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File 129473035754.jpg - (603.76KB , 720x926 , tangotango_01.jpg )
34628 No. 34628
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>> No. 34802
That third panel...

Did Pete take those photos?
>> No. 34825
>Doom returns to villainy
>Azula being BFFs with a hero

I smell an awkward reunion.

Also, Spidey/Azula is my new OTP. DAMN YOU
>> No. 35003
Any chance of us getting reposts of the rest of the Doomzula stuff?
>> No. 35021
>> No. 35153
File 129684804788.jpg - (548.44KB , 720x926 , tangotango_01.jpg )
I can't believe I missed that... or that it took this long to notice it.
Maybe later in this thread when I'm done with this episode. Alternatively, you can google "Doomzula" now and find a cbr someone seems to have made. Neat.
>> No. 35154
File 12968481136.jpg - (482.17KB , 720x926 , tangotango_04.jpg )
If anyone knows how to just "replace" the top file I'd be much obliged.
>> No. 35171
Azula's face is great, in this page, although Spider-Man's eyes are weirding me out.
>> No. 35203
Spidey is ಠ_ಠ
>> No. 35208
Furrowed Brow of Concern will do that to a mask when hearing such a statement.
>> No. 35228
File 129710194319.jpg - (108.07KB , 1194x396 , 1288795028140.jpg )
He's starting up his Spidey-mojo. There's no hope for the poor woman now.
>> No. 35268
I was not informed of this. That saddens me.
Includes everything I've gathered, with the exclusion of what's in this thread.
>> No. 41470
File 131994664329.jpg - (529.83KB , 720x926 , tangotango_05.jpg )
*cough* *cough*
>> No. 41475
File 131996740370.jpg - (543.18KB , 720x926 , tangotango_06.jpg )
>> No. 41476
Woot! Moar Doomzula, after..uh.. a long hiatus!
>> No. 41484
File 132002655411.jpg - (463.12KB , 720x926 , tangotango_07.jpg )
>> No. 41485
File 132003752313.jpg - (506.65KB , 720x926 , tangotango_08.jpg )
>> No. 41490
Now she's attracted to the first guy she sees? Your azula is kinda all over the place, character wise.
>> No. 41492
Give Azula a break dude, she's emotionally confused and vulnerable right now. And Peter can't help the fact that he's such a charmer.
>> No. 41500
>implying there's a single bitch that doesn't love Spidey.
>> No. 41501
Riiiight, because her being with Doom is much more logical. You act like this whole thing hasn't always been retarded fanfiction that puts even DeviantArt to shame
>> No. 41761
You're right... dA really needs to step up their game! This is one of those things that is COMPLETELY absurd yet also satisfying in it's emotional impact! Seriously, you read this and there is a moment you totally forget that you have no idea why Azula is in 616 (is there a reason? I've never known of it if there is, but I also never thought a reason was needed). Pseudonym has a certain magical ability to take our most absurd fucking concepts and turn them into the stories we'd love to read.
>> No. 41784
Not sure if serious or just fanboy
>> No. 41800
On the subject of 'Fanboys':

The Big Picture: Fair Gameyoutube thumb
>> No. 41872
File 132073623931.jpg - (54.14KB , 630x630 , get-the-fuck-out.jpg )
>Using MovieBob as an argument
>> No. 42039
People tend to get hung up the why and how too much. Unless it really breaks your immersion from the story (and sometimes, people care too much about something not to... not their fault), you should try to focus more on the story and the way it plays out. Let your suspension of disbelief carry you so you can get to the good stuff.

This isn't the same Azula I know from the series. This is an Azula who's spent a decade and a half doing her own thing. She's still undeniably Azula, but she's not the same when she was 14.

When it comes fanworks, it's important to keep that in mind.

I haven't checked /coc/ in months and seeing this makes me all warm inside. Keep it up, anon, I love it.
>> No. 42041
>She's still undeniably Azula

I have to disagree. Besides her looks and firebending, I don't see anything to relate this character to the one from the show. What happened to her perfectionism? To her need for approval from her parents? Azula's own mom left her, but she never mentions that when leaving her own family. What happened to her mental breakdown?

No, this character is entirely of the author's own devising, and is only motivated by events the author created.
>> No. 42043
That's just the point of the entire scenario, if you remember. It's similar to the way we change as we age. Especially in the modern time. And if examined from a post-conclusion of Avatar time frame, yeah, the entire silly world falls apart at the aesthetically pleasing but fragile seams.
In this world, Azula compromised Azula and became something and someone else. The quintessential Azula we're familiar with became trapped in a little box of her own mind and went in a different direction. But is that any different from the person who was going to grow up and be a doctor, only to learn they didn't have the grades or the money for med school and burnt out to be a bar fly? Early sketches of this gimmick before psu ran with it had Doom in a pitiful state as a browbeaten suburban cubicle jockey. Hardly the emperor of Latveria we know him as.

Of course it's not your Azula. This is Azula after life took a different turn for a brick wall.
>> No. 42094
My kingdom for an update
>> No. 42816
I was amazed by the comic pages here but then I read the 'Doomzula' one and got some context...
>> No. 43302
>Fat photos

For some reason this concept fills me with planet-shaking mirth. Just. . . The brain-wrecking hilarity of Doomzula being a fatass just makes my day.

Oh, and that art is fucking incredible. I'd rather buy this than the filth they peddle as Spider-Man stories now.
>> No. 43570
Oh, Spider-man's crap again? It seemed hopeful after that storyline where everyone had spider-powers and he broke up with that sue of a love interest named after JoeQ's daughter, but I don't read Marvel/DC anymore so I have no idea...
>> No. 45317
File 134059110368.jpg - (631.27KB , 750x964 , My-Dad-Doom-05_009.jpg )
>> No. 45318
File 134059136126.jpg - (627.00KB , 750x964 , My-Dad-Doom-05_010.jpg )
>> No. 45319
File 134059139525.jpg - (603.07KB , 750x964 , My-Dad-Doom-05_011.jpg )
>> No. 45320
Download link for all released chapters so far
>> No. 45324
Oh god, I was there when Doomzula was created. I saw the first sketches of Cynthia Von Doom, and it was adorable. I'd forgotten how amazing this was.

This is some amazingly heartwarming stuff and I can't wait to see the conclusion. Thanks, Pseudonym.
>> No. 45348
I don’t recognize this character.

When we saw Azula in AtlA, she was the one in command, the one who made decisions. We see that quite clearly in her first appearance when she asserts command of a ship. Later on, we see her decide to change her goal from returning Zuko/Iroh to capturing the avatar, and then to conquering Ba Sing Se. The whole time she doesn’t take orders from anyone else, and indeed takes control of earth kingdom soldiers from Long Feng. Later we see her lead her friends on the beach to a party like on a battle plan. A large portion of the fandom agrees that she is a sociopath and can’t experience guilt. For those of us who were tired of female villains who relied on seduction or on someone else to do their fighting, this was a welcome difference. Even when father and friends left her at, at her lowest point she continued to reach for her goal of becoming Fire Lord. She didn’t give up and wander away.

In contrast, your character (I won’t call her Azula, as the resemblance is only superficial and barely at that) is incapable of doing anything for herself. We never hear about a profession or any goals she has. In this arc she can’t even pay for her own food, can’t walk down from the building, and can’t make up her mind on what to do for herself. Instead, she has to rely on the first man she meets to do all of this action and thinking for her. And all the while, your character is tearful, blinking those overlarge anime eyes and blushing at how ~cute~ Spiderman is. Did you see Azula blush once in the entire series? Did you see her cry outside of a complete mental breakdown that left her in an asylum?
>> No. 45349

No, of course not. So her only change is to agree to do exactly what Spider Man says and go back to her family. No mention of getting medial help or therapy. Never mind that she just confessed to wanted to kill her own kid and herself and is suffering from depression. Never mind that she was desperate enough to leave without talking to her husband.

What I see in this comic is woobification on a fetish level. You’ve ignored all empowering parts of the character, and replaced her with one who clings to the nearest male authority figure. Doom, in contrast, can still think for himself and make his own commitments. I understand this is your comic, and you don’t care about how she was originally. But there are plenty of other more appropriate female villains to choose from, and I wish you hadn’t picked one of my favorite to abuse.
>> No. 45350
Awesome! I had only seen these scattered aound. Finally I can read it right
>> No. 45356
I like how you've chosen to ignore that despite all the "empowering" parts of Azula, she ends up almost completely broken by the end of the series proper.

Azula is certainly a stellar role model in SOME respects, but her strength has only ever been superficial. Physical power, political clout and a devious mind - all excellent tools - but as the Season 3 finale very aptly showed, Azula is more fragile than she lets on.

Simply put, you give Azula too much credit. Even she has her flaws and emotional weakness is a major one.

That said, the help that Azula needed to get out of the rut she was in had to come from SOMEONE. As far as the Marvel universe goes, there are few better - and as well-recognized - than Spiderman.

I personally dislike how people can say how much they like a character, but only ever focus on their strengths. To be fair, AtLA never really did explore Azula's weaker side until the very end of the series which is unfortunate for a variety of reasons. But to act like Azula was and should only ever be strong and capable is simply ridiculous. Despite her claims, Azula was never perfect.
>> No. 45357
File 134126776675.png - (609.70KB , 586x487 , 1324085652679.png )
Its a cute little fancomic.
>> No. 45358
And that comic ignores her strength entirely in favor of making her a poor broken bird the audience wants to comfort. She remained perfectly healthy throughout Zuko's flashbacks, season 2 and nearly all of season 3. As you say, she had mental issues, or perhaps a mental illness. But it manifested as hallucinations and paranoia, not tearful confessions of love.

It took maybe twenty minutes to write. Small compared to how many hours the artist spent creating the comic. If psu isn't interested in a critique, let her say so.
>> No. 45359
There were no tearful confessions of love.

She is simply suffering from a serious case of loneliness which is not too far-fetched for a person like Azula. People have kissed worse people for stupider things.

Azula has more issues than just mental ones. Emotionally, she's probably the most stunted person I can imagine. It's not a surprise to me that she doesn't know how to cope with a normal life, a job, a husband, kids or even a simple conversation.
>> No. 45360
I'm just saying. Its supposed to be for fun.
>> No. 45361
You need to know where she is coming from to understand her current state by looking into the older stuff. Her family wasn't so nice about her marriage and Victor had grown distant..bad time for all and she took the only way out she saw leaving her daughter behind which probably caused some issues itself.
>> No. 45386
Dr. Doom drives a fucking Chrysler and you're complaining that Azula has no long term goals?
>> No. 45455
>> No. 45714
To be perfectly clear, I always pictured the story to be about the Worst possible versions of Doom and Azula. Broken until they get mended. They're not really perfect representations of them in their respective series.
>> No. 46113
Does anyone have all of these comics saved somewhere?

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6YF65RV0 - this link is obviously not going to work. =(
>> No. 46115

all links are there.
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