fixes
>none of them work
>someone suggests GoG
>get GoG version because they usually fix shit
>still hangs
>someone on the GoG forums suggests something called Gothic Starter
>get that
>still won't work
>> No. 145631
You sure you listed the right game? 2 works fine with me but I play the gold edition.
>> No. 145633
File 132788818539.jpg - (179.14KB , 368x350 , 131036724794.jpg )
>Sins of a Solar Empire
Even with all the time in the world I don't feel I could find the time to sit down and play a full game.
>> No. 145645
You have to change the in game font.
The file should be in your Gothic folder in your "my documents"

Unless I'm thinking about 3
>> No. 145646
I got it to work. It turns out the firefox plugin container hadn't closed down and the process continued in the background.

No I don't know WHY that stopped it from working but it did.
>> No. 145647
>Older sister playing Sonic Generations
>First time in years that she's played a sonic game
>Using the Xbox 360 d-pad to control sonic
This is comedy gold, but also sad. I remember when she could blast through games like this like it was nothing. This must be what Guns n' Roses fans feel like...
>> No. 145673
File 132794520898.jpg - (11.09KB , 312x296 , Coraline.jpg )
>NES gets blinking light
>Carefully unscrew case and metal protector
>Slide out pin connector
>Find out I have no q-tips or alcohol to clean with.
>Class soon, not enough time to head down to dollar store.

Damn it, I just wanted to play some Metal Gear and have cereal.
>> No. 145684
File 132795378782.jpg - (30.83KB , 640x448 , 1213636790013.jpg )
Hey come to think of it, weren't there a few games announced around last summer? Games for which I said I was gonna clear my backlog for whenever they got released, and proceeded to do nothing of that sort? I wonder what happened to th-

>Tales of the Abyss: February 14
>Hakuoki: February 15
>Grand Knights History: February 21
>Devil Survivor 2: February 28

>> No. 145689
She's gotten a hang of Classic Sonic, but she's pretty bad with modern.
>> No. 145691
T4 to the rescue!
>> No. 145696
File 132796150738.jpg - (28.88KB , 640x480 , SNES Retro Duo.jpg )
Any recommendations on reliable unofficial SNES controllers? I would buy the original version, but they're hard to come by and usually cost a pretty penny.
>> No. 145697
File 132796196975.png - (16.40KB , 185x149 , want.png )
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings - Introyoutube thumb
>> No. 145698
File 132796218289.jpg - (7.66KB , 225x225 , images.jpg )
>> No. 145706
So I'm part of the Steam Mobile beta... and it's gonna be boring. Can't do much except buy games to download on the PC. But it has a gaming news feed from multiple sites, so that's something.
>> No. 145710
I'll look into picking it up in next steam sale since they dropped their speculative invoicing scheme.
>> No. 145711
File 132797567062.jpg - (161.58KB , 900x506 , SonicGenerations_ChemicalPlantAct2.jpg )
>Check out a Sonic Generations Speedrun.
Holy shit I never even considered that I could jump onto those pipes on the left and right.
Boy is that kind of obvious in hindsight.
>> No. 145712
Can some one tell me the damn password to this? It's the only remaining "/v/ recommended games" pack after the others went the ay of MU.
>> No. 145713
>> No. 145717
Yeah, the right path can score you an extra life. It's pretty neat. There's an impressive amount of detail thrown into the various levels in this game, it's really awesome.
>> No. 145730
Aion's going f2p? Yesssss, now I can finally get my hands on the character creator.
>> No. 145735
File 132801389532.jpg - (38.22KB , 500x375 , aomhyb.jpg )
>Tribes Ascend
>teammate gets enemy flag
>takes it to base
>doesn't cap it
>"what do i dowith teh flag"
>Run over to our flag and we score apoint
>"naw i got a bettr idea lol"
>starts trying to fight enemies that are coming to reclaim the flag.
>"dis way we wear down their reinforcement points"
>He dies in a volley of spinfusor disks because he's a moron Ranger that's using the shitty assault rifle
>they recapture their flag
>take ours.
>I'm the only one chasing them
>Kill 2 of them but can't catch up
>they cap it
>"guys ur fags u shouldve covered me"
>> No. 145738
File 13280204069.jpg - (27.68KB , 720x400 , [gg]_Mawaru_Penguindrum_-_10_(XviD_AnimeSenshi)[(0.jpg )
>PSP is completely dead
>search for an online repair shop with BBB credentials
>$75 repair special!
>and for $20 you get worry-free shipp--
Y'know what, I'm just gonna get a cheap PSPGo on eBay and do the Patapon thing.
>> No. 145740
Pre-ordered this when it was new and now I'm getting upgraded to enchanted edition for free. The polish understands how to reward customer loyalty.

And shame on any of you for not getting Assassins of Kings sooner.
>> No. 145741
In fact, anyone who gets the plain jane version before april 7th gets upgraded for free. SO GET ON IT YOU WHORESONS.
>> No. 145788
Anyone want a Steam Mobile Beta invite? Just something nifty to have on your phone.

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