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File 133832485189.png - (764.66KB , 600x900 , The_Promise_Part_2_cover.png )
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Comes out tomorrow, who gonna get it? Part 1 was pretty decent, with the exception of a few moments of dialogue that made me cringe. I'll have to go out of my way to get a copy this week if I want my own unless I want to wait longer to download it.
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>> No. 116868
File 139554471444.jpg - (351.51KB , 876x1320 , avatar___the_rift_part_2_cover_art_by_antomori-d7b.jpg )
Here’s what the cover of the second part will look like.
>> No. 116869
Wonder how much pressure they can withstand while bending the shaft ceiling so it doesn't kill them.
>> No. 116871
File 139562027198.jpg - (138.54KB , 477x473 , awkward_by_mlegend24-d7b5466.jpg )
Toph will carry out Satoru in her arms and will save the day. Or the other way around. I’m just guessing.

File 138461951462.png - (1.15MB , 1434x804 , Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 10_28_25 AM.png )
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Not sure if everyone is aware but Nickmade a deal on tumblr to get a certain amount of reblogs and they would release the final 2 episdoes.

Didn't see a thread about it so figured I would post it.


Torrent links:


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>> No. 116831
Hey Asami back with Team Avatar
>> No. 116849
Mako has apparently seen bigger in his time.
>> No. 116856
Group showers in the Bending Circuit bush league.

File 139460435674.jpg - (1.15MB , 1154x1150 , monopoly-last-airbender.jpg )
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How would /a/ go about making a ATLA edition of monopoly? What would the different locations/spaces be? What changes would there be to the rules?

Alternately, Fan-made Games General.
>> No. 116845
Anyone got some of the old RPG setting people were working on?

File 134112262650.jpg - (218.78KB , 605x937 , The Wang Fire Method.jpg )
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Got something amusing and Avatar-related?

Not exactly seeing chances to post it elsewhere?

Post it here!
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>> No. 116740
She's confirming what we already knew, but I am amused.
>> No. 116755
File 139260432422.jpg - (287.42KB , 983x737 , prince_tonraq.jpg )
Knew this would happen eventually.

>> No. 116839

Be quick though; this thread has been up for at least 2 hours.

File 139278587018.png - (147.17KB , 444x250 , Planetary_alignment.png )
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In a universe where there is a spirit world and there is confirmation that celestial bodies have a spirit or are a spirit themselves. How would this effect the upcoming space exploration that is sure to come as the human's technology continues to evolve?

Would their first man on the moon be literally landing on Princess Yue's ass?

How many planets could there be in their solar system? At least 2 ringed planets confirmed.
>> No. 116822
I don't think it's ever confirmed ALL celestial bodies have spirits of themselves. For example, there appears to be no solar deity, with Raava being the only light spirit.

File 134204081515.png - (545.96KB , 1280x837 , 1336728592040.png )
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>> No. 108327
I imagine that "problem" will be solved with cuts to the mindless action in the pro-bending arena.
>> No. 116394
>No, they'll have a rough patch throughout most of Season 2, culminating in breaking it off for good in the finale, deciding that even though they love each other, they just don't work as a couple.

Nice prediction, we have a winner.
>> No. 116608
Woo and off we go to book 3

File 138689005764.jpg - (105.81KB , 414x630 , tumblr_mxprivvdNa1r02jobo1_500.jpg )
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>Sokka follows Suki as she gives a lesson in manners and encourages a young girl’s strength!

Awww yisssssss
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>> No. 116802
File 139352891643.gif - (25.33KB , 222x169 , major3_05.gif )
But all that shit at least had an old world steampunk look to it all. The Drill, the jetski's the tanks the zepplins all had a look that, while more advanced than what you'd expect to see in that world, still made than look like part of that world.

That shit up there is honestly just someone straight up tracing over a picture of modern truck loading silos. See picture. It may even be more far more simple a design than that other shit, but it doesn't fit the established style of Avatar technology.
>> No. 116803
You're focusing on bullshit tangible details that don't even cause any problems with the world that's already been established. We know for a fact that the Fire Nation have fairly advanced metallurgical skills, which means making objects like those, or like the fences in the image we're arguing about, are well within the realm of possibility for them. So if it's not physically impossible for these things to exist, what exactly is your argument? "The architecture's different than what I'm used to?"

Seriously, if you love nitpicking this much, you need to learn to do it better. Like start by learning to identify what the actual problems with the story or the art, rather than focusing on things that have nothing to do with how well a story works.
>> No. 116805
File 139354626585.png - (278.60KB , 250x625 , Fire_Nation_factory.png )
I agree that Satoru's design is looking a little too LOK (but who knows what his outfit looks like underneath the apron), but the factory isn't that big of a reach. Pic related was in ATLA.

File 139000567649.jpg - (704.67KB , 1920x1080 , spirits10-1572[1].jpg )
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Their world doesn't seem that horrid of a place especially from what was seen in A New Spiritual Age. Even Iroh retired there. So why would spirits either in Korra's time or Wan's time want to inhabit the mortal world? What is so bad about their world that makes them want to crossover? Sure, there are dark places with dark spirits and not to mention Koh the Facestealer, but I'd figure their world is probably near-infinite. Couldn't they easily get away from such terrible things?

Oh and was this area basically New Zealand meets Wonderland?
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>> No. 116730
Yeah from what we've seen so far it's pretty one-sided. I guess humans would hurt them indirectly by taking away their habitat in the physical world, but unless the spirits' nature changed through those ten thousand years I'm wondering what non-benders can do to protect themselves against the nastier spirits without also pissing off the good ones.
>> No. 116731
Maybe now that humanity has spread and become the dominant species the spirits aren't as powerful in this world as they used to be.
>> No. 116763
Probably because we have cool technology they don't.

File 13862709392.jpg - (549.82KB , 1591x1080 , 2831138-mai_thinks_of_zuko.jpg )
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Oh shit, it's this thread again!

But no pie-in-the-sky dreaming for us, we've actually got three committed writefags, one of whom has outlined a first episode already.

Summary: An AU where instead of being found by Sokka and Katara, Aang is discovered by Mai and Ty Lee. Hijinks ensue as the dangerous ladies, pursued by Azula, try to reform the fire nation from within while helping the young Avatar on his journey.
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>> No. 116725
When we rejoin Aang, he is waking up atop Appa, who is being flown by Mai. Ty Lee is overjoyed to see that Aang is awake and gives him a hug. Mai quips that Aang's lucky they didn't just leave him there after that stunt. Aang apologizes and thanks her for that. Ty Lee asks what happened exactly. Aang says he's not sure, but when he stared into Avatar Roku's eyes, something just came over him. He describes briefly what he saw, saying he couldn't tell what was the past and what was the future, what were his memories and what memories belonged to someone else. Mai tells Aang that he gets "weirder by the minute." Ty Lee just says she's glad he's okay. Momo crawls back up on Aang's shoulders and rubs against him. Ty Lee giggles and says Momo's glad he's okay too. Aang thanks Momo with head rub. Aang notices for a second that Mai's gloved, palms look like they're covered in fresh dirt, though he doesn't ask about it. He and Momo then turn to look back towards the temple. "We're sorry, Aang," Ty Lee says to him. "Did you need to stay a little longer?"

"No, that's alright" Aang sighs. Mai looks back at him softly as he finishes his sentence. "There's nothing left to see." The last frame/panel is of the place where Mai found the corpse of Gyatso. However, outside the small structure, there is a crude stone marker with a carved spiral into it with the earth in front of it disturbed (the implication is that before leaving, while Aang was unconscious, Mai dug a grave for Gyatso).

End episode
>> No. 116726
File 139209908484.jpg - (34.33KB , 640x480 , mai_whatever.jpg )

Just a quick note, these aren't the final drafts or anything so some details such as dialogue, plot points etc. are still subject to change. The way I see it, after these second outlines are finished, they can be converted everything to a more detailed and definitely more thoroughly proofread comic script. Right now, I'm just focusing on Book 1, but I'm brainstorming ideas for Book 2.
>> No. 116758
File 139261724454.jpg - (37.45KB , 640x480 , Ep_ 40 - The Crossroads of Destiny_mp4_snapshot_19.jpg )
For any one who may still be keeping up with this, I'm almost finished with the second outline for Episode 4 (it's a bit difficult cause I changed a few things from the original outline, more on that when I finish), but I thought I'd stop by again and jot down some ideas I have for Book 2, if anyone still cares:

>Before Zuko continues his search for the Avatar, he and Azula oversee the occupation of the Northern Water Tribe. Zuko doesn't like sitting around, but is forced to wait. He and Yue develop a funny kind of mutual respect for one another before he leaves.
>One of the early episodes in the Book deals with Aang and the girls stopping in Yu Dao which explores Aang's reaction to how people live there.
>In Yu Dao, further seeds of an organized resistance against the regime of Ozai will be seen, made up of disgruntled colonials and mixed FN/EK citizens who feel like they aren't respected by those from the homeland.
>Kori Morishita, one of these frustrated individuals, although not part of any of the scattered cells of would be revolutionaries, decides the best way to prove herself would be to help capture the Avatar. In her first appearance, she's an antagonist of the Gaang's, but her distaste for Azula causes her to help Aang escape being captured. Kori also becomes Aang's first Earthbending tutor before he meets Toph, when this would be though and for how long, I don't know.
>The Gaang meets Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors again as they're fighting the Fire Nation, which is occupying their island. Many people of Kyoshi have since fled, but have nowhere to go. Aang attempts to reconcile the problems between the people of Chin and the people of Kyoshi so that Suki's people might have a place to stay until they can return home.
>Not sure how to redo the Cave of Two Lovers, but I had an idea that Aang says to Mai that maybe if they kiss they'll find their way out just for Mai to anticlimactically say "That so
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 128568805753.jpg - (490.13KB , 900x535 , blue_flame_firebender_by_racoonfactory-d2yxpl5.jpg )
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Thought some of these were fun.
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>> No. 115664
File 138302202599.jpg - (605.20KB , 764x1019 , tumblr_mveyg3HTi81rptk5lo1_1280.jpg )
Is Bryan TRYING to kill people?

>> No. 116729
what is your name
>> No. 116737
Ana sounds like a name that'll be from the series.

File 138994470631.jpg - (60.19KB , 500x651 , tumblr_mqb2x280tu1r6gyyno1_500[1].jpg )
116609 No. 116609 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Why can I still not get over these two episodes? I want to see more about Avatar Wan and his time. The second part skipped a whole lot of his life and implied that he has seen a lot. Do you think we may see more of him in a future season of Korra or perhaps even an animated made-for-television movie?
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 116611
>Probably not unless Korra manages to reconnect with her past lives.

This has to be the plot for a future season, right?

Maybe starting in Book 3 and taking premise in Book 4?
>> No. 116613
>This has to be the plot for a future season, right?
Not necessarily. The entire speech at the end of Book 2 seemed to be about forging your own new path without needing the shackles of what came before, etc. Plus Book 3 is called "changes". If it's about reconnecting with past lives that's kind of counter to what the theme is supposed to be.

I'd LIKE Korra to get the past lives back but I can see them saying they're gone for good.
>> No. 116615
>If it's about reconnecting with past lives that's kind of counter to what the theme is supposed to be.
Except it's not.

>The entire speech at the end of Book 2 seemed to be about forging your own new path without needing the shackles of what came before, etc.
I guess this is officially disrespectful.

File 136522482045.png - (721.92KB , 1200x1000 , 1336663020681.png )
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>> No. 116593
smaller, cropped versions of good art
>> No. 116594
Flipped Bolin is adorable, would so cuddle. Seeming the flipped stuff makes me thinks of what could come of the Avatar after Korra.
>> No. 116605
Male Mai would have a humongous female following.

File 13800258161.png - (118.90KB , 444x250 , 1379972999069.png )
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>The highly anticipated return of The Legend of Korra is off to a very soft start in its first two weeks back. Both episodes have scored series lows, with the hour-long return on September 13 scoring 2.600 million total viewers. This past Friday’s new episode was even lower – with 2.191 million.

>The series’ first book aired from April to June 2012 and scored between 4.548 million for its highest during the series premiere and 2.976 million at its lowest in early June. Book one aired on Saturday mornings at 11am, while book two has relocated to Friday nights at 7pm.

>Korra isn’t alone. Nick’s other series are struggling to reach decent ratings. Last week’s new Sam & Cat scored 2.331 million viewers and newer series The Haunted Hathaways dropped to 1.896 million. Even Sanjay and Craig returned from a break to 2.378 million viewers on September 14. Korra was the 7th most watched program for the week ending September 15 on Nick – behind six SpongeBob repeats. September 21 and 22 ratings haven’t been released yet, but with Nick’s Worldwide Day of Play on Saturday, they are sure to be down even more than normal.

77 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 116569
NickAndMore posted that 448 of the top 500 ratings for 2013 were Spongebob, so unless LoK made 51 or 52 on the top not Spongebob, not a single episode of LoK cracked Nick's top 500 slots of 2013.
>> No. 116570
The highest Korra ep. was the premier, with a 2.60. So I doubt it.

The fucking movie was more watched than Korra.
>> No. 116573
>people watch the Shyllama movie to see info on LoK
>these people don't tune into the actual show

Or maybe it was like, "Hey everyone, that really bad movie is on!"
"<insert name of movie here?>"
"No, Last Airbender"
"Oh we GOT to watch this!"

File 133833081695.png - (230.18KB , 641x352 , Screenshot_1.png )
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Gimme ur HIGH-larious youtube vids. I'LL START.

And the Jerkbender Of The Week…youtube thumb

Exceptional AMVs are also acceptable.
88 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 115965

Aw sheet, how do i inbed the video
>> No. 116293
Korra Book 2 finale + Pacific Rim trailer mashup

Pacific Rim/The Legend of Korr…youtube thumb
>> No. 116545
Legend of Korra Book 2 AMV - Skyfallyoutube thumb

Korra AMVs are few and far between these days. This was a nice one based on Book 2.

File 138159912412.png - (232.45KB , 653x397 , Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 10_29_54 AM.png )
115133 No. 115133 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Now that the final Pierrot-animated episode of Korra has come to pass, let's have a moment of silence for the studio that gave us all this breathtakingly-drawn quality.
35 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 116087
And seriously, Studio Pierrot sank to new lows this season.
>> No. 116090
hence Mir coming back after seeing what was being done and claimed season three onward as theirs.
>> No. 116531
File 138774265911.jpg - (685.80KB , 1920x1080 , 1046.jpg )

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