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File 139511925291.jpg - (330.55KB , 1600x1600 , lola_camel.jpg )
>> No. 225050
File 139511932619.jpg - (342.26KB , 1600x1600 , lola_changes.jpg )
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File 139768550386.gif - (949.83KB , 325x244 , Chowder_braveheart.gif )

File 139568168527.jpg - (324.11KB , 822x617 , 1379277055364.jpg )
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Last Thread : >>224354
New Thread : >>225338

So who did they kill?
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>> No. 226245
That's how fans are period. It's all a matter of well they can personally adjust to changes from the original source(or they own view of the "canon") before they snap.

The only real thing that Ian needs to know are the characters backgrounds, especially the Mavericks. Even if the main events happen within a few months of each other. Those are still large gaps of times that have to be filled with non-sigma related events.
>> No. 226246
Taking someone saying "I think it's in this manual" as an excuse to go on a mini-rant about people pushing things on Ian and trying to force their fanons as canons sounds like something one grumpy motherfucker would do to me.
>> No. 226269
New Thread:

File 139461960834.jpg - (144.57KB , 600x849 , 00001326.jpg )
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Someone's been jonesing for another cameo.
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>> No. 226112
File 139748418769.jpg - (16.84KB , 381x235 , Realization.jpg )
>It was... a busy time
>> No. 226125
I'm still wondering if there's something specific spirits of the deceased can do that they had to be assigned "jobs" to keep them from doing it, apart from the usual spooky stuff.
>> No. 226140
Probably be addressed when they ask about their little problem in the ravine.

File 139741893432.png - (627.57KB , 639x481 , Sbstitlecard.png )
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The Tiny Toon Spring Break special will be shown on Hub on April 20th at 1:00 PM and April 25th at 2:00 PM! It has never been released on video and was aired only once in 1994 on Fox!
>> No. 226088
Neat, guess it helps that the current head was the head of that old network division. I'd love it if they could get Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates.
>> No. 226091
Unfortunately Disney has it.
>> No. 226092
File 139742694345.jpg - (85.34KB , 299x569 , 1388363379726.jpg )
If it's as good as "How I spent my summer vacation", color my hyped.

File 139028121779.jpg - (21.60KB , 480x360 , vlcsnap-2014-01-21-00h13m10s155.jpg )
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last thread >>212520
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>> No. 226074
Any other cat requests?
>> No. 226080

I am interested in seeing Pamela Bondani from Patrol 03 taking her uniform off and revealing her "I'm Bad News" shirt.
>> No. 226081
File 13974110329.jpg - (105.97KB , 519x810 , 1397406877410.jpg )
fresh bad news

File 139333779495.jpg - (131.33KB , 989x1007 , Opal.jpg )
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Giant Woman was on last night. Shit was radical. New thread.

old thread here.

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>> No. 226017
>> No. 226019
No Kotaku, fuck you.
>> No. 226071
File 139737707114.png - (959.29KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2014-04-12-21h49m07s71.png )
Man that episode was crazy, This show is climbing my list very fast.
Im surprised, in two whole weeks, nothing blew up in beach city

File 139736489024.jpg - (203.59KB , 800x566 , clarissa_there's more.jpg )
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New Clarissa
>> No. 226068
File 139737091284.png - (151.04KB , 421x500 , b29.png )

File 139107353242.jpg - (837.37KB , 765x1074 , Hedron 001.jpg )
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Fox,wolf, and other canidae are welcome

Old thread can be found here >>206767
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>> No. 226059
File 139734569785.jpg - (465.97KB , 648x1170 , Snarlene coyote.jpg )
>> No. 226060
File 13973458771.jpg - (510.21KB , 997x1525 , Tank Vixens.jpg )
>> No. 226061
File 139734595371.jpg - (149.28KB , 597x616 , Wolverine FirstClass_11_Oroboros_DCP_024.jpg )

File 138714008544.jpg - (8.38KB , 300x168 , download.jpg )
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So, any thoughts on Adult Swim's newest animated series?
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>> No. 225910
Yeah, that Morty being a past Morty for our Rick seems like a popular theory. I think it's possible, but this show is so good at misdirection (I was so certain dumb Rick was gonna be the bad guy) that it's hard for me to be certain about anything.

By the way, when our Rick was having his memories shown on that screen it showed him playing with a baby Morty, but our current family (and the last one) had no contact with Rick until a year ago, though I guess it's possible he just visited them. HOWEVER, Rick also had memories of hooking up a Morty to jumper cables and shocking him. Rick lied to our Morty about this just being done on paper and our Morty believed him, which he obviously wouldn't if he was the one who had been shocked. So our Morty definitely isn't our Rick's first Morty.

I love how the end of Rick Potion #9 could have been a one time meta gag about continuity, but instead they're using it to do this crazy world building and make an actual plot.
>> No. 225919

Here's the music from the end of the episode, if anyone wants it.
>> No. 226035

Is it crazy that I think that Morty might have actually been a Rick? Like the inverse Morty who was really smart, and his Rick was really dumb? Or maybe a Rick whose body was beyond repair and figured out a way to jump into his Morty before dying.

Though I like the idea of it being a Morty who's revenge killing Ricks. I don't think that there have been past Mortys. I think that memory will be something else and just a red herring. Then again that last bit where Rick talks about a cocky Morty being a dangerous thing.... Maybe there is another Morty before Morty.

File 134473951481.png - (197.49KB , 638x367 , Kanes.png )
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ITT: Motorcity General

Well, "Like Father, Like Daughter" was pretty much a perfect episode brimming with Action, Adventure, Drama, Character Development, Plot Twists and Sexy, Sexy Cars.
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>> No. 225324
I remember the Titmouse guys had a poll and asked the fans to give feedback on various networks/distribution platforms, including stuff like iTunes and Steam. Gave me hope that maybe they were looking to take the show elsewhere if Disney dropped it, but I guess that was overly optimistic. Disney is a clutching, greedy beast and will probably hold onto this property until the end of time, letting its barely-tapped potential rot in a vault. Unless someone signs one hell of a check maybe.
>> No. 225326
File 139565819661.jpg - (57.50KB , 220x308 , Turbo_FAST_poster.jpg )
Seeing this thread just reminded me; Has anyone ever seen anything from that Turbo Netflix series that was done by the most of the same crew who worked on Motorcity? Of course, I'm not expecting it to be a viable replacement or anything, but I'd like to at least know whether it's good or not.
>> No. 225526
Its okay for what it is it could be a lot worse but they've done well with what they've been given. I hope they get the chance to do some other Dreamworks material that had been shelved due to lack of interest from the higher ups, mainly more Megamind.

File 138484671047.jpg - (1.22MB , 1368x768 , 39719167.jpg )
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I know the writing it's all over the place 2/3 parts of the time, the pacing can be awful at times as well (and the duration of some episodes is ridiculous), the animation can be pretty stiff when they aren't fighting (with plenty of clipping), some characters still need develoment and it's kinda like a sea of cliches.
Yet I liked it. The character designs are pretty great, their motifs are quite interesting, the world building is also intriguing as well, the action is great (Monty Oum, of course) and most of the time the ost is good (except the opening song, I can't fucking stand it).

And it seems that both /co/ & /u/ are united by this show lately(just like with Gunnerkrigg).

But anyways, let's talk about it. Specially the blu-ray is out and we have to wait for the next "season".
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>> No. 221463
i blindly clicked one of the links to see what this thread was about

i assumed i was watching a 3d Custom Girl parody of the actual show until one of the girls started talking
>> No. 222770
File 139114789225.jpg - (45.82KB , 379x660 , Gray52eaa262e2893.jpg )
>RWBY Volume 2 will premiere at RTX2014, in Austin, Texas, July 4-6
>The volume's online debut will happen very shortly thereafter, and we will announce the date as soon as we have it
>Volume 2 will run for twelve chapters of about twelve minutes each, and what's more, each week's web release will contain an entire chapter
>Over the coming months, we'll continue to tease you mercilessly -- er, I mean update you on what we're up to with a series of production video journals, giving you a peek at who's involved, and how it's all going
>(brace yourself for the feels, believe me)

I'm ok with this.
>> No. 226032
File 139726728490.jpg - (226.46KB , 1680x1299 , FUCK YEAH REI.jpg )
New Intro from PAX East.

File 139278736761.png - (788.72KB , 900x1018 , he_s_a_bravo_guy__in_space__by_lightrail-d74d903.png )
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Crossovering Edition


Lego Movie was Awesome
GotG film coming up looks Awesome
The comics nobody likes getting cancelled is Awesome
New Episodes for good shows are Awesome
Wakfu kickstarter hitting all its stretch goals for the OVAs and special episode is Awesome
Simon's new vanilla art is Awesome

And then there's this thing that gave me retro feels:


Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 226025
Within ten or twenty years, technology and community will make it to where it's so easy to make a decent quality movie that the market will get glutted by indie films. Most of them will suck, yes, but so does most of what Hollywood makes. Once Hollywood is no longer THE source for movies, and has to actually compete with the amateur filmmakers to get their sweet, sweet Netflix money, the industry's going to be fundamentally changed. Among other things, I doubt "genre" is going to survive in the way it currently exists.
>> No. 226026
Oh for sure. They almost had the competitive spirit a few years back before a long string of blockbusters put the idea of making movies more widely available to the consumer directly was smashed over the head.
>> No. 226105

OH WOW, this is fucking fantastic.

File 138344234012.jpg - (469.72KB , 600x919 , Transformers Dark Cybertron 1 Virginia Comicon Con.jpg )
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-Dark Cybertron
-Someone pulled a ton of data from Hasbros customer service website and revealed codes and some names for a fuck ton of upcoming Generations and movie 4 toys.
-Energon Cruelock is a really fucking fun toy.
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>> No. 225052
I'm Schway with this hearing its going to be a bit more in line with Animated in tone. Wonder if the setting will Primarily be Cybtertron. Wonder who the new crew will be. Woulda liked more Arcee and Bulk though.
>> No. 225827
Trans4mers Voyager Grimlock (A…youtube thumb
Well thats pretty boss.
Will buy if found cheap.
>> No. 225894

File 136511154365.jpg - (89.28KB , 1024x768 , lt_fox_vixen_by_zst_xkn-d5zzfkc.jpg )
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Old Thread >>205639

Okay, be honest, just how many of you ONLY care about this cartoon because of Lt. Vixen?
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>> No. 224001
Historically Squirrel and Hedgehog threads are porn dumps. It's easy to see why they prefer to just cut the whole thing off.
>> No. 224003
That's a possibility. Yesterday all day they had a Minerva Mink and Fifi pic dump thread and it was never purged. That nostalgia card you mentioned must have been in effect. But its infuriating because the topic never turned into Lt. Vixen cheesecake pic dumps.
>> No. 225885
You know I will one day purchase this dvdhttp://www.dprk-book.com/english/movie.php?action=view&book_id=M1017&lx=Film&lx2=DVD&page=1&keyfield=&key=

File 136346299150.png - (668.28KB , 1024x708 , JR-jessicarabbit-clubstage.png )
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Who do you think is hot and why?
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>> No. 225432
File 139591479574.jpg - (31.82KB , 640x480 , King_of_the_Hill_S08E08_Rich_Hank_Poor_Hank_480p_W.jpg )
>> No. 225874
File 139699015356.png - (487.27KB , 1024x768 , cunningham_girls_by_scobionicle99-d7az9py.png )
>> No. 225896
File 13970342865.png - (289.18KB , 2500x2500 , Connie4.png )

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