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File 132944843454.png - (399.22KB , 1000x900 , Cuteness.png )
43698 No. 43698
Season 2's grand finale is starting, so this deserves a new thread.

Useful links, as usual:

- Mutant Squid's blog, for everything Wakfu related you'd want to download:
=> http://brotherhoodoftofu.com/

- Our Twitter feed to keep in touch with the releases while avoiding spoilers:
=> http://twitter.com/#!/wakfu_fansubs

- Current thread in /co/ for general discussion:
=> http://plus4chan.org/b/co/res/162090.html
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>> No. 43699
File 132944856798.jpg - (131.57KB , 1024x696 , Subs.jpg )
PLOT everywhere!

>SD Softsubbed:
=> http://www.mediafire.com/?lgxq6vy7tapitgz
(Torrent) => http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=287884

>SD Hardsubbed:
=> http://bayfiles.com/file/36zb/z4Oe3N/Wakfu_S2-E23_English-Hardsubbed_846EFF1D.avi
(Torrent) => http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=287883

>HD softsubbed:
=> http://bayfiles.com/file/36sj/pS2PLf/Wakfu_S2-E23_HD-1080p_English-Softsubbed_F2FB6A47.mkv
(Torrent) => http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=287886

>720p Hi10p encode:
(Torrent) => http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=287885

>Subs files + Font only:
=> http://www.mediafire.com/?7x53ix384ai1bs1
>> No. 43700
>waiting for dota 2 update
>subs out
Awesome timing.
>> No. 43701
Aw yeah! Thank you sub team!
>> No. 43703
Great work guys!!
>> No. 43704
Fuck yeah, let the AWESOME begin.

Actually, I really loved episode 23. I've come to realize Wakfu is best enjoyed for what it is, not what I expect it should be.

Back on topic, awesome job guys, did not expect this so early. Cannot WAIT to watch this.
>> No. 43705
Sweet picture!
>No Adamai
Fuck. Am I the only one who cares?
>> No. 43707
File 132945138862.jpg - (153.33KB , 1000x1166 , Elaine.jpg )
>Sweet picture!
Credits to the guy on Pixiv who drew it:
=> http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=114091
His Wakfu fanarts are great indeed.
>> No. 43708
Adamai isn't on the ship...
>> No. 43710

>> No. 43712
You, sirs, are an amazing bunch of people.
>> No. 43713
Thank you so much all the time again! nice work
>> No. 43717
wakfu forever yo...
>> No. 43719
Did anyone else have a problem with Mediafire when trying to download this episode?
>> No. 43720
Great work as always.

One question though: what was the line "no quarter" supposed to mean?
>> No. 43721
See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_quarter
>> No. 43722
it's short for "give no quarter" which is an old military expression (more common in navy/piracy) for "take no prisoner!"
>> No. 43723
So I wasn't hearing things, the "OK OK you win" was reused from ep07.
>> No. 43724
Thank 4 that meaning I though the sub is wrong in that ep hehhehe
>> No. 43725
Love you guys. Thanks again!
>> No. 43727
I just realised something from the 4chan thread:

When that guy greentexted
>subs everywhere in the episode
>no subs in the OP picture

He meant the Sufokian subs, not the subtitles.
>> No. 43728
Yeah, I realized this too afterwards.
Problem is, it was over 4am for me when he made his post. And after an almost all-nighter spent dealing with the release, my brain wasn't really in good condition to catch the joke.
>> No. 43733
Question, do we have a list of titles for the remaining episodes? 24 is Phaeris le Puissant, what will be episodes 25 and 26 called?
>> No. 43734
25: The Blank Dimension (25th February)
26: The Eliatrope People (3rd March)
>> No. 43735
Thank you
>> No. 43736
What are the original french titles?
>> No. 43737
25: La dimension blanche
26: Le peuple Eliatrope
>> No. 43739

please remove this right away. we don't wanna risk being taken down from Ankama.
>> No. 43740
File 132952001199.jpg - (44.61KB , 341x500 , jags fan confused.jpg )
That's either sloppiness or stupidity.
Probably both.
>> No. 43741
Right, I'll just send a mail to france3 to remove the episode they are about to air.
>> No. 43742
>being stupid

I'm guessing that from the URL, this is the mistakenly leaked episode that appeared on the Ludo site last Saturday after 23 aired.

As seen here: http://www.wakfu.com/fr/forum/20-discussions-generales/199850-question, Ankama were aware of what had happened and basically asked people who have watched the episode not to spoil it for others.

Obviously this goes out of the window at approximately 10:30am CET tomorrow (9:30am GMT, 4:30am 4chan time, 1:30am +4chan time) as the episode will have aired on TV by then.
>> No. 43744
It has nothing to do with Ludo.

I just took the url from the previous episodes web stream address, and edited the filename to reflect the episode title.

basically, I guessed the filename of a completely unprotected, publically accessible file. big whoop anyway, its already saturday in france in a few minutes...
>> No. 43745
This was out of Ankama's control, not to mention that the link in >>43742 is basically asking for a prevention of discussion about the episode until it's aired on TV.

Plus, I don't think the sub team would be blamed for an episode leak caused by the Ludo web team.
>> No. 43746
That's incredibly stupid on their behalf.
>> No. 43747
if they keep posting early raw ep it will spoiled the show
>> No. 43748
Go tell them, boy.
>> No. 43749
Well, they can't really blame anyone but themselves if the episode is already available through their own page, can they? Even if it's a few hours early, it's them who gave us access.

Speaking of which - hat was a godly episode. And now I have to wait another week to see what happens next. Fuck.
>> No. 43750
Dear France, rename the video to its hash. You just solved yourself a bunch of problems.
>> No. 43751
They actually did that for the first half of this season, and I'm still wondering why they stopped doing it.
>> No. 43752
Perhaps they don't want to be totally anal about it?
>> No. 43753
Or, knowing Ankama, they entirely forgot to apply the hashes to the back half of the series.
>> No. 43754
This isn't about Ankama, it's France3.
>> No. 43758
File 132955748345.jpg - (83.27KB , 854x480 , Ep24.jpg )
More plot...

>Online streaming
=> http://www.ankama.com/fr/video-wakfu-serie/286382-episode-24-saison-2-phaeris-puissant

>Stream download
=> http://medias2.francetv.fr/videosread/france3/programmes/toowam/wakfu/24_Phaeris_le_Puissant.mp4_854x480_1500k.flv

>MP4 Download
=> https://i.minus.com/1329635816/pMa9n91z7RRq1AHwL-bOZw/dlIOp3MmD33cn.mp4
>> No. 43759
File 132956172234.jpg - (11.38KB , 250x250 , glasses man holding his forehead.jpg )
So judging from this episode and the last (23) it looks like you need big boobs to become part of Prince Adale's crew. What a pervert.

>my face when people are crying over the episode 25 trailer, saying that it's ruined the series and the finale
It's like I'm really in a Wakfu thread from before episode 23!
>> No. 43760
Crying over the trailer? Why?
>> No. 43762


I can agree with the annoyance about spoiling things in the trailer, but it honestly does not look like as bad a episode as people making it out to be.

It seems to be another case of over-expectation, which is understandable, but I think a few people seem to be doing this thing way too much with this season.
>> No. 43763
Why indeed, this one does not spoil any plot point.
>> No. 43764
At this point I don't care about spoilers, I'm more excited about Goultard's participation in the end game!
>> No. 43766
File 132958756321.png - (341.30KB , 500x375 , george at bat.png )
>people still not realising that the episode trailers are usually misleading as fuck
Did this fanbase just get a whole load of newbies or something?
>> No. 43767
I just checked Ankama's Shop and it seems like the DVD Box Set for the first Season is back in stock. Since it was out of stock for a while.
>> No. 43768
Many thanks subbing team once again. I cannot adequately express my love for you.

But bayfiles? Seriously? ugh.
>> No. 43771
You have anything better, wise guy?
>> No. 43772
YES!! Megauhoh!
>> No. 43777
File 132960784098.png - (598.99KB , 1024x576 , snapshot20120219032659.png )
>(S2 Upscales Folder)

>.FLV WebDL Folder
>> No. 43779
Personally with what Ankama's said about the last few episodes being more like a movie I'm thinking about waiting til they're all done before watching. Dunno if anyone else plans to but i'd try and keep the spoilers out of here and in the regular thread
>> No. 43780
Did Ankama just discover the Wilhelm scream? I've heard it quite a number of times through season 2 so far.
>> No. 43782
when Rushu merged with the submarines to make himself an armour, what happened to the crew?
>> No. 43783
A) They went shopping
B) They won a weekend at SPA
C) They died a horrible, horrible death
>> No. 43784
The answer is quite clearly B

Nah, it's most likely C
>> No. 43785
>> No. 43789
Dumb question, but I've lost track of when the sub releases are happening vs when the episodes were aired, after all the various hiatuses/delays/general schedule disruptions.

Are we back on the old schedule of the episode being released by the sub team around Friday is the one that aired the Saturday before the release? For that matter, which episode aired yesterday (Saturday the 18th)? Was it 24?

I'm not asking for MOAR SUBS FASTAR, I'm just confused on the air vs sub schedule and how far out to watch for spoilers...

Also, in conclusion, subbers you are awesome.
>> No. 43790
Yeah, it was episode 24. I'm not sure about the release date on this one since there was apparently a leak, but I assume it'll still be around friday.
>> No. 43791
I'd suggest using http://ebonysable.livejournal.com/ for sub progress updates in the future.

They're currently proofreading so the episode should be out a bit quicker than previous ones.
>> No. 43792

Thanks guys!
>> No. 43796
man ep 24 has good fight scene can't w8 for this ep I hope there will be season 3
>> No. 43797
I'm with you on that. They have quite a bit of fans and seem to be making lots of money, and the subbers have done nothing but help Ankama stretch their fanbase to america. A third season would be amazing, and if it's just as good as the previous seasons, I'm sure a season 4 would be just as amazing.
>> No. 43802
File 13297683595.png - (243.45KB , 388x587 , george closeup.png )
>the subbers have done nothing but help Ankama stretch their fanbase to america.
>> No. 43804
well it's not like they're wrong, though i'm sure the subs have helped people in other countries as well.
>> No. 43805
>i'm sure the subs have helped people in other countries as well.
That was what I meant
>> No. 43806
America is a very large landmass of two continents and dozens of countries.
>> No. 43807
Yes, yes, trolling because i was too lazy to say united states OF america
>> No. 43808
Quality > quantity.

I got the impression that they were forced into plugging the mmo with the series, and to meet deadlines, slightly sacrificed some quality towards the end of this season.

I hope, no matter how long it takes, quality is priority. Anyone else agree?
>> No. 43810

-> >>162090
>> No. 43812
I think quality won't suffer if some of the work is shuffled off to the japs, like that season 1 episode Rubilax.
>> No. 43820

>Quality > quantity

Tell that to the Nazis.
>> No. 43821
The nazis had both quality and quantity...
>> No. 43823
From ebonysable's LJ:
>Wednesday morning: Final live proofing session. The script it complete! Now it only has to be added/muxed/encoded (or whatever you call/want to call it) to the episode and uploaded!

So that means that the episode should be out by Wednesday evening.
>> No. 43824
>So that means that the episode should be out by Wednesday evening.
More or less, and if no problem occurs, then yes.
- Kenny will get the script in the morning (it's 2:50 now in France)
- We'll do the last Quality Check pass in the afternoon (I'm out of work at 3 pm)
- If no problem occurs, he'll start muxing and encoding for a release in the evening/night (french time)
>> No. 43826
One thing, though. I put those times in my local time. I don't know what time that'd be for you.
>> No. 43827
Can't wait to watch 24...
>> No. 43828
Goddomnit I'm learning French now.
>> No. 43829
Hah, same. Wakfu has inspired me to learn french, but google sucks, so I'm just learning a few words now and then from a friend.
>> No. 43830
I was taking a French class in high school when I found Wakfu. I since quit. But everybody still wonders why I speak pretty good French even though I only had like 2 years.
>> No. 43831
It'd be +/- 1 hour for me as I only live across the Channel from France anyway (or, as the EU wanted to call it a few years ago, the Anglo-French pond: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1263468/Eurocrats-want-spend-1-1m-changing-English-Channels-Le-Pond.html)
>> No. 43832
>Daily Mail as legitimate news source
Bitch, please?
>> No. 43833
I was only joking.
I know that the Daily Mail is a bunch of shite.
>> No. 43834
Uploads for ep.24 subbed are on the way.

Now a quick question: which site shall I use for direct download releases?
I mean, Bayfiles is quite handy for me, but is slow as fuck for downloads. I'd need something equivalent, with better DL bandwidth, and which won't be shut down tomorrow!

I was thinking of trying RapidShare. Any better suggestion?
>> No. 43835
>> No. 43836
rapidshare ;D
>> No. 43837
Something that allows upload/download of 600MB+ files for free users.
>> No. 43838
Bayfiles seems like the only choice, then.

>> No. 43839
The other DDLs that I know of that works but unsure of their file cap, is Depositfiles (no captcha), Freakshare, Upload.to and bitshare.
>> No. 43840
Didn't rapidshare slow their download speed for free users to 30kb/s?
>> No. 43841
Not that I'm aware of.
>> No. 43842
Ive been using deposit files as of late which has been a hit or miss when it comes to speed. At least compared to other file hosters.

If you decide to use this, open up nightly for grabbing links to the file and filezilla for uploading. FTP transfer to them goes at like 6MB/s.
>> No. 43843
Why dont you just make a dropbox and up it there?
>> No. 43844
I think they changed it
>> No. 43845
has to be deposit files or rapidshare
>> No. 43846
Personally, for me, download speeds are higher at bayfiles than at rapidshare, or depositfiles.

I live in Poland, maybe that plays some importance.

I don't know how it works for other people, but for me bayfiles has been a good replacement for megaupload.
>> No. 43847
File 132994479627.jpg - (1.05MB , 864x3356 , amalia taking control of the sufokian navy BY FORC.jpg )
Prince Adale = Kenny
Sufokian ladies = Rest of sub team
Amalia = fanbase
Amalia's hand in the penultimate panel = what will happen to your balls if this episode doesn't come out
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